Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 61: This Hostess is Toxic [1]

Wen Qing transmigrated before Su Ruan could, so she didn't push the original Su Ruan. The other party didn't hit her head and passed out. She was still wondering if Su Ruan could transmigrate even if the original body hadn't died. Facts had proven that all the plots favored the female lead. Even without Wen Qing's push, the protagonist would still transmigrate.

The original Su Ruan was in the same dormitory as the original Wen Qing. When she got up the next morning, Wen Qing saw Su Ruan emitting the aura of a queen. She was sure that the female protagonist had already transmigrated.

In the original book, the character of the female lead was a strong, independent, decisive, and dominant woman. In addition to her ten-year experience as a big star, her aura was different from an ordinary person's. However, the aura disappeared in an instant, and she became the harmless girl. Wen Qing pretended not to notice the change. After packing her things, she told Su Ruan, "Let's go."

Su Ruan's heart tightened as she pretended to be calm and said, "Go where?" After her death, she suddenly woke up, still in such a strange and unfamiliar place. The body didn't belong to her. She did have some fragments of memories, which belonged to a small girl, but they were blurry and incomplete. But these were enough for her to guess that she had transmigrated to the future world. Because the girl's memory was very advanced, even the machines, warships, and so on.

This made her happy and afraid. She was happy to be reborn after death, but was worried someone would find out that she wasn't the original owner. The girl on the other side appeared in the memory of the original owner, from their childhood to adulthood. She was very familiar with the original owner. Could she tell the difference?

Wen Qing frowned and looked at her, "Did you say go where? Didn't you promise me yesterday?"

"Ah?" Su Ruan's heart jumped to her throat in an instant. She couldn't remember. How could she know what she'd promised? How could she answer in a way that wasn't suspicious? Su Ruan's mind worked so fast that she thought of a way in an instant. "Well, I have a terrible headache today, so I can't go with you."

She didn't expect that after hearing her, the girl squinted her beautiful brows, "Su Ruan, if you don't want to go, you can say it directly. I didn't force you to go! You're the one who offered to accompany me, and now you're making up a sleazy excuse. Are you kidding me?" She sneered as she pointed to a row of indicator lights on the wall. "Your health indicators are all green. How come you have a headache?"

After that, not waiting for Su Ruan to react, she opened the door and went out without even looking back.

Su Ruan was a little flustered. She wasn't familiar with this place at all and almost revealed herself. Who knew that there was such a thing as a health indicator in this world! Fortunately, the girl just thought she was being perfunctory and didn't ask much; otherwise, she really didn't know how to answer.

That girl had a bad temper, but was the childhood friend of the original owner. There was a chance she would reveal a flaw to her, so she had to find an opportunity to separate early.

However, her first and foremost priority was to know about this world, so as not to make any silly mistake. With the memory of the original owner, she dug up information about her and searched for the information she needed.

Miss Female Lead was busy familiarizing herself with the world, so was Wen Qing. Just now, she'd been testing the female lead. She observed that she hadn't received the whole memory from the original Su Ruan; otherwise, she wouldn't have made up such a lame excuse.

Wen Qing assumed that it might be because the original Su Ruan didn't take the initiative to give up her body. Perhaps the original Su Ruan was unwilling to share her memory with the current Su Ruan.

Whatever the reason, the result was more favorable to Wen Qing. It would save her from trouble later on.

As Wen Qing stepped out of the dormitory, she received a message sent by the school logistics department about the approval of the application she'd submitted: a change of dormitory.

Wen Qing didn't apply for it, but the original Wenqing did. She was a presenter of the Union's live broadcast platform. With her growing fame, it was inconvenient to live in a dormitory with others, so she applied for an independent dormitory. The original Su Ruan knew about this matter, but the current Su Ruan didn't.

When Wen Qing went back to the dormitory to pack her things, fortunately, Su Ruan wasn't there. Wen Qing was too lazy to inform her. Su Ruan must really wish to move out, so she didn't have to pretend all the time.

Union Military Academy occupied an entire planet independently. The place was infinitely large, so the dormitory was spacious. However, these single dormitories were built for squanders. As long as they had money, they could live there.

No matter how majestic the Union Military Academy was, some assholes would still appear. These people were rich and from powerful backgrounds. The school was happy to get a large amount of sponsorship. Otherwise, how could this large military school be supported by Union funds alone?

There was a magical place around Block B in Area 2. Wen Qing could live in that house, which proved that she made a lot of money by live broadcasting. Not only could she support her training expenses along with Su Ruan, but she could also move into an amazing dorm. No wonder she still thought about her fans after death.

However, Wen Qing didn't start the live broadcast immediately, but instead became familiar with the environment first and spent a lot of time preparing for it. Since the live broadcast was regarded as a career, she needed to do it well. After all, the competitiveness of this industry wasn't generally great. The original owner looked excellent, sang well, and had a distinctive voice. Therefore, she had a lot of fans. However, this didn't last after the female lead came.

She used to be a world-class diva. She would casually sing her songs from time to time, shocking the whole audience. She would only sing the original songs, and each song was amazing. The Major General, to whom every girl in the Union wanted to marry, was also attracted. Su Ruan's voice had that healing kind of effect that cured his lifelong psychological trauma...

Obviously, such people were there for Su Ruan. Wen Qing had nothing to say. Therefore, compared to Su Ruan, who had connections, she had no advantage over others in singing. It was better to find another way instead of trying your best to fight to the death.

Well, this was the rational use of resources, with the smallest effort in exchange for the greatest return, definitely not because she was lazy and afraid of trouble!

At the same time, Su Ruan finally found out the basic situation of the world and her life. Born as an orphan, she was brought up by the Union. Now she was studying in the Literature and Art Department of the Union Military Academy, the legendary literary soldiers.

Su Ruan was very satisfied with this status. Being an orphan meant that there were no problematic relatives. Moreover, she'd always dreamed of joining the military. Now it could become true! She was originally a singer, which was a professional counterpart!

The only bad thing was that there was only more than 200 yuan left in the original owner's account, and there would be no food soon. From her memory, she found out that the former owner had always relied on her roommate for help. But she wasn't as humble as her. How could she accept someone else's alms?

Besides, she already knew how Wen Qing made money. Wasn't singing her profession? Singing was easier for her than eating. She didn't expect that the live broadcast, which wasn't favored by people at her time, was so popular now that it accounted for half of the entertainment industry.

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