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Chapter 21: Race Against the Thunder

"I was just holding her down, with no ill intent to harm!" Shen Changan was afraid that these imposters disguised as villa staff might have weapons, he did not dare to let go of the female boss, so he could only explain to the police, "The other victims can testify for me."

The victims looked at Shen Changan, who was holding the boss down as if he were holding a small chicken, and nodded their heads in a somewhat dazed manner.

The other villains in the villa hid behind the door and didn't dare to come out. Yao Huailin looked at the frightened victims that Shen Changan had rescued, he and his colleagues pulled out the pistols at their waists: "You guys go guard the back door, we can't let the criminals escape."

Captain Li, not expecting so many victims at the scene, informed the headquarters to send reinforcements immediately. Then, he took out handcuffs, walked over to Shen Changan, and cuffed the owner's hands.

The female boss looked at her wrists incredulously and muttered, "How could this happen, how could this happen?"

Where was her power?

Why couldn't she escape?

"If you dare to commit illegal activities, you have to accept the punishment of the law." Shen Changan shook off his slightly sore wrist. This woman looked delicate, but her strength was frighteningly strong, if not for him gritting his teeth and holding on, he was almost broken free by her.

Seeing the police arrive, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, and sat down on the floor without any image, and said to Captain Li with a bitter face, "If you didn't come soon, I wouldn't be able to hold her down anymore."

It seems that the police are still a deterrent to criminals. When he was dragging the female boss out of the door just now, her struggling strength had weakened after the police appeared.

"Thanks to you this time." Captain Li patted Shen Changan's shoulder. They had just received a report of a missing tourist bus yesterday, and the missing area was near Wuming City. However, since tourism was not very developed in Wuming City, their main search areas were not in Wuming City.

Unexpectedly, these missing tourists were right under their noses in Wuming City.

Shen Changan was about to say you're welcome when he suddenly felt that someone was glaring at him. He turned his head to see that it was the female boss who was being detained in the police car. Through the windshield of the police car, he saw her eyes filled with resentment, as if she wanted to kill him right then and there.

He shifted to the side, attempting to let Captain Li block the owner's gaze.

After the police took their positions, Yao Hualin shouted towards the mountain resort, "All the criminals inside listen, the penalty for evading arrest will be increased by one level. Come out now, and you may qualify for reduced sentence by surrendering."

Shen Changan saw a shadow flash past behind the large doors, but still no one came out.

"Shen Changan, do those people have any □□ on them?" Yao Hualin turned back to ask Shen Changan.

"There shouldn't be. If they did, they might have taken them out when I held the female boss hostage and rescued everyone just now." Shen Changan hesitated for a moment, realizing that he had overlooked this while busy rescuing people.

"You're quite capable, without even understanding the details of the other side, you dared to take action to save people." Yao Huailin couldn't help but reprimand Shen Changan a few times, before turning his full attention to observing the movements inside the villa.

"It seems the people inside aren't willing to be arrested quietly." Yao Huailin and his colleagues geared up in bulletproof vests and stormed in.

The moment they rushed through the gates, the various antique furnishings inside gave them the illusion of traversing through time. What puzzled Yao Huailin even more was that these criminals, posing as staff, offered no resistance when apprehended. It was only at the moment of exit that they showed a frightened expression.

With all the criminals under control, Yao Huailin circled the kicked-broken door several times in confusion, but couldn't find anything wrong with it.

He turned to see Shen Changan squatting on the side, eating the boxed meal brought by the support team. He gestured to him, "Shen Changan, come here."

Shen Changan put down the half-eaten boxed lunch, wiped his mouth clean, took a bottle of water and drank it as he walked over to Yao Huailin, "What's wrong?"

"Do you think there's something wrong with this door?"

"Hmm... the quality is too poor. It breaks with a kick, providing no safety guarantee for the guests!?" Shen Changan didn't quite understand Yao Huailin's point. He bent down to pick up a door panel that had collapsed on the ground, propped it against the wall, and accidentally broke another piece of carving.

Shen Changan: "......"

He really didn't do it on purpose.

Concerned that these imprisoned tourists might suffer psychological trauma or injuries, two ambulances were on hand. Several frightened and incoherent tourists were arranged inside. The path down was quite steep, and the thick fog hadn't dissipated so all the criminal suspects were still detained in the vehicles and not sent down.

Shen Changan remembered the look the owner had given him and found it rather eerie.

"Comrade Xiao Shen." Captain Li walked over, and Shen Changan was still trying to press the fallen carvings back onto the wooden board. Unexpectedly, the door was too fragile, and after a crash, all the carvings broke into pieces.

Shen Changan embarrassedly looked at the scattered wood chips from the carved door on the ground, then at Captain Li, who came over to talk to him, and silently hid his hands behind his back.

Captain Li pretended not to see this awkward scene, smiled sheepishly at Shen Changan, "The criminal leader that we just caught was self-harming in the car…she wants to see you..."

"What do I have to do with her? Why does she want to see me?" Although he said this, Shen Changan still followed Captain Li to the car detaining the criminals.

Inside the detention vehicle, the female owner and the resort employees were all handcuffed securely. Seeing Shen Changan's face outside the window, the two employees closest to Shen Changan tried their best to move away from him.

The female boss's eyes widened, she turned around and glared, a far cry from her previous gentle demeanor.

Across the iron bars of the window, Shen Changan touched his nose: "Miss, after you go in, reform yourself well, strive to become a new person."

The lady boss wanted to jump to the window and grab Shen Changan, but her hands were cuffed to the car, so apart from glaring at Shen Changan, she couldn't do anything else.

"What exactly have you done to me, why have I lost all my powers?" The lady boss was like a maniac, she opened her mouth, revealing white teeth and a blood-red tongue, "You think that a body with just a bit of merit can protect you? When the Ghost King comes out, you will be the first to be eaten."

She suddenly burst into laughter, "You ignorant humans..."


Without waiting for the boss to finish her harsh words, Shen Changan pulled down the window grille and turned to ask Captain Li, "Is pretending to be crazy and stupid a standard procedure after capturing these criminals?"

Captain Li: "......"

What Ghost King? What eating people? Talks full of cults and twisted ideologies.

For such people who love to boast and threaten, it's best not to listen to the end of their threats, but letting them choke on their own words is their best punishment.

Remembering that Dao Nian had specially accompanied him out today, but ended up not having fun instead almost encountered danger, Shen Changan hurriedly took out his phone and dialed his number.

The phone rang for a while before the other party picked up.


"Dao Nian, have you returned home safely?"

Dao Nian sat in his wheelchair, looking at the tumbling clouds at the mountain, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, I've been trained in grappling and martial arts since I was young, this was nothing. " Hearing that Dao Nian's tone didn't seem to be angry at him, Shen Changan felt relieved, "The things I said earlier were just to mislead the criminals, you mustn't take it seriously."

"I won't." Dao Nian reached out and plucked a ray of light of dawn from the air. The person on the phone was still going on about how heroic he was when subduing the criminals just now.

"I suspect that the criminals here have joined some kind of cult organization. They threatened me that I would be eaten by ghosts if they were caught." Shen Changan sneered, "If they're so powerful, they should just disappear on the spot, instead of still getting caught by the police."

Dao Nian: "......"

He loosened his hand, and the afterglow slid across his palm and flew into some mountain forest.

"The sun is out, and the fog is starting to disperse." Shen Changan looked up at the suddenly appearing sun in the sky, "I'll have to go to the police station later; sorry, I was supposed to accompany you to play today."

"So?" After finishing what needed to be done, Dao Nian lazily leaned back in his wheelchair, exuding an aura of loneliness, helplessness and vulnerability.

"I'll make it up to you next week." Shen Changan got into the police car, "I'll fry some more of your favorite crispy meat."

"Okay." Dao Nian lifted his eyelids. Covering the microphone on his phone, he turned around, and looked at Liu Mao behind him, "Let's go back."

"Okay, sir." Liu Mao suddenly bent down, turned into an ox, and carried Dao Nian into the sea of clouds.

In the police car, Yao Huailin said sympathetically, "Those tourists were really scared. They even said that the owner and staff were ghosts. I think they might need psychological treatment."

Shen Changan frowned: "Did these criminals terrorize the victims?"

"It's still unclear. We'll have to continue questioning after the victims' mental states return to normal." Yao Huailin saw Shen Changan put his phone to his ear, "Are you talking to someone on the phone?"

Shen Changan tilted his head, signaling Yao Huailin not to disturb him, and continued chatting with Dao Nian, "The rescued victims might be traumatized. What ghosts and spirits could there be in broad daylight—pretty ridiculous, right?"

"Mm." Dao Nian, sitting on the back of the ox, looked at the passing clouds and mist around him, and answered, "Of course, it's ridiculous."

After following Yao Huailin to the police station, Shen Changan recounted the details several times until it was dark. Captain Li personally escorted him to the door, saying that they would apply for a civic bravery award for him.

"That's not that important. What matters most is that the tourists are all safe now." Shen Changan waved his hand, "Captain Li, you've been busy all day. Don't bother sending me off. Go back to rest early."

Weekend nights were the peak time for gatherings, Shen Changan didn't want to queue up for a taxi, so he found a communal bicycle nearby, planning to leisurely ride back home.

"Shen Changan." Just as he got on the bike, someone called out to him.

Shen Changan turned around and recognized him as one of the tourists from the mountain resort today. He glanced at the person and silently rode his bike away.

"Wait." The person caught up on another bicycle. "Thank you for today."

"No need, it's not like I specifically came to rescue you anyway." Shen Changan rolled his eyes towards the sky, "What are you doing following me if you don't stay in the hospital?"

"I'm sorry for what happened back in school..." The person's biking skills weren't great, and almost crashed into a tree while riding crookedly.

"Oh." Shen Changan saw him stubbornly following behind. He didn't want to reveal where he lived so he decided to ride around aimlessly with the other party following behind him panting with exhaustion.

"Alright, stop following me." Unconsciously, they had ridden into a sparsely populated area. Annoyed by the persistent follower, Shen Changan lost his patience. "Don't you just want me to say that I forgive you? Fine, I forgive you. Can you please leave me alone now?"

In the past, this person had copied one of his papers, and instead of admitting it, he had the nerve to say that it was the work of a ghost.

God damn ghosts did it. What fu*ing ghost would be so bored as to help someone steal papers? Why didn't he say it was all part of heaven's will?

"I didn't lie to you back then, it really was..."

Before he could finish, suddenly a loud thunderclap echoed in the sky, striking directly at a person several hundred meters away from them.

What was even more astonishing was that the person performed a side somersault, and dodged the lightning.

Dodged it.

Heaven, a man who could race with thunder?!

Shen Changan silently took out his phone, turned on the night mode camera function, thinking that such a miraculous moment deserved to be recorded.

The next second, a flash of lightning lit up half the night sky, and another bolt of lightning struck down at the strange man who could outrun lightning.

Seeing this, Shen Changan quickly turned off his phone and distanced himself from the bicycle and the nearby trees.

When there's thunder and lightning, one shouldn't play with the phone or take shelter under trees. He needed to stay away from anything conductive.

After all, he wasn't a man who could race against the thunder.

T/N: Who is this mysterious thunderbolt-dodging man? Color me intrigued - what are your thoughts on it?

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