The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 52: Fifth Sister Zhou

When Mrs. Qian saw Li Fu coming out, her voice grew quieter and she cried. "If I have anything to do with him, I won't be able to marry you again. We are dealing with each other for Wanwan's sake."

As Li Fu watched her lower her head uncomfortably, he asked, "Do you mean I didn't take care of Wanwan?"

Suddenly, Ms. Qian realized that Li Fu, who was always easier to speak with, suddenly showed horns to her[1]. It just didn't make sense. "You take care of her. But sometimes you have to use extraordinary means, and you are too honest..."

"You used extraordinary means to have Wanwan marry into the Hu family. How is that going?" Li Fu asked.

As Mrs. Qian heard this, her face paled. In grief and indignation, she said, "At first, you only said that the Hu family was not a good match for her. You did not tell me not to let Wanwan marry him. Since something has happened, you are here to discuss it. Why didn't you stop it earlier? If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn't have allowed Wanwan to marry......"

Li Fu raised his hand and interrupted her. "Do you think you have a clear conscience?"

"I have a clear conscience." Mrs. Qian stared at him with a serious expression.

"Well, I am uncomfortable right now, and I don't want to see you. Since there is nothing between you two, you go home first, and I'll come to get you when I've figured it out," Li Fu announced as he entered the house.

Despite all this, he still wanted her to go home.

It was not that Mrs. Qian didn't want to go to her maternal home. But as much as she was concerned that her father was home alone and wanted to go back to help him, it had to be with Li Fu's consent. She should not rush her back simply because he was angry at her now. Besides, there was another big reason.

Her father was too old and could no longer work in the field. Now he had to rely on his foster brother, Qian Laiman's father, for support. Due to her father's age, he was unable to prepare his meals, so they delivered his meals every day. It made sense for others to serve him, but why would they feed her?

In other words, she wouldn't even have food if she returned to her maternal home. Furthermore, since she was married to someone who lived in the same village, there was no room for her in that family. Where could she live?

"Brother Fu, then what do I eat when I go back?" She was frozen for a moment, but when she saw Li Fu enter the house, she chased after him. "I can't go to my big brother's house to eat, can I?"

"I have honored their two elders for so many years. Why can't they still serve you food for a few days?" Li Fu had already closed the door.

Seeing that, Li Fu no longer wanted to entertain his daughter, so Li Qinghe turned around to return back. But before leaving, she said, "It would be better if you returned that silver you lent to your brother earlier. My father does not ask for money, but if he becomes ill, I won't pay anything."

Mrs. Qian gritted her teeth in anger. "He's now in the county, why don't you ask him yourself?"

"Do you think I don't dare to ask?" Li Qinghe sneered. "I'm going to go to the county to sell fish in a few days. I just need to find him along the way. When I stand in front of his house, do you think he still has a clear name?"

Mrs. Qian was shocked.

In the evening after Li Qinghe made dinner, she considered sending some to Li Fu.

The courtyard of the Li family was pitch black, even the candle hadn't been lit. At first glance, it appeared that no one was at home. When Li Qinghe stepped inside, she saw Mrs. Qian crouching on her knees, looking very pitiful.

When Li Qinghe saw her, she pretended she did not see her and went straight into the living room and said, "Father, eat."

After a long time, Li Fu stepped out of the room. When he saw the food on the table, his complexion softened as he said, "If I'm hungry, I can cook for myself. Do not specially send it to me."

"The meat you gave me yesterday as well as a few steamed buns were too much for me to finish by tomorrow, so I'm giving them to you." Li Qinghe said as she laid out the rice.

There were three big buns and two dishes. Sitting at the table, Li Fu picked up the buns and asked, "Have you eaten?"

"I did." Li Qinghe sat opposite him and whispered, "Dad, she's still outside. Are you really going to drive her back?"

"Don't worry about it." Li Fu glared at her, but not in an angry way. "I know it in my heart," he said after eating a bun.

Instead of paying attention to it, Li Qinghe talked about other things. "I will move to the new house on the 5th of next month, then live there." Thinking about it, she glanced outside. "If you're willing, you can live over there."

Li Fun said, "That's good. Just live a good life, and let your mother and I worry about you. You don't have to worry about me. Don't do things like delivering food in the future, Chengkang won't be happy."

It wasn't anything to worry about.

But there was no need to explain. As soon as he had finished eating, Li Qinghe put away his bowl and chopsticks and left without looking at Mrs. Qian who was still squatting at the door.

Despite not believing that Li Fu wouldn't cook or eat, she was embarrassed to do it on her own. Wasn't she just telling Li Fu to let go of his anger? Because he was full, she didn't need to cook, so she just squatted there hungry.

On the fifth of October, Zhou Chengkang and his wife moved into their new home.

Now that they have already told the public, they have begun preparing. It was quite different from getting married. At that time, Mrs. Zhou was the one who organized everything. But this time, she was just able to help a little. However, Li Qinghe didn't want to look for her for everything and couldn't set a precedent for everyone. Mrs. Zhou was already forty years old. After having raised a few children, she could now relax after decades of hard work.

As they were busy preparing, they spent most of their time at the new house. The day they returned, Mrs. Zhou was cooking in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Li Qinghe helped to start the fire.

"Qinghe, fifth child will turn fifteen this New Year. I want to find a marriage for her."

Li Qinghe was a little surprised, feeling that it was a bit too sudden. "It's important to discuss marriage. Fifth Sister is shy and likes to keep her grievances private, so it's easy for her to suffer. We need a simpler family, preferably an only child."

She came up with a series of words. As Mrs. Zhou listened, her face eased more and more. "The one who came to the door to ask for marriage said that there was also an only son."

Li Qinghe suddenly realized this. Fifth Sister Zhou has a few older brothers in front of her, so some people would look for such girls to marry. Firstly, there were more brothers to help, and secondly, some people believe that Mrs. Zhou's physique could give birth to a son, and perhaps fifth sister could also bear sons.

It was very important for a farmer family to have a son. The reason that Li Fu did not care was that he only had Qian in his heart. Otherwise, it would be just like Li Qingmiao's house, who needed to bring a son-in-law into their home to carry on the family name.

"Mother should look at it," Li Qinghe continued, "But Fifth Sister should also consider it, after all, it is her life."

Sister Zhou walked into the kitchen and blushed as soon as she heard that, and walked out.

As soon as the meal was ready, she invited Mrs. Zhou to eat with her, but she declined. Zhou Chengkang and her sat opposite to each other at the dinner table. After eating, he picked up the dishes and went to wash them.

When Li Qinghe turned around to get clothes to sew, she saw Fifth Sister Zhou holding the soles of her shoes, standing at the door of her room in a restrained manner. Fifth Sister Zhou was very shy and usually didn't speak much. Li Qinghe had been married into the house for a long time, but she did not see her talk to anyone.

"Fifth Sister, come in and talk," Li Qinghe invited her in, "What are you doing outside?"

Fifth Sister Zhou smiled shyly and sat down opposite to her. "Fourth Sister-in-law, if it is too late for you to make the soles of your shoes, I can help."

"Sure." Li Qinghe nodded, thinking that she'd add more to her dowry when she would get married later.

The room was quiet. After washing the dishes, Zhou Chengkang returned to find his sister and wife sitting opposite to each other as if they were talking about something. Rather than entering the room, he turned around and headed for the pond.

Li Qinghe took several peeks at her, but when she saw that she wanted to speak, she stopped and simply said, "Fifth Sister wants something from me?"

" Yes..." Fifth Sister Zhou lowered her head. "Today I heard mother talking to you about my marriage. I want to ......"

"What about it?" Li Qinghe asked patiently.

"I know a man. He is quite good, I want to marry him. It's just...." Fifth Sister Zhou bit her lip. "He is too poor."

Li Qinghe was dumbfounded. Fifth Sister stayed at home most of the time, and she didn't see any difference in her. She could not help but ask, "Who?"

Li Qinghe watched her bite her lip and not speak, so she said softly, "Tell me. I'll ask Mother if she agrees?"

Fifth Sister Zhou lowered her head and whispered, "It's Zhao Dashan."

Her voice was low, but Li Qinghe could still hear it clearly, and suddenly her face became complicated.

Zhao Dashan also came from the Wang Village, but everyone claimed that he had a hard life. His mother died just after giving birth to him. Soon after, his father also fell down the mountain and died on the spot. He was fortunate to have an uncle who helped him.

During that time, this uncle had just gotten married and did not have children. After seeing that his eldest brother and sister-in-law had left, he took the child with him. It wasn't long after he took him in that Zhao Dashan's aunt became pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter and died shortly after.

After that, his uncle lived with his nephew and daughter, never remarrying. Zhao Dashan's uncle also passed away when he was eleven years old and his cousin was nine years old. Everyone in the village said that he was to blame for the death of his parents and uncles. His 15-year-old cousin was still ill, and no one had proposed marriage to her. Not to mention that she, too, could die at any moment.

Zhao Dashan was seventeen this year, but he had no one to help him get married.

He bequeathed the land and house that belonged to his father and uncle, so his life should not have been sad, but after his cousin became sick twice in three days, all of his family's land was sold, as well as the house.

He sold the house, following which, the town's Yang family moved in. Then, Zhao Dashan sold his own house located right next to the Xu family.

Unfortunately, even the house was now gone. He and his cousin lived in his uncle's house, and his main source of income was cutting firewood for the town's restaurants and rich households. The likelihood of him getting married and living in that house was very low.

For a person like this... Li Qinghe merely wanted to help Fifth Sister Zhou and did not dare to mention it in front of Mrs. Zhou. If she did, this would not be considered a loving relationship with Fifth Sister Zhou, but enmity!

As she glanced at the girl whose part of her head could only be seen, Li Qinghe composed the words in her mind and coughed softly. "Fifth Sister, how did you know each other? Why do you want to marry him? I'm afraid... mother won't approve. "

Upon hearing this, Fifth Sister Zhou's shoulders drooped and her hands slowed as she sewed the soles. "When I went up the mountain to chop wood, he helped me carry it back down. I think… he is strong, carrying firewood lightly, but also stopping several times to look behind him to see if I am following. He is very caring. A person like him should be able to support his family. Mother had a hard life."

Mr. Zhou's early departure affected fifth sister greatly as well as her choice of marriage. Li Qinghe was dumbfounded and asked after a long time, "So, he is also unaware of your intentions?"

Fifth Sister Zhou stopped talking.

As Li Qinghe turned around twice, she asked again, "Do you want someone who can support his family, or do you have to have him?"

"I don't know." After a long time, Fifth Sister Zhou said in a low voice, "Whenever I think of marrying someone, I always think of him."

1. Showed horns to her - angry with her.

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