Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 142: Highly Skilled Rival in Love [14]

Although Ye Aotian and Cui Chan were a group, she was the last one to hear the news of Cui Chan's death. After Tao Ran left Ye Nantian's house and handed over the video to Ye Aotian, he went to see how Cui Chan was doing, and only then did he know that Cui Chan was dead. Then Tao Ran went to find Ye Aotian and told her the news.

Ye Aotian was stunned for a long time after hearing it. Of course she wasn’t sad for Cui Chan, she just felt that if Cui Chan was dead, it would be difficult for her to deal with everything in the future. This house was owned by Cui Chan, and she was completely dependent on Cui Chan for food, drink and her life.

As it was decided early on that she would give Cui Chan benefits after she returned to Ye's, so she would not feel uneasy about using Cui Chan's resources, but now that Cui Chan was dead, this place couldn't be lived in.

So Ye Aotian stared at Tao Ran after being stunned for a long time.

Tao Ran and her stared at each other for a few seconds, then he turned around and lifted his legs to leave.

"Don't go." Ye Aotian lunged forward and pounced onto Tao Ran's thigh, "You have to help me."

Tao Ran stomped his legs and said, "I have nothing to help you."

Ye Aotian: "Lend me some money, and I will definitely repay you double!"

"Go away." Tao Ran continued to stomp.

Ye Aotian suddenly looked puzzled and said: "Nice... Nice familiar legs..."

Tao Ran: "..."

In the end, Tao Ran still spent money to save his legs, otherwise Ye Aotian would have begun to talk about the nice familiar waist and butt.

Ye Aotian got the video taken by Tao Ran, with the wiretapped audio, it was already enough to sue Ye Nantian. But Ye Aotian felt that this was not foolproof enough, and she needed a witness along with the present physical evidence.

Who else can help her at this time besides Tao Ran? So Ye Aotian made a long speech to Tao Ran, “You help me this time I won't forget you, the day I became rich, I’ll repay you well. I’ll give you a lot of money, so that you can live a fairy-like life without working for the rest of your life”, etc.

Tao Ran just put on a deep posture and said, "I can help you, but this will be the last time I’m helping you."

Ye Aotian thought for a while, after this time she would be able to press Ye Nantian to death, and would not need his help in the future. So she readily agreed and after Tao Ran left, she stayed in the apartment by herself. She was highly excited thinking that now failing in this was out of the question.

Tao Ran lurked near Ye Nantian's house, as so many people used to come to this house every day, so he had to watch carefully to determine exactly who to catch as the witness.

Xiaomei jumped out, holding a popsicle in her hand, and said: "Host, you've been miserable this time, the female supporting role has been using you all the time."

Tao Ran said: "I've always been miserable, aren't you also using me all the time?"

Xiaomei retorted: "That's different, I’m going to pay you."

"Ye Aotian is going to pay me too."


"Okay." Xiaomei licked the popsicle and vicariously said: "You, the host, have completed so many tasks in a blink of an eye, and the time for us to part is getting closer and closer. Do you feel reluctant to part with Xiaomei?"

"No." Tao Ran still stared at the direction of Ye Aotian's house, "You will leave me immediately after all the tasks are completed, right? I won't be bound by any weird things anymore, right?"

Although Xiaomei knew Tao Ran very well, being so impatient to get rid of Tao Ran, he still felt a bit upset. Angrily said: "You heartless man, it's a shame that I have treated you wholeheartedly for so long."

"Can you afford not being sincere towards me?" Tao Ran didn't care more about this, "You said I can exchange points for a skill from any quest world when returning to the real world, right? What if I want to exchange for the mana of the cultivation world?"

Xiaomei took out a small notebook and said: "The amount of energy required to exchange skills corresponds to the amount of points required. The mana energy level in the cultivation world is way too high. I don't know if the points will be enough by then."

Tao Ran always felt that if he continued talking, he might be tricked by Xiaomei, so he shut his mouth in time.

After so many days of his covert observation, he found someone who came to see Ye Nantian was sneaky and did not dare to let people see himself. So he guessed that Ye Nantian either couldn't let anyone know about that person's existence, or the person's purpose for seeing him was different from others.

After Ye Nantian sneaked out to meet that person again, Tao Ran secretly followed behind that person, and then found that person was checking Cui Chan. Or rather, he wanted to find traces of Ye Aotian from Cui Chan. At this time, he had already found the house where Ye Aotian lived before, and after finding that Ye Aotian had disappeared from here he felt something was wrong and immediately called Ye Nantian.

"Boss, Ye Aotian seems to have gotten the news in advance, and has disappeared."

Ye Nantian was obviously dissatisfied with this answer, and said something on the phone.

The man's face was covered with sweat, and he kept apologizing, he said: "I think there are other people helping Ye Aotian besides Cui Chan, otherwise she would not be able to hide so cleanly."

"Okay, I will pay close attention to those directors, okay..."

Putting down the phone, Xiao Quan heaved a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to leave, a sharp object was suddenly pressed against his back.

Xiao Quan’s body stiffened and said, "Who is it?"

"Guess what." A hoarse voice sounded from behind.

Xiao Quan felt a wave of creepiness, he said: "Are you from Ye Aotian?"

Tao Ran took out a blindfold and handed it to him from behind and said, "Blindfold your eyes."

Xiao Quan did not dare to resist and immediately put the blindfold on, but he did not completely give up. He said, "How did you know about my existence?"

Tao Ran didn't speak, just tied him up with a rope, Xiao Quan said again: "How long have you started working for Ye Aotian? Do you know about Ye Aotian's current situation? She has nothing now, and Cui Chan, who helped her is also dead, what can she give you? Why don't you come and work for my boss, my boss is generous."

Tao Ran said: "How did Cui Chan die suddenly? Was it your boss who killed him? Isn't he afraid that the police will find out?"

"Brother, you are so naive, how could the police find out?" Xiao Quan said: "Since the boss can kill Cui Chan, he can also kill Ye Aotian, brother, a good bird chooses the right tree to live in."

Tao Ran smiled, and said: "You say, if I showed Ye Nantian what you just said and the way you spoke about him, what would he do to you?"

The cold sweat on Xiao Quan's head instantly came down, "You've tricked me?"

"Yes, unfortunately you fell for it." Tao Ran said, "Now you are given two choices, either bring out the evidence of the dirty deeds Ye Nantian asked you to do, or wait to die a miserable death. Or do you think, Ye Nantian will save you?"

Ye Nantian would save his ghost! If Ye Nantian saw his video of saying these words, he would be the first to kill him.

Tao Ran said: "If you still have some brains, you should know how to choose. You must know that after Ye Nantian loses, what Ye Aotian can give you will not be worse than Ye Nantian."

A few days later, the media of the Republic went crazy. Because Ye Aotian, the former president of the Ye Consortium, had returned, and with her came the ironclad evidence that Ye Nantian had killed his own father and planted evidence to frame his own sister. Is there more attention-grabbing news than this?

The police of the Republic were also in action, because Ye Aotian was still a wanted criminal, whether she was wrongly accused or not, she must be arrested first.

Ye Aotian hid very tightly, during this time she just sent a video to the media.

So there is such a video circulating on the Internet.

Ye Aotian herself appeared in the video, and first explained the ins and outs of the matter clearly, followed by the video sent by Tao Ran that day in which the conversation between Ye Nantian and his mother Zhou Baozhu at home was recorded. The police immediately went to talk to Ye Nantian. Although Ye Nantian said that the video was fake, the Ye Group was still in chaos.

Ye Aotian quietly waited for the moment of return of the Gentle Killer. Since the gentle killer sent Xiao Quan over that day, he has never appeared again. No matter what Ye Aotian does, he will never appear again, she knew that he had really left this time. Although she already knew it would be like this, Ye Aotian still felt a very strange feeling.

Now she was about to succeed, without his help, it was impossible for her to defeat Ye Nantian by herself. Ye Aotian thought he should come back because she has not paid him yet.

In a place she didn't know, Tao Ran was still following her around.

Xiaomei said: "Host, I think the female partner is about to move on."

Tao Ran said, "How did you find out?"

"Because she didn't think of Tao Ran at all today, she has been thinking of Gentle Killer." Speaking of this, Xiaomei showed a very understanding expression and said: "When a woman always misses a man in her heart, it means that her heart is already opening for that man."

Tao Ran was a little upset when he heard it, "She has gone too far, she's already slept with me, but she is still thinking about other men."

Xiaomei: "The other man is also you."


The appearance of Ye Aotian caused a sensation, she just wanted to push all this into the public's view because only under the eyes of everyone, Ye Nantian could not do anything.

Finally, when the day of the decisive battle came, Ye Nantian did not show up, and he fled. Once he escaped, it was self-evident what he really wanted to do, so Zhou Baozhu was arrested before she had time to escape.

People in Ye's Group also knew that the future would be Ye Aotian's, so those who defected to Ye Nantian came to Ye Aotian to show their loyalty, and thus dug up a lot of black information about Ye Nantian.

Zhou Baozhu confessed about director Li in prison. Because Ye Aotian's father refused to marry her, she got together with director Li and he gave her the idea to kill Ye Aotian's father then blame it on Ye Aotian, so Ye's group will naturally be inherited by Ye Nantian.

Since she said it, the police will of course investigate. Because of these murder cases police suspected the activity of some killer organizations in the Republic. The police were very attentive and caught a lot of people in the end. It's just that Ye Nantian has not been found. Some people suspect that Ye Nantian also fled to the Kingdom of God just like Ye Aotian back then.

These things have caused a lot of losses to the Ye Group. When Ye Aotian finished handling everything, it was already several months later. It was rare for her to be free and she thought of someone again. She asked people to go to the Kingdom of God to find Tao Ran. But she was told that he had been away for a long time, and no one knew where he was now.

Ye Aotian couldn't tell how she felt? Was she sad? Yes she was. But it was her who left at the beginning, so what reason did she have to ask the other party to wait for her?

She also tried to contact the Gentle Killer, but was told that the other party was on vacation, and they didn't know where he was.

It felt strange that Ye Aotian had so much money but couldn't give it away. Feng Luyi called her, congratulated her, and said that his impression of Ye Aotian had changed, that he admired the fact that Ye Aotian could return as king.

"President Ye." The secretary came in and said, "Today is the anniversary of your father's death. The bouquet you ordered at the florist has been delivered."

"Well, I know." It has been a year since her father passed away, the time flies by really fast. Ye Aotian went out and drove to the cemetery under the escort of the security guards.

On the tombstone, her father was smiling brightly in the photo. Ye Aotian had always acted like a little girl in front of her father. She knelt in front of the tomb and said, "Dad, your daughter misses you so much, I'm so lonely now."

She suddenly smiled embarrassedly and said, "I know it's impossible for you to come back to accompany me, so please let Tao Ran come back to me. I miss him, but I can't find him. He's so nice you know, you like him too, right?"


Following a roar, Ye Aotian turned her head and saw a man rushing towards her with a gun. She only took one look, and her face turned pale, "Ye Nantian, what do you want to do in front of Dad's grave?"

Ye Nantian dressed like a beggar and crazily rushed towards Ye Aotian. The bodyguard had already fallen halfway. He said frantically: "Ye Aotian, you made me become like this, I’m going to kill you. You can go underground to accompany Dad!"

Ye Aotian wanted to find a place to hide, but there was really no place to hide here. At the critical moment, she threw herself on the ground, and the shot went past her ear and hit her father's tombstone, which was missing a corner.

Ye Nantian ran over in a few steps, and was about to fire a few more shots at Ye Aotian. At this time, he was kicked in the hand, and the gun fell to the ground. Seeing that the gun was gone, the bodyguards immediately rushed over and grabbed Ye Nantian.

Ye Aotian only glanced at him for a second, then ran over to grab Tao Ran's hand and said: "You finally appeared, don't you plan to ask for money?"

Tao Ran let her hold her and said, "Am I not here now."

Although she almost died just now, this couldn't stop Ye Aotian from being happy at this time. She held Tao Ran's hand tightly, and said to the bodyguards, "Catch him and send him to the police station."

Then she said to Tao Ran: "Why do you always show up when I'm in danger? Those who don't know will think that you never left me for a moment."

Tao Ranxin thought that this was the truth. But he hasn't decided whether to tell Ye Aotian his true identity. This guy Ye Aotian is not sincere in love, he has no intention to forgive her just like that.

Ye Nantian was caught, and suddenly laughed, "Ye Aotian, do you know why I must kill you?"

Ye Aotian looked at him coldly, Ye Nantian said: "Because once I accidentally heard my father talking, do you know what my father said? Hahahaha... You just can't think of it even if you break your head."

Ye Aotian: "What did Dad say?"

"Come here and I'll tell you."

Ye Aotian took two steps and said: "You tell me."

Ye Nantian said: "He said... go to hell!"

Tao Ran was instantly alert, stretched out his hand and pulled Ye Aotian into his arms, and then the two switched positions. A huge explosion sounded in the next second, and Ye Aotian was thrown to the ground by Tao Ran.

The explosion was so close that Ye Nantian, who was wearing a bomb strapped to his body, was blown to pieces, even the bodyguards who were holding him were not spared.

After the explosion, Ye Aotian forcibly endured the ringing in her ears and crawled out of Tao Ran's arms. Tao Ran lay quietly on the ground, unknown if was alive or dead. The surrounding tombstones were blown up in a mess, and there was blood and flesh everywhere. Ye Aotian looked around blankly, then reached out to push Tao Ran.

Tao Ran was dressed in black, no injuries could be seen. She stretched out her hand and pushed him a few times, and then saw the glaring blood red on her hand.

Ye Aotian didn't dare to push anymore, she hugged Tao Ran in her arms, and then started to call an ambulance.

She sat on the ground blankly holding Tao Ran, not knowing what she was thinking. Tao Ran still had a hood on his face, Ye Aotian thought for a while, and stretched her hand towards the hood.

After taking off the hood, she saw the familiar dark golden hair at that moment, but the gray-blue eyes were still tightly closed. Ye Aotian was stunned for a moment, she looked around and saw her father's broken tombstone. Just now she made a wish in front of her father's tombstone, hoping that Tao Ran could return to her side.

But now she regrets it. If possible, she hoped that he would have never come back, and even that she had never seen him.

She sat on the ground holding the man covered in blood, and cried like the biggest idiot in the world.

Tao Ran heard Xiaomei say in a daze, "Host, your body has been seriously damaged, but there is still a certain chance that it can be repaired. Do you choose to go directly to the next mission, or stay here?"

Tao Ran thought about it very seriously, Ye Aotian's threat was gone, she should have whatever she wants now and she should not be blacked again. So he was relieved and said, "Anyway, the mission is completed, so let's go to the next mission."

"Okay, host, we are leaving."

One year later, on a sunny day, Ye Aotian went to the hospital with a bouquet of flowers and a lunch bag. Along the way, the doctors and nurses who saw her greeted her.

"Visiting your boyfriend again."

"Yes." Ye Aotian smiled and said, "Bringing him some fresh flowers."

As Ye Aotian walked away, several nurses gathered together, and one of them shook her head and said: "President Ye is really infatuated, her boyfriend is in vegetative state, yet she still comes to see him every day."

"I heard that they met when President Ye was in crisis, and her boyfriend became like this to save her."

"You saved me, and I will never leave you for the rest of my life. God, I believe in love again."

"Alas, such a loving pair, why can't they have a happy ending?"

Ye Aotian pushed open the door of the ward, walked to the bed, threw away the bunch of wilted flowers in the vase, and inserted the newly bought flowers. Then she looked at the man lying on the bed with instruments strapped to his body, and said with a smile, "It's time to take a shower."

Then she poured a basin of warm water, took off the man's clothes, and wiped his body. After wiping, she covered the quilt, opened the hot porridge she brought, and said, "Does it smell good? This is your favorite food? If you open your eyes now I will share half of it with you, okay?"

The man on the bed was quietly asleep, motionless.

Ye Aotian ate everything by herself, and then she said a lot. Finally said: "It's getting late, I'm leaving. You know I'm a person with a job, I'm different from you, a lazy bum."

She thought for a while, her eyes suddenly turned red, and she said: "You have been lying to me since the beginning, why don't you lie to me now? In fact, you were awake all along, right? You're just lying to me right?"

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