The Green Lotus Peasant Girl

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Chapter 85: Zhao Family

Li Qinghe didn't dare to hide this kind of matter, whether it was true or not.

Some people believe that after a couple got married, no matter who they liked before marriage, they will lead a good life together. However, she knew best that some people hold on to their feelings more, and feel that what they cannot get will always be their best.

So, as soon as Mrs. He left, she wrapped the child in a blanket and hurriedly went to the Zhou family.

As soon as she entered the door of the main room, she saw fifth sister Zhou holding a large piece of red fabric and looked somewhat shy as she asked Mrs. Zhou to compare it with others. This meant that they had already started planning what to embroider on the wedding dress.

Looking at her appearance, it seemed she was looking forward to this marriage.

The people in the room were quite surprised that she came to the house with the child in her arms. They knew that the couple didn't come back very often. After their son was born, this was the first time she brought her child here. After a moment's surprise, Mrs. Zhou smiled and stepped forward, "Show me, my good grandson."

Li Qinghe was silent, then glanced at the shy fifth sister Zhou, who was already helping her pour water, she smiled reluctantly and said, "Mother, the child has peed, and I want to change his diaper. You brought a few diapers here a few days ago, didn't you?"

"Yes, I washed and kept them inside." Mrs. Zhou smiled and carried the child to her room. After entering her room, Li Qinghe lowered her voice, and said "Mother, I have something to ask, that person who is betrothed to fifth sister, what exactly does he look like?"

Mrs. Zhou was surprised, "He looks good."

Li Qinghe lowered her voice and whispered to her what Mrs. He had just told her. And at the end, afraid that she wouldn't pay enough attention to this matter, she said, "Mother, I think it's important to have a good relationship between husband and wife, and it's also comfortable to have someone willing to love and accommodate fifth sister after a tiring day at home."

Mrs. Zhou's face became serious, "Did she say that?"

"She just left." Li Qinghe sighed, "It seems that fifth sister is interested in this marriage..."

She was interrupted by fifth sister Zhou, who stood by the door for an unknown amount of time. She lifted the curtain with her hand, and her face slightly pale, "Fourth sister-in-law, is this true?"

"I don't know." Li Qinghe said frankly. Seeing her face, she couldn't bear it, "I still need to inquire about this matter. Maybe she is dissatisfied with our rejection of her marriage, and she deliberately said these words to make your marriage fail."

After the New Year, the fifth sister was 17, which was considered a late age for marriage.

Mrs. Zhou stroked her head, "We can't listen to people's nonsense, so I'll go and find out, and then I'll talk about it later. Don't worry."

The prospective groom's name was Zhao Liyuan, and he had a sister named Zhao Yu, who was married into the Liu family from the village. It was worth mentioning that their family and Zhao Tianfu's family live very close to each other. Mrs. Zhou went out for a trip and returned half an hour later with a slight frown, "Zhao Liyuan does know Yang Rongrong. The two families live close by and they grew up together. Yang Rongrong got married last month and she is now Zhao Liyuan's cousin-in-law."

She pondered for a while, "Actually, there are not many people who still care about their sweetheart after getting married."

But what if there were few people unlucky after their marriage?

Fifth sister Zhou's face was pale, "Don't worry, he will come on the first day of the new year anyway. I'll talk to him later and if he has someone in his heart, this marriage..." Her voice became hoarse and tears streamed down her face, "It's better to cancel it."

Mrs. Zhou hugged her back and patted, "Don't cry. Life is so long, what have you ever experienced? When your father died, I felt the sky was falling, but then I was still pregnant with you. I would have lost you if I had been too agitated, so I didn't even dare to be sad. Later, when your fourth brother got lost in the mountain, I got agitated, and sure enough, I went into labor. I also had a difficult birth, at that time I thought I was going to die, I did not expect to survive, and after two days, your fourth brother came back…. All your brothers got married one after the other in the last two years, and I didn't even dare to sleep all night… People will experience many difficult things in their lives. A few years later, when you can look back, you can see that they were nothing compared to your current difficulties."

Mrs. Zhou nodded with tears in her eyes, and threw herself into Mrs. Zhou's arms and cried a lot.

This matter was not investigated clearly, so Mrs. Zhou also did not tell Zhang Haiyao and the others. On New Year's Eve, except for fifth sister Zhou being in a sullen mood, and Mrs. Zhou occasionally fretting over this matter, the New Year's dinner was still happy.

After the meal, Li Qinghe and Zhou Chengkang went home at night. This year, there had one more person in their family and a lot of joy, which was good.

The next morning, because of something, Li Qinghe and Zhou Chengkang went to Li's house early in the morning. Li Fu was also very happy. He had already prepared meals. In the past six months, he had been cooking on his own, which had a heaven and earth difference from his beginning cooking abilities.

Li Qinghe wanted to help him but he refused and made a table of food by himself. Looking at the food on the table, she felt a little sad. Yesterday was Chinese New Year, and Li Fu was the only one at home, so she couldn't help but say, "Father, if you feel lonely, you can find a companion."

Li Fu was stunned, then smiled, "I'm an old man now."

He was only in his forties, and most people then lived to their sixties. So he still had more than twenty years.

She instructed, "Don't let Aunt Qian come back, you will have to take care of her then. Find someone who will take care of each other and who is willing to go to the fields with you during the spring and autumn harvest. Even if she can't work, it's fine as long as she can talk with you."

"How is the child, it's been cold lately. Don't let him catch a cold." Li Fu looked at the bundled child in Zhou Chengkang's arms.

The topic turned a bit blunt, and Li Qinghe didn't continue. Instead, she talked about the usual funny things about the child, such as when she clapped to startle him but that made him laugh.

After eating, there still had to go to the Zhou family. Li Qinghe got up and went out, "Father, there is something today, we have to go back now. You ......"

In fact, if Li Fu had in-laws, today he should have gone to their house to give them gifts.

"Go back, if I miss you I'll come over myself, I slept late last night and just now I drank, I'll go inside and take a nap."

Li Fu happily sent them to the gate of the courtyard, waved to them, and waited for the two to walk away. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Zhao Wanwan and Hu Yanxi coming from a distance.

He pretended not to see them, turned around, and entered the house. He bolted the door, then went into his room to sleep!

As for the Zhou family, it was a different scene from the Li house. Zhang Haiyao and Mei Shi warmly welcomed Zhao Liyuan, who was still a little shy, into the door. They took the gift in his hand, and laughed, "You're not an outsider, there's no need to bring a gift."

Zhao Liyuan looked at fifth sister Zhou and smiled at her, "I should bring them."

If it was before, the fifth sister Zhou would have felt shy, but at this moment, she lifted the curtain and entered the room.

Zhang Haiyao was a little surprised. She found that for the past two days fifth sister Zhou was behaving oddly. She was obviously very happy after the marriage date was decided earlier, but she was sullen these past two days, and even now she was not shy when she saw her fiancé.

She and Mei Shi looked at each other, and both saw doubts in each other's eyes, but they did not move slowly and welcomed the person into the house.

When Li Qinghe and Zhou Chengkang arrived, Zhao Liyuan, who had just arrived, was accompanied by the eldest brother Zhou and the third brother Zhou, and the fifth sister Zhou and Mrs. Zhou were in the kitchen.

Zhou Chengkang carried the child into the main room, while Li Qinghe went to the kitchen.

Zhang Haiyao came over, pointed to the fifth sister Zhou over there, and asked, "What's wrong?"

Mrs. Zhou frowned. She had an ugly expression on her face, as she whispered the matter, "What do you think? Anyway, if we can't figure out what's in his mind, this marriage can't be continued."

Zhang Haiyao frowned, "Why don't I go and bring that Yang Rongrong and see his attitude in person?"

As soon as the words came out, several people looked at her as if she was a fool. Today was the first day of the year, and married girls would go back to their mothers' homes. So Yang Rongrong would also have gone to her mother's house. So how can come here?

Seeing the disbelieving looks of everyone, Zhang Haiyao rolled up her sleeves and went out with a big stride, "Just wait for it!"

Mei Shi was a little worried and asked, "Will something happen?"

Mrs. Zhou gave her a look, "How would I know."

Two-quarters of an hour later, a group of people came outside the Zhou's house. The group was headed by Mrs. Zhao, followed by Zhao Liyuan's father, sister and brother-in-law, and a young couple. They were all running and were out of breath. Zhang Haiyao, who was leading the way, was also exhausted. She quietly pointed her finger at the young girl, and everyone knew who she was instantly, and all looked at the girl.

The girl was dressed in pink and had a soft appearance. At this moment, her face was full of anxiety. Seeing that Zhang Haiyao was not saying anything, she asked directly, "Where's Liyuan?"

"Inside the house." Zhang Haiyao pulled her and entered the house.

The women in the kitchen quickly followed them. After entering the house, Mrs. Zhou hurriedly said, "Where are the snacks that were brought here? You can't eat them."

Then she looked at the Zhao family, "These snacks have been kept for a long time, but my old eyes didn't see anything wrong when I bought them inside. Liyuan, does your stomach hurt?"

Zhao Liyuan's eyes were on Yang Rongrong, he was surprised at first, then frowned, "Rongrong, why are you here?"

"They said you ate something bad and your stomach was hurting. I was afraid you were in pain just like when you ate rotten snacks in the Yan family years ago." As she spoke, she took two steps forward to touch his forehead.

Zhao Liyuan avoided her hand and took two steps back and looked at his cousin, "Third brother, I'm fine, it's all a misunderstanding, you quickly take sister-in-law back."

And then he looked at his parents and sister and brother-in-law, before looking at Mrs. Zhou. He smiled and said, "Auntie, you must have remembered it wrong. You haven't served me the snacks yet."

"No." Li Qinghe entered the door with a plate of snacks, "Mother is old and remembered wrongly, before she brought it in, she was shocked to see that the plate was gone."

It seemed to be an accidental mistake. After this happened, Mrs. Zhou was very embarrassed and warmly invited the Zhao family to have dinner together. As for Yang Rongrong, her husband took her away after saying goodbye.

After the meal was finished and the guests were sent away, the Zhou After the meal was finished and the guests were sent away, the Zhou brothers, except for Zhou Chengkang, were all confused.

Zhang Haiyao was a bit proud, "If Zhao Liyuan, knows how to behave, he should come to the door and explain himself, if he wants to muddle through, then this marriage can't really happen."

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