The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 21: Li Qinghe’s Mother (Mrs. Xǔ)

After she returned home, Li Fu continued to ask her to settle down early. But Li Qinghe remained silent. When Mrs. Qian saw that Li Qinghe was silent, she sighed and said, "I heard that the day after tomorrow is a good day, the Hu family originally planned to come to the house that day, but after knowing our family's situation, they decided to postpone it."

She said in a softer tone, "We can't let Wanwan set the front, Qinghe is the elder sister, she won't let her sister fall into an embarrassing situation."

Li Fu's complexion eased, "It's still Wanwan who is sensible." He looked at Li Qinghe again, "Look, you had to choose Zhou's family. Now they have decided on several marriages at once. When will they save enough silver for your turn? Your sister will be too tired to wait..."

Li Qinghe interrupted him, "Zhou's family will come to propose marriage tomorrow." Then she looked at Mrs. Qian, "It's not good to delay my sister's marriage, Aunt Qian. The day after tomorrow, we must let the Hu family come. If by that time they did not come ...... "

Li Fu saw Mrs. Qian's dull face and suspiciously asked, "Hu family really said the day after tomorrow?"

Li Qinghe spread her hands, "Now that it's okay, no need to change plans. I'm waiting to eat the Hu family's snacks." The last sentence was said to Mrs. Qian, who looked embarrassed.

Want to pit me, I'll see how you end up.

She got up with the steamed buns, intending to go out to eat. Mrs. Qian hurriedly said, "No, Qinghe ah, where did the Zhou family get so much money to arrange so many marriages at once?"

Li Qinghe raised her eyebrows, "Why don't Aunt Qian go and ask?"

After all, the girl's side is not in a position to ask people where the money came from.

Mrs. Qian was completely speechless. Li Fu frowned, "What’s your attitude?"

"What attitude?" Li Qinghe turned around, "Father, I found that you feel everything I did was wrong. You asked me to rush, I did, and they will come tomorrow but you’re still not satisfied. I don't think you just want to urge me to get engaged, you also want to urge the marriage date, so that I can get married sooner! I did it because I didn't want you to get angry by looking at me and making your body sick."

After speaking, she flicked the curtain and went out.

"Don't be angry." Mrs. Qian's gentle and soft voice came from behind, "It's a good thing to be engaged, you can't be like this tomorrow."

Li Qinghe was actually not angry. Li Fu was never happy and satisfied with her, and the only one he could treat gently in his life was Mrs. Qian.

The next day, Li Qinghe went to the pond to feed the fish early in the morning. She came back just to have breakfast. Zhao Wanwan was very happy to see her come back, she smiled and said, "Sister, hurry up and change your dress. Today is a good day."

No matter who she was angry with, Zhao Wanwan was right in saying that today was a good day for her. After eating, she went to change into a light green dress.

Just after breakfast, there was a knock on the door. The person who came was the town's most famous matchmaker, "Your family is happy, open the door quickly ......"

The ending sound is prolonged, and the neighbors around were infected by her joyful tone, and immediately some people probe out to see.

Mrs. Qian went to welcome the people in, the matchmaker was accompanied by Zhou Mother and Zhou Chengkang.

Today, he was dressed in 90% new clothes and the whole person looked neat and sharp. With a smile on his face, compared to the previous days, he looked much more affable.

The xiaoding is actually very simple, just bring some peanut snacks and add a little fabric.

Both families were mindful, everything was normal except that Li Fu did not have a good face to Zhou Chengkang. Some people talk about the bride price on the same day, but some will mention it earlier or later. The Zhou family didn’t mention it. The Li family didn’t ask. Zhou’s mother smiled reluctantly, but Zhou Chengkang was happy. Even if Li Fu didn’t like him, he kept talking to him about the crops in the field. Li Fu was quite interested in this, and both of them talked well.

An hour later, Matchmaker Xi said goodbye. Mrs. Qian smiled and sent her out.

When she reached the door, she heard Granny Xi turn around and look at Zhao Wanwan, "Good girl, we still need to urge the Hu family to settle down sooner." She lowered her voice, "It seems that someone in the town is asking the Hu family, I don't know who. You have to hurry up."

Li Fu and Li Qinghe were standing close and heard this. They also understand that Mrs. Qian lied. This Xi is the most famous matchmaker. It didn't make sense that she didn't know the date when the Hu family will come to propose marriage.

Mrs. Qian's face immediately burned, "I know, thank you. From now on, these two girls in my family will have to trouble you."

"It's not troublesome, it's easy." Granny Xi waved her hand, " Helping people to get married is a great virtue, and it's also good for me."

When they left, Li Fu's face fell. Li Qinghe didn't think it was enough, so she spread her hands and said, "Father, I don't know what Aunt Qian means by this. Does she really hate me so much?"

Li Fu sternly grimaced, "Come in with me."

Mrs. Qian was anxious, and hurried to catch up, and explained, " That's what the Hu family said, how should I know?"

Zhao Wanwan stood aside with her head down, a little frustrated.

Li Qinghe didn't have the heart to comfort her. She wanted to say that this girl was reticent, but in fact, she was the most resourceful.

In the afternoon, Li Qinghe went to the pond to feed the fish again. By the time she arrived, Zhou Chengkang had already finished feeding them. The two of them got along the same as before, but they both felt sweet. When she returned home after feeding the fish, she found a carriage parked at the door. Mother Xǔ was coming down from it. She was very furious when she saw the person who was walking towards her. "You girl, why didn’t you inform me about the engagement?"

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