Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 138: Highly Skilled Rival in Love [10]

It makes sense that a lover would buy a gift for his girlfriend. Carrying bags, Tao Ran followed Ye Aotian but he suspected that something was amiss with her.

Something was really wrong with her. With Tao Ran's current observation, although Ye Aotian was a strong person, she was not entirely carefree that she wouldn't even slightly care about this big blow. Ye Aotian was not only unsuccessful in her job search, but was almost murdered. Even if it's not unbearable, she might have been depressed for a few days, then how did she fall in love with him in the blink of an eye?

Could it be that she knew she had an inheritance, so she planned to seduce him, and then let him help her make a comeback?

No, it’s not like that either.

Tao Ran silently observed Ye Aotian and found that she was very serious about buying things. She had the same excited expression on her face as a typical shopping girl.

Ye Aotian turned her head to look at Tao Ran to ask, "Will I look good in this?"

Tao Ran said absently, "It's beautiful."

"Not serious at all." Ye Aotian turned around and started talking to the clerk.

Tao Ran usually doesn't think about things that he can't figure out as he never liked to make things difficult for himself. After strolling and shopping around for a long time, Ye Aotian said: "I'm tired, let's find a restaurant to dine."

Tao Ran couldn't ask for it, so he put the things in the car. Ye Aotian chose a restaurant, and suddenly her eyes curved with a smile: "This is the first time I've dated a man."

Tao Ran was obviously surprised, "Really?"

"Of course." Ye Aotian thought that although many men pursued her before, she didn't like them.

"Then I'm really honored." Tao Ran thought about it and said, "Speaking of which, this is also my first date with a woman."

He didn't lie, Gentle Killer really didn't date anyone. Ye Aotian looked at him up and down, and said, "It shouldn’t be. You are handsome, rich and have a good personality. Why has no woman ever dated you?"

Tao Ran said brazenly, "I am looking for my only soul mate in the vast sea of ​​people. I am fortunate to have it, but it's my fate if I don't get it."

Ye Aotian looked up at him and suddenly said, "Do you know who I am?"

"Of course." Tao Ran said, "You are Ye Chun."

Ye Aotian sat up straight, extended her hand out to straighten the hair on her temples, and asked, "Why did you take me in in the first place?"

Tao Ran laughed: "It can't be regarded as taking in, wasn't it hiring a maid for home."

Ye Aotian cracked a smile. Tao Ran said, "What about you? Why are you willing to be with me?"

Ye Aotian lifted her head and ran right into Tao Ran's gray-blue eyes. When she peered into those eyes, she felt as if she were looking into a deep, unfathomable pool of ice. She felt a bit uneasy for some reason, so she averted her look and lowered her head before saying, "Didn't I already mention that ah, it’s because you are handsome and attractive."

Tao Ran didn't choose to pursue the question, leaving Ye Aotian's heart beating wildly.

She felt a bit guilty, but she didn't have to since she genuinely wanted to stay with Tao Ran forever. They will both reside in the Kingdom of God and will not be concerned about anything else. She also intended to give up what she has always insisted on. Because even if she doesn't give up, it's useless, isn't it?

It's not bad that she can guarantee her own safety with her current situation. As for making a comeback or something, she didn't want to think about it anymore. No one knew better than her what kind of behemoth the Ye family was. She even comforted herself that even her father wouldn’t want her to go on like this, and he also hoped that she would live well.

Ye Aotian felt rather tasteless while eating the delicious food.

Tao Ran had experienced many worlds, so he could easily see that Ye Aotian was in a bad mood. He suggested: "Going back after dinner? Or shall we go to a bar for a drink?"

This proposal just hit Ye Aotian's heart. She was feeling down at the moment, and she just needed to borrow alcohol to dispel her worries. Hearing that, she said, "Okay."

After dinner, the two went to the nearest bar. This was Tao Ran's first time visiting a bar in this world. As in other worlds, the deafening noise almost made them jump up as soon as they entered.

The entire pub resonated with the shouts of a few teens carrying microphones in the center of the dance floor. The other folks were thrilled as well, and they cheered them enthusiastically. In fact, the only thing this kind of place asks about is the vibe; the singing voice or anything else is completely unimportant.

Tao Ran escorted Ye Aotian to the bar and ordered a drink for her. The bartender asked Tao Ran, "What do you need?"

Tao Ran thought for a while and said, "A glass of juice is fine."

The bartender looked at Tao Ran incomprehensibly, and Ye Aotian felt equally indescribable as she asked, "Why don't you drink?"

Tao Ran said as a matter of course, "I want to drive."

"Oh..." Ye Aotian turned to look at the bartender, "Give him juice."

Tao Ran was probably the first to bring a beautiful woman to the bar to drink juice. The bartender looked at them with a particularly wrong look.

Ye Aotian drank the wine in the glass in one gulp, Tao Ran reached out to caress her hair and said, "Drink slowly, I’ll buy some snacks."

Ye Aotian pursed her lips and smiled: "What are you afraid of, aren't you by my side?"

Tao Ran said, "I'm worried about your body."

"It's alright." Ye Aotian said: "I used to be much more active when I used to socialize. What is this in comparison to that time?"

What else could Tao Ran do, he could only watch her drink. Ye Aotian looked really sober, and she changed her way of drinking. While drinking, she also introduced Tao Ran about the characteristics of these wines. The bartender listened for a while and remarked, "Miss knows a lot about wine."

"The more you drink, the more you understand." Ye Aotian said, "Not only do I know, I can also mix it."

This bartender was also crazy. Hearing that Ye Aotian can mix drinks, he immediately let her show dexterity. It was unknown whether Ye Aotian was drunk or not, but she agreed and mixed a glass on the spot. Then he brought it to Tao Ran's mouth and said, "Take a sip."

Tao Ran refused, "I still have to drive."

"I mixed this drink for you with my own hands." Ye Aotian said, "It's okay to drink a little."

Tao Ran smelled the strong smell of alcohol and said, "What kind of drink is this?"

Ye Aotian: "It's called Not Going Home Tonight."

"..." Tao Ran smiled and firmly refused, "I still want to go home tonight."

"Cut." Ye Aotian shoved the wine to the bartender.

The bartender felt good after drinking, and hoped that Ye Aotian could show some more skills. While Ye Aotian stretched out her hand and pulled Tao Ran and said, "I don't think I'm in a relationship at all right now."

Tao Ran: "What are you thinking about, we’ve just confirmed our relationship."

"Nonsense." Ye Aotian said rascally, "My boyfriend is not romantic at all."

"……Ha ha."

But the bartender was still coaxing, "Then let's be romantic and sing a song to this beautiful lady."

Tao Ran immediately broke down in cold sweat, Ye Aotian's eyes lit up and said, "Okay, okay, I want to hear you sing."

After so many years, Tao Ran, who had not made any progress in singing, was deeply entangled. Ye Aotian said: "I remember that there is a guitar at home, you can play it, right?"

Hugging her, Tao Ran remarked, "Let's get back home if you want to hear me sing. There, I'll sing a song for you; forget about it here."

"I don't want it." Ye Aotian, who was drunk and dared to lash out at the number one killer in the world, domineeringly crossed her legs and said, "I want you to sing it to me in front of everyone else, or I won't go back."

"I'm afraid of you, huh?" Tao Ran pulled Ye Aotian's hand and said, "Hurry back, or see how I clean you up."

The bartender showed a knowing smile, Ye Aotian's face was blushing, she leaned on Tao Ran and said, "I don't want to, you sing to me I want to hear you sing"

Tao Ran: "You're drunk."

"I want to listen even if I'm drunk."

Tao Ran was confused, "I really don't know how to sing." His heart was racing when he realized, after much thought, that Little Apple was still the only song ‘he’ could truly sing after all these years.

He leaned into Ye Aotian's ear and said, "Wait when I go back to learn a couple of songs, and then sing them to you, OK."

"Today is my birthday." Ye Aotian suddenly said.

"What?" Tao Ran looked at her in surprise.

Ye Aotian said with red eyes: "Today is my birthday, I only have you by my side. Just agree to this request and consider it as a birthday gift for me."

Tao Ran stared blankly at Ye Aotian, and suddenly felt sorry for her. She was wrongly accused of killing her father, fled alone to a foreign country, where no one even knew her birthday. Tao Ran's eyes softened down, he reached out and pinched Ye Aotian's face and smiled, "Well then, your handsome boyfriend will dedicate a song to you."

Ye Aotian smiled as Tao Ran walked over to the group of screaming teenagers and said a few words to them.

"A guy is going to sing a song for his sweetheart, everyone applause" the singing teenager announced loudly.

Amidst a round of applause, Tao Ran picked up his guitar, smiled at Ye Aotian from afar, and then started playing.

It is very easy to learn one or two musical instruments after transmigrating to so many worlds in the past. Tao Ran opened his mouth and sang a cheerful song in a low and somewhat deep voice. Most of the songs he could sing were famous songs. He and Ye Aotian met in the summer, so he sang the pink memory.

The original singing of this song is in a sweet female voice, and the rhythm is also very cheerful. There was a distinct vibe when Tao Ran performed it with a slow rhythm and in a low, deep masculine voice.

"...romantic summer

And a romantic you.

Give me a pink memory..."

When the song ended, there was applause everywhere.

Ye Aotian sat crookedly on the chair, Tao Ran walked towards her, but saw a man standing beside her. Just as the stranger’s hand was about to touch her, Tao Ran rushed out and hugged Ye Aotian in his arms. Tao Ran looked at him coldly and said, "What are you doing?"

The man looked at Tao Ran in surprise, then pointed at Ye Aotian and said, "She... I want to have a word with her."

Tao Ran lowered his head and saw that Ye Aotian had already fallen asleep. He said: "I'm sorry, my girlfriend is drunk, let's talk about it later." After saying this, he was about to leave with Ye Aotian in his arms.

"Wait." The man pulled Tao Ran's sleeve.

Tao Ran gave him a cold death stare like a poisonous snake, "Let go."

The man was taken aback, that look was really scary. He felt as if he had fallen into a cave full of poisonous snakes. He subconsciously released his hold, and when he regained his senses, Tao Ran had already walked away.

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