The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 13: Fish Fry

The person lying injured on the ground finally noticed their presence and looked up at them with a bruised, swollen and blood-stained face. Zhao Wanwan screamed and took a few steps back.

Li Qinghe then recognized the person in front of her. It really was Xu Changjie. In her last life, the two of them had shared the same bed a few times. She had used the moonlight to see his sleeping face more than once, even if he was bloodstained now she could recognize him. It was indeed Xu Changjie.

"Sister, who is this?" Zhao Wanwan stood a few steps away, looked around, and then moved closer, clutching her arm tightly, "Let’s go home?"

The gloomy young male voice rang out, "Help me... …"

"How do you want us to help you?" Li Qinghe was still calm.

He took a few breaths and said, "Find... a doctor..."

"You're making it difficult for me, I still have things to do." Li Qinghe looked at the sky, "Why don't I go and call the Xu family for you?"

Xu Changjie was silent for a while before he replied, "Many thanks."

So, the sisters turned around and went back to the village. Fortunately, they had not come far, and they walked fast. After a quarter of an hour, the two had arrived at the Xu family house and knocked on the courtyard door. Soon a woman’s voice rang out, "Who is it?"

Mother Xu put on clothes and went out. The sky was still dark. She vaguely saw two slender girls standing at the door, "So early, what's the matter?"

Li Qinghe said immediately, "Auntie, just now my sister and I saw someone outside the village who was injured and couldn't get up, ongoing closer to take a look I found out that the person was Young Master Xu, so you should hurry and help him."

After speaking, she turned around and left. Mother Xu quickly opened the courtyard door, "Qinghe? What did you say? Say it again!"

Li Qinghe turned around and said seriously, "Young Master Xu is injured, just outside the village in the ravine, he asked me to come back to call you. We sisters were supposed to go to town to help with some work, so if we delay any longer, we will be late, so we will go first."

The Xu family moved fast, in the time it took her to say those few words, father Xu had put on his clothes and went out to urge Mother Xu, "Hurry up."

The couple ran, even faster than Li Qinghe and they soon disappeared at the entrance of the village.

The two sisters had gotten delayed by half an hour, so they also walked faster. When they reached the ravine again, they found that Xu Changjie was no longer there, and father Xu was swiftly carrying him to town a little further ahead.

Not far on the way to town, the two sisters quickly went to the bun store. The bun store aunt was still selling steamed buns, and on seeing those two, smiling she said, "I thought you guys were not coming."

"Something delayed us." Li Qinghe stepped forward, "Do you not need helpers anymore?"

The elder aunt was surprised, and quickly reacted, "No, the Sun family is waiting, I will take you there."

To the east street of the fallen moon town, ordinary people hardly came. Zhao Wanwan held her arm nervously along the way. The aunt led them quickly to the back door of Sun house, and then the servants there took them to the big kitchen.

At this time the sky was just getting bright, and the big kitchen was already busy. Seeing the three of them, a fat steward in his forties asked, "What's going on?"

The aunt replied. He then quickly arranged for Li Qinghe and the aunt to cut meat, and for Zhao Wanwan to wash the vegetables.

There were huge slabs of meat piled up in front of them. The aunty moved fast, and after she caught sight of Li Qinghe’s sharp movements, her mouth wasn't idle, “That’s my cousin, who often helps the cook to find someone to help with the work. If you are willing, I will bring you here again in the future."

Li Qinghe smiled and thanked her, and the aunt talked about which family in the town she knew. Listening to her words, she got familiarized with the people.

Li Qinghe's heart moved and she asked, "Do you know the man who sells fish?"

"Yes." The aunt replied casually, "He lives in Liucun, and he goes to the county town on the first day of every market day to sell fish. Although it was profitable average people do not have so much capital, and then again, the transport of fish has to have a method, if all are dead the money will be smashed in his hands. "

Meaning that the business is bad, as shipped fish were likely to die. Li Qinghe thoughtfully, "Then can I ask him to buy fish fry?"

"You want to raise fish?" The aunt was surprised, "That thing is not easy to raise, right? If they die, it will be a loss."

She really was a businesswoman, and the three words are to avoid making a loss.

"I want to try." Li Qinghe looked at her and said seriously, "Can you help introduce him to me?"

"Yes." The auntie looked at her, " You want to raise fish as a girl, does your family agree?”

"Yes." Li Qinghe said with a smile, "Do you know about the Zhang family cloth shop? My mother’s surname is Xǔ."

There were a lot of people who knew about Master Zhang and Mrs. Xǔ. After all, it was still a rare thing to have a concubine, even after nearly ten years. The aunt was stunned, and quickly reacted, "Poor thing, how did your father and stepmother treat you?"

Li Qinghe replied casually, "They don't care much about me." In fact, they couldn't care less.

"Okay, I'll take care of it. When the fish is raised, remember to give me one." The last sentence had a completely joking tone.

From morning to late afternoon, except during mealtime, she cut all kinds of meat and vegetables. By the time she finished cutting, Li Qinghe's arms were sore and she found it hard to lift them. And she couldn’t go back that night, because they would have a banquet at noon the next day. They had to get up to help in the middle of the night. This job was well paid but very tiring. When they came out of Sun’s house the next afternoon, Li Qinghe’s hands were completely unable to lift and Zhao Wanwan's hands were soaked white and miserable. Pinching the purse around her waist, very excitedly she said, "Sister, I want to buy a bun to eat."

The aunt smiled, "No need to buy, I will give it to you for free."

Zhao Wanwan was pleasantly surprised and thanked her repeatedly.

After having a good chat with the aunt, the two sisters left to go home. When they walked to the entrance of the town, they saw that the Xu family had found an ox cart to take Xu Changjie home. Yang Lanrou was supported by a maid with red eyes and she wiped tears at the sight of Xu Changjie on the ox cart.

It was really hard to avoid them after all.

When Mother Xu saw the sisters, she acted as if she didn't see them. As Li Qinghe didn't mean to go up to them, she took Zhao Wanwan to leave first.

Zhao Wanwan whispered, "Young Master Xu seems to be seriously injured. He still cannot get up and it has been two days. I don't know who he has offended or whether they have reported it to the officials. This road is very dangerous. If we come again in the future, we should also be more careful." After a pause, she continued, "That girl loves Young Master Xu, she will never leave if he is hurt."

She had a quiet temperament in the past, so this kind of ability to chatter continuously ought to be because of the earned silver.

After walking for a short time, the ox cart came up from behind and stopped when it reached the two sisters. Mother Xu, with a haggard face, said to the two sisters, "Come up, we'll give you a ride, the ox cart is faster."

On the ox-cart Xu Changjie had his eyes closed, and his face was still covered with bruises, and she could barely see his once handsome face.

"No need." Li Qinghe balked.

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