Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 67: This Hostess is Toxic [7]

"Hello viewers, this is Your Excellency Queen! Today's live broadcast is ahead of the schedule because it's in the wilderness."

【Haha! I am so smart, I've been waiting since this morning, and I've finally caught up!】

【Salute to the Queen!】

【The Queen is in the wild? What's on the air today?】

『The Glittering Super Tycoon gifts you a space warship*10.』

『Big Tail Wolf gifts you a space warship*2.』

『The No. 1 Male God of the military academy gifts you a diamond ring*999.』


Just after the opening, Wen Qing received a large number of gifts which directly blew up the screen! It was to show their loyalty and also to have a little more probability of getting the potion. Moreover, Wen Qing made such a revolutionary potion but released it free without charging a dime, making fans feel she was too much of a loss! So they wanted to compensate her in this way. Because they were all aware that Wen Qing was neither wealthy nor influential, nor did she have parents behind her. Her only source of wealth was their reward.

She did not use the potion to make huge profits in return from her fans in this way, so they were quite moved and made every effort to give her gifts.

The gifts were initially supposed to be shared with the live broadcast platform. But just yesterday, the live broadcast platform's official Weibo had posted an announcement saying that the Queen would keep all the rewards. It notified that the live broadcast platform would no longer share them in order to express their admiration for Wen Qing's selfless spirit.

Whatever the reason, the money sent would end up in the Queen's pocket, so they should not worry.

"Thank you all for your enthusiasm. There are benefits today. Oh, let's not get into the benefits right now. Instead, let's talk about the content of today's live broadcast."

Almost all of the senior officers had arrived in the military department's conference room, discussing the issue of absorbing Wen Qing into the military department. Enrolling Wen Qing in the department was unanimously approved, but there was a conflict over the details.

As the discussion was going on, a sergeant came in and whispered a few words in the ear of Deputy Marshal Geng Lian, who led the charge. Deputy Marshal Geng looked around the hall, and a smile appeared on his serious face, "Let's stop discussing for now. Wen Qing is now broadcasting live again. Let's join and take a look together."

At the same time, the federal government also received the news, so the high authorities also gathered to watch the live broadcast.

At this moment, almost half of the entire Alliance put down their work in hand to watch the live broadcast.

A backstage staff member at the live broadcast platform exclaimed, "This is the highest number of people online in the history of live broadcasting!"

The person next to him said, "Calm down, this record will be broken often in the future!"

"Impossible! Who can break the Queen's record!"

"Herself, of course!"

While sitting cross-legged on the ground and gnawing at the barbecue, Wen Qing said to the camera, "Although human beings have developed so far with the division of physical and mental strength, there is no systematic cultivation method, and the human body's potential is not fully realized. We all know that the Zerg's body is extremely strong, and the flesh and blood contain great power. They can even combat the power of laser particle cannons with their physical bodies. So even if we have advanced technology, we can hardly restrain them from invading."

"So, do you want to be as powerful as the Zerg?"

The live broadcast room was in an uproar. Even the Alliance marshal fumbled and broke his cup, staring scorchingly at the people on the screen.





This time the response was very uniform, and there were countless wishes interspersed with a bunch of gifts.

Wen Qing nodded and continued, "What I have in my hand is a fifth-order winged beast. People have eaten them before, trying to absorb the power in their bodies, but they were all blown up by this power. But how come I can eat it and still talk to you? That's because I have a body refining method that allows me to turn this power into my own use."

Wen Qing planned to teach them body refining techniques rather than true cultivation, because the aura of this world was so thin that it couldn't even be brought into the body. And she thought the spirit beast in this world contained spirit energy, but it was another kind of power, similar to that of stars. Wen Qing only noticed the difference while eating, but it did not hinder her at all. After all, she practiced Yin and Yang qi, which purified everything and allowed her to absorb any energy.

But for the native humans of this world, it would be more appropriate to absorb the naturally occurring power of this world. Since the Zergs could absorb this power, so could they. So Wen Qing was going to teach them the art of tempering the body by inducing external power to refine the body to strengthen it.

In her previous life, Wen Qing had studied a variety of subjects, and body tempering was also one of them. She had numerous body refinement techniques in her head, so it was not difficult to choose a suitable one to teach them. The body refining techniques, if exercised to the extreme, can be so powerful that a fist can collapse the sky and crack the earth.

"This set of body refining techniques is not restricted to specific qualifications and can be cultivated by anyone. However, the realm achieved varies from person to person. This difference is not about physical ability, but personal perseverance. So with enough effort, anyone can achieve great success." Of course, under normal circumstances, a person with better physical ability could achieve greater success. She did not say the last sentence as she wanted to give hope to those at the bottom.

There was another uproar in the live room, but they all held back their shock as Wen Qing continued.

"Well, knowing that you are anxious, I will give you a demonstration. Oh, I forgot, it's not me who is going to show it. I got three assistants today. Let them demonstrate it to you."

As the camera turned, three firm topless bodies wearing military pants and leather boots appeared in the camera. Eight pack abs, lean pectoral muscles, tempting mermaid lines….. the key was that the three faces were all so handsome!

The female fans in the live room were caught off guard and screamed out.

【Ahhhhh! It's Xia Houyan! Oh my God! The half-naked generals! Pounce!】

【Zhuo Erfan! He is so handsome and has a great body! Keep taking it off! Don't stop!】

【And Fu Qingfeng! Oh my God! The three most handsome generals are together!】

【The important point is that they are all half-naked!】

【Lick, lick, lick!】

【I think the Queen is the most handsome!】

【Yes, yes, yes! Only our Queen can make three most handsome generals take off their clothes at the same time!】

【The Queen is mighty!】


The three people who were being watched didn't feel much at first. They did, after all, do a lot of bare-chested training in the army. Just now the Queen had said that after a while, they would sweat a lot and even expel filth. So they took off their clothes without hesitation. But now, how come they felt that they had been pitted?

Zhuo Erfan touched Xia Houyan and whispered in his ear, "Yanzi, why do I feel a little wrong?"

Xia Houyan also whispered back, "I also feel something is wrong. The camera has been turned on for ten minutes, and it hasn't started yet."

【Ahhh! I knew General Zhuo and General Xia had an affair!】

【Look at the radiant affection between them. Who would believe they are not having an affair!】

【The flirty attacker x the sultry receiver! It's so sexy!】

【Poor Qingfeng has completely become a light bulb between them!】


Wen Qing looked at the barrage on the screen and was overjoyed. She didn't think the original male lead had an official match! Girls, stop thinking about it. Xia Houyan belongs to the female lead!

A group of bigwigs of the Alliance military and political parties had been waiting to see the body refining method with burning eyes. They suddenly became confused when three bare-chested bodies appeared on the screen. After recovering, one side was rejoicing while the other appeared sorrowful.

"Haha! These three little bastards unexpectedly met the Queen so silently! Good job!"

"It turns out that the Queen is fond of this. Why don't we find a few more and send them over?"

"That makes sense!"

"Damn it! I can't believe the military found her first!"

"Don't worry, isn't that first beautiful man of the Alliance on our side? You tell him to get in touch with the Queen."

"Right! Last time, I blundered and sent an old man like Minister Yuan over there. No wonder our side couldn't even see her!"

Minister Yuan: "......"

Wen Qing was very kind. She waited for the fangirls to finish appreciating before beginning to teach. But the camera was still focused on the three handsome guys. Wen Qing was demonstrating the moves in front of the three, and they followed to learn.

"Each action has a deeper meaning and can exercise the relevant body part. The action must be performed accurately because the more accurate it is, the greater the benefit! But do not force yourself. If an average person who just came into contact with this performs even two movements, they are considered to have good qualifications. You are all military elites, so you can perform about five or six moves.

"This set of body refining techniques is divided into nine tiers, each of which corresponds to a different realm. It is roughly equivalent to the nine tiers of the Zergs but a little stronger than their same realm.

"Each tier of this exercise has nine moves. We will demonstrate the nine movements of the first tier today."

Wen Qing spent around ten minutes explaining and demonstrating each move. She did it very easily, but the other three were not so convenient. They initially assumed it was just a few moves, so how difficult could it be? However, after actually doing it, they found that these odd movements were really significant.

The lower abdomen seemed to have a hot current gushing out, wandering around the body. Wherever it passed seemed to be pounding the flesh and blood. They were suffering from excruciating pain with soreness. The pain felt like a swarm of ants gnawing on their body, making people want to scratch themselves badly. However, a few people were at least the army special warriors, and their willpower was not comparable to that of common people.

But just as Wen Qing predicted, they couldn't move beyond the sixth move. It wasn't a lack of willpower, but rather a lack of physical strength.

No one would ever believe that they, who hadn't felt tired after three days and three nights of fighting against the Zergs, were depleted of their energy after only six moves! It was incredible!

This, however, also proved that Wen Qing's body refining technique was indeed extraordinary.

The trio was completely drenched by now. Their pants were soaked in sweat, and a sour smell emanated from the discharged body's impurities. Wen Qing quietly pinched an aura shield for herself to isolate this sour smell. Smiling, she walked to the three of them, "How is it? Tell the audience about your experience."

Zhuo Erfan: "Refreshing!"

Fu Qingfeng: "Comfortable!"

Xia Houyan: "Great!"

Wen Qing was speechless. Are these three people digging a hole for others? The first time is definitely very painful and uncomfortable. And they still felt refreshing? However, Wen Qing didn't expose them either. When the audience experiments by themselves, it wouldn't be her turn to be scolded then.

"The first tier of the body refining technique is only to lay the foundation, you will become stronger as you go further. Although these movements look weird, they are actually used to temper the body by utilizing external energy. This external energy is scarce, and there is not much that can be used. But, as I previously said, there is a quick way to use the power directly, and that is by eating the Zergs.

"The flesh and blood of the Zergs themselves contain this energy. After eating it and then combining it with body refining techniques, you can completely refine these powers without fear of exploding your body and dying.

"It should be noted, however, that you can only consume a second-tier Zerg while refining the first tier of the body refining technique, and so on. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous if you are unable to refine it.

"Well, today's live broadcast ends here. If you have any questions, ask them during the next broadcast. Do not come to me for anything! Do not come to me! Do not come to me! The important point must be said three times!"

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