Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 62: This Hostess is Toxic [2]

Wen Qing made all the preparations and finally started the live broadcast on the night of the physical fitness reexamination.

This world's technology was unbelievable. The broadcasting equipment was very high-tech. The cameras were as small as a fly, suspended in mid-air. It had a coverage of 360 degrees without any dead angle, and it could change the lens by itself.

Afterwards, Wen Qing turned on the device and started her first live broadcast.

"Hello, everyone. I am your hostess, Your Excellency Queen."

Wen Qing had changed her alias to Your Excellency Queen. The previous owner's alias was Qingqing, which wasn't domineering at all. She'd also changed the name of the direct broadcasting room into Your Excellency Queen's Almighty Broadcasting Room.

【Hostess, you still remember to broadcast live! You disappeared for a whole week!】

【Hostess, why did you change your alias? Was the original 'Qingqing' not good?】

【Huh? Hostess, did you move? No wonder it stopped broadcasting for a week. The new room is beautiful!】

【What would Hostess sing today? How about singing Liao Tianwang's new song Stop The War】

【That's right! Hostess sing Stop The War. You sing and I will cheer!】

【The hostess seems a little different today.】

Fans of the original owner slowly flooded the live broadcast room, and in a while, there were already more than 3,000. However, this number wasn't good enough. After all, the world population was in the billions, and the original owner had at least tens of thousands of people on the live broadcast. It seemed that the previous suspension of broadcasting had caused the impact.

But Wen Qing wasn't worried. This was just the beginning.

She smiled at the camera and said, "That's right, I do have a big move. Recently my fame has decreased. The competition in the live broadcast industry of the Union is too fierce. There are more than a hundred million broadcasters in the live music stream category only. As an Almighty Queen, my conscience does not allow me to rob other people's jobs. Hence, This Queen decided to change."

【Haha, today the hostess is not taking the cold and mighty route, but transforming into a tease!】

【Can any big talk be this fresh and refined? As expected of the self-proclaimed Your Excellency Queen!】

【Is Qingqing out of her mind?】

The bullet chat was quite lively, and the comments were all from the diehard fans of the original owner. Wen Qing glanced at it and looked at the camera, then said, "It seems that I was too low-key before, which made you think I only have beauty. Forget it, I won't say much, it's time for you to see my real strength! Today, on the live broadcast I will make a medicinal potion."

After she finished, the whole broadcasting room was shocked for a second. Being a pharmacist was a noble profession in this world.

With the development of human beings in this era, there had been many great breakthroughs. Robots and warships allowed human beings to roam in space; photo computers and Skynet made human communication and training more convenient. The most significant breakthrough was the investigation of human abilities.

In the Union, the human physiques and consciousness were categorized into six divisions from F to A, and further categorized as S level, SS level, SSS level. The better the qualification, the greater the potential and the stronger the fighting capacity. For example, the people who controlled Zords had a strict requirement on physical fitness and must reach Grade A or above. As for the Zord's assistant, since he needed a thoughtful mind to control the whole operation, it was crucial to have a strong consciousness.

Physical fitness was predestined from birth; only a few people were exempted. The consciousness could be increased; however, it could only exceed up to one or two levels from the original level.

From grading the physical fitness and the mental consciousness to the conscious level training of the physique, guidance on the use of both was the affairs of these hundreds of years. In other words, physical fitness and mental consciousness were still in the exploratory stage.

Strength fighters often had violent phenomena, facing problems in controlling themselves regardless of their attacks. After the violent phenomenon disappeared, the strength fighter would become very weak and difficult to rehabilitate. In this way, a soldier was almost eliminated.

Amongst the conscious user, some unstable behavior, such as bipolar disorder, would appear from time to time. Just like a strength fighter, it would do irreparable harm to one's own body.

However, due to the emergence of new creatures, such setbacks were normal. People were actively looking for ways to solve these problems.

Pharmacists could prepare medicines for any kind of purpose, such as enhancement of physical fitness, restoration of physical trauma, stabilization of the spirit, and so on. However, these medicinal potions could only be made by hand, and the success rate was low, so they couldn't be mass-produced by machines. Therefore, the supply had been cut short. Moreover, the conditions for becoming a pharmacist were very strict, so pharmacists were rare in the Union.

Rare things were precious, and these medicines were completely irreplaceable. Everyone wanted them.

Union Military Academy also had a pharmacist department, but there was only one class with less than twenty students. Each one was offered free tuition, free accommodation, and a living allowance from childhood. Every year, a sum of money was specially allocated for them to study pharmacy.

Therefore, when Wen Qing said that she wanted to make a medicinal potion live, the audience didn't believe her. They thought if she really was a pharmacist, why would she enter the literature and art department? Moreover, making medicinal potions needed strong conscious guidance. One couldn't make a little mistake. And she wanted to make medicinal potions during the distractive live broadcast? And most importantly, pharmaceutical formulations were kept secret by pharmacists. Who would be silly to announce them?

In a word, no one in the live broadcasting room believed that Wen Qing really wanted to make medicinal potions, but thought that she was trying to attract people's attention. Some even started to slander her.

【This hostess is sinister. Being a pharmacist is such a sacred profession, and you are trying to make fun of it! Are you worthy of all those soldiers that have been cured by pharmacists!】

【That's right! Trash hostess! Get out of the Union!】

【Is this the level of these Union Military Academy students? Really disappointing!】

Some people really couldn't stand the fact that she defiled the sacred profession of pharmacist. After all, being a pharmacist was a highly respected profession. And some people just wanted to curse her.

Wen Qing said in an unconcerned manner, "At the very least, it depends on whether I can make it or not, right? If I did, wouldn't you be slapped in the face? Wouldn't it be more convincing if I couldn't do it and you took the evidence to curse me?"

Huh? It did make sense! There were quite a few people silent and waiting for the evidence. And some clever people watching Wen Qing felt that she might be really capable. Otherwise, how dare she say such a thing?

Wen Qing didn't say much but took the camera into another room, which was full of apparatus needed to make the medicinal potion.

【Although I don't know if the hostess can make medicinal potions, these apparatuses are still very professional】

【It's just a show! I don't believe she can really make medicinal potions!】

【Making a medicinal potion live? It is interesting.】

【Hey! The Glittering Super Tycoon! You are here!】

【I am here too!】

The stunt to make medicinal potions Wen Qing pulled attracted a lot of people. There were already tens of thousands of people in the live broadcast room. Wen Qing raised her head and looked. The onlookers were supreme VIPs with golden IDs. Even the names looked rich. Like, The Glittering Super Tycoon!

This man was famous for his inhumanity in the field of live broadcasting, and he had no mercy. He donated dozens of gifts. Named as the Union's No. 1 Local Tyrant. Every host wanted him to show up and tried their best to make him happy so that he could pour out more gifts. Wen Qing only glanced at the screen and continued her work.

The Tyrant, who'd never been neglected like this, wasn't angry, but interested.


【The Glittering Super Tycoon gifts you a space warship.】

One space warship cost 100,000 yuan, which was the most expensive gift of the Union’s live broadcast platform. As expected of a local tyrant, always surprising people.

Wen Qing finally looked up and responded, "Very good, you've successfully caught my attention!"


Why did it feel as if the role was reversed? Shouldn't this be the line of the local tyrant?

All of the hosts tried their best to get his attention. The first time he saw Qing, she was so pure and unpretentious, he thought that the other party was deliberately trying to attract his attention.

Wen Qing didn't care what he thought. When everything was ready, she began to make a medicinal potion.

"Everyone knows that I am a D-level physical fitness and S-class conscious. I was admitted to the Union Military Academy because of my talent. Although I will be a literary and art soldier in the future, my training as a soldier is the same. D-class physical fitness is at the bottom in military schools, so it is very difficult to cope with the training. Unfortunately, I failed my physical fitness test last week, and I have to take a reexamination this week. If I can't pass the reexamination, I'm going to be dismissed! I can't help it. I can only give myself a few notes!"

"This time, the medicine I want to make is called Myelin Solution. I will not say the effect right now. I will announce it later."

【Myelin Solution? What the hell? There is no such medicine!】

【The people up there really believed her story, but obviously she can't make it, so she made up a name. Anyway, she creates it herself. We can't judge the effect later on.】

【Yeah, who knows what you make? It's better to be a mental stabilizer so that we can know.】

These words were completely ignored by Wen Qing. While burying her head in her potion, she explained to the camera.

"There are 28 kinds of medicinal materials needed to prepare the Myelin Solution. Apart from the root of the Jade Flower, apricot lotus and its bark, others were very common herbs. How to make these medicinal materials with different properties is the key to the successful preparation of Myelin Solution."

"The first thing I do is to refine the essence of these medicinal materials. This is very simple. The Union already has special refining equipment. It should be noted that the refining temperature of each medicinal material is different, too high or too low will affect the medicinal properties."

"Well, the essence of the medicine is refined, and the next step is integration. Of course, it is not enough to put them together. It must strictly be in order and proportion."

The Myelin Solution was modified by Wen Qing according to the Myelin pills in the cultivation world. After all, there was no medicinal apparatus in the cultivation world that couldn't be completely restored. Only plants with similar medicinal properties could be found instead. There were medicinal materials in her yin and yang space, but they weren't suitable for taking out.

After all, there was no way to explain the origin of these medicinal materials. Although she could be as honest as other pharmacists and keep her prescription completely secret, her task was to repay the Union and her fans, so it wasn't suitable to do so. That was why she wasted so long trying to improve it. Because she'd been immersed in cultivating pills for many years in her previous life, even if she didn't know the plants, she could quickly find out their medicinal properties.

As she was talking, the direct broadcasting room exploded.

【Keke, I've learned that the bark of flower roots can also make a medicinal potion!】

【Waiting for the hostess to slap her face. Cotton nitrate and pear zygote can't be put together at all, it will explode!】

【Apricot lotus is highly toxic and cannot be used at all! Has long been banned by the federal!】

【This awful mix of mess would make a medicinal potion? Hostess, you better rebuild your brain along with your physical fitness!】

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