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Chapter 26: Home

When Li Qinghe brought the tea to the living room, she found that Mrs. Hu's attitude was much better than the last time. Mrs. Hu praised Zhao Wanwan continuously as if she were satisfied with her in every way.

Li Qinghe didn't know what happened during this period, which caused Mrs. Hu's attitude to change suddenly.

Ms. Hu didn't forget to smile and thank Li Qinghe for the teacup when she handed it to her. She then looked at Mrs.Qian and said, "I will bring Granny Xi to set a wedding date tomorrow if that is convenient for you. The wedding date should be before the New Year, so that our Hu family will have one more person to celebrate the New Year, and not just us, mother and son sitting together without talking."

Seeing Zhao Wanwan's face become flushed with embarrassment, Mrs. Qian was also very pleased. "Oh yes, we're free tomorrow. I'll let Wanwan's father know to stay home."

When Mrs. Hu heard her mention Li Fu, she stopped smiling and returned to talking about marriage gifts.

It wasn't appropriate for Zhao Wanwan to stay there and listen to their talks.

Li Qinghe poured some tea in a kettle and left to go to the field.

After walking some distance, Li Qinghe found Zhao Wanwan following her. She was surprised, "Are you going out too?"

Zhao Wanwan smiled sweetly, "I'll stay with you, I'm embarrassed to stay there now."

Li Qinghe asked with a smile, "Are you very happy?"

"I thought the marriage would not be settled, but I didn't expect them to change their minds." said Zhao Wanwan.

When Li Qinghe heard her, she became silent and after a while, she finally said, "Do you not wonder what made them change their minds? Maybe…." She didn't continue her words. If I say anything more, it would seem like I don't want Zhao Wanwan to live a better life.

Zhao Wanwan said confidently,"There won't be any problems. Mrs. Hu and her son are here, and they seem to be quite happy. It should be fine. Don't worry, sister."

In the end, Li Qinghe was still misunderstood.

With the conscience of heaven and earth [1], Li Qinghe is really kind to remind her that she really doesn't envy the Hu family's marriage proposal to her.

Li Qinghe stopped talking further. Zhao Wanwan was very excited and continued, "After getting married and moving to the town, I would like to spend more time with my eldest aunt, and if I can help with the work next time, I will."

Li Qinghe: "..." Girl, you think a lot.

Fortunately, they were not far from the farm. When Li Qinghe arrived with the tea, both Li Fu and Zhou Chengkang were busy at work.

"There is still some tea left here, why did you bring it over now?" Li Fu spoke gently to Li Qinghe, perhaps because Zhou Chengkang came to help with the work. His words were meant to indicate that Li Qinghe should come over later when the sun had set.

He saw Zhao Wanwan on the side and frowned, "It's just delivering some tea, why are you both here?"

Zhao Wanwan's face suddenly turned red as she said, "It's not appropriate for me to stay at home at this time."

After hearing this, Li Fu was puzzled.

"The ‌Hu‌ ‌family‌ ‌is‌ ‌here‌ ‌today.‌ ‌Just as we were leaving, we heard Aunt Hu say that she will bring Granny Xi to propose the marriage." As Li Qinghe spoke, her voice was monotone and her face expressionless.

Li Fu frowned, "Did she say anything about the dowry?"

Zhao Wanwan, who had initially been shy, hurriedly responded, "My aunt didn't mention that today."

"Are they coming tomorrow?" Li Fu looked at the wheat stalks in the field.

She lowered her head and said, "Father, they are just here to propose the marriage, it would take at least a half-day at the very least. Don't you want this to happen?"

Seeing her dejected expression, Li Fu said hurriedly, "The past two days have been very busy for me, and I am afraid it will rain soon. You were raised by me. Naturally, I would like to see you have a home of your own. It's a good thing. Tomorrow, I will be at home."

"Thank you father!" exclaimed Zhao Wanwan.

"Thank you?" Li Fu smiled. "You are also my daughter, so this is what I ought to do."

Li Qinghe lowered her eyes and poured tea into a cup, then gave it to Zhou Chengkang who was a little farther away.

She found that both mother and daughter were very good at using the tactic of retreat and advance.

Li Fu was initially unhappy with the Hu family's visits over the past two days, so he changed his mind about marrying Zhao Wanwan into that family, but when he saw Zhao Wanwan's dejected expression, he quickly consented.

The man from her side spoke calmly but slightly worriedly, "Don't be upset."

At that moment, Li Qinghe's lips twitched, "I'm not upset. Tomorrow, you can take a break if you want."

This makes no sense for the owner of the farm to be absent, and he will have to work on the farm himself. He was originally here to help, even if Zhou Chengkang was legally married to the Li family, Li Fu still needed to take him to work.

"I haven't rested for these two days. The wheat in my house still needs to be beaten." Zhou Chengkang smiled as he spoke. "The work in my house is also very busy this year. My eldest brother and my second brother are helping their father-in-law these days, and the third brother just returned yesterday. If I don't beat it myself, then I'm afraid to store it."

After listening, Li Qinghe did not comment.

"I'm going to feed the fish," she said, looking at the sky.

Zhao Wanwan was once again following her to the pond as she left the farm.

After Li Qinghe bought the wasteland, Zhao Wanwan came to look at the fish pond for the first time. As she looked at the pond's breeder fish, she was surprised, "Wow, look at these fishes, they grow so fast."

Li Qinghe explained, "The fish grow fast. The bigger fish eat a lot and become bigger fast, but the smaller fish eat little. It's not a good idea to feed them, as I don't know if they will return the money."

Zhao Wanwan pondered for a moment and said optimistically, "At least there won't be any meat shortage."

It is also true.

In the past few months, Li Qinghe has hardly eaten meat since returning home. Only now after purchasing the meat did she realize how expensive it is since she had never had to spend money on meat before. The pain she felt when giving money was as if her own body was being cut!

Li Qinghe smiled and asked, "Want to eat meat? Isn't there a piece of meat at home?"

Zhao Wanwan smiled but didn't say anything.

Zhou Chengkang came to help and Li Fu bought it intending to specially treat him. It won't even be enough for a few mouthfuls when it's her turn to eat it.

Mrs. Hu was still there when the two returned, and she greeted them before leaving. She said again before leaving, "We will be here early tomorrow morning."

They were sent out happily by Mrs. Qian, and she accompanied them to the village entrance before sending them off.

During dinner, there was indeed a plate of meat on the table.

Zhou Chengkang was urged to eat more by Li Fu. Li Fu told Zhou Chengkang before he left, "There's something tomorrow morning, you…."

Zhou Chengkang smiled and said, "Uncle, I understand. I will come back the day after tomorrow to help."

Li Fu was even more elated after hearing these words, and after he saw the young man go far away, he turned to enter the door.

Zhao Wanwan and Mrs. Qian were eating seriously at this moment. When Zhou Chengkang was here they were embarrassed to eat the meat.

After seeing Li Fu enter the door, Mrs. Qian quickly said, "The Hu family said they would be here tomorrow morning."

"Morning?" Li Fu frowned. It is faster to work in the morning because the sun is less hot and people will be less uncomfortable.

Mrs. Qian did not bother with his worries and said, "Yes, they are coming from the town and it will be better if they come in the morning when the sun is not as hot. Otherwise, they will arrive sweaty and unsightly." After a pause, she said, "It's been a long time since they decided to agree. Wanwan has been calling you father for so many years. She would be sad if you were like this."

"I didn't say anything!" Li Fu looked at Zhao Wanwan, "It's fine and tomorrow I can sleep a little longer."

As Li Qinghe put away the dishes, she pretended to not see the three people.

The next morning, the sky was bright. Li Qinghe usually got up at this time of the morning to go to the pond to feed the fish, but on this day, she didn't get up, just turned over and continued to sleep, thinking she would go feeding the fish when Hu's family arrived and would avoid them.

Li Fu did not need to wake up earlier today either. The courtyard was quiet outside, except for the occasional crowing of roosters at the back. Li Qinghe opened her eyes suddenly and felt that something was wrong.

Her ears picked up the sounds of the door of the main room opening. The old wooden doors made loud noises when they were opened or closed. It was Li Fu's main room door that made the sound she heard. Every morning she could hear it, but today it was much quieter.

Did Li Fu and Mrs. Qian ever behave so carefully when they opened the door?

Is there a thief in the house?

She got up from the bed and put on her clothes without making a sound. She then opened her room door slightly and from the small space, she saw Mrs. Qian walking to the yard while looking back guardingly a few times.

This time, Li Qinghe was really surprised. It looks like sneaking…

She saw Mrs. Qian walk out of the yard and left in the direction of the entrance of the village. She found this curious and also opened her door to follow her. She then paused for a while and went back inside to get the shoe sample which she borrowed from the Qing Yao living near the entrance of the village and thought to return it on the way.

She followed quietly with the shoe samples in hand. Before arriving at Qing Yao's house, she saw Mrs. Qian take a turn toward the small river. Mrs. Qian was standing next to a man, and the two were talking about something.

Due to the dim sky, Li Qinghe was unable to see who the person was. She walked straight ahead and went straight to Qing Yao's house.

It was the time of day when families got up to do their household chores. It was a little early. When Qing Yao saw the shoe sample in her hands, she smiled and said, "There was no need to hurry, you could have returned later. I don't have time to make shoes right now."

She took it and smiled at her, "Did you finish sewing it for your lover? Did you also sew your affection into it?"

Making shoes is a winter activity. Few people nowadays are free to be able to make their shoes.

Li Qinghe also wanted to make a pair of shoes for Zhou Chengkang, poking two needles when she had time. The last sentence was said deliberately to make fun of Li Qinghe.

Li Qinghe turned around and was about to go home when she saw the middle-aged man who had just spoken with Mrs. Qian came over unhurriedly, sweeping a glance at the two of them as he passed by and walking away directly.

T/N: [1] With the conscience of heaven and earth - This is a Chinese idiom which refers to the correct understanding of right and wrong, especially with their actions when it pertains to having a conscience

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