Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 133: Highly Skilled Rival in Love [5]

Tao Ran has always felt that no one can use the skill of talking nonsense with open eyes more skilled than him. Today, after seeing it in Ye Aotian, he knows what it means ‘However strong you are, there is always someone stronger.’

Tao Ran was silent for a while and looked at the dish that was said to be Kung Pao Chicken, and then said, "This...have you tried it?"

"I have." Ye Aotian said without moving her eyelashes, "It's very delicious and very authentic."

Tao Ran, "..."

Ye Aotian said, "Sir, let me serve you some rice."

After she finished speaking, she brought a bowl of boiled rice that was too soft, "Kung Pao Chicken with Rice, the taste is first-class."

"..." In addition to being silent, Tao Ran was speechless, why did the system have to prevent him from blackening the female supporting role? She looks even more terrifying than black, isn't she?

Tao Ran pushed the rice in front of Ye Aotian and said, "Eat it, you're too thin."

Ye Aotian's cheeks twitched indiscernibly, and then she said resolutely, "How can I eat before Mr.?"

"I'll let you eat as much as you want." Tao Ran's tone instantly became terrifying, "If you don't eat, I will dismiss you."

Ye Aotian stared at Tao Ran for a long time, then slowly picked up the bowl and chopsticks with both hands, and put them into her mouth, taking a bite of rice. Tao Ran gave Ye Aotian a pair of dark-colored chicken chops, and said with a loving expression, "Come, eat more chicken, you see how thin you are."

Ye Aotian, "..."

In the end, under Tao Ran's eyes, Ye Aotian alone A plate of diced chicken was wiped out. Tao Ran looked at her eyes, and always felt that there was a little meaning of being unlovable. Seeing that she had finished eating, Tao Ran said, "Let's tidy up after eating. The house should be kept clean and tidy at all times."

Seeing Tao Ran pushing the door to go out, Ye Aotian said, "Where are you going, sir?"

Tao Ran didn't look back and said, "I'm going to eat something that humans eat."

"..." It turns out that he knew...

She originally thought that this was just a stupid person from the Empire of God, but she didn't expect to shoot herself in the foot in the end. Ye Aotian felt the strange smell in her mouth, her stomach twitched for a while, and rushed into the bathroom to vomit.

Although the people of the two countries despise each other, they do not have much prejudice against food. There were also many people from the Republic Empire who opened stores in the Empire of God. Tao Ran entered a ramen restaurant and ordered a bowl of ramen. The waiter brought a bowl of ramen and a fork.

Tao Ran said, "Please give me a pair of chopsticks. Thank you."

The waiter looked at Tao Ran a little strangely. This gentleman has a pair of gray-blue eyes, and his long hair was also dark blond. Can you use chopsticks?

After Ye Aotian finished vomiting, she tidied up the house. She sat on the sofa and counted the thousand dollars that Tao Ran gave her. Anyway, the money was too little. Not to mention what can be done with this little money, it was impossible to maintain one's own life. She wants money, she wants a lot of money, and she can't do anything without it.

But her Ye Chun's identity was fake, it's okay to hide these documents from someone like Tao Ran, but it's absolutely impossible to find a job in a regular company. Just when she was anxious, Tao Ran came back.

Ye Aotian thought for a while and said, "Sir?"

Tao Ran turned his head, "Huh?"

"That...can I go out and find a part-time job?" Ye Aotian was afraid that Tao Ran would disagree, so she said, "I promise not to delay the work here."

Tao Ran took off his jacket, sat on the sofa and said, "What part-time job do you want to do?"

Ye Aotian glanced at Tao Ran silently, thinking that the place you were sitting in was her bed. But she wisely didn't say it. Ye Aotian didn't know much about the work of the people at the bottom. She said, "Is there any job that does not require high identity?"

Tao Ran, "Is there a problem with your identity?"

The cold sweat broke down in an instant, Ye Aotian looked at Tao Ran nervously and said, "Of course I have no problem."

"I see." Ye Aotian saw the man's eyes suddenly filled with sympathy, and saw him look at her and said, "It must be very painful to not have a high degree of education, I understand."

Ye Aotian resisted the urge to vomit blood and said with a dry smile, "Hehehe...yes..."

Tao Ran was also holding back his laughter, leaning on the sofa and thinking: "Part-time jobs that require a little education, you can go to hand out flyers, or go to an amusement park to do role-playing, or..."

Long Aotian "Or what?"

Tao Ran, "Or you can distribute flyers while role-playing."

Ye Aotian, "..."

"The salary for this kind of work is paid on a daily basis, and the working hours are basically during the day." Tao Ran said with a magnanimous face, "I allow you to clean at night, as long as you don't disturb me. "

Ye Aotian thought about the people who handed out flyers she had seen on the street, no matter how dazzling the sun was, they would stand on the street and hand out leaflets with a smile on their face. Her face was a little pale, she never thought that she would be reduced to this level one day.

Tao Ran looked at her face carefully and said, "Do you still have any relatives at home?"

Ye Aotian shook her head and said, "No more."

"In that case, what are you doing in such a hurry to make money? If you are healthy, you don’t have to worry about eating, drinking and living here, why are you rushing to find a part-time job? And you can’t make much money from a part-time job.”

Ye Aotian also knew this, she looked at Tao Ran, this man from the Empire of God looked very young, it looked like he was in his early twenties. Ye Aotian said, "Sir, what do you do? Are you a freelancer?"

"No." Tao Ran said, "I don't have a job."

Without a job, he can live so leisurely every day, and he has spare money to hire a maid.

Tao Ran said, "I just inherited a large inheritance."

"..." Ye Aotian lowered her head silently, was she the only one in the world who was unlucky?

Tao Ran didn't have to stop Ye Aotian from going out to find a part-time job. In fact, he thought it would be good for her to go out to work. At least she didn't have any free time to think about what to do. Tao Ran took out the computer and gave it to her, "I don't know much about these part-time jobs. You can check it yourself."

Ye Aotian checked the Internet very seriously, even more serious than when she first became the head of Ye's consortium. After a night of analysis, she finally decided to do the part-time job of handing out flyers. Just because this part-time salary was paid daily and it was available everywhere, she didn't need to leave Tao Ran's house very far. After all, taking a car also required money.

When Tao Ran woke up the next morning, he saw breakfast on the table. Ye Aotian left a note saying that she was working part-time and would come back at noon to solve his lunch.

Tao Ran was eating sausages in a tangled state, thinking that she must remind her not to buy sausages again tomorrow. Tao Ran put on his coat and went out, and then went to the nearest playground. Then he saw Ye Aotian at the playground. It wasn't that he knew that Ye Aotian was here, but with so many part-time jobs in this area, and the price was the highest here.

He looked at Ye Aotian from a distance wearing a very fat cos bear cub's clothes, holding a big bear head in his hand. A man said something in front of her, Ye Aotian was expressionless, but nodded from time to time. After a while, the man left, and Ye Aotian put the bear's head on her head.

The weather is not so hot now, but it's not good to distribute flyers in this suit. Tao Ran thought for a while, and felt that he understood a little of Ye Aotian thinking. Instead of sending out leaflets with a humble smile, it's better to hide yourself. No one can know what kind of expression the person wearing a cute bear cube cos will look like.

Tao Ran didn't go there either, so it seemed that Ye Aotian had been there for a long time. At noon, there were fewer tourists. Ye Aotian walked to the fountain and sat. Someone saw a little bear sitting lonely beside the fountain, the water behind him looked like the little bear's tears, and then quietly took a picture of the little bear.

Tao Ran walked over with two ice creams, the bear felt someone standing in front of him, and raised his head. Then Ye Aotian took off her hood and looked at Tao Ran in confusion.

Tao Ran handed her the ice cream and said, "The reward for those who work hard."

Ye Aotian took the ice cream, took a bite, and said, "I planned to go back to cook after taking a break."

"Forget it." Tao Ran sat down beside her and said, "You don't know how to cook, right?"

Ye Aotian lowered her head, Tao Ran looked at her, reached out to straighten her messy hair on the temples, and said, "It doesn't matter, I don’t really need someone to cook for me."

Ye Aotian ate the ice cream quietly, and suddenly asked, "Is one's life destined?"

Tao Ran,"Why do you ask that?"

"Even if you once owned something that wasn't your own, sooner or later you will lose it." Ye Aotian's eyes were a little confused, "Perhaps I was born to live such a poor life?"

Tao Ran didn't know what to say to her. After thinking about it, he said, "Do you think your life is very painful now?"

"Isn't it painful?" Ye Aotian looked at Tao Ran.

Tao Ran said, "Some people were born without parents. In order to survive, they began to trade their lives for the chance to survive at a very young age. They have no relatives, no friends, and no one even knows of their existence. But when the sun shines on, when they smell the fragrance of flowers, they will still thank God for giving them the opportunity to see this fascinating world."

"And you? Although you have worked hard, your labor was rewarded. You can stand in the sun to your heart's content. You can have friends and relatives if you want. Eat delicious food and play games that make you happy. Maybe you have sad things, but it shouldn't become an obstacle to your happiness."

Ye Aotian put her hands around her legs and cried silently.

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