The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 66: Confrontation

Her surprised voice stunned everyone inside and outside of the yard at that moment.

Hu Yanxi froze for a moment and quickly responded, "Why are you here?"

Zhao Wanwan had just stowed the fabric in the house and was walking out when she saw this. With some bewilderment, she looked at the nervous man. "Didn't you say there was no connection between you two? Why did she come so far to search for you?"

"It doesn't matter, she misunderstood." Hu Yanxi got up and ran under the eaves to Zhao Wanwan. His voice was extremely low as he said, "She has helped me before, and I can't be rude to her. It's just a misunderstanding."

Li Qinghe looked at Hu Yanxi under the eaves whispering to Zhao Wanwan. It was obvious to her that he was trying to stabilize Zhao Wanwan first. She turned around and looked at the beautiful girl in front of her with a smile. "Wanwan is my sister. What do you want from her?"

"Uh, I…" She was a bit at a loss. "Earlier, I heard Yanxi say that their relationship isn’t deep, so I wanted to come and ask, he… said he wanted to divorce her, my… parents are urging me to discuss the marriage, I really want to…"

She fumbled over her words, but Li Qinghe still understood. Hu Yanxi had told the girl he and his wife didn't have a deep relationship and that sooner or later, they would divorce. Therefore, the girl's family urged them to get married, and the girl fell in love with him more and more until she ran out to find him.

The fact that Hu Yanxi was sweet-talking Zhao Wanwan over there was also a kind of ability to coax women.

Li Qinghe lowered her voice and said, "Don't be stupid. He's been living in my house for three or four months. If he doesn't have a good relationship with my sister, he wouldn’t be able to live together with her for so long."

The girl blushed. "But he said…"

It was obvious that she did not believe her words.

Li Qinghe spread her hands and said, "I don't know what happened before, but the couple slept in the same room for three or four months after moving back. You may be the only one who thinks they have no feelings."

Hu Yanxi walked to the courtyard door in time to hear this. His face looked embarrassed and he coughed uncomfortably. "Sister, I'm here to speak with her."

If this continues, he will soon be able to persuade the girl again.

Li Qinghe had never been nosy, but if she left the girl alone now, the man would likely coax her again. Therefore, she wasn't eager to leave. She leaned on the fence with her arms folded, watching them with a smile.

With a look on her face as if she were watching a good show, she didn't intend to avoid them at all. Hu Yanxi looked at her several times and couldn't help but say, "Sister, this girl is my friend, we have something to talk about."

The hint was obvious. Li Qinghe nodded and smiled. "I'm a little tired, so I'm taking a break."

Hu Yanxi was dumbfounded. The sun was at its hottest, and the fence she stood against could not block it at all. He vaguely remembered Zhao Wanwan saying that her sister used to be very afraid of the sun, but now she was not afraid at all.

He looked at the tea kettle in her hand, which was meant to be delivered to Li Fu, and said, "Xun'er, let's have a cup of tea."

After entering the courtyard, he thought Li Qinghe would not follow them inside. Instead, she turned around and entered the door, carrying the tea kettle, helping them pour tea, and sitting alongside them.

Zhao Wanwan wasn't stupid either. Although he had temporarily stabilized her, she realized that there was something wrong based on her intuition. Taking the needle and thread, she too sat down on the stone table.

There were a total of four stone stools, and each was occupied. Hu Yanxi opened his mouth but was unable to speak. Even though he wanted to coax the girl, he was speechless in the presence of so many people.

Xun'er was a straightforward person. Although she did not believe Li Qinghe's words, she did become suspicious and inquired, "It just so happens that Wanwan is also here today, so you can tell me when the divorce will occur, right? I can go to my parents and tell…"

The look on Hu Yanxi's face at that moment was simply indescribable, and Li Qinghe could not help but laugh whenever she thought about it later.

There was still a smile at the corner of his mouth, but there was a hint of fear on his face, and his eyes were filled with disbelief. All in all, his expression was conflicted.

The corner of Li Qinghe's mouth couldn't help but hook up. The situation has turned over, right?

This kind of man was like a fish in the water among women. If both the women sit down together and confront each other, and everyone was not stupid, and he can still play around, then he was exceptional.

"Peaceful divorce?" Zhao Wanwan was suspicious and looked at Hu Yanxi. "You told her we were getting divorced?"

"Don't you understand my heart, Wanwan?" Hu Yanxi winked at her.

Zhao Wanwan immediately stopped talking, and Li Qinghe understood that this Xun'er must be the girl Zhao Wanwan said was selling rouge to her. She was the one who was affectionate towards Hu Yanxi and insisted on giving him money and gifts.

"Xun'er, you go back first, and I will come to you to clarify it later," Hu Yanxi vowed.

Zhao Wanwan lowered her head, acquiescing.

Li Qinghe couldn't watch anymore, and said directly, "Why do you want to look for her later? It's not that you don't have a mouth at the moment, let's just make it clear!"

"Sister, things are a bit complicated here. You don't know the inside story," said Zhao Wanwan, pulling her sleeves.

"What's the point of knowing the inside story? Isn't he just cheating her by getting her to give him money and talking about divorce?" Li Qinghe looked at Xun'er. "The two of them have a good relationship, so even if he wants to divorce, Wanwan will not agree. It's impossible to be separated in this lifetime."

Xun'er was stunned, looking at Zhao Wanwan, and then at Hu Yanxi. "Really?"

Hu Yanxi became anxious. "It's not like this…"

Li Qinghe raised her eyebrows. "So you want a divorce?"

Zhao Wanwan looked at him with a deadly stare. Hu Yanxi hurriedly said, "I don't want to divorce."

Li Qinghe shrugged her shoulders. "Then I'm not wrong."

After her words, the courtyard turned silent. Xun'er's tears streamed down. Suddenly, she got up and left, and after two steps she turned around and said, "Thank you, sister."

Li Qinghe waved her hand, and the girl quickly walked out of the courtyard door with her face covered.

The courtyard was quiet, and Zhao Wanwan was also crying. Li Qinghe sighed. "Wanwan, no matter how short of money you guys are, you can borrow or cheat, but you can't cheat people's feelings once you've got money."

Such a situation left a girl with few chances to start over, and one mistake could ruin one's entire life.

Hu Yanxi said in a bitter voice, "In the beginning, she insisted on being nice to me…"

"Then you just let people misunderstand that you have a bad relationship as a couple?" Li Qinghe was not polite to him anymore. "Moving to my house is not only about wanting a quiet living environment, but this Xun'er is also the reason why you came here!"

After the couple moved here, even if Xun'er reached the county seat, she couldn’t have found Luoyue Village from there. This section of the road did not have carriage services, so she had to walk. Would any other family's girl dare to walk such a rare dirt road in the countryside?

Of course, saving money was their main reason for moving here.

The atmosphere in the yard was awkward, and Li Qinghe also felt that she was being a little serious today, but she really couldn't stand a man cheating a girl's feelings.

Her previous life had been like that, and she had been in love with Xu Changjie and wanted to get married. He could have refused to marry her, but not only had he marry her back and had her help him care for the family, but also wanted to get involved with his sweetheart. In the end, it was her fault, and they poisoned her to make room for others. If it was true love, he wouldn't have married her in the first place!

When she left the Li's house, she was still a little indignant and went to the field with the tea kettle. Li Fu and Zhou Chengkang were working feverishly. She could hear the father-in-law and son-in-law talking pleasantly.

Seeing that the tea had arrived, they both came over to drink it. Li Qinghe poured some tea in a cup and handed one to Li Fu, then another to Zhou Chengkang, saying, "Father, Wanwan's aunt tried to marry Yu Yan to her son earlier, but Yu Yan rejected her. Did you know about that?"

This was no secret. Even after Mrs. You asked Yu Yan and was refused, she still wasn't convinced, so she went to Mrs. Qian to ask again. Li Fu was also aware of it, and now hearing her talk about it, asked, "What's wrong?"

"Recently whenever Yan'er goes into town, she always meets Qian Laixing, and it seems like a chance encounter, but it’s not. I asked if someone was watching their house, but Yan'er said she didn't think so it.” Seeing Li Fu confused, she said more bluntly, "I delivered fabrics to you just now, and Aunt Qian went to Qian Laixing's house."

In a flash, Li Fu understood what she was saying and asked with a frown, "What do you mean, your Aunt Qian is helping him keep an eye on the Yu girl?"

Li Qinghe calmly said, "I don't know, I just doubt it."

"I see." Li Fu put down the teacup and walked around to cut the wheat as if nothing had changed.

Li Qinghe also helped cut, but she was slow and had to leave very early. On their way back to the field the next day, they discovered Mrs. Qian and Zhao Wanwan were both there, as well as Hu Yanxi, who had changed into a patched shirt with a knife in hand, different from his usual manner.

He didn't know how to do farm work, so Li Fu stretched out his head to teach him. "Cut it slanted to save time and effort. I'm not sure how to get back to simplicity. You said you wanted to calm your mind and go back to a simpler lifestyle. I am a rough person, not knowing how to return to simplicity, but I think you should do some work to know what hard work is like. This can probably give you more insight and you can wait until next year to ace the exam."

Both Li Qinghe and Zhou Chengkang looked at each other and couldn't help laughing. It was so unexpected!

Having worked for a while, Mrs. Qian's forehead was sweating and her face was flushed with heat. "I'll go back to cook."

"No need," Li Fu refused. "I've asked Wanwan to steam buns and pickles, so I'll have Qing He go get them later."

Lunch was really just buns and pickles. Even though the buns were cold, they were okay to eat in that weather, but the pickles were raw and not fried. Hu Yanxi was having a hard time swallowing it, so Li Qinghe reached for it, but Li Fu stopped her. "I didn't prepare food for the two of you. You’re so busy, go back and do your own business. With so many people in our family, we can definitely handle it. Don't worry about it."

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