Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 109: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [1]

When Mu Huanhuan pushed along her bicycle through the alley, she felt the same eerie feeling yet again. It has been a month since she moved here, but she would feel afraid whenever she crossed this alley..

A group of gangsters living in an old house nearby would stand in the alley-way as if it were their favorite thing to do. They would stare at every passerby, and intimidate them, especially young women. She heard that, a few years ago, the boss of the gangster group was attracted to a pretty girl who lived here previously. One unfortunate night, the poor girl was taken advantage of by the boss.

Though the boss was finally arrested, it didn’t change the fact that the innocent girl’s life was ruined.

After knowing about this incident, Mu Huanhuan wanted to move out immediately. She had made up her mind that even if she had run away from home, she mustn’t stay in such a dangerous place forever.

Today, gangsters were occupying both sides of the road more than they usually did. These people were young and had dressed up in loose clothing, along with hideous tattoos crawling up their arms and the chest that was visible through their clothing. Mu Huanhuan passed through the alley with her head cowered downwards. All the gangsters stared at her in an unsettling way and whistled at her.

This made Mu Huanhuan anxious to the point of tears, which were brimming and threatening to fall from her eyes. In her clumsy haste to escape the alley, her footing lost its stability. Her body tilted to her side and she was about to fall. Just in time, a pair of strong arms reached out and held her firmly and securely.

Startled, Mu Huanhuan looked up and was met with a pair of young and gentle eyes.

The young man in front of her, did not look past twenty, and was dressed decently in a white shirt, with soft bangs slightly covering his eyebrow. With his clean temperament, he did not look like a person to hike around this dark alley. He bent down to help Mu Huanhuan in picking up her fallen bicycle. She held her bike and proceeded with a polite “thank you”.

The young man flashed a smile, which was as bright as the noon sun.

After Mu Huanhuan hastened down the remaining alleyway, the gangsters laughed.

“Boss, you are truly amazing. This girl has been here for a month, but we couldn’t even hear her voice until now!”

“She sounds so sweet!”

Tao Ran, who still had his bright smile lingering on his face said, “This girl is mine, none of you are allowed to hit on her.”

“Oh! Even after spring has passed, the boss is still in spring mood.”

“Rest assured, no one would dare to think of our sister in law in such a way.”

Tao Ran shook his head and walked into Yijian’s courtyard. Despite the courtyard being old and small, it was maintained well. After opening the door, he went inside and poured himself a glass of water, while turning on his computer to start typing.

That’s correct; he is now a web novelist by profession. As for how he managed to get into this line of work, it happened a few days ago, just after he was released from prison.

Just then, Xiaomei said in her lovely zhengtai voice, “The emotional cleansing is completed, are you ready to enter the next world, host?”

Tao Ran felt a flash before his eyes, and suddenly, he was sitting on a huge bed, after gaining consciousness. How huge is the bed, one might question? It occupied half of the room, in which he was present. To be precise, it was a single bed, for around 10 people to sleep in.

Tao Ran was currently sitting on this bed with his legs stretched out, while two men on either of his sides were massaging them diligently.

Tao Ran was stunned on the spot. What’s the situation? Could it be that the person he crossed over this time had the same sexual orientation as when he was born?

The two men felt him freeze, and raised their heads out of curiosity to ask, “Boss, is the strength comfortable?”

Tao Ran didn’t reply. All his past experiences taught him to keep his mouth shut, than to make any actions until he understood the plot and memories of the body of the original owner.

System passed him the plot the following second.

Tao Ran currently possessed the body of Zhong Xiao, and he was in City A Prison. Three years ago, when Zhong Xiao was only 17, he was arrested for raping a girl. However, as he was a minor, and he behaved very well while he was inside, he was granted a release from the prison only in three and a half years.

The only role that Zhong Xiao had in this novel was of raping the girl named Su Mo, who was also the female lead; which was around three years ago.

The plot of the novel was a tragic story of two young lovers. The female protagonist Su Mo and the male protagonist Xin Zhao had a good relationship since their childhood, and were childhood sweethearts. Both of them applied for the same university and eventually, their relationship was known to the people around them. However, Xin Zhao’s family did not approve, and opposed their relationship. Just when they were moving along the route of ending their relationship, Su Mo was raped by a gangster who broke into her house one wretched night.

After this, Su Mo disappeared, leaving behind a sad and depressed Xin Zhao, who felt lost for a long time. During this time, he was approached by a girl named Mu Huanhuan, who stuck by his side.

This girl named Mu Huanhuan was the vicious female partner in the novel. When Mu Huanhuan and Xin Zhao were discussing their marriage after they graduated from the university together, Su Mo returned. She did not wish to see the male protagonist again, but a fateful encounter on the street made both of them realize that they couldn’t move on and forget the feelings they had so painfully suppressed, for each other. But at present, Xin Zhao already had a girlfriend.

Later, when Mu Huanhuan found out about the relationship between the two, she couldn’t stand it and became really angry. She despised this so much that she found the gangster who raped Su Mo back then, to intimidate her. The gangster kidnapped Su Mo. But Mu Huanhuan’s scheme was revealed in the end and both her and the gangster were sentenced to prison.

During the whole plot, it was Tao Ran who played the role of the gangster. After going through the original owner’s memory, he felt something was a bit strange. Three years ago, Zhong Xiao really liked Su Mo, and had fantasies about her, but he never dared to enact them in real life. One night after getting drunk, slept, only to discover he was in the female lead’s room. Before he could process any further about what was going on, he was arrested and locked up in the prison.

Back to the present, the two men saw Tao Ran in a daze, and asked, “Boss, should we continue the massage?”

Tao Ran snapped out of his daze, and replied, “Yes carry on, because sadly, you people won’t be able to serve Lao Tzu in future after a few days.”

Dahan grumbled in his heart, ‘Do you really think we want to serve you?’ When Zhong Xiao first entered the prison, he was very thin and had a pretty and delicate face, which made Dahan think that he would be the most harmless and weakest in the cell. But who knew that there were beasts inside this frail body? He defeated the former boss as soon as he entered the prison and successfully seized his throne.

.After a few days, Tao Ran finally got out of prison, and of course, didn’t want to follow his old ways. So, the people that followed him cleaned up his former house for Tao Ran to stay comfortably. He rested for two days and then started his creative journey of being an online novelist. He didn’t want to continue to get involved with the minions, but they were also helpless without Zhong Xiao’s lead, as they had no skills or culture. Zhong Xiao and the minions had brotherhood among them.

He had already decided to open a store after saving up some money; he wished for giving his brothers and himself a good life, where they had proper food and water to consume and didn’t need to rely on doing illegal things.

In current time, the plot had progressed to the arc where the female lead returned again and the male lead planned on breaking up with Mu Huanhuan. Mu Huanhuan’s family was in a very good condition, her father was the owner of a company. After discovering how unfaithful the male protagonist was with his daughter, he naturally did not wish for his daughter to get back with Xin Zhong; however Mu Huanhuan still liked him and was in the delusion of him being temporarily confused with Su Mo..

Mu Huanhuan’s family status and background was far better than Su Mo, and her reputation was clean unlike that of Su Mo’s after the incident that happened to her three years ago. Hence, she concluded that as long as she was by Xin Zhao’s side, he would not leave her easily.

After the disapproval of her father, Mu Huanhuan ran away from home and became a teacher in a primary school. Since she had no experience, and had freshly graduated, she was only on a probationary position for now. As her monthly salary was very less, she could only manage to live on rent in a shabby old house. Coincidentally, Tao Ran also resided in this area.

Tao Ran made a list and after the brothers went away in the afternoon, he went shopping for vegetables and groceries that he noted to bring earlier. When he reached the alley, he saw Mu Huanhuan standing with her at the entrance of the alley, hesitant to go in again.

Tao Ran approached her and said, “Don’t worry, and go ahead freely. They all went out together and are not here.”

Mu Huanhuan looked at Tao Ran with wide eyes that touched a hint of relief, and slowly probed through the alley. Truly, there were no gangsters standing in the alleyway. Mu Huanhuan smiled timidly at Tao Ran. Her eyes then fell on the vegetables that were being carried by him. She asked, “Did you go grocery shopping?” trying to initiate a conversation.


Tao Ran also saw vegetables and groceries in Mu Huanhuan’s bicycle basket and suggested, “There is a vegetable market in the left area outside the alley. Vegetables there are fresh and much cheaper as compared to those of the supermarket.”

Mu Huanhuan blinked and said, “Thank you. Are you new here as well? I’ve been living here for over a month but did not go to the market-“

She looked at her bag and continued, “-but decided to just try cooking some fish today.”

Tao Ran looked closely at her bag, and asked, “Where are your onions and ginger?”

Mu Huanhuan was taken aback. “Huh?”

Tao Ran questioned further, “Do you have cooking wine?”

Mu Huanhuan asked back flabbergasted,” Are these necessary for cooking fish?”

Tao Ran was baffled and questioned her helplessly, “Then how do you manage to make meals?”

Mu Huanhuan felt embarrassed, but replied anyway, “Initially, I ate take-outs, but now-a-days, I rely on instant noodles. Today I-“

“-Don’t feel like eating them and decided to cook something for yourself, right?” Tao Ran cut her midway.

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