The Housemaid Wants to be in a Higher Position

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Chapter 38: The World Outside The Duke's Mansion

When Chen Dongzi and Ye Zi stared into Murong Xiude’s clear and yearning eyes, they suddenly felt panicked.

Murong Xiude was a Young Master, yet he had never been out of the mansion before. Even the children from the villages had been taken into the city by their parents.

"Uncle Ye Zi, if you have time, please take me and Jiuye out for a walk."

Ye Zi’s jaw dropped open, not daring to answer. In fact, if they took Murong Xiude out and something bad happened, they would be held responsible. More importantly, if they were seen by the minions around the mansion, their actions would probably be reported to the higher ups. By then, who knew what would happen to them.

"Xiaoqi, how could you trouble Uncle Ye Zi and the others over this kind of thing? If we want to go out, we should make ourselves look uglier. We can only go out if we change our appearances. Or else, we will be seen by the people in the mansion!"

Ye Zi and Chen Dongzi heard that, yes, they didn't go, but they were able to allow Xiao Qi and Jiu Ye to go out. The so-called disguise is nothing more than dressing up like an ordinary child.

Ever since, the next day when Xiao Qi came over with an ordinary baby's clothes, both of them would smile.

Xiao Qi leaned in and muttered to ask for credit.

"Don't you see that Uncle Ye Zizi usually has a sullen face and is very serious. But his heart is the softest. Take a look, he found these little clothes for us. It is said that he was Some of the things that people don’t want to pick up in our free time are washed and ready to be taken home to the villagers. Now we have used them, and Uncle Ye Zi said that we don’t need to return them."

Murong Xiude touched these clothes and smiled happily, "Let's go, let's change and get out."

He can also go outside. I have grown to eight years old, but I haven't seen the outside world...

I don't know what kind of world is outside.

Xiao Qi looked at him like this, very happy in his heart.

Blinked at him.

"My son, let's go out in a while, there may be an accident."


After changing his clothes, Murong Xiude quietly touched the back door.

After Xiaoqi went to say hello to the door, the two little guys held hands and ran outside together.

After going out and turning a corner, it is Main Street.

Greedy looked at all the horses and donkeys outside, Murong Xiude's eyes were full of surprise.

"My son, that's a horse. Look, its legs are so high, here, what about that, son, what do you think it is?"

Xiao Qi saw the mule in the distance and smiled mischievously. When he saw this guy for the first time, he didn't recognize it as a mule, only that it was also a horse.

I don't know if the son will make the same mistakes as him.

Wanting to see the joke, Xiao Qi was serious and deliberately wiped the dirty face, quietly staring at Murong Xiude.

The latter looked at the mule carefully, "This is not a horse."

"Ah, how did you tell?"

Xiao Qi refused to comply, and wanted to hold him to ask in detail.

"Although it looks like a horse, if you look closely, you will find that it is different from a horse's ear. This appearance is even like a donkey." Murong Xiude glanced at this guy, and what he didn't say is that since you asked me like that, Then there is probably a problem.

Xiao Qi is so admired, "My dear, you really have separated. This is indeed not a horse, but a mule. People say that a mule is a horse. You can tell if you take it out for a stroll. However, experienced livestock The breeder can still distinguish clearly."

"Fish eyes are mixed with pearls, but the fake is fake after all."

Murong Xiude twisted his eyebrows and turned around to stop paying attention.

"Nine Young Master, do you see who is here?"

Just at this moment, a little girl with a paper umbrella in the distance came from a distance. The little girl walked steadily step by step in a light red embroidered dress with borders. When she reached the front, her bright eyes looked at the two with a smile.

"Nine sons."

"Sister Wan!"

Murong Xiude was extremely surprised. He came out for the first time today and was accompanied by Sister Wan.

"Yesterday Xiaoqi pestered me, I must go out to go shopping together, thinking that I only received my wages this month, so I simply came out to take you to play."

Chen Xiangwan didn't understand why Murong Xiude was so excited, and glanced at him lightly, who still held a big smile. "Sister Wan, let's go shopping. This is my first shopping since I was eight years old." It's really nice to have you for the first time shopping.

"Well, let's take a stroll under the overpass in a moment, and I heard there is a lot of food there."

While she was talking, she looked up at the sky, and when she went out, there was still a slight drizzle in the sky. She was afraid of raining, so she took out the umbrella. Now it seems that it is no longer needed.

Murong Xiude hurriedly reached out to take her umbrella, "Let's go, I can't wait to go."

Xiao Qi hurriedly dragged him over, "Jiu Gongzi, I have paid for my salary. I can order anything I want to eat later."

Seeing the little guy smiling, Murong Xiude's long eyelashes quivered slightly. Xiaoqi really wants to eat something outside. But how much money does Sister Wan have? One month's salary is not much.

"Cough, Xiaoqi, you can't eat anything, but I can keep you within the range of 300 yuan."

In fact, Chen Xiangwan’s wages are indeed not much.

It was originally bought as a slave, and it was not bad for the owner to pay a small portion of his wages.

It's a lot worse for them to have children with their families.

A total of only 500 dollars a month.

This time, you can get three hundred dollars when you go out to go shopping, and it is really hard to come by for two little babies.

"Wow, a lot, three hundred dollars, you can buy a lot of things."

Seeing Xiao Qi's excited eyes gleaming when she mentioned shopping, Murong Xiude also became happy. However, he didn't want to use Sister Wan's money.

"Sister Wan, take it as I borrowed you. I'll treat you today."

Chen Xiangwan looked at him suspiciously. The little guy who was looking at him was embarrassed. She stretched out her hand and twisted his little cheek lightly, "I will give you a hundred dollars in a while, and I will pay you back if you don't have it."

It turns out that Xiao Jiuye's face-saving skills are actually quite important. However, being a man, self-reliant and able to stand alone is of course the best.

Thinking of Qin Feng in the previous life, her eyes were cold. Although that person has a shrewd mind, he has always loved calculations, even the people around him can use it to the last step. If he can meet him in this life, he must learn a lesson.

"There are a lot of juggling. Hey, those people are begging, the son doesn't have to go to see."

Seeing Murong Xiude staring at a little beggar asking for money, Xiao Qi hurried forward and dragged him away.

Chen Xiangwan was also surprised that he could keep staring at people, "Does the son think that others are pitiful?"

Murong Xiude took a deep look at the boy and shook his head.

"No pity, he just looks like, in fact, he can live a normal life."

"Ah, did you see it?" Xiao Qi really admired the master, seeing what he said was quite certain, and then glanced at the boy who was dragging his legs not far away, "Obviously, his leg was injured. Ah, I'm still hesitant to give a coin."

Chen Xiangwan was very interested in looking at this small son, if she was born again, some things could be seen clearly, and she could understand it. After all, the soul hidden in the young body is a middle-aged woman who has gone through a lifetime.

And this one, why does he know so much!

"Actually, he is also a master painter. He can use fresh blood and painting skills to paint the legs like that. If he wants to, he has also done some side renderings. If not, how could there be such an effect."

Murong Xiude simply debunked the man's disguise, but Chen Xiangwan's spirits lifted up.

"You mean, this person... is a master of disguise!"

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