The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 67: Magistrate

So the two really didn't care.

Initially, it was obvious from Li Fu's appearance that he wanted to teach them a lesson. The food wasn't even hot, and everyone ate on the ground. Li Qinghe didn't want to suffer. Besides, she didn’t think anything was wrong with letting them go to work.

When one was born in a village, one could not even imagine escaping from work. Hu Yanxi, who had been living here for so long, was completely dependent on Li Fu for food and drink. It was time for him to leave the courtyard, stop sitting leisurely, and do some work.

The following day, Li Fu's family went to the field again. After thinking about it, Li Qinghe carried a big kettle of tea to them when it was almost noon. Otherwise, there would be no tea in the field, so somebody would have to go home to get it, and maybe they would never return to the field again. As for the others, she had no idea, but Mrs. Qian could do such a thing.

The time she arrived, Mrs. Qian happened to be carrying the empty tea kettle back and was planning on going home. "No need, Aunt Qian, I brought you tea."

Mrs. Qian glared at her, but Li Qinghe ignored her. "Dad, drink tea."

Everyone came over to drink tea. Hu Yanxi wore a patched shirt, his hands covered in blood blisters, and the hand holding the teacup was shaking, a far cry from his past appearance as a gentleman. Zhao Wanwan looked at him with pity. "Yanxi, go back. If your hand is injured, how will you write?"

Li Fu glanced at him, and his gaze was filled with disapproval as he said, "It’ll be fine in two days. It’s only a blood blister, it’s not that the hand is broken, and you’ll be able to write when you recover. It’s only after suffering hardships that you’ll become a human being1. I am doing this all for your good, Yanxi, and you’ll be grateful to me in the future."

After hearing that, Hu Yanxi forced himself to smile and thank him. "Thank you, father."

If they tore down their faces completely, then Li Fu would not let him live.

Zhao Wanwan was very surprised by her father, but she couldn't say anything to counter it. When she got back yesterday, she found that Li Fu had placed all the food and meat in a cupboard, so if she wanted to cook she had to ask him for food first.

Cooked meals were brought out into the field every morning, and with such a situation, there was a real possibility that Hu Yanxi wouldn’t have food to eat if he didn’t work.

Mrs. Qian frowned. "Maybe I should go back, cook some medicinal soup, and bring it here to relieve the heat. If Yanxi falls ill, it will be even more expensive."

"Are you sure you want to go back?" Li Fu looked at her with deep eyes. "There are some things I don't say, but that doesn't mean I don't know. You should know what you have done these days."

Being reprimanded by him in front of several juniors, Mrs. Qian felt ashamed. "What did I do? Please clarify."

Li Qinghe smiled. "How could you be so busy with the fall harvest and not do anything?"

Mr. Qian glared at her, her face turning red. "I ask why you are acting like this. It turns out that someone said something in front of you."

The more she talked, the more she felt that she was reasonable. "Qinghe, you know the reason, don't you?"

Li Qinghe was not annoyed and smiled. "Just now, Yan'er told me that she was going to the town today."

Mrs. Qian's eyes moved slightly and her expression was a little unnatural. "My stomach isn’t feeling well, I have to go back."

After she finished speaking, she bent over, clutching her stomach, and was about to run away.

As Li Fu grabbed her, he said, "You aren’t done yet, are you? I have one question for you; will you continue to get involved in the Qian family's affairs, or do you want to live a normal life?"

Zhao Wanwan was confused, while Hu Yanxi was looking away. It seemed that the whole time he was in the yard after watching Mrs. Qian's actions, he had guessed a lot as well.

When Mrs. Qian realized that the cat was out of the bag, she no longer pretended. "It's just that I want to help. I think this marriage is very good; Miss Yu looks good, and Laixing does not look down on her at all. The more they meet, the more understanding they will have, and sooner or later they will get married."

Li Qinghe frowned. "Then how come you weren't happy about such a good marriage with the Zhao family back then?"

Mrs. Qian Shi immediately retorted, "How can it be the same?"

Li Qinghe did not budge. "It's the same! You don't like people imposing on you, but look at all the things you've done lately. If Qian Laixing isn't thinking straight and goes to hurt Yan'er, you’ll be the evil one when the time comes!"

"I'm not!" Mrs. Qian panicked a little. "How would Laixing do such a thing?"

"It's not necessarily true. You know the person and the face, but not the heart!" Li Qinghe snorted. As far as she knew, Qian Laixing and Qian Laiwen had a close relationship. Qian Laiwen ate, drank, whored, gambled, and did everything; if one said Qian Laixing didn't touch them even a little, no one would believe it. In the end, if his reputation was still so good, the mind of the person was certainly not simple.

Li Fu felt a little uncomfortable when his daughter mentioned the previous events. Continuing to argue would have meant further delays in the work as well, so he coughed lightly and said, "It's hot outside, hurry up and get to work.”

He also said to Mrs. Qian, "You are not allowed to go back again. If I find out that you tipped him off again, you will go back to your Qian family."

This was something that Li Fu had repeated often ever since Zhao Wanwan had gotten married. The worst was when she was allowed to sleep in the courtyard despite her pleadings. Mrs. Qian was immediately a little frightened, but she felt embarrassed in front of these juniors.

"I didn't tip anyone off. Where did you hear about it?" She asked stiffly.

"Continue working!" Li Fu carried the knife, took the lead, and turned to go to the wheat field. Zhao Wanwan knew what was going on after listening for so long, and asked in a low voice, "Is my mother really keeping a watch on the next-door neighbor?"

The question was addressed to Hu Yanxi. He nodded slightly. "Mother-In-Law did visit Third Aunt's house, but I don't know if she has reported to others."

Li Qinghe didn't help either. After they started working, she went home as soon as the tea was delivered.

Li Fu detained Mrs. Qian for a few days to work. During this period, Yu Yan deliberately went to town several times, but never met Qian Laixing. Needless to say, everyone knew who had reported the news.

Hu Yanxi failed to persist anymore after two days of work, looking for a reason to return to town. Zhao Wanwan naturally left with him, so there were only two people left in the Li house. This time, he did not let her lie at home and wait for food but instead forced her to work in the field with him.

Within a few days, every household in the village had collected the food, and Li Qinghe was worried about the sweet potatoes in the cellar. There were too many piles of this stuff, and it would spoil. Aside from that, the two of them couldn't finish it all and it would have been a shame to feed the pigs with it.

Upon thinking it over, she decided to take it to the town to sell it. It still tasted good when baked, so before leaving, she cooked a basket and used it as dry food.

She sold it for three copper coins per catty, and they could even sample it before buying. It was only one day but she nearly sold two hundred catties. Many people in town knew about the sweet potatoes, including the guy at the seed shop. Others didn't know how many seeds Li Qinghe had bought, but he knew the best. She had only bought 30 catties of seeds, but sold nearly 100 catties. He wondered what method she had used to come up with this very cost-effective idea.

However, no one knew about it, so after thinking about it, he ran into the back and told the shopkeeper.

The proprietor of this type of seed shop was actually from the county. The seed shops were all worried about this pile of sweet potatoes and couldn't sell any of them. Fortunately, it was cheap, so even if they couldn't sell it, they could plant it.

They had now heard that there was someone who was an expert at planting. Knowing that hundreds of catties could be planted from a few tens of catties of seeds, in an instant they couldn’t sit still. The proprietor and the governor had some ties, so after thinking about it, he went straight to the back office.

Li Qinghe sold half of the sweet potatoes. They were rummaging through the cellar and picking out the rotten ones when they heard someone knock on the door outside the yard.

Zhou Chengkang went to open the door. When he opened the door, he expected it to be his mother or father-in-law, but he didn't expect to see a green shed carriage.

Horse-drawn carriages were still quite numerous in the town, and he was a little puzzled. He looked at the person knocking at his door. He wore fine clothing and looked like the attendant of a big family. When he looked at the person standing next to the carriage, he realized that it was actually a guard with a sword.

Immediately, he became more suspicious.

The attendant smiled and cupped their hands. "Excuse me, does your family sell sweet potatoes?"

The people at the village entrance didn't pay much attention to the green shed carriage before it entered the village. Many people lived in this village, and many carriages came and went from it. However, when the carriage approached, they found that the driver in front was wearing different clothes, similar to the ones of the magistrate’s guards who came to the village to measuring land. What was the magistrate doing in the village?

In normal circumstances, they should have gone directly to the village chief's house, or the village chief should have gone to the town to pick them up.

Once they realized the carriage was not headed towards the village chief's house, the crowd came back to their senses. This time something is going to happen, the magistrate came over, it must be to arrest people, ah!

Immediately someone went to the village chief's house to report the news. The remaining villagers followed the carriage neither too close nor too far, and they saw the carriage directly cross the village and go straight to the new house on the wasteland.

"The Zhou family's fourth child has committed a crime…"

"What could be the crime?"

"They have so many houses and lands, how can we tell if the money is coming from the right source?" At first glance, this tone seemed sour and indignant.

"Isn't all that money earned by selling fish?"

"If it came from the right source, why would the magistrate go to her home?"

There was a group of people standing near the new house, pretending to be searching for wild vegetables in Li Qinghe's field, but were actually paying attention to the movements around here.

After a long time, Zhou Chengkang didn't return, and Li Qinghe just happened to be thirsty. Li Qinghe went out of the cellar to get some water. As soon as she climbed up, she saw him bringing several people over.

In the lead, a man in his thirties wore a solemn face. At this time, however, there was a slight smile on the corner of his mouth, which was still mild. As he walked, he looked around with interest, while Zhou Chengkang stood aside to lead the way.

Who is he and why is he leading them to the backyard?

Knowing Zhou Chengkang was not an unreliable person, Li Qinghe stood there and listened to him say, "This is my wife, and she came up with the method for growing sweet potatoes."

Hearing this, and looking at the people in front of her with a righteous face, Li Qinghe vaguely guessed their intentions.

As people looked at the sweet potatoes in the cellar, they could not help but be happy. After they arrived at the house and sat down, the person in charge said, "To tell the truth, my name is Lin and I have lived in this county for five years."

A county magistrate with the last name Lin had been in office for five years. Looking at the guard with a sword on the side, the identity of the person in front of her was about to be revealed.

He paused. "I came here today to ask for the method of growing sweet potatoes."

"This stuff was brought back to us by the Phu nation last year, and there are rumors that the people there never went hungry using this. However, when we tried it, we couldn't get it right, and even some old farmers suggested we cut up the seeds, making them produce more but still falling short of the rumors."

Hearing this, Li Qinghe said frankly, "I am willing to hand over the method."

There was a huge smile on the faces of the several people when she said these words, and Lin Zhixian was quite interested in seeing what their house was like before he climbed into the carriage to leave.

Many people in the wasteland expected to see them in chains, but they did not expect Zhou Chengkang to see them off politely.

Someone couldn't help but say, "This isn't a visit to arrest someone, this is a visit to be a guest, isn't it?"

After hearing the commotion, Zhang Haiyao also came over with the child in her arms, and at that moment, the crowd looked at her, and several people asked, "When did they get to know the magistrate?"

Zhang Haiyao was calm and did not show any signs of panic. "..."

In fact, she also wanted to know.

1. Only after suffering hardships you will become a human being - that is, to endure a thousand hardships to acquire merit and wealth and become a respected and loved person.

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