The Bowl of Seven Emotions

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Chapter 47: Lifespan

Tang Susu: “...”

Wasn’t he supposed to be a ferocious vixen?

Although it was dangerous to carry around a vixen with four tails, it also meant that he wouldn't get the chance to do anything to Bai Mian.

Furthermore, she had already worked so hard just to seal this deal. Even Gou Dan had been forced to return to the bowl. In other words, she couldn’t give up halfway through; she’d make a huge loss if she didn't get any returns from this vixen.

Without any hesitation, Tang Susu brought Qi Yang back home.

Tang Susu sat on the sofa and watched TV until nighttime. Qi Yang turned back into his human form, and sat on the other end of the sofa with half a potato chip in his mouth.

He’d suffered a loss twice already, so even if he returned to his human form, he didn’t dare to raise his claws at Tang Susu again. Instead, he shifted away from her with great caution, not forgetting to take the half-empty bag of potato chips from the coffee table that he had been eating from just now.

“Uh… can you really make Jian Dan wake up?”

Tang Susu’s gaze moved away from the TV and towards him. “Waking her up is very easy. She needs a large amount of angry energy and I just happen to have it.”

“How’s that possible? You… hold on!” Qi Yang suddenly thought of something, his face full of shock. “That bowl, that bowl in the bag, is it the Bowl of Seven Emotions?”

Tang Susu didn’t make a sound, assenting silently.

“You’re this generation’s owner of the Bowl of Seven Emotions… No wonder…” Qi Yang understood that it was a no-brainer for him to not be able to handle this human. After knowing her background, he wasn’t as mad as before.

“You know the Bowl of Seven Emotions?”

“Of course I do. Our race has records of it and even our ancestors made a few deals with the owner of the Bowl of Seven Emotions. They even wanted to look for them to exchange for something a few hundred years ago, but unfortunately, they couldn't find them.”

Seeing Qi Yang’s attitude that seemingly lacked desire for the Bowl of Seven Emotions, Tang Susu became curious. She wanted to ask more, but since she wasn’t very familiar with him, she decided to let it go.

It wouldn’t be too late to ask after forming a deal.

“Then… do you want to make a deal with me? I just happen to have angry energy. Compared to the angry energy you stole from others’ vitality and blood, mine is a lot purer.”

“What do you want to exchange it with?”

“50 years of lifespan.”

Knowing that the other was a demon, Tang Susu called for a high price without hesitation. To a demon, lifespan was probably the most worthless to them.

“Sure.” Indeed, Qi Yang didn’t even hesitate, agreeing.

Because Gou Dan hadn’t woken up at all today, Tang Susu could only take out the Bowl of Seven Emotions. Qi Yang very self-consciously placed his finger on it and a drop of blood dripped into the bowl from his fingertip.

When his finger moved away, there was a black mark on his fingertip signifying the deal.


The lifespan hadn’t been obtained yet, but after the deal had been sealed, she could feel that Gou Dan who was lying in the bowl was feeling better.

After storing the bowl away, Tang Susu returned to the living room and saw Qi Yang already helping himself to a bunch of snacks from her fridge -- milk, cake, strawberry, sausages, etc. -- sitting on the sofa and eating happily.

Is he eating my food to compensate for the deal?

Tang Susu was somewhat speechless. But because of the deal, she could finally let down her guard around this vixen, which was a good thing.

“I’ll go to the hospital with you tomorrow. Once Jian Dan wakes up, I’ll let Bai Mian go.”


“You haven’t touched her, right?” She suddenly turned her head and asked.

“No. Of course not.”

After saying this, Qi Yang felt less uncomfortable. Although what he was doing was a little unethical, those women had also been willing when he had been extracting vitality and blood from them. So even if there was a bit of unwillingness left, they were still under the influence of his lust.

But Bai Mian was an exception. He could bewitch her and make her listen to his words, but she refused right at the very last step.

As a vixen, Qi Yang didn’t have a human’s morals, but he didn’t fancy using brute force and hence had dragged it till now.

Luckily, he hadn’t managed to do anything yet, or else Tang Susu wouldn't be asking for a simple fifty years of lifespan from him.

That night, Qi Yang slept on Tang Susu’s sofa in his vixen form.

The four big furry red tails covered its body, the tip of the tails a little white, giving the illusion of a beautifully blooming flower. Although he was a vixen, he was a very dazzling vixen.

After breakfast, Tang Susu gave Secretary Wu a call to inform him that she was taking a leave from work, then drove to the hospital with Qi Yang.

Since she had done something to Jian Dan yesterday, she had to extract the evil energy before completing the deal. This wasn’t actually difficult; she only needed to comb her hair as per usual once again.

Following Tang Susu’s actions, the black-red evil energy flowed down from Jian Dan’s hair and infused itself into the horn comb.

Qi Yang watched from the side, wanting to speak yet stopping himself time and time again.

Tang Susu diligently ensured no more evil energy could be combed out, and finally turned to look at him, asking, “What do you want to say?”

“Is this comb yours?” He furrowed his brows and looked at the horn comb in Tang Susu’s hand.

“This is from my first deal. Have you seen it before?”

“I have. But this item was initially placed on sale in the demon city’s museum for a few hundred years. I later heard that it was bought by some distinguished person.”

Tang Susu’s heart jumped. “A distinguished person?”

Qi Yang nodded. "You know that demons have long lifespans. There are always some noble demons that no one dares to mess with."

Tang Susu understood and changed the subject. "Have you ever heard of a corpse turning into a Tai Sui?"

“Tai Sui? Uh… maybe. If you want to know about it, I’ll look through our race’s books after returning.”

“Sure then. Thanks.”

As he spoke, Tang Susu had already taken out the Bowl of Seven Emotions. She swirled her fingers in the bowl gently, and a transparent pill appeared at the bottom.

There were crystal snowflake-like patterns in the pills resembling glass beads at first glance.

After seeing this pill, Qi Yang's breathing slowed down, and he stared at it without blinking.

Crystallized and pure angry aura was a rare sight. Except for the owner of the Bowl of Seven Emotions, it would be difficult for anyone to take it out.

Seeing Tang Susu putting the pill into Jian Dan's mouth, Qi Yang let out a long sigh of relief, then turned to Tang Susu and said, "Bai Mian is at Xinglong Hotel. I’ll remove her from bewitchment. Do you want to go with me?"


The amount of angry aura Jian Dan had absorbed wasn’t enough to wake her up immediately, so Qi Yang didn't stay and the two of them left for Xinglong Hotel.

When Tang Susu saw Bai Mian, she was lying on a bed, wearing the same gown she had worn when she had left the engagement scene that day.

Hearing someone coming in, she sat up on the bed, staring straight at Qi Yang, and not looking at Tang Susu at all.

Qi Yang walked to Bai Mian and fixed her head between both of his hands. After staring at her for a few seconds, Bai Mian suddenly woke up as if someone had flicked a switch on her.

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