Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 141: Highly Skilled Rival in Love [13]

It was not possible to stay here anymore, because even if the killer had been killed, Ye Nantian already knew that she was here. Staying here would only lead to more and more troubles.

Ye Aotian hurried back from the alley, and when she was applying an antiseptic on her forehead, Cui Chan came over.

Cui Chan pushed the door in and saw Ye Aotian was grimacing while applying medicine to her wounds, his heart tightened. He asked,"What's going on?"

Ye Aotian, "Someone wants to kill me."

Cui Chan frowned and said, "Who would want to kill you?"

"What do you think?" Ye Aotian asked back, and continued to apply medicine.

Cui Chan wanted to help, but was rejected by Ye Aotian, he said: "It's Ye Nantian? How did he know you're back? How could he find you?"

"That's what you have to ask yourself." Ye Aotian began to stick gauze, "Why don't you ask what you've been doing lately?"

Cui Chan thought for a while and said, "I contacted some of Ye's directors yesterday, but they are all people who are not willing to attach themselves to Ye Nantian?"

Ye Aotian was about to be laughed out of anger, she said: "I told you not to contact them for the time being, why did you make a decision of your own?"

Cui Chan said: "Are you blaming me? Do you think I harmed you? Don't forget, I brought you back from the Kingdom of God, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't even be able to return to the Republic now."

Ye Aotian turned his head sharply, "Did I beg you to find me? Did I beg you to get me back?"

"What do you mean?" Cui Chan blushed excitedly and said, "Are you still thinking about your little lover in the Kingdom of God? You don't even want to avenge your father because of him?"

Ye Aotian: "What nonsense are you talking about?"

"Do you believe that I can immediately send someone to the Kingdom of God to get rid of that little lover of yours?"

"How dare you!" Ye Aotian stared at him, "Are you out of your mind?"

Cui Chan breathed deeply, after a while he seemed to have recovered and said, "President Ye, you can't think about anything now, the most important thing is to get the Ye Group back."

"I know." Ye Aotian said: "I can't stay here anymore, before I'm ready, don't contact those people anymore."

"Okay." Cui Chan said: "Don't be afraid, I will protect you."

After Ye Aotian settled down in the new place, she had a dream again that night. She still didn't know exactly what was in the dream, but the feeling that something was missing in her heart became even stronger. She sat up in bed, and there were stars in the sky outside. She leaned on the bed and blankly stared at the dim room, and suddenly asked, "Are you there?"

The room was silent, and no one jumped out of the darkness to answer her.

Ye Aotian thought for a while and walked into the kitchen. There was nothing in the refrigerator, she leaned against the refrigerator and said, "Will it be dangerous if I go out to buy food now?"

Not knowing who she was talking to, Ye Aotian thought for a while, then suddenly reached out and picked up a knife. She placed the knife on her wrist and sighed, "Although this thought is a bit negative, I feel really tired."

After speaking, as soon as she exerted force on the knife, a bloodstain immediately appeared on her snow-white wrist. At this time, a hand grabbed her hand.

Ye Aotian smiled smugly and said: "It seems that I won, and you really have been following me."

Tao Ran looked at her coldly, Ye Aotian curled her lips and said: "Now you can say why you are following me, right?"

Tao Ran looked at her silently, Ye Aotian thought for a while and said: "You were with Feng Luyi before, maybe he asked you to follow me, right?"

Tao Ran still didn't speak, Ye Aotian said: "Feng Luyi doesn't seem like someone who would do such a thing, you... want to follow me yourself? Why?"

"Could it fell in love with me?"

Tao Ran still kept his posture without any movement, Ye Aotian was a little embarrassed and said: "Why are you so cold, I’m just kidding, anyway, thank you. If it weren't for you today, I would be dead."

Ye Aotian looked at Tao Ran, and then said: "Anyway, I already know that you are following me, will you continue to follow me in the future?"

Tao Ran pointed to the wound on her wrist and said, "Go and apply the medicine."


Ye Aotian obediently went to apply the medicine, Tao Ran stood at the window looking at her, and was about to leave, Ye Aotian said: "Anyway, you still have to follow me, why not just follow me openly and honestly, you don't need to hide anymore."

"Did you used to eat with Feng Luyi before when you were protecting him?" Ye Aotian said: "Let's go out and eat something."

Tao Ran looked at her as if he was looking at a fool, did he look like he could go out to eat with this outfit?

Ye Aotian also seemed to notice this problem, she touched the gauze on her head in embarrassment and said: "Then... let me order a takeaway."

Fortunately, it's almost time to order breakfast now, and it was already dawn when the takeaway was delivered. Ye Aotian put the porridge from the takeaway on the table and said: "I like to eat porridge in the morning, do you like it?"

Tao Ran sat across from Ye Aotian wearing a hood, Ye Aotian couldn't see his expression, so she said: "Can you slightly expose your mouth? This way you can eat your breakfast without showing your face."

The person opposite did not respond, Ye Aotian said: "I don't know what's going on, I feel a very familiar feeling on you."

Tao Ran was thinking whether he should leave, Ye Aotian took a sip of porridge and said: "Did you start following me when you were in the Kingdom of God? Do you know that I had a boyfriend? I don't know how he is now .”

Ye Aotian looked out of the window and said with some melancholy: "He likes to eat gruel and side dishes very much. Sometimes I would suspect that he is actually a member of the Republic, if it wasn't for his blond hair and blue eyes."

"I feel very sorry for him. I approached him because I was afraid of loneliness, and left him heartlessly because of my own affairs. I don't know when I will be able to see him again. He might have a new girlfriend by then, someone to drink porridge with him in the morning ......"

Tao Ran silently sat opposite Ye Aotian, quietly listening to her words as if she was talking to herself.

Ye Aotian adjusted her state and said, "I don't know why you're following me, but since you're already helping me, you might as well help me with one more thing."

Ye Aotian turned around and went into the bedroom, and then took something out, she said: "Can you help me put this bug in Ye Nantian's house? It shouldn't be difficult for the world's number one killer?"

Tao Ran reached out to take the bug, neither agreeing nor refusing. Ye Aotian didn't know what he was thinking, and looked at him nervously.

Then Tao Ran stood up and left.

He agreed, Ye Aotian knew. She picked up the bowl and took another sip of the porridge, her nose felt a bit sour, and she suddenly missed the not-so-authentic porridge and side dishes of the Kingdom of God.

When Tao Ran quietly sneaked into Ye Nantian's house, Ye Nantian was on the phone.

"The man can't be found again? You trash, didn't you say that he is a very powerful killer?"

"What? No one except the Gentle Killer can ensure infallibility? Then why don't you bring me the Gentle Killer?"

"If you can't find Ye Aotian, go to Cui Chan, tie him up and ask him with a knife, I don't believe that he doesn’t even want his life because of Ye Aotian."

Hearing such explosive words as soon as he arrived, Tao Ran immediately glued the bug to the corner under the dining table.

There was a voice, and Tao Ran turned around and hid behind the curtain.

Zhou Baozhu came out and said: "What should we do? What if Ye Aotian finds out that we killed her father?"

Tao Ran secretly praised again, this bug came too timely.

Ye Nantian said, "We didn't get her dad killed, you got her and my dad killed."

"What? Are you blaming me at this time?" Zhou Baozhu's voice sounded like a frog whose throat was choked, "Didn't I do it all for you? If it weren't for me, would you be able to take the position of President Ye?"

Tao Ran took out his mobile phone and started to record the scene.

Ye Nantian took a deep breath and said, "For me? Or was it for yourself? You were crazy to become Mrs. Ye, but even if you gave birth to a son for him, the old man wasn’t willing to marry you. He loathed you, and with you, he loathed me. Do you know how painful it is to grow up being ridiculed as an illegitimate child?"

"Do you want to be born in a poor family?" Zhou Baozhu screamed: "Do you know how miserable the poor are? They can't even take a hot bath on a rainy day. I’m fed up, fed up with that life, so no matter what means I have to use, I won’t live that kind of life again.”

Tao Ran listened to the two people evading each other. People are like this, the benefits are all their own, the evil is done by others, it is the same even in the case of a mother and son.

Ye Aotian also heard these conversations, and she started calling Cui Chan.

Cui Chan was hiding in a dimly lit warehouse with a nosebleed. Cui Chan heard the footsteps, and the person also followed him in. Damn Ye Nantian is crazy, he actually wants to kill me.

He hid in a pile of cardboard boxes, secretly praying that the person would not find him.

The killer was a little embarrassed looking at the warehouse full of cardboard boxes. It was indeed a bit troublesome to find a person who deliberately hid here. You can't find it without spending some time, but it's not that no one comes in here. It's not good if he was discovered.

When he was in a dilemma, a burst of music suddenly came out from the pile of cardboard boxes.

Cui Chan looked at the phone with a pale face. He desperately wanted to turn off the phone, but his panic made his hands tremble so much that he couldn't even hold it steady.

Seeing that Cui Chan didn't answer the phone, Ye Aotian continued to call. She must remind Cui Chan that Ye Nantian planned to take him down.

The killer rushed to the place where the sound came from, Cui Chan threw away the phone in panic, and tumbled away.

When the killer saw him running like this, a trace of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes, and he took out his gun and aimed it at Cui Chan's legs. Cui Chan ran in a panic, stepped on something, and suddenly slipped. He threw himself on the ground, and at this moment a gunshot rang out. Cui Chan slumped with his eyes wide open and till his death he didn't know why Ye Nantian wanted to kill him instead of finding Ye Aotian?

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