The Abandoned Daughter

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Chapter 14: Wishes

Xie Ru Zhuo looked at Xiao Jun Xi's serious face, she innocently said: "Okay."

Xiao Jun Xi looked at the submissive look on her face. He couldn't help but think back to her fierce appearance at the time they were in the hunting ground. It's hard to imagine the person who saved him and the person in front of him is the same person.

When Xie Ru Zhuo realized he was staring at her, it made her feel uncomfortable. She thought that Xiao Jun Xi had read through her. She softly coughed a few times.

Xiao Jun Xi said to Xie Ru Zhuo : "Miss Xie, you have saved my life multiple times. Although Royal Father has rewarded you with a lot of things, I feel that the grace of life-saving is difficult to measure with all these rewards, do you have any wishes?"

Shaking her head, "Your Highness, although I have saved your life, you have used the highly valuable Snow Lotus of the Western Regions to save my life. Truth to be told, we are even. You don’t owe me anything."

He insisted, "I have said to you, all the items you received as a reward are physical rewards."

Xie Ru Zhuo was thunderstruck. All the rewards she received were physical objects such as gold and silver jewels. She was quite speechless when he considered Snow Lotus of the Western Regions as a physical item. In this world, only Xiao Jun Xi would regard Snow Lotus as physical objects.

Xie Ru Zhuo looked at him helplessly, she really didn't know how to describe Xiao Jun Xi.

Xiao Jun Xi looked at Xie Ruzhuo and suddenly felt that the helpless expression on her face looked cute. He laughed, repeating his words, "Miss Xie, do you have any wishes?"

Xie Ru Zhuo suddenly thought of something and looked at Xiao Jun Xi with hesitation.

"If you want anything just say it."

Xie Ru Zhuo looked at the palace maids. Although these people were standing with their heads down respectfully, their ears were all pricked up!

Realizing her discomfort to voice out her wishes, he commanded the palace maids to leave. They bowed down to the Third Prince and left the room.

"Miss..." Qian Bi looked at Xie Ru Zhuo, wondering if she needed to leave too.

Xie Ru Zhuo nodded her head. Qian Bi then followed the other palace maid to leave.

They were the only people in the room, Xie Ru Zhuo propped up her weak body and tried to get up.

He stopped Xie Ru Zhuo's actions, "Miss Xie, just lie down."

However, Xie Ru Zhuo refused to listen to Xiao Jun Xi's words. She suddenly knelt down in front of him: "Your highness, my only wishes are that the members of Xie Clan will always be safe under your protection. Please take care of the Xie Clan!"

When Xiao Jun Xi heard Xie Ru Zhuo's wishes, his eyes suddenly shrank, his sharp eyes were cast on her weak body. "Do you understand that what you just asked of me is not a simple matter. I am just a prince who has not received any title yet, and even if the Emperor decides to grant me a title, it will only be a princely title. If you ask me to take care of the Xie Clan, you really think highly of me!"

She knew that if she backed down, then Xiao Jun Xi's goodwill for her would be gone and there was no turning back!

Yes! Although Xiao Jun Xi had yet to receive any title, plus his poor health, it would be difficult for him to ascend to the throne in the future. However, no one can deny the fact that he was the current emperor's favourite son. Although it's impossible for him to ascend to the throne, he would always be the emperor's most precious child. In the past life, he was given the Black Knight Order, which means he will have the power equal to an Emperor!

Xie Ru Zhuo raised her head, looked him right in the eyes, "Your highness, I believe in you!"

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