Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 10: The Domineering Female President [10]

Tao Ran was very confused. "Your mother...?"

Tony: "...” I won't talk to you, ah!

After hanging up the phone, Tao Ran looked up and saw Bai Shaohui's car outside the set. It seemed like he’d come to pick up Cui Xiao. Director Guan also saw it and remarked disdainfully, "The actresses these days have such messy private lives."

Tao Ran remained silent. Director Guan was still a rather decent person. It had been so many days since they began filming, and he still hadn't touched any of the actresses. Being a member of this circle, he undoubtedly saw a lot of these things happening in the entertainment business. What else could ambitious young newcomers with no background do other than exchange their young bodies for a shot at fame? Therefore, the director only talked about what else could be done.

The company had not provided Cui Xiao with an assistant and her agent didn’t usually come to pick her up. Cui Xiao always went home by herself after getting off work. Tao Ran saw from a distance that Bai Shaohui and Cui Xiao merely talked before Cui Xiao left without entering his car.

Bai Shaohui stood there feeling a little helpless before walking to Tao Ran's side and saying, "Let's have a drink together."

Tao Ran agreed with a smile. "Okay."

Director Guan: "..."

He had heard a lot about such rich, young boys lately. The second generation rich kids always played so big. Did he finally get tired of Cui Xiao, and was now turning towards Tao Ran? Guan Dao liked Tao Ran very much and out of fear that Tao Ran would go on a road of no return, he tried to persuade him. "Tao Ran, you should be wary of these guys. They never have good intentions."

Tao Ran didn't know about the thoughts that were running through Guan Dao's mind. He said, "I know. Don't worry Director Guan, Mr. Bai and I are friends."

Thus, the car that was supposed to pick up Cui Xiao ended up picking up Tao Ran instead.

As the car drove into Qing Bar, Bai Shaohui commented, "I’ve been here before. They make a very special kind of wine."

Tao Ran followed him out of the car. There weren't many people at this hour so it was rather peaceful. When these two tall and handsome men walked in, they immediately caught everyone's attention. Bai Shaohui ordered two glasses of the special wine and took a seat beside Tao Ran to chat.

"You and Xiaoxiao are high school classmates. What was she like at that time?" Bai Shaohui opened the conversation.

Whether it was Tao Ran or the original owner, Cui Xiao didn't leave any special impression on either of them. Tao Ran said, "At that time, she was quite ordinary so I didn't pay much attention to her. I remember that she always seemed to be very busy. She would be late every morning when coming to class and always leave in a hurry after school."

Bai Shaohui looked slightly distressed. "I heard that she lived with her aunt. She doesn’t have a father, and her mother is usually sick most of the time. She started to work when she was in middle school. She must’ve had a very hard time. It would have been nice if I knew her a few years earlier.”

The novel actually mentioned this piece of information. The protagonist just thought that Cui Xiao was different at first and had a good impression of her. Later, after learning about Cui Xiao's family situation, he was moved by this strong girl, and gradually became unable to extricate himself from her.

Tao Ran took a sip of wine and immediately raised his eyebrows, saying, "Wow, this wine tastes very good."

"Yeah," said Bai Shaohui. "I knew you’d like it."

Then the two exchanged their experience of chasing girls. To be precise, Tao Ran did the talking while Bai Shaohui just listened and noted it down in his memory. After a drink, the two had become like brothers. Tao Ran found it very funny. It turns out that the friendship between men was like this.

Bai Shaohui sent Tao Ran back. Tao Ran, having no sense of security in the car, quickly said, "You just drank alcohol. I don't think you should be driving."

"What's this?" Bai Shaohui said to himself. "What do you mean? Those few cups aren’t enough to faze me."

Tao Ran was a little scared. Afterall, people who were drunk would never admit that they were drunk. Tao Ran sat in the car and called Long Qiu. "Hey, Miss Long."

Long Qiu said, "What's the matter?"

"Oh, nothing." Tao Ran smiled. "I just wanted to ask if you were asleep.”

"Fortunately I didn't sleep, otherwise you would have woken me up." Long Qiu casually said, "I'm still at the company."

"You’re still at the company? But it’s already so late..."

Bai Shaohui drove the car, listening to Tao Ran and Long Qiu talking. A roguish smile appeared on his face. After Tao Ran hung up the phone, "Do you have a good relationship with the Lady Long?"

Tao Ran: "We are friends."

"Oh, that's it." Bai Shaohui said. "Your Lady Long is very good and beautiful. She’s known as a famous goddess of ice and snow in the industry."

Tao Ran was alarmed. What does that mean? Is Bai Shaohui interested in Long Qiu too? He immediately asked, "What do you mean? Don't you already have Cui Xiao?"

"Hahahaha..." Bai Shaohui laughed half to death hearing Tao Ran’s words. He shook his head and said, "Why are you being so sensitive? Still not admitting that you like Long Qiu?"

Tao Ran wanted to deny it but suddenly remembered that he was already friends with Bai Shaohui. As the saying goes, a friend's wife should not be coveted. Bai Shaohui wouldn’t be so dishonest as to hook up with a friend's sweetheart. So he said, "Yeah, I like our manager Long, so you can’t hook up with her."

"Hahaha… Young people are so fun these days." Bai Shaohui said, "I’m not interested in Miss Long. I already have Xiaoxiao.”

Tao Ran: "...” Then just think of your Xiaoxiao! You can’t think of the Lady Long.

Bai Shaohui was twenty-eight this year. Compared to Long Qiu, he had always been this carefree even after he graduated. He was currently handling the family business and yet he was having just as much fun as before.

Tao Ran remembered that Long Qiu was still at the company, so he said, "Can you drop me off at Starlight Entertainment Company?”

Bai Shaohui said with an understanding expression, "You’ve just taught me something. You must bring food for the midnight visit. I’ll do this for Xiaoxiao too."

Tao Ran: "..."

When they passed by a cake shop, Tao Ran asked Bai Shaohui to stop for a moment. He bought two large cream puffs and a cup of hot cocoa for Long Qiu. After they reached the building, Tao Ran got out of the car under Bai Shaohui’s teasing gaze.

The Starlight Building at night was no longer crowded like it was during the day. Even if there were employees working overtime, they worked silently in their offices with the lights on. Tao Ran was holding the large cream puff and hot cocoa while waiting for the elevator, when he happened to run into Long Qiu's assistant who was coming downstairs.

"Hey." The assistant pointed to Tao Ran, "You’re Tao Ran, right?"

"Yes, I am." Tao Ran smiled. "Thank you for the chicken soup the other day. It was really delicious."

"Oh, no need to thank me." The assistant saw the bag in Tao Ran's hand and she revealed the same understanding smile that Bai Shaohui had a while back as she said, "Are you looking for Miss Long? Go up quickly, she's about to get off from work."

"Thanks." Tao Ran smiled at the assistant and got on the elevator.

Long Qiu had been working really hard these past couple of days. Recently, Star Entertainment had to invest in a lot of projects, and Long Qiu had been studying the contents of these plans so she was always working overtime. Tonight, she had been waiting for the results of the risk assessment company in order to finally resolve some issues that they had for the new projects the company needed to invest in. It wasn’t until nine o’ clock that their work was finally over. She stretched out her arms and rubbed her tired eyes. The light outside the window shone into the office, and although she was used to it, she still felt a bit lonely facing the empty office.

"President Long are you there?"

Long Qiu was taken aback when she heard the voice. She turned around and asked, "Who’s there?"

"It's me." Tao Ran opened the door, raising the bag in his hand and said, "I've brought some snacks."

Long Qiu was a little surprised. "Why did you come here?"

"I know you’re working overtime, so I came to see you." Tao Ran put the bag on the table and said, "I'm hungry, and I know you are too, so let’s eat together.”

The rich aroma of the hot cocoa that came out from the cup filled up her senses. Long Qiu took a sip of the cocoa and found that it was delicious. She looked at the two big cream puffs in the bag. "Bringing this kind of snack for me to eat so late at night, do you want me to become fat?"

Tao Ran looked at Long Qiu with appraising eyes and said, "You aren’t fat right now, and you won’t get fat from these. Why don’t you eat one? I’ll eat the other one. Fresh milk or matcha, which flavor do you want?"

Long Qiu: "I want matcha."

"Okay." Tao Ran took out the fresh milk flavored puff and sat down beside Long Qiu to eat.

Long Qiu ate quietly, getting a whiff of the faint smell of wine on Tao Ran. She wondered if Tao Ran took Cui Xiao out for a drink. Long Qiu felt a little uncomfortable as soon as this thought appeared, but it was what she asked him to do. He still remembered to come over and bring her some food after spending time with Cui Xiao. That alone made him a very good friend.

A faint sense of guilt arose in Long Qiu's heart. Now that she considered Tao Ran as a friend, she felt that she shouldn't have threatened him like that before. Long Qiu asked him, "How did you come here?"

Tao Ran didn't dare say that he and Bai Shaohui went out for a drink and talked about women together so he dropped him off here. He only said, "I came by taxi."

"Tony said he wants to get you a car. Is the car not available yet?"

"I'm still choosing. He said that choosing an RV will make it easier for me.”

"Well, that's okay." Long Qiu thought for a while and said, "Also choose an ordinary car for normal use. You can't drive an RV everywhere. Either way, the Finance Department will reimburse the car payment so you can have two of them.”

"Wow! Are you for real?" Tao Ran smiled and looked at Long Qiu with sparkling eyes and a beautiful expression on his face. He asked, "Does every artist in the company have a car?"

Long Qiu turned her head and said with a very indifferent and proud expression on her face, "The company’s money that is being spent on you will be earned back from you sooner or later. Don't give me that expression of a puppy wagging its tail."

Tao Ran: "..." Can’t you just say good things without being so damn arrogant?


They hadn’t shot any big scenes today. They had been doing the same scene the whole day. The main reason was that the director was too demanding so they had to redo the scenes over and over again. But no matter how harsh it was, it still had to end.

Tao Ran was wearing shabby clothes. His hair was messy and his cheeks were thin and pale. He limped as he walked along the street with numb and lifeless eyes. Suddenly, he seemed to see something from a distance. A woman getting off the rickshaw. That woman was very beautiful. Not only had she not grown old after years of absence, she now had the charm of a mature woman.

He looked at the woman stupidly. At the woman’s smile, at the woman bending over to speak softly to a little girl. She was doing well, he thought to himself. She was indeed happy without him.

The woman seemed to feel someone staring intently at her as she suddenly raised her head, her gaze falling on Tao Ran from a distance.

Tao Ran was taken aback. He quickly turned around and limped away.

The woman's eyes revealed shock and disbelief. She handed the child to the servant and chased the limping Tao Ran madly. It wasn’t easy running in the winding alleys while wearing high heels. Fortunately, the man limped and couldn't walk fast.

Tao Ran rushed into a broken house and curled up into a ball in a corner, covering his head and face with his hands.

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