The Housemaid Wants to be in a Higher Position

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Chapter 19: Befriending The Wolf

The more she hated Feng Zhuoqing, the more he liked to pinch her face. What’s worse, he tightly grasped her chubby hand in his, without any intention of letting go.

Shen Xiangwan was frustrated by his actions, and her eyes turned red with fury. Her body curled like a withered flower, as if she had been bullied badly. Feng Zhuoqing couldn't bear to see her like this. He finally showed some compassion and stopped playing with her small face. However, he still had not let go of her hand.

"Young Master Feng, please let go of my hand," Shen Xiangwan protested again, her small red mouth pouted as she stared at him with her big, round, tear-stained eyes. There was a hint of fear behind her look of hurt. Why is the little girl afraid of him?

Her expressions reminded Feng Zhuoqing of his favorite pet rabbit that he kept when was a child.

The little rabbit would look at him with that same terrified look every time he accidentally pulled its ears.

"Sister Wan."

As she turned around the corner, she heard Xiaoqi's call. As she slowed down her pace and turned her head to look at Xiaoqi, Murong Xiude noticed her red eyes. She looked at him with tears welling up in her eyes.

Murong Xiude glanced at her chubby hand that was forcibly held in Feng Zhuoqing’s grasp, and looked at her face that was red with fury. He stopped walking and stood there stiffly for a long time.

Feng Zhuoqing narrowed his eyes when he saw Murong Xiude. When he noticed that the little girl’s gaze was fixed on their joined hands, he tightened his grip triumphantly.

"Little fat girl, the scenery in this courtyard is beautiful." He reached out again to tilt her chin. Shen Xiangwan flinched when his hand stretched towards her. She was already traumatised by his hands.

"Master Zhuo, please behave yourself." She chided with resentment. Her face flushed red and her big watery eyes widened angrily. However, the sight of her getting angry made him want to tease her even more.

"Auntie has a lot of matters to take care of in her courtyard. We will all stay in her courtyard for now, so I will need someone to serve me. I think you look pleasing to the eye. I will pick you."

Murong Xiude, who was standing nearby, heard his words, and he frowned. "Wanwan, come to me."

Feng Zhuoqing finally looked at Murong Xiude properly when he heard his call. Holding Shen Xiangwan's hand, he walked towards him. "You are calling this girl?"

He gently scratched her hand with his sixth finger as he spoke, and Shen Xiangwan immediately thought of the scene she witnessed from the garbage dump.

The boy on the ground begged him to forgive him and let him go. However, he flicked his sixth finger and let out a weird howl. In the end, the injured boy was bitten to death by various insects.

Now he was approaching Murong Xiude step by step. Xiao Qi was confused as he stood aside and watched. He—

No, Feng Zhuoqing was planning to attack them.

He was a vengeful person. Xiaoqi and Jiuye were definitely not his opponents.

"Young master, the Lady must have already set the table for dinner, let's go back." Her hands were exceptionally cold and trembling. Her response made Feng Zhuoqing even more puzzled. The little girl was extremely afraid of him.

"Tell me, how would you want them both to die?" Feng Zhuoqing leaned over and whispered in her ear.

Feng Zhuoqing’s peculiar scent filled her nostrils. She felt prickly, but it made her even colder. She forced herself to keep calm, as she bit her lip and stared at him, "Young Master, this is the ninth master of the mansion."

"Oh, ninth master?"

She shouldn’t have mentioned Jiuye’s identity. Now, as Feng Zhuoqing squinted his eyes and sized up Murong Xiude, it was as if he was looking at a dead person.

Shen Xiangwan felt her heart sink as she watched Feng Zhuoqing cautiously.

It seemed like he was not afraid of Murong Xiude’s identity. On the contrary, he looked as if he had chosen a target for revenge. The tension in him grew heavier and heavier that she couldn’t help but yanked his hand to force him to back away.

"Young Master Feng, let's go. I will serve you once we are back in the house." Shen Xiangwan forcibly pulled at his hand to drag him. Feng Zhuoqing curled his lips and glanced at Murong Xiude with a cold expression. He stopped being stubborn, and he turned and left with her.

Feeling someone staring at her from behind, she turned her head and her eyes immediately met Jiuye’s icy gaze. Those black eyes turned her heart cold. He was angry! He was infuriated!

She parted her lips and shook her head slightly, gesturing at them not to act rashly. He was fighting for her, feeling unjust for her. She was touched and relieved. It seemed like this little kid still remembered her kindness.

Xiaoqi was also very nervous. Although he was young, he could see that his sister was not happy to serve that person. He raised his chin, about to rescue her.

Murong Xiude stretched out his hand to hold him, and gently shook his head.

Shen Xiangwan wished them to not cause trouble, and all he could do was not let her worry about them.

Hatred surged in Murong Xiude’s heart as he stared at that handsome boy.

It was the same feeling he had when his nurse was tortured to death.

At this moment, he once again felt a deep sense of helplessness as he watched Wan Er being taken away.

And, monstrous anger.

"Jiuye, Sister Wan... she was forcibly dragged away by that person," Xiaoqi said unhappily.

He wanted to step forward and pull his sister back, but Murong Xiude tightened his grip on his arm.

"Please… don’t," Murong Xiude warned softly.

Only then did Xiaoqi realized that the hand that was holding him was shaking and cold.

He raised his head in astonishment, only to see his ninth young master’s eyes widened in anger, and face red in fury. Only then he realised that the young master was extremely angry.

"Young Master—"

"Let's go." Murong Xiude’s long lashes swept against his cheekbones as he tried to conceal his anger. One day, he will be able to protect everyone he loves.

At this moment, the boy who was walking away suddenly turned around, and his cold eyes swept Murong Xiude's body up and down like a poisonous snake looking at its prey, and his lips moved slightly.

Xiaoqi stared at the boy closely, watching his lips move silently. Suddenly, his hand which was in Murong Xiude’s grasp was in pain. When he raised his head, he saw Jiuye taking a deep breath, then turned around and quickly ran towards Jiaochi Garden.

"Jiuye..." Xiaoqi was shocked.

He was trembling all over as he followed him, his footsteps were a little shaky.

Although the boy was muttering something without voicing it out, Xiaoqi was still terrified by the sight of his half-face hidden in the shadow of the leaves.

The boy was smiling normally, but he thought it looked like Satan's smile.

He felt deep fear in his heart. Especially when he saw his elder sister, who had always been extremely assertive, trapped in his grasp, struggling in vain.

"Let’s go, fat girl." A playful, light voice rang in Shen Xiangwan’s ears. She felt her fear surging in her again.

She had never been so scared, not even when her home was ransacked.

The boy next to her could threw her into endless despair with just a random movement.

Her chubby palm was gently scratched again. Feng Zhuoqing suddenly smiled and looked at her. "Jiuye was the only son of the Duke?"

He was here to trouble Murong Xiude!

She held her breath. "Do you know him?"

Feng Zhuoqing's smile grew wider, and he sneered, "Ninth Master..."

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