Striving for Science

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Status: ongoing Alternate Titles: 为科学奋斗 Type: chinese Author: 月下蝶影 (Yue Xia Die Ying) Artists: Guni


A passerby asked Shen Chang’an: Are you afraid of supernatural events?

Shen Chang’an: Not afraid.

Shocked passerby: Why?

Shen Chang’an: Because I have never encountered it before.

The passerby was silent for a long time and spoke again: Are you afraid of ghosts?

Shen Chang’an: Not afraid, as young people in the new century, we  have to believe in science, and science is the primary productive force  for development. Can ghosts invent or create a good life for everyone?

Passerby: …


FantasyRomanceSlice of LifeSupernaturalYaoiDrama


Calm ProtagonistModern DayProtagonist Strong from the StartGhostsSlow RomanceDense ProtagonistHandsome Male LeadLove Interest Falls in Love First

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