The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 28: Autumn Harvest

The Hu family seems to still be planning on making an untold fortune from Hu Yanxi's wife's maternal family. Li Qinghe just couldn't figure out why they suddenly changed their mind about not wanting the land.

Li Qinghe spread the clothes in her hand on the bed.

Only the arms need to be sewed. I can complete it in two or three days if I work seriously.

"How can you give the same amount of dowry to both?" Mrs. Hu continued in a proud tone, "Our family's Yanxi is regarded as the most talented one on the Master's side. According to the master, if any of his students were to possess his talents, then our family's Yanxi must be it. The statement that I am making is not a fabrication. If you are not convinced, you can ask others. Even now, though our family is in a difficult situation, didn't we still keep our promise and come here to propose marriage? Why don't you step up and help us out here? When our family's Yanxi wins, then we will have a good name and reputation. As our relatives, your Li family can also get some benefits. If nothing else, you will not have to pay grain tax with the land being in Yanxi's name. This is a great benefit."

Mrs. Hu's prideful words filled Li Qinghe's ears, " With these five silver taels, you will be pre-empted from paying grain tax for the rest of your lives. Isn't that worth it?"

Mr.s Qian was surprised, "Master really said that?" She was clearly swayed by what Mrs. Hu said.

"No." Li Fu replied resolutely.

"Why not?" Mrs. Qian anxiously turned to Li Fu. "This money can be repaid someday, but others don't remember you. Why would you rely on someone who doesn't have filial duties and chokes people when they speak?"

Li Qinghe, who chokes people to death with her words, "..."

So I couldn't be relied on? However, I also did not grab Li Fu's money!

Clearly, Mrs. Qian wouldn't be able to count on her to take care of her; however, she would be filial ‌to ‌ ‌Li Fu.

Again, Li Fu was heard saying, "No way. Qinghe is the eldest sister. Whatever I give to Qinghe, I will also give to Wanwan. They are both my daughters, and I love them equally. I will never be impartial towards either."

Mrs. Qian's eyes turned red.

Mrs. Hu rose from her seat and prepared to say goodbye, "The marriage has been finalized. As for the dowry, you guys should discuss it. We naturally hope that you can help us, but if you cannot, we won't press you."

Upon hearing footsteps and hearing Mrs. Qian's words of farewell, Li Qinghe opened the door and went outside.

Li Fu also led them to the gate, and when he turned around, he saw Li Qinghe standing under the eaves, "When did you come back?"

Li Qinghe glanced at Zhao Wanwan who was brimming with shyness, "When you said you will give five teals dowry."

Indeed, Zhao Wanwan was happy. It doesn't matter whether the dowry can't be agreed upon, the marriage is set, and she can get married sooner or later.

After hearing that, Li Fu felt a little uncomfortable, "I will say the same thing in front of you again. Both you and your sister will receive the same amount of dowry. If I add more dowry to yours, then I will add for your sister as well."

Mrs. Qian was wiping tears from her eyes, leaning against the kitchen door, and struggling to keep from choking.

Li Qinghe saw her like this and smiled at Li Fu, "Father, I already have ten acres of land, so you don't need to add any more. When the time comes, the betrothal gifts which are given by the Zhou family will be taken back as a dowry. Dad should keep the remaining silver in his possession. Doesn't it make sense to expect that no person is as useful as silver?"

Mrs. Qian was dissatisfied, "What do you mean?"

Li Qinghe shrugged her shoulders and said, "To be honest, Wanwan's uncle has borrowed more than one or two silver taels from him, hasn't he? If he could return it soon, it would be useful as dowry for Wanwan."

After Li Qinghe mentioned Wanwan's uncle, Mrs. Qian stopped talking. She turned around and went into the kitchen to wash the cups.

While Li Fu wasn't pleased with Li Qinghe's repeated confrontation with Mrs. Qian on a tit-for-tat basis, the last words she said just now were very comforting to hear.

The earlier words of Mrs. Qian indicated that they already wished to get her share of the money. Zhao Wanwan's silence also indicated that she agreed with Mrs. Qian's earlier words.

Li Qinghe didn't ask for money from Li Fu this time but rather asked him to save more for his future, which is more thoughtful.

 Li Fu calmly said, "The sun is very bright, don't stand outside." Li Fu got up and went into his house, then emerged quickly in his patched clothes with a knife in hand, "I am going to the field."

In the kitchen, Mrs. Qian continued to do her work without responding.

Li Qinghe hurriedly poured the remaining tea into a kettle before chasing after him. She handed him the kettle and said she would bring him more tea when the sun had cooled down.

Having been given tea by his daughter, Li Fu felt closer to her. He softened his expression, "Don't argue with your Aunt Qian, she just talks a lot."

If she talks a lot to me, does that mean she's unhappy with me?

Li Qinghe does not wish to argue with her either. Under normal circumstances, if Mrs. Qian didn't provoke her or quarrel with her, she would also be quiet. After all, in her previous life, they lived in peace for so many years. It's just that she doesn't agree with her recently when she's at home, so there was an inevitable argument. She then told Li Fu, "If she doesn't mess with me, I'll ignore her."

After Li Qinghe came home, she found Zhao Wanwan cleaning the living room where they had entertained guests earlier and Mrs. Qian was washing the utensils. As soon as she saw Li Qinghe enter the house, Mrs. Qian sneered, "Oh, what a good girl. She doesn't want any dowry."

Li Qinghe crossed her arms and said calmly, "You must find it annoying, right?"

Zhao Wanwan walked over to her and said, "Don't quarrel with mother. Dowry will be given according to dad's wishes."

There are many times when Li Fu has rethought his decision for the mother-daughter pair. As Mrs. Qian heard this, the expression on her face softened and she snorted and went to her room.

Zhao Wanwan then looked at her and said, "Sister, if Dad really gives me this dowry, then it'll be treated as if we were borrowing it, and I will make sure to return it."

Zhao Wanwan wore a pink shirt today. Besides wearing the hairpin she gave her, she also powdered her face and traced her eyebrows, making her appear more graceful.

Li Qinghe raised her eyebrow and stated, "Be worthy of your conscience."

Although the Hu family settled the marriage, they didn't come to help with the autumn harvest. Zhou Chengkang, on the other hand, came every day to help Li Fu. It took 7 to 8 days to collect wheat and start threshing again. While it occasionally rained during the wheat drying process, fortunately, it stopped soon and didn't require covering the wheat stalks. After nearly a month of hard work, the wheat was finally stored in the warehouse.

The farmers were relieved when the grain was stored in the warehouse. In the meantime, lazy people wanted to rest, while diligent people went out to work on part-time jobs or to pick up weeds.

Likewise, Li Qinghe began cleaning up weeds in her field. In her field, she was planning to grow several plants and also to raise some chickens. Therefore, she had to clean a large part of the field, which wasn't easy.

After the Zhou family's grains were dried, Zhou Chengkang did not leave and helped Li Qinghe clean up the ground.

In just a few days since autumn harvest, the wedding date of the Zhou family's eldest son arrived.

Whenever a joyful event takes place in the village, everyone will take part. Several neighbors and relatives of the family will assist in the preparations.

Because Li Fu was not close to the Zhou family in the previous years, it did not matter to him whether he helped them or not. But now that they are related, he has to help, otherwise, things would be awkward.

Either in the eyes of the Zhou family or the outsiders, the celebration of the eldest son of the family marrying his wife was interesting. After all, he was marrying a widow, which was a bit more difficult than it seemed.

In addition, the widow still has her mother-in-law... This is a loss for the Zhou family. Eldest Brother Zhou was still marrying for the first time; it seemed that he couldn't find a suitable wife, so they were feeling aggrieved.

Elder Brother Zhou, though, never felt aggrieved in the slightest. He was dressed in red and excitedly brought the crowd to pick up the bride from the village of Liu.

Li Qinghe did not go in the early morning to participate in the celebrations and did not go to pick up the bride either. While she was drying the quilt in the backyard, someone called her.

Upon walking into her front yard, she saw Li Qingmiao standing outside her house.

"Qinghe, when are you going?" Li Qingmiao asked.

They are both about the same age and are very familiar with each other, and in the future, they will become sisters-in-laws. As Li Qinghe smiled, she went out and asked, "Why are you looking for me?"

"Sorry to disturb you." Li Qingmiao smiled, "Someone should make fun of us once in a while."

This is also normal. Whenever the older ones get married, the younger ones will undoubtedly be asked when he or she will marry. Most of them have good intentions and will walk away with a smile on their face.

Seeing many people in the Zhou family's yard, Li Qingmiao said curiously, "I don't know what kind of person this sister-in-law is."

"I don't know." Li Qinghe indifferently said, "What are you worried about? In any case, you live in your maternal family, so you won't have‌ ‌to‌ ‌get‌ ‌

along‌ ‌with‌ ‌her."

"I'm concerned about you. I don't have to get along with her, but you have to get along with her." Li Qingmiao lowered her voice and said, I heard your second brother said that their family is going to build two rooms before winter. One of the rooms must be for you to reside in."

Li Qinghe teased her, "Did the second brother tell you?"

A blush appeared on Li Qing Mao's face. In a low voice, she asked, "Have you ever heard of the dowry? As long as this person's coming into the house today does not give dowry, then neither mine nor your families will have to give dowry."

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