The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 74: Overwork

After the field was planted with seeds, Zhou Chengkang was able to completely put his mind on taking care of his wife. Every day, he made soup, either fish soup or chicken soup. And every meal had to have a meat dish. All the meals were cooked by him and Li Qinghe would do some simple tasks like cutting the vegetables.

The Li and Zhou families are busy with planting, so Zhou Chengkang had to work extra hard especially this year since elder brother Zhou had to take care of the child. He also had to sell tofu, especially during the spring and autumn harvests. Since many people were exhausted from working in the field, they were willing to buy some tofu to eat.

At this time, it was also the most profitable time to sell tofu. Before the birth of her child, Mei Shi used to go to the field to work by herself after making the tofu. They didn't have much land so Mei Shi could plant the seeds by herself. But this year was different as Mei Shi had to take care of her child, and also, she was still weak and had not yet recovered. Not to mention making tofu, even cooking was quite a strenuous task for her now.

As a result, the elder brother Zhou simply abandoned the field and entirely focused on selling the tofu.

Mrs. Zhou couldn't bear to see the land abandoned, so she went to work on elder brother Zhou's field. Because of this, she had to work more. It didn't matter if Mr.s Zhou was going to work in their field too, but how could Zhou Chengkang watch his mother tiring herself?

So, after feeding the chickens and fish at home every day and preparing the meals, he would go to the field to help his mother.

Li Fu was also with the spring plantation.

But no matter how busy he was, Zhou Chengkang would return home and cook for his wife every day. Mrs. Zhou didn't mind this and discussed a feasible solution with him, "Why don't you let the fifth child do it? You don't have to run around in the sun either."

"No." Zhou Chengkang refused.

Mrs. Zhou didn't say anything else. People who were pregnant wouldn't be able to cook. Her son wanted to cook with his own hands, especially when the farming season was still busy, which indicated the relationship between the young couple was good. What is the problem with letting the fifth child cook though?

It would be nice to help.

There was no one to help Li Fu. He and Mrs. Qian were the only people who had to work in their fields. By the time it was evening, it started raining and only a small part of the land was left to be planted, so Li Fu asked Mrs. Qian to return first, and then he continued working in the rain.

As a result, Li Fu became ill and developed a high fever. Li Qinghe knew about this because Mrs. Qian came to her house in the middle of the night to request her to bring the doctor from the town.

The couple quickly got up and took a carriage to Li's house. Li Qinghe didn't go to the town with Zhou Chengkang and went straight to see Li Fu. As for Zhou Chengkang, he did not get off the carriage and drove to the town to find a doctor.

Li Fu was indeed ill. He was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. His forehead was burning hot and his condition seemed critical. The doctor arrived at the Li house quickly. After checking Li Fu's pulse, the doctor sighed and said, " He has been overworking and is exhausted now. He should wake up when the fever subsides. It is important to take good care of him and he should not be tired anymore."

There was no danger and he was fine, but the work in the field… he shouldn't be tired out, so naturally, he can't go to the work in the field anymore.

By the time, Zhou Chengkang finished helping with Mrs. Zhou's field it was already around mid-February. While Li fu had been recovering from his illness, weeds started to grow all over his field.

On this day, Mrs. Qian came again, and as soon as she entered the house, she said, "Qinghe, go back and persuade your father. He insists on going to the field."

Li Qinghe sighed and rushed back to Li's house. Li Fu had already changed his clothes, "Father, the doctor said you should take good care of yourself. What if you get sick again?"

Li Fu lost a lot of weight. "But if I don't plant in the field, what will we eat next year?"

At this time, some people in the village had finished planting in their fields. Li Qinghe thought about it and said, "I'll find someone to work in the field for you. I'll pay them the wages, okay?"

In any case, she wanted to prevent him from working.

When Li Fu was seriously ill, Lin Zhixian again brought people. This time around, he watched the workers plant the sweet potato seedlings into the ground. Many workers came this time, even more than the last time. They finished planting in one day and there were no seedlings left. The people who came were farmers from all over the county. By helping them plant for a day, they had their calculations. It was said that 50% of the people had to plant sweet potatoes in the county this year.

The amount they planted was a lot. Last year, there weren't many families who planted sweet potatoes.

Like Li Qinghe, who planted many sweet potato saplings, which was more than the others.

When Lin Zhixian came again this year, everyone paid attention to the movements of Li Qinghe's house. When they saw someone coming to watch her bury the sweet potatoes, 30% of the people in the village quietly went to the town to buy a few sweet potatoes and plant them. Close relatives of Li Qinghe, such as Li Qingmiao's mother went to Li Qinghe to buy sweet potatoes, and Mrs. He also went to buy some sweet potatoes.

Later, they saw many people coming over to help plant barley. It was still the same as last year. Many people followed her suit and started digging adjacent wide and narrow rows in the field. The farmers' ability to learn the process was still very strong. Last year, Li Qinghe asked people to help with the digging and taught them personally how to dig. Now seeing the workers planting the sweet potatoes seedlings, everyone suddenly realized that if the plants could survive the growth period, it would indeed save them the cost of buying seeds.

There were no tricks with the planting, and everyone quickly learned it.

By the time they learned, Li Qinghe's sweet potatoes were also planted.

After working in the field, Zhou Chengkang went to help Mrs. Zhou with the fieldwork for two days. The Zhou family's land was planted, and on Li Fu's side, Li Qinghe still asked someone to help him plant sweet potato seedlings. Of course, the seedlings were from her sweet potatoes from the second crops.

Li Fu was not at ease and went to watch the workers planting the seedling for half a day. Since he was hiring anyway, he hired more, and hence they finished planting in two to three days.

When someone invited workers, the person was required to provide meals to them at noon. So Mrs. Qian stayed at home to cook meals.

In fact, in all these years, she had never cooked meals for so many people. It was fine as long their stomach was full. Even if the taste was average, the workers didn't complain.

After a flurry of activity, the village was free. In previous years, at this time, Zhou Chengkang would climb up to the mountains to hunt and also cut firewood along the way. He spent most of his time this year in the kitchen, watching over Li Qinghe, fearing that she would fall.

After the spring plowing, Yu Yan had brought the bricks for construction to the land and hired a dozen people to start the work.

The little white-faced Min Rui, who was rescued by her, finally went out of the house. He would put on a patched old clothes, and help build the house with everyone every day. Even though he was thin, he was very strong and was not inferior to the strong laborers in the village.

Yu Yan sometimes came to deliver water, and Li Qinghe occasionally would go to see her. Today, she happened to meet Li Qinghe, when she came to deliver water to Min Rui.

Yu Yan greeted everyone and offered them water to drink. Seeing Li Qinghe standing at the side, she walked over with a smile, "Why isn't brother Chengkang accompanying you today?"

Li Qinghe laughed, "What there's to accompany. He was nervous at first, and it will be fine after some time." Looking at Min Rui over there, she asked with a smile, "You decided to marry him?"

"He's pretty good." Yu Yan nodded, "I couldn't find anyone better looking than him either. After I move here, I'll start with the wedding preparations. I've wanted to move in and be your neighbor for a long time. You don't know, in addition to talking with my godfather, I can only quarrel with his nieces and nephews and their spouses."

Li Qinghe laughed, "Well, if you are used to the noise, once you have moved here there will be no more noise."

"Who says so?" Yu Yan spoke as she looked at the other side, gritting her teeth, and seemed extremely annoyed. Seeing that her expression was not fake, Li Qinghe followed her line of sight and saw Yang Lanrou greeting handing steamed buns to everyone. She even gave the buns to Min Rui. Her expression was as gentle as water, with soft eyes and a slight smile on her face.

The problem was it was not appropriate for Yu Yan to go forward at this time to confront her. Yang Lanrou was kind enough to greet and give the buns to the workers she hired. What would others think if the host went to confront her angrily?

Seeing that she was about to step forward, Li Qinghe grabbed her arm and said, "Don't be angry." At this moment, she would be called petty if she took any action.

On the other side, Min Rui didn't accept the buns from Yang Lanrou and worked on his own, ignoring her completely.

Seeing this, Yu Yan didn't go either, mostly because Li Qinghe held her, and she could not struggle against her for the fear that she would fall. Yu Yan couldn't help but hold back her smile when she saw Yang Lanrou's smile stiffen. Her mouth corners were faintly hooked up, "He knows how to act." Then she said bitterly, "See how she is behaving and she still came to me to buy land to build a house. If this kind of woman lives next door, I'm afraid I can't even eat. I'm going to vomit to death."

It was Yang Lanrou.

Li Qinghe couldn't help but said, "It's very strange, why is she always focusing on us?"

"Can't you understand such a simple thought?" Yu Yan looked helpless, " Didn't you see that young men in the village, whether married or unmarried, treated her well, but brother Chengkang was cold to her. And of course, now Min Rui too."

Speaking the last sentence, Yu Yan's tone was a little smug.

Li Qinghe was dumbfounded. When she gave it some thought, she realized that it was true. She was a girl from the village and the Yang family used to be very rich. The people from the village cannot imagine such richness and when the noble lady took the initiative to speak with them on her own and also speak with them softly and not look down on them, not to mention men, even women could not help but think good of her.

If she did not have a grudge against Yang Lanrou, she wouldn't have turned them away if she were kind enough to send food to the door.

After Min Rui refused, Yang Lanrou offered again twice but was rejected both times. She shook her head helplessly, saw them, and smiled, "I've made too many buns. You can try some too."

"I don't like eating buns." Yu Yan crossed her arms, her tone indifferent.

Li Qinghe also waved her hand, "I just finished drinking the soup, and I can't eat it. Besides..." She half-smiled, "Miss Yang also knows that my family doesn't like to eat steamed buns."

Yang Lanrou frowned, "Do you guys have some misunderstanding about me?"

"No misunderstanding." Yu Yan calmly said, "It's just that I don't like you. Miss Yang is very generous, making buns and giving them away. But can you not send them to where I'm building the house? Don't you feel ashamed if people don't want to accept them?"

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