The Housemaid Wants to be in a Higher Position

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Chapter 23: Trouble In The Mansion

The drunk and dizzy Shen Xiangwan shook the gourd proudly. "It's mine now."

Feng Zhuoqing didn't tell her that she was drinking the wine that he already drank.

He remained silent as he watched Shen Xiangwan eat and drink. In the end, Shen Xiangwan was too groggy to walk, so Feng Zhuoqing scooped her up in his arms. "Let’s enter the house."

He placed her on the couch, then lay down beside her, draping his hand across her little chubby figure gently.

"Fat girl, tell me, am I a monster? Since I was a child, my mother was criticized by others because of my six fingers, and my sister had suffered a lot with me."

He paused for a while, then continued his story again. However, when he almost finished the story, he noticed Shen Xiangwan had already fallen asleep. Her head tilted in an awkward angle and drool trickled from the corner of her mouth.

He watched the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest, and his eyes drifted to the long thick lashes resting against her cheeks. She looked innocent and real.

Feng Zhuoqing shook his head. He no longer had the mood to speak, but he still didn't let go of her. He held her in his arms domineeringly and fell asleep together with her.

When Shen Xiangwan woke up the next day, she felt her head hurt.

She yawned and rolled her eyes several times before she became a little sober.

She stretched her little arms and her little legs, then she kicked the quilt off her body. She opened her eyes, and woke up a little confused.

When she turned around and met Feng Zuoqing’s teasing gaze, she immediately sprang up from the bed, her little mouth gaped in shock.

Why was she in... in the same room with Feng Zhuoqing?

Beside her, Feng Zhuoqing was admiring the sight of Shen Xiangwan waking up. He leaned towards her with an expressionless face.

"Well, was the gourd wine... delicious?"


Her huge eyes rolled as she tried to recall what happened the day before. She gasped when she finally realized what he meant.

"Wine? Did I drink alcohol?"

She panicked. Her mother would never forgive her if she knew about this. Although Yixuan was gentle, but her teaching was strict, Shen Xiangwan shuddered at the thought.

She got out of bed in a hurry. When her bare feet touched the cold ground, she retracted her feet in shock.

Then she remembered that there was a male beside her. "Young Master, could you... go out for a while?" She blushed.

Feng Zhuoqing was amused by the little fat girl who was acting like a grown woman.

He got up from the bed and leaned on the door frame with his arms around his chest, without any intention of going out.

‘This rascal,’ Shen Xiangwan cursed in her mind. She pouted, hurriedly jumped out of bed, and quickly found her shoes to put on.

After rushing out of the room, she suddenly turned around and shouted at Feng Zhuoqing, "I’m going to get you some food, Young Master."

When she stepped out of the yard, she saw Xiao Ling looking at her enviously. "You were drunk last night, and Young Master Feng had been taking care of you. He is very kind to you."

"Haha!" Shen Xiangwan wiped the sweat off her forehead. She didn't think it was a wonderful thing to be taken care of by a monster who killed people without hesitation.

"Wan Er, you are really lucky!" Xiao Ling was extremely jealous. Instead, Shen Xiangwan said nothing. She only responded to her with a hum.

Shen Xiangwan collected the plates and left after serving Feng Zhuoqing while he ate. As she walked out, she ran into Lady Bing.

Lady Bing was out without any servants with her. She was standing alone by the lotus pond. Her plain dress clung onto her figure as they fluttered in the wind, accentuating her hourglass figure.

Her beautiful silhouette was enough to make a person unable to peel their eyes off her. It was every man’s dream to own this kind of woman.

Suddenly, Lady Bing turned around and noticed Shen Xiangwan. Shen Xiangwan's heart skipped, not out of fear, but because she was mesmerized by Lady Bing’s beauty. She suddenly felt flustered and short of breath as she looked into Lady Bing’s icy cold eyes.

Lady Bing was stunned when she saw her. Then, her lips quirked into a smile. Her smile was beautiful like the flowers blooming in March, and warm like the shining sun. "Come to me, little fat girl."

Shen Xiangwan did not have time to react. "Oh! Ah... I’m coming." When she approached Lady Bing, a faint fragrance travelled into her nostrils.

Shen Xiangwan’s heart beat faster when she smelled the perfume. "My lady… you look beautiful."

Lady Bing returned her compliment with a coy smile. Her long lashes fluttered, and she bent down to hold Shen Xiangwan’s hand. "Actually, it is better for a girl to not have a beautiful appearance. I would rather be like you, to be able to eat and sleep as you like."

Shen Xiangwan snapped her head to look at Lady Bing when she heard her lamentation. The Lady's tone was filled with sorrow.

Lady Bing massaged her head gently, her eyes staring into the distant space.

Shen Xiangwan had seen such a look from Lady Mei before. Every time Lady Mei was thinking of Young Master Ming, she would touch her head like this and embrace her, but she was thinking of another person.

"My Lady, I still prefer to be beautiful. Beautiful girls look pleasing to the eye."

Lady Bing looked down at her sweet little face. The little girl's facial features were very well-proportioned, her eyes were as bright as the stars in the night sky, and her pink and moist red lips were sensual. Although she was still young, Lady Bing can see that she will grow into a beautiful young woman.

She sighed and pinched Shen Xiangwan’s cheek. "Girl, you don't understand."

"Haha!" Shen Xiangwan giggled, pretending to be naive.

After a while, Lady Bing dismissed her.

After Shen Xiangwan left, she turned around and saw Lady Bing was still looking at her with a smile on her face. The sorrowful expression of her face tugged at her heart.

Clenching her fists, she opened her eyes.

In her mind, the previous life of Lady Bing resurfaced again.

In Lady Bing’s previous life, she lived in the capital, but eventually, she was chosen by the Duke.

Shen Xiangwan was unclear about the whole story, but she knew Lady Bing was just one of the Duke’s concubines. She was unclear how Lady Bing died in her previous life, but she was certain that Lady Bing was related to the Duke.

In her previous life, Lady Bing became a concubine to flatter her master.

Just like Young Master Ming, who Shen Xiangwan had served in this mansion before, she had also fallen in love with someone.

At that time he spoiled his concubines, thinking that he found his true love.

But after three years of sacrificing her flesh to please others, she was given to the famous perverted young master in the capital.

In this life, Mrs. Bing was a good person. Although she gave birth to a son who is a monster, she was undeniably a good-hearted and beautiful lady doctor in Beijing.

Thinking of this, Shen Xiangwan decided to follow Lady Bing and please her from now on. When her perverted son grows up in the future, perhaps Lady Bing could suppress him. She could only hope that everything would not end up like Lady Bing’s previous life, nor will she be favored by the perverted young master again. As she thought of Feng Zhuoqing’s cruel ways of tourture using snakes, she trembled in fear. It was not a tourture that ordinary people can bear. Even though when he fell in love, his love would be true.

When Shen Xiangwan returned to the yard, those who were supposed to be on leave were not in the house. The usually lively yard was quiet. Normally, there were a lot of people in this yard.

"Did something happen?"

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