The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 79: Candid

Half of the people in the village sold the grains and planned on relying on sweet potatoes to feed their stomachs. Sweet potatoes could be boiled or baked and didn’t need any extra ingredients like oil or spices. It tasted sweet and delicious. When they were hungry sweet potatoes tasted a lot more delicious than the buns. Children also ate them happily.

Li Fu's harvests were s soon collected. By that time almost all the families were busy in collecting their harvests. by the end of August, when they woke up in the morning, the sky was dark and gloomy. The sun did not appear all day long. It was still dark early in the afternoon that day. In the middle of the night, there was a loud bang and the earth trembled, followed by an overwhelming downpour of rain.

Li Qinghe woke up by the thunderclap. Zhou Chengkang, who was beside her got up and put on his outer clothes, "It's okay, I'll go outside and have a look and also put away the things."

Since it didn't rain for months, they kept a lot of things they used daily in the courtyard or against the wall. Li Fu's two sacks of grains were kept under the eaves of the house. hearing the sound, he figured it was a big downpour outside. If he didn't carry sacks inside on time, they would get wet.

She got up too, and the night was only dark and dreary. The candle flame illuminated the ground, and she saw that the rainwater on the ground had become a small stream, flowing along the creek which flowed out towards the courtyard wall.

Zhao Chengkang ran outside and carried the grain sack into the house, but his clothes were already soaked in just a few seconds. Li Qinghe saw him and hurriedly found dry clothes for him to wear.

The rain was heavy tonight and it didn't seem like it would stop any sooner. There may not be any water shortage after tonight

"Actually, I recall this heavy rain from my previous life." His voice was a little distorted by the sound of the rain.

Li Qinghe was drowsy, but as soon as she head this, her sleep went away. There were no candles in the room, it was dark, and she couldn't see anything. She only felt a strong grip around her waist as he hugged her.

Actually, Li Qinghe noticed that something was wrong with him the morning after he woke up. In his last life, Zhou Chengkang didn't talk much to her, let alone come to meet her. After the Xu family came to her house for matchmaking, no other men approached her house to propose marriage.

The Xu family's visit was very smooth, and there were no guests at all.

Previous life?

He straightaway talked about his previous life, so he should have realized that something was wrong with her. And she didn't know when Zhou Chengkang found out. In fact, in front of him, she never concealed it.

His voice was low, "I remember running out in the middle of the night. you were buried in the mountain and the rain washed out the soil of your grave. I was busy putting soil on you ......"

"Don't talk about it." Li Qinghe touched his arm. She felt her goosebumps rise. Although she had seen this with her very own eyes, she still felt a chilling sensation penetrating through her bones.

He let out a low laugh from behind, "Are you afraid?"

Li Qinghe turned over and hugged his waist, "Did you know about the drought this year?"

"It's been too long, I couldn’t remember." Zhou Chengkang said with a sigh, "I didn’t pay much attention to the affairs in the village. When I found out that my mother is having a hard time, I gave her some things. In fact, in the next few decades, such a catastrophe that could kill people had never happened."

Hearing him say decades, Li Qinghe's eyes became wet, and she almost burst into tears, "Were you lonely?"

He shook his head and brushed back the bangs on her forehead. As she felt a cold touch across her forehead, she heard him say, "I always felt that you were with me. Were you...with me?"

Li Qinghe buried her head in his arms, "I think you were quite lonely. Don't you regret it?"

As she indirectly admitted being with him, Zhou Chengakng put his hand on her stomach. Just then the fetus moved. He smiled and said, "I am able to spend the rest of my life with you and have a baby, God is being so kind to me. Even if I had to start over again, I would not regret it."

The two talked for half a night and after confessing certain things, they felt even closer to each other than before. Even the next morning, the rain didn't slow down. Their kitchen was built at the other side of the house and they had to go to the kitchen along the eaves, but even then, they would still get wet.

For the past few days, the weather was extremely hot and now that it had rained, she felt the humidity in the atmosphere.

I When Zhou Chengkang saw her standing by the door, looking outside, he simply tucked her back onto the chair and touched her bulging belly, "You better not move. It would not be fun to fall, I'm afraid you'll suffer from it."

No one wanted to fall. Mei Hua's body was still a little weak and the child was alone and prone to illness. Keeping in mind the previous lesson, Li Qinghe sat obediently. As she didn't have to go to the kitchen, Li Qinghe picked up the sewing basket and started making clothes.

She was now eight months pregnant, and she would give birth in a month. After the child's clothes and swaddles were almost ready, she was now making clothes for Zhou Chengkang. After she gave birth to the child, she felt that she wouldn't get time to stitch clothes peacefully.

After cooking the meal, Zhou Chemgkang brought it into the house. put down the needle and thread, and the two of them ate together. The rain was so heavy that they could not go anywhere. He had to feed the chickens and pigs. When the time for a full moon celebration would arrive, he would cut them. He also had to go check and feed the horses. By the time he came back from feeding them, he was soaked all over again.

He changed his clothes. It was already autumn. After the autumn rain, it was a lot cooler. "Are you cold?"

Li Qinghe didn't need to answer that. He had already gone to the utility room to bring the brazier they bought last year and lit it up.

After the brazier was lit, the room soon warmed up. Zhou Chengkang sat opposite her. After dividing the embroidery thread, he had nothing to do. "Is there anything else to prepare?"

Li Qinghe laughed, "I don't know, for now, I can’t recall anything else”.

When two people got along, even if they had nothing to do and just sit stil in the house, they would feel warm.

It rained for two whole days before it gradually decreased. The previously dry fields were much greener. The water in the pond was overflowing and the river too had more water in it than before. the water had already reached the road.

Fortunately, they didn’t need to go out.

Mrs. Zhou came over with the eggs today and looked at Li Qinghe's belly, "You guys are young and don't know anything about the pregnancy care taking, why don't I move over to your house?"

Zhou Chengkang didn't refuse, "If you think it's okay, then move here."

It was quite a help for them to have one more person in the house. Mrs. Zhou was very good at helping. She would cook, clean inside and outside the house, and also feed the chickens and pigs. She came back from feeding the fish in the rain today, and said in a low tone, "There is one thing I forgot to tell you. It's related to the time you were robbed in the middle of the night. I heard that Zhao Tianfu brought a fishing net along when he came back from town one day. When the river was almost dry, other than fishing in your pond where else could he have gone fishing?"

Zhou Chengkang frowned slightly, "Who said it?"

"Many people in the village were talking about it." Mrs. Zhou said again after a while, "Who started it, I don't’t know."

If there was no evidence, and they weren't sure about it, then maybe someone was talking nonsense and deliberately tried to provoke a conflict between Li Qinghe and Zhao Tianfu.

When Zhao Wanwan went to live with Zhao Tianfu, many people mocked Li Fu saying that he had foolishly raised someone else's daughter for so many years.

After Mrs. Qian was sent back to the Qian household; she visited Zhao Tianfu's house several times. Although each time she would visit and leave in a hurry, people gossiped a lot about it because of her identity. If it weren't for the fact that Zhao Tianfu had someone around him now, the village people would be talking even worse.

For as long as Li Qinghe can remember, there had been few rumors about chickens and dogs getting stolen. There was a belief that poor people would steal their hearts, but this year it was different, so some people must be thinking about it.

In fact, after Zhou Chengkang came back, he did not intend to conceal the burglary incident in his home. Many people in the village also knew about it. It would be quite difficult to find the culprit after so long.

The most important thing was that Li Qinghe didn't really lose anything, so many people didn't take it seriously, but secretly, more and more people were raising dogs after the incident.

It had been raining a lot recently. It seemed as if the God wanted to make up for the drought for the past six months. Since that night, the sky had not cleared up once.

Today, , Yu Yan came over to talk to her. She brought along her embroidery tools. She looked very happy, and whispered, "I'm pregnant."

"Really?" Li Qinghe looked her up and down, "You're quite agile for a pregnant woman."

Yu Yan glared at her, "Be serious."

"I was planning to have my godmother live here with me, but she wouldn't agree. Recently those people want her to vacate the house. I can't say anything as for now, but when my stages grow higher, then she won't be able to deny."

Not long after the two chatted, Min Rui came to pick her up.

Looking at their backs, they seemed to be whispering something among themselves. They were quite happy. Yu Yan had a stubborn mind. Once she decided on something no one would be able to change her mind. She was a smart person. When she picked up and brought back Min Rui, Li Qinghe didn't think she would marry him. But now, they are living happily.

That afternoon, elder brother Zhou came over in a hurry. He saw Li Qinghe as soon as he entered the house and hurriedly asked, "Where's mother? Third brother and sister-in-law are quarreling!"

Mrs. Zhou heard it from the kitchen and came out in a few steps, "What's wrong again?"


Li Qinghe didn't visit the Zhou house often after moving here. She wasn't sure what “again” meant, but seemed as if they were always quarreling .

"Third sister-in-law wants to go back to her house and the third brother is refusing to let her go. They are quarreling now and Mei Hua is watching over the children."

Mrs. Zhou frowned and said, "Then I will go back and take a look, Pay attention to the pot."

When the mother and son left, Li Qinghe asked suspiciously, "Do you know why they are quarreling?"

Zhou Chengkang helped her enter the house, "I haven't told you yet that Zhang's family is going to move out."

Even if Zhang Haiyao's family was going to move, it didn’t seem to have anything to do with her, and there was no need to hide this news. The reason for hiding it... She was a little surprised but guessed, "Could it be that my mother and the others are going too?"

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