Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 68: This Hostess is Toxic [8]

Wen Qing bid farewell after refusing the trio's offer to send her back.

Zhuo Erfan's group originally came out to pursue the Zerg scouts. But with those scouts eaten by Wen Qing, their mission was over. They didn't know how to express their gratitude after receiving the set of body refining techniques from Wen Qing, so they wanted to invite her to visit their expeditionary army. But it was obvious that Wen Qing was reluctant to join them, so they had to give up. There would always be an opportunity to repay such a big favor later.

The three men hadn't even made it back to the Expeditionary Force compound when their optical brains were blown up.

"Brother Zhuo! Dear brother! Are you with the Queen? Get an autograph for me!"

"Brother Zhuo! Are you on the front line? Help me catch some 1st and 2nd tier Zergs and send them over!"

"Brother Yan! Send some bugs back! My family won't let me catch them myself!"

"Yanzi! Help me send some bugs by courier! I'll get you the mecha model you like!"

"Qingfeng! Please send some Zergs here! Express delivery!"

"Qingfeng, do brother a favor and send me some Zergs over!"


Not only them, but almost all of the garrison troops on the front line received requests from friends and relatives to send some Zergs.

Because the Zerg race's ability to reproduce was extremely strong, if there was no external force to stop it, one Zerg could become millions within a few years. In the past, there had even been a case where a Zerg took over a planet. Since then, the Alliance had been very strict on the control of Zergs. Except for the research institute, no Zergs, whether first tier or even dead, were allowed to circulate in the market.

Even if a Zerg was sent to the research institute, it would be packed in a completely sealed box, for fear that it would carry eggs that were invisible to the naked eye and fall somewhere.

Therefore, if you wanted to eat Zergs to practice, you could only turn to your friends on the front line. However, it was a felony to bring Zergs into the country privately. Despite receiving the request of friends and relatives, the expeditionary forces did not agree to it. They only said to wait a little longer. If the Zergs could really help with cultivation, the authorities wouldn't ignore it. They would definitely open channels to allow the Zergs to enter the country.

This was reasonable to say that even if the citizens of the Alliance could not wait to become stronger now, they would still have to wait patiently for the regulations. No, it was waiting while cultivating. The Queen said that you could even train without eating Zergs. Although it would not be as quick as eating Zergs, it was better than nothing. Perhaps if they got familiar with the moves first and then ate the Zergs, they would be able to break through in one fell swoop.

The trio of Zhou Erfan's group had barely entered the garrison and not even put their mechas back before they saw the army Chief Commander of the XVII Corps of the Expeditionary Army come over in a flurry. He asked, "Where is the person?" as soon as they met.


"Where is the Queen? Isn't she with you guys?"

"Well, we were together, but just got separated."

Hou Liang's eyes widened like copper bells, "No, you guys separated from her? How could you miss such a good opportunity to abduct her? Those old foxes in the government are eyeing her, and you just let her go?"

Zhuo Erfan smiled playfully, "Chief, it's not that we don't want to invite her here. But we can't use force if she refuses to come, right? We are also afraid of being blacklisted ah! But you can rest assured, I guarantee that the government side also cannot abduct her. She fled to the Arthur planet to hide from the government. If the government comes to bother the door, they will not get a good result!"

Hou Liang looked at him skeptically, "Are you sure?"

"Chief, don't worry anymore. We are neutral and do not side with anyone. Isn't it just right?" Zhuo Erfan smiled and said, "In this case, we have a significant advantage. You see, whether it's the marrow cleansing potion to improve physical fitness or body refining techniques, it's all beneficial to our military side. What use is there for the government side? It's not like they're going to fight on the front lines! The Queen is not hiding anything; she has made these details public. The government simply can't even think of holding the cards against us, so what else do we have to worry about?"

"Yes! That's the truth!" Hou Liang was immediately filled with joy and patted Zhuo Erfan's shoulder, "You kid is still quick-witted!"

After the live broadcast of the body refining technique, the Alliance held an emergency meeting to discuss a series of recent events. The Supreme Marshal of the Alliance and the head of government all participated in this meeting.

The first discussion was about Wen Qing, the genius pharmacist who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"The matter of making potions can be said to be gifted. But she knows something like body refining technique, which is hard to explain."

"She hasn't shown up yet probably because there's no way to explain this. But these things can't just appear out of thin air, and it's also unlikely that she figured it out by herself!"

"Don't force her even if you can't comprehend it. If she really had malicious intent, she would not have taken it out, and if she hadn't taken it out, who would have known she has such things? I think this child is good; she knows that taking it out will arouse suspicion, but she still did so. This is a child who knows how to be grateful."

"I agree with Marshal Qi's viewpoint. A nineteen-year-old child who isn't yet out of school is still simple-minded. If she were forty now, maybe she wouldn't make such decisions! We can't let a child who loves and is loyal to the Alliance be chilled. It's not necessary that she doesn't want to talk about it; she may simply be unable to do so. However, since it is the Alliance that benefits, there is nothing to be held accountable for."


"Then it's decided. There will be no further investigation regarding the origins of these things. And the decision regarding the recognition of student Wen Qing will also be made after asking the other side. Now let's start the discussion about opening the Zergs' entry channel......"

On the same day, Zhuo Erfan told Wen Qing of the result of this meeting. Wen Qing actually did not care about the decision of the Alliance. If they wanted to slice and study her, the big deal for her was to leave this world. Her client's task was considered completed anyway. Of course, if they had the sense not to pursue the investigation, she could also return to the Alliance.

But Zhuo Erfan was also kind enough to send her a special text message to let her know. It was probably because he remembered the phrase, "I don't want to deal with them, so I came out to hide."

Wen Qing thought about it and replied, "I'm going to make all the body refining techniques into 3D projection mode. Would you like to come over to be a model?"

It was said to be a model, but in fact, it was just to scan his body data. It was no surprise that this set of projections would definitely become a textbook-like existence of body refinement, and would be able to pass down in the history of the Alliance. Using Zhuo Erfan's image could also be considered to help him make a name for himself. No matter how many years had passed, as long as people learned body refinement, they were bound to watch this set of images. Zhuo Erfan's handsome face must be remembered by many people ah!


After Wen Qing almost turned the Arthurian star upside down, she returned.

The Alliance leaders had decided not to pursue her, so no one would bother her anymore. Moreover, she had already said that people shouldn't come to her personally, or they would be blacklisted forever. The people on the road recognized her and greeted her with a smile. Despite being excited, no one really came up to talk to her.

Wen Qing was very happy. People who were willing to listen to her could be regarded as giving her face. Otherwise, what authority did she have as a Queen? But the happiness disappeared without a trace when she saw the people at the door of the dormitory.

A tall and handsome man having a gentle smile elegantly waited at the doorway. Seeing her coming back, his eyes lit up, and he took a step forward, "Hello, Wen Qing, I am Su Huai."

Wen Qing's eyes narrowed. Su Huai? The first beautiful man of the Alliance in the original story! But Wen Qing was not a fan. She was tired of certain privileged classes not abiding by her rules, and equally tired of some self-righteous people who think they are beautiful so they can do evil. If you were a good-looking person, you could disregard her rules? Haha!

What's more, this person was still Su Ruan's brother.

The author, having a motherly heart for the heroine Su Ruan, had opened a lot of doors for her by giving her many golden fingers. After being reborn, she got a good memory and never forgot anything from her previous life. And because of living two lives, her spiritual power was also high. Later on, she created a career as a healer by integrating her spiritual power into her songs and using these songs to help heal people who had suffered spiritual injuries. Meanwhile, in doing so, she hooked up with the main male lead, General Lord Xia Houyan. At the time when she got both career and love and became a winner in life, the parents of a magnificent family finally found her. It turned out that she was not an orphan, but a young princess and the most beloved pearl of the whole family. She only ended up in the orphanage because of some dog blood drama......

After the female protagonist, who longed for family affection, recognized her ancestor, she had no regrets and became the envy of everyone.

Wen Qing was not going to comment on the heroine's life. Her task this time had nothing to do with the heroine, so she was not planning to have anything to do with her. She only needed to complete the client's task to become a winner in life. But someone couldn't help but brush up on their presence.

Wen Qing looked at Su Huai with a smile on her face, "Why are you looking for me?"

Su Huai was notified from above to use the beauty scheme. Although the mission was cancelled this morning, he did not leave. If the beauty scheme could work, he certainly had nothing to be reluctant about. The other party could come up with things like marrow cleansing potion and body refining techniques. It was already worth his sacrifice to bring her to his own family. Moreover, the other party looked attractive, so it was okay to marry her back.

He had confidence in his own appearance as the title of first beautiful man of the Alliance was not a vain name. Seeing that Wen Qing was full of smiles, he felt that her first impression of him was not bad, so a gentle smile appeared on his face, "I watched both live broadcasts of student Wen Qing and was shocked to the core. Your selfless spirit also makes me admire you. I happened to be passing by the military school, so I wanted to come over to express my heartfelt gratitude and invite student Wen Qing to join me for a meal. I wonder if I have this honor?"

There was also a restaurant in the Alliance, but rare and very expensive food was difficult to eat. Wen Qing had been there once and never wanted to go there a second time. Not to mention that Su Huai invited her, so she didn't want to go there even more!

"I'm sorry," Wen Qing still smiled. Su Huai thought she wanted to refuse and said quickly, "If Wen Qing doesn't have time today, we can arrange it for another day at your convenience." He still had a gentle smile on his face.

"......You don't have this honor!"

When Wen Qing finished speaking, she crossed him and scanned her eye to enter the dormitory, and then closed the door with a "bang."

Su Huai was a little confused. Just, just like that? What about the promised success of the beauty plan?

Wen Qing went back to her room and posted on Weibo, "Su Huai will always be black!" If you don't kill a chicken to show a monkey, they'd think she was joking! It was a good thing Su Huai came to the door wanting to be the chicken, saving her from later trouble.

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