The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 40: Welcome

She took Li Qinghe's words for granted, but this time it was her turn to be speechless. It took a long time for her to say, "Haiya is your brother, so you're not worried about his future whatsoever?"

Li Qinghe said indifferently, "He has parents. I can't even take care of myself, how can I worry about others?"

While she sincerely hopes that he will be well, the time and love invested in him is not enough for her to help him. Further, given Mother Xu's temperament, he may not necessarily suffer. Mother Xu will certainly find a way to let Haiya study, if Zhang Haiyao was right about Haiya being talented in studying.

Zhang Haiyao looked at her and didn't know how to convince her.

The two walked silently for some time, then saw Zhou Chengkang's carriage approaching from a distance. Li Qinghe secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and soon returned home.

Li Fu has moved the furniture to the house and set it up.The furniture was made of highly durable wood, which Li Qinghe herself chose. Comparing it with Zhao Wanwan's style, it seems a few points less fancy, but one can tell from one glance that it would be a piece of furniture you could have for many years to come.

As she swept around at a glance, Mrs. Qian said, "It doesn't look good. With this kind of design, it is much easier to make. That is why they were done so fast." Her tone was one of disdain.

"You talk too much, hurry up and cook," Li Fu glared at her.

"Qinghe, come and help," Mrs. Qian turned around and left without even greeting her.

Li Qinghe agreed. She planned to change clothes in her room. Although she had no intention of helping with the cooking, helping to serve the dishes was also seen as assistance. Although she was capable of doing these tasks, she merely did not want to go along with Mrs. Qian's wishes, so that she could call on her whenever she wished and burden her with work.

While glancing in the direction of the kitchen, Li Fu hurriedly gave her a silver tael while pulling her sleeve, "Qinghe, keep it."

Li Qinghe was surprised, but she didn't take it, "Father, keep it for yourself."

"Take it." He said, "I don't want to let your Aunt Qian see it, I don't have any more silver to give to Wanwan."

Li Qinghe couldn't resist hooking up her mouth. Even though it was hard to have such a generous heart, she doesn't have to refuse it now. She will give it to him when he needs it in the future.

Gradually, the house where the dowry piled up became full, containing more and more items. Her wedding date finally arrived when the chickens she raised at the beginning had lost their yellow hair and were larger than the palm of her hand.

The wedding dress was embroidered by her, and all the quilts were embroidered by Yu Yan. Yu Yan embroiders well. Although it can't be said that it was the best quilt in Luoyue Town, no one has such a beautiful quilt in Wang Village.

Mrs. Qian was well behaved and also helped. The first day after Li Fu prepared the ingredients, Mrs. Qian invited many people close to her to help with the preparations.

Mrs. Qian didn't come looking for Li Qinghe, not only did she not look for her, but she also wiped her tears several times to demonstrate her dismay for her 'good' daughter.

Li Qinghe's dowry was the most important topic of discussion. One can tell that they spent a lot of silver just by looking at the pile of dowry in the house. Not to mention the pond and ten acres of land. In addition to raising fish, Li Qinghe was now also raising chickens. Those who were married to her would have also been married with a lot of things. The fourth child of the Zhou family should enjoy a very happy life after the wedding.

That much dowry was worth a lot of money. To say that this thought has not occurred to Mrs. Qian would be a lie. She was just pressed down by Li Fu when she even mentioned it a little.

Many people were looking at the room secretly and expressing their emotions. What does she like about that person from the Zhou family? Except for a carriage, he was extremely poor.

Many people were envious and greedy, but no matter what, Li Qinghe's good mood didn't change.

The first day, most people came to talk and tell jokes. The courtyard was filled with people the next morning. At sunrise, the yard was already very lively, and Li Qinghe was wearing a bright red wedding dress that she had sewn herself. With her slim waistline displayed in her wedding dress, she looked very beautiful when walking around with it.

Yu Yan helped her with her makeup. Li Qinghe did not have any familiar friends in the village since she had been working in the town. Apart from Yu Yan, she only knew Qing Yuan, the daughter of her eldest aunt.

Li Qinghe was a bit stunned when he saw the girl in the mirror with beautiful makeup and eyebrows all smiling. When compared with the plain and uneasy face she had in her past life, she was quite different. Yet, at the same time, something had remained the same, such as her anticipation for the future.

"You look so beautiful that I was dazed by it. I'm afraid that Brother Changkang will be too fascinated when he sees you." Yu Yan laughed out loud, causing Qing Yuan to join in.

Yu Yan's eyes lit up when she heard a lively commotion from outside, and she looked out the window and smiled, "They're here."

Yu Yan's eyes were a little red when Li Qinghe was sent out, "You are my first friend here. Be happy."

Li Qinghe's mood was complex. "You too, be happy," she whispered after hugging her.

She stepped outside after saying that. Zhou Chengkang wore a red gown, which made his already white teeth look even whiter. The smile on his face hasn't stopped for a few minutes. Upon seeing her emerge, he reached out his hand towards her and looked into her eyes.

As Li Qinghe looked at him for a long time, she suddenly smiled, put her hand into his big hand, and in the next moment, her hand was tightly held by him. " You look very beautiful," he whispered.

Her face immediately became hot.

Everyone around laughed when they saw it. Hand in hand, the two reached the living room, where Li Fu was already seated on the head chair, waiting for them to pay respects.

The moment Li Qinghe reached the living room's door, she glanced outside into the courtyard. Seeing this, Zhou Chengkang asked in a low voice, "What are you looking at?"

After waiting for a long time, nobody came over. Li Qinghe shook her head a little and prepared to enter the door when she saw some commotion in the courtyard crowd, "Here comes...".

Someone praised, "When her daughter marries, she should make a trip home."

Li Qinghe paused and turned around, seeing a carriage approaching quickly. Mother Xu raised the curtain. She jumped off the carriage as soon as it stopped and entered the house as quickly as she could.

Mother Xu entered the room and saw a daughter in a wedding dress smiling at her, and the anxiety in her heart instantly disappeared. She stretched out her hand to help her smooth her hair and looked lovingly in her eyes, "You've grown up, mother did not come late, right?"

"No." Li Qinghe was clearly very happy and did not hide it.

Mrs. Qian didn't know where to hide at this time, so she wasn't planning to come over to receive the gift, even if she wanted to. Li Qinghe kowtowed to Li Fu and Mother Xu.

It wasn't until she left the main room that Mrs. Qian was seen standing at the door of the kitchen and her complexion was not so good. Li Qinghe went over and bowed, anyway, when she was a child, Mrs. Qian didn't deliberately deal with her with harsh treatment, it was enough.

She gave a generous gift to Mrs. Qian too, and many people nodded secretly. She and Li Fu have been married for many years, and it was time for her to receive the gift.

Zhou Chengkang took her out after the ceremony. There was no sedan chair. At the door, his carriage had already stopped, and the curtains were all red.

It would only take a few breaths for them to reach Zhou's house when they took the carriage. Zhou Chengkang was not happy with this and drove her around for a long time while laughing enthusiastically along the way.

Li Qinghe laughed as well. Each of them could see the smile on the other's face when they looked at each other. They tightened their grip on each other. They circled around and returned to the Zhou family's door. After they got off the carriage, he whispered, "Qinghe, I have waited a long time to marry you, and I promise to treat you well." As his eyes were moist, his tone was serious.

Seeing his red eyes and knowing how long he had waited, Li Qinghe said, "I will treat you well, as well."

Not everyone can guard the tombstone for their lifetime.

They got out of the carriage and walked into the house. The farmer's family marriage was very simple. At this point, the ceremony had been completed, and a banquet was held outside. After the meal was finished, the marriage was complete.

Their new house was built last year. It was bright and dazzling. It was vacant earlier. Li Qinghe's furniture has been placed in and filled with wood's aroma. As compared to the old house, the new house looks stunning.

When Li Qinghe came out again, most of the people in the yard had already dispersed, and the whole day went smoothly. She hoped her life would be as smooth as today's wedding.

As the guests started to leave in the afternoon, the yard was being cleaned. She did not need to do this. She had two sisters-in-law and her mother-in-law with her. Since Mrs. Zhou, Fifth sister Zhou, Zhang Haiyao, and Li Qingmiao have not left yet, they consciously helped them. Regardless, it wasn't the bride's turn to clean.

In the room she watched people working through the window. The fifth sister Zhou and her mother-in-law were working very seriously. The one who swept the table was Zhang Haiyao, carrying a handkerchief and wiping it with it. To avoid getting dirty, she held the handkerchief with only two fingers and wiped it as if it were delicate porcelain that might break at any moment, making people stare at her anxiously. On the side, Li Qingmiao has wiped all three tables twice, and she was still wiping them, half of which was still unwiped.

Within minutes of entering the door, the excitement of the marriage had faded. When Li Qinghe remembered there will be so many people in the family in the future, she couldn't help but ask, "Can your house fit so many people at dinner time?"

Zhou Chengkang was also wiping the table, but he was doing it in the newly moved house. After they were brought back from the town and piled up there for a month, they were carried over again today. They can't be seen dirty, but they still need to be wiped to feel clean.

He turned his head and smiled, "We eat at two tables."

With so many people, it was feared that most of the food for a meal would be eaten, so the rations of the family would have to be prepared a lot.

There were indeed two dinner tables when it came time to eat. There were two small tables in the room that were crowded. The number of tables could increase to three if there were more children in two years.

"Qinghe, sit here." Mrs. Zhou smiled and patted the chair next to her.

Li Qinghe smiled and said, "Mother."

"Hey." Zhou Mu was very happy.

Li Qinghe called out the eldest brother and sister-in-law, as well as the old lady Liu.

As soon as Li Qing Miao's turn came, she raised her chin with a proud smile, awaiting her call.

Li Qinghe laughed, "Second Sister-in-law."

After hearing this, Li Qingmiao was delighted, smiled, and patted her shoulder, "The second sister-in-law will love you in the future..." Before she finished speaking, she burst into laughter.

When Li Qinghe called the third brother and sister-in-law. Zhang Haiyao responded, but he did not look at her, but rather at the food on the table. "I have been working for a long time, and I am starving to death." She smiled and asked Mrs. Zhou, "Can we start eating?"

The meal was also quite lively. There were a few brothers from Zhou's family, Zhou's mother, and Liu's wife seated at a table, along with a few daughters-in-law and fifth sister.

Li Qinghe discovered that being crowded had some advantages after the meal was over. One trip was all it took to clean up the dishes.

The dishes were washed by the fifth sister Zhou. She has a thin frame and a good appearance. She smiled at her shyly. She was more embarrassed than the bride, and pushed her out, "I don’t need your help, there will always be opportunities in the future."

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