The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 106: Food

The Yang family came back, and the villagers were still quite concerned. It's not for any other reason, just out of curiosity about what happened to Mr. Yang and them, such as how many years they have been sentenced, or how the case was tried, such as how many people were watching, or even more. Many villagers had never been to the county seat, just hearing about its prosperity, not knowing how prosperous it was. If someone was willing to talk about it, they could listen all day long if they were free.

However, the situation of the Yang family was not suitable for visiting now.

The father and son of the Yang family went to jail. At first glance, it seemed that Yang Lanrou had hired someone, and Mrs. Xu even visited once. They said that the Yang family was not home and they did not have any silver, so the Yang family had to change the name of the house to Mrs. Xu's, which was in exchange for that IOU.

Actually, Yang Lanhong had already paid back all the villagers with the money he received, and there was only a little left. He paid back the Xu family five taels, leaving only ten taels unpaid.

However, the house was worth more than just ten taels, not to mention Yang’s mother, even Yang Lanrou refused.

Later, Mrs. Xu gave in, and agreed to change the name to Xu Changjie, which was considered settling the debt.

In fact, it was really outrageous to bully the Yang family.

But the Yang family really couldn't refuse anymore. They had moved from outside, and had torn their faces with many villagers because of the borrowed money. Now, although they had paid back the money, they were only not isolated by everyone or even expelled.

The Xu family had been in the village for many years. If they no longer had contact with their own family, it would be completely isolated.

It was still okay in the town, but if it was being isolated in such a closed place like the village, it would be really scary. Not to mention anything else, any incident in the village would never be known, just like being blindfolded.

Yang’s mother thought for a long time and finally nodded her head.

After nodding, the house became Xu Changjie's. Xu’s mother was satisfied and the Xu and Yang families continued to be in contact.

Because of this, Xu’s mother specially informed the close families in the village. It was a powerful family to have such a private courtyard in the village. Not to mention anything else, it would be much smoother for their children's marriage.

Li Qinghe never expected that after a few turns, they still became neighbors.

Now she didn't care about this; the sweet potatoes in the field should be dug out. Although everyone in the village was listening to what happened to Yang's family with their ears, in the end, their own work in the field was still the most important.

Mother Zhou was also busy going back to work. Zhou Chengkang originally wanted her to take care of the child, and after Li Qinghe invited some good people, he would do the work in the field for her. But she refused, and she went back by herself.

As in previous years, no one would come to help before the grains of each family were harvested, but there were always exceptions, such as Zhao Dashan. He was not an exception. He did not have any land. Everyone was harvesting in the autumn, and he was busy doing odd jobs everywhere. After helping Li Fu for two days, he ran to Li Qinghe's house to help.

All the families were busy, including Xu Changjie and two people next door. They took a hoe and went to the field to dig sweet potatoes. In addition, Qian's family, which could not harvest the land in autumn, also took the children to the fields. Their land was planted by You Shi. After Qian's family came to the door and fiercely quarreled, You Shi reluctantly bore the loss and it probably looked like a joke, and the land was returned to them.

There was also Zhao Tianfu's land. The person who planted his land was his own cousin. He had already said to the villagers that he was too old to work and would not plant next year after the grain in the land was recovered.

In fact, he wanted to break off relations with Zhao Tianfu. He was a thief who dared to steal. Who would dare to continue to associate with him?

No matter who planted it, half of it had to be given to Qian, because Zhao Tianfu's son was with her.

The autumn harvest was busy, but everyone was happy. This year was considered a bumper harvest. Last year, everyone planted sweet potatoes and harvested more. This thing was filling and did not feel uncomfortable when it was eaten. Now people in the village had come up with many ways to eat it, such as boiling it and making it into a cake, adding a little oil, and frying it until it was golden on both sides. It was very delicious. Not to mention adults, even children liked it.

In this way, they could eat sweet potatoes everyday and save a lot of grain in a year. They could sell the grain for money. It was cheap and delicious, the best thing.

After a busy half month, Li Qinghe finally harvested sweet potatoes and wheat, and asked someone to help her take care of it for a few days. This year's autumn harvest was considered good.

She couldn't eat so many sweet potatoes, so she let Zhou Chengkang go to the town to sell them. Every autumn harvest, the town mayor's family began to collect sweet potatoes and grain, and after they were collected, they were sent to the county seat, and it was said that the price was not bad.

The autumn harvest was over and the weather was quite good. Li Qinghe invited Dr. Huang over and the herbs in the field had been planted for more than half a year. Some could be harvested, but since there wasn't much, Li Fu and Zhao Dashan came to help. It only took two or three days to complete the harvest.

Although most of the herbs were planted in the spring, in fact, some could also be planted in the autumn. They planted some herbs for a few days before they were free.

As soon as they had some free time, the two of them went hunting in the mountains again. This time, they took Xiyu along, mainly to bring him out to play. He had seen Zhou Chengkang's bow and arrow earlier and insisted on having one, so his father, who was always a spoilt child, spent half a day making him a small one.

Xiyu walked steadily in the yard, but in the forest... It was okay on flat land, but when there were a bit more leaves and weeds, he could be seen stumbling around with his bow and arrow.

Despite falling down, the child did not cry, and got up by himself, running off excitedly after his father. Li Qinghe was very pleased to see this.

Because they had the child with them, the family of three returned home before the sun had set, having just picked some mushrooms which Li Qinghe gave to Mother Zhou in the village.

Carrying the little blue jar with Xiyu, they headed to the village and had just stepped onto the village road when they saw a crowd of people gathered ahead.

Since there was a commotion, Li Qinghe also wanted to take a look. Pushing forward, she saw Mother Zhou, and Zhang Haiyao by the side asked, "Mother, what happened?"

Qian's eyes were red, clinging to a child who was wailing loudly. She cried, "Why didn't you give it? On what basis did you not give it? Even though Zhao Tianfu left, his son is here. You planted his land but didn't give him grain, do you want to starve his son to death, let him have no descendants, so that you can conveniently take over his land?"

While talking and crying, the child in her arms was probably scared by her collapsed emotions, and cried even louder.

The old man facing her, who she had grabbed onto his shirt, had a helpless look on his face as he kept tugging at his shirt, but she had held on so tightly that she wasn't willing to let go.

He pulled hard and said, "I'm not not giving it, I've been farming for so many years, I haven't been lazy. Now he's not here, if I give the grain now, I won't be able to explain it when he comes back."

"In front of so many people today, I'll say it again, when Zhao Tianfu returns, I will not owe him any of this year's grain."

People around were talking about it: Both of them had their reasons. Mrs. Qian wanted to help someone raise their son and get back the grain that belonged to Zhao Tianfu. But Zhao Tianshou's words couldn't be wrong either. What if Zhao Tianfu didn't admit it when he came back later?

Originally, Zhao Tianfu was a spendthrift and it was quite possible that he would turn his face and deny his debts.

Seeing nobody around to help her plead her case, Mrs. Qian's tears ran even more fiercely. "His son is so young. If he doesn't get any food, won't he starve to death? Why don't you ask the village chief to testify or write a contract to prove you gave him food?" By the end of her plea, she was already sobbing.

Zhao Tianshou couldn't take back his clothes, so he didn’t bother. Since everyone around knew the situation, he sighed and said, "Sister, don't cry, it looks like I'm bullying you. Don't talk about asking the village chief to testify either. You said this is his son, but his mother already ran away. What if he isn't Zhao Tianfu's son? Then I won't be able to get my food back. I can't give you half of it. What if he comes back later and asks for his half? Then am I not working for nothing this year?"

Hearing this, Mrs. Qian was stunned. "He loves this child so much, how can he not be his son?"

Zhao Tianshou saw the tacit glances from the crowd, he spread his hands and said to everyone, "I'm not making it up, right?"

"We all know his background, Tianfu is rarely at home. Child’s mother often goes out to look for him. Who knows if she's looking for Tianfu or a wild man? If there hadn't been someone outside, could she have run away so quickly? When something happened here, she had an ally over there."

"Besides, Tianfu might not necessarily love the child just because he's the father. There are a lot of people who treat adopted children as their own in this world, not just Tianfu." He glanced around, and not seeing Li Fu, he said, "Li Fu raised your daughter, do you dare to say he doesn't love her? The dowry was the same as if Wanwan was a real daughter, even a bit more."

This was deliberate nonsense. In the end, he still didn't want to give grain. His concerns were real, but the high grain prices in the past two years were also a fact. It can be said that there hadn't been such a price in the past ten years.

When it came to Zhao Wanwan, people in the village started to talk about something else. Mrs. Qian's face was pale, and her fingertips, gripping his clothes, were so tight that they became white.

Zhao Tianshou had no more patience to argue with her, he pulled back his clothes and said, "I also heard that you want to change this child's surname to Qian, so it's even more impossible to give you the grain."

He raised his voice slightly. "It’s still the same. On the day he comes back, I will definitely give him the grain, otherwise if he comes back and there's no house, he still needs to have food to fill his stomach, right?"

"But, I won't plant the land next year. Whoever wants it, can have it. Anyway I owe him a year's grain. If you want to work, you can take it and plant it."

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