Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 122: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [14]

By the river in the middle of the night, the wind ruffled everyone's hair. Old Wolf led the brothers from the upstream to the downstream, but Tao Ran was not found at all. Crow stroked his long hair and said, "How about renting a boat to fish in the river?"

If you really couldn’t find anyone, you were bound to find him eventually. It's just that they were afraid that it wouldn’t be their eldest brother who would be caught, but the corpse of their eldest brother.

"Fu**." Old Wolf was irritably spinning in circles. Although by ‘fishing’ they could find the right person, they would be a step too late. Killing that group of people who dared to murder their Big Brother won't return their big brother back. This was really a downfall. Who would have thought that after more than three years, the grandson still wants to take revenge.

Tao Ran rested on the bench for a long time. Before thinking about running for his life, he didn't feel anything. After sitting like this for a while, he felt that his shoulders hurt and his legs hurt even more. Xiaomei said: "Host, you are injured, there is a slight bone fracture in your right leg, a tendon in your shoulder is also injured, and there is a little concussion, you need to go to the hospital for treatment."

"Do you still want me to go to the hospital if my bones are broken?" Tao Ran put his hand in his pocket, his phone dripping cheerfully. He sighed and limped to the side of the road. He decided to go to the hospital and make a call. After all, it costs money to see a doctor.

Mu Huanhuan was crying and anxious until late at night and finally couldn't bear it anymore, and called Old Wolf again.

Old Wolf was sailing on the river with his brothers, and when he answered the phone call of Mu Huanhuan, he said, "I already know who caught the eldest brother."

Mu Huanhuan said, "Where's Zhong Xiao? How is he?"

Old Wolf was silent for a while, then said, "We are trying to fish him."

Mu Huanhuan: "What?"

"Big brother was sunk into the river by them." Old wolf said: "We have to find him tonight, otherwise the big brother may be eaten incompletely by the fish."

Slap, the phone fell to the ground.

Old wolf was still saying: "Sister-in-law, don't be too sad, you are still young and have a serious career, so hurry up and find another one..."

Mu Huanhuan shook her head blankly, turned around and pushed down the chair, sweeping the computer on the table to the ground. She picked up the phone from the ground but didn't know who to call. She opened the screen and saw Zhong Xiao's face.


Mu Junjun knocked on the door outside, "Sister, what's wrong with you? Don't cry alone in the room, let me come in and I’ll watch you cry!"

"Woooooo..." Mu Huanhuan cried for a while, then pulled Xin Zhao out of the blacklist and called him.

Xin Zhao was with Su Mo, and when he saw Mu Huanhuan's call, he didn't want to answer. Su Mo said, "I’m nervous, who's calling?"

"There's no need to be nervous, it's Mu Huanhuan." Xin Zhao showed her the caller ID, "I don't want to answer her call."

"You take it, I trust you." Su Mo smiled and said, "It's alright."

"Alright then, in order to show my innocence, I'll turn on the speakerphone."

Xin Zhao turned on the speakerphone and said, "What's the matter?"

"You murderer!" Mu Huanhuan's heart-wrenching voice came from the phone, "You killed Zhong Xiao, I won't let you go!"

Su Mo's face instantly paled.

Xin Zhao said with a sullen face: "Don't talk nonsense, I don't know who Zhong Xiao is at all."

"Xin Zhao, why didn't I find you so hypocritical before? You sent Zhong Xiao's information to my brother and forced me to go home. You even found someone to drown Zhong Xiao, and now you tell me you don't know Zhong. Xiao? Are you still human?"

If it was him alone, Xin Zhao would have admitted it, but Su Mo was here, and he had turned on the speakerphone. Xin Zhao looked at Su Mo in a panic, "Su Mo, don't listen to this madman."

"I'm not talking nonsense!" Mu Huanhuan knew that Su Mo was on the opposite side, and she shouted: "Su Mo, listen carefully! I don't believe Zhong Xiao would do that to you at all. He was imprisoned for three years, and now he is being detained again. You killed him, are you happy? Are you satisfied? You are not human, you are simply a beast!"

Xin Zhao yelled into the phone, "Shut up!"

After shouting, he hung up the phone immediately, Su Mo looked at Zhao Tao: "Did you really kill Zhong Xiao?"

"I didn'" Xin Zhao grabbed Su Mo's arm and said, "He defiled you, he deserved it, Momo, don't do this."

Su Mo covered her ears with her hands and let out a roar, "Ahhh!!!"

"Momo, don't do this..." Xin Zhao wanted to hug Su Mo.

Su Mo suddenly pushed Xin Zhao like crazy, "Leave! You go! Go!"

Xin Zhao was locked outside the door, he turned and knocked hard, "Momo, open the door, Momo, don't scare me..."

Su Mo's legs fell to the ground, and she opened her eyes and looked ahead.

One night three years ago, she was lying on the ground like this, and Zhong Xiao was also lying on the ground not far away. She knew the boy, and she could see that boy every morning when she passed that alley. Once when she was beaten by his uncle, he helped her. She had laid on the ground and couldn't move, and then someone broke into the door.

The policewoman wrapped her naked body in clothes, and they asked her if Zhong Xiao had raped her. She didn't know what she was thinking about, maybe it was the threatening look, maybe it was to protect herself and her remaining dignity, she nodded.

Then she watched the young man who had just woken up being taken away with an ignorant expression...

The knocking on the door didn't stop, Su Mo went to the kitchen and picked up a fruit knife. She put the knife on her wrist to hide it, and her skin was scratched with a little force, and blood flowed out thinly. Xin Zhao's painful voice came in, "Momo, open the door! Please let me in!"


The fruit knife fell to the ground, and Su Mo squatted on the ground and cried. She was indeed cowardly. She wasn’t rape three years ago, how can she make up her mind three years later?

Tao Ran went to the hospital and borrowed the hospital's phone, only to remember that he didn't remember anyone's phone number at all. It's all because of the mobile phone address book that he lost the ability to remember numbers. He looked at the nurse in front of him and said, "Can you treat me first?"

The nurse smiled and shook her head. "Registration also requires an ID card. Do you have an ID card?"


Fortunately, Tao Ran's brain was not damaged. He borrowed his mobile phone from the nurse and put his card in it, and then called Old Wolf.

After fishing in the middle of the night, Old Wolf and his brothers were very tired. Crow sat on the boat and cried, "Before I left, the eldest brother cooked dinner. Was this the last supper?"

"Don't talk nonsense, it was obviously lunch."

Old Wolf lit a cigarette for himself and stuck it in the crack of the deck. He said in his mouth, "Brother, have a good journey."

Crow cried again, "Woooooo... Big brother has quit smoking..."

The wind on the river was so strong that it blew Crow's hair all over his face. When looking from a distance, you would see a man who looked like a woman with a face covered by hair and was in pain, crying for a while and sniffing.

Rarely did Old Wolf have the urge to beat him, when the phone rang. Old Wolf turned on the phone and saw that the caller ID was Big Brother.

Old Wolf: "..."

Snapped! The phone fell to the ground.

Old Wolf stepped back in horror, and everyone looked at him suspiciously.

Old Wolf stared wide-eyed and looked around the river, only to feel the murderous gust of a dark wind. He swallowed and said, "Otherwise, let's go ashore."

Crow: "What did you say? Big brother's body hasn't been found yet. Do you have the heart to watch big brother feed the fish?"

"No." Old Wolf pointed at the phone and said, "Look at it."

The crow looked at Old Wolf’s cell phone, which was still flashing.

"Summer and summer quietly passed by and left little secrets~Press the bottom of my heart..."

"Why don't you answer the phone?" Crow picked up the phone and looked at it, and the phone came out of his hand in an instant, "Mom, it's big brother..."

"Plop!" The phone fell into the river.

Everyone looked over, "What's wrong?"

"Big brother is calling!"

A gust of wind blew, and everyone shivered neatly.

"No... no way..."

Old Wolf said: "I heard that people who are drowned will not enter the underworld. They will become water ghosts and look for ghosts in the river."

Everyone was silent, and they only felt that the wind was so piercing today that someone picked up their fat self and said weakly, "We are all brothers of Big Brother, Big Brother should not harm us."

"He had become a water ghost, who knows if Big Brother still remembers us."

Crow suddenly said, "Could it be that the eldest brother didn't die, he escaped and called us?"

"How is that possible? He must have been sunk by the river." Old Wolf said solemnly: "Even if he is fine and didn’t drown, his mobile phone will definitely not work. Brother, don't you know? He never remembers his phone number."

It makes perfect sense, and it makes everyone even more afraid.

"Why don't we go back first, and come to hunt for people tomorrow at noon when the sun is at its fullest?"

"Just do it." Old Wolf waved his arm, "Let’s go ashore!"

In the hospital, Tao Ran put down the phone, smiled awkwardly at the nurse, and said, "He doesn't answer, hehe, I'll call someone else."

When everyone went ashore, Old Wolf shouted to the river: "Brother, it's not that we don't want to help you, it's just that the brothers want to avenge you. Just wait, we'll throw those grandchildren down for you tomorrow, you pick any one to be a scapegoat!"

The more he said it, the more desolate he became, and everyone's eyes became wet again. Everyone unanimously took out cigarettes and lit them, and then inserted them into the soil to pay homage to Tao Ran.

Crow said sadly: "Big brother, he has really quit smoking for a long time..."

"The vast horizon is my love~ The flowers are blooming at the foot of the green hills..."

Feeling that the phone in his pocket was ringing, Crow took it out and looked at the caller ID. Immediately threw the phone into Old Wolf's arms, "Mom, come and see me.!"

When Old Wolf saw it, his legs were a little weak. He looked up at everyone, and everyone took two steps back, away from him.

Old Wolf said: "Crow, come and answer the phone. Now that I'm ashore, I'm not afraid of big brother."

"Anyway, we’re already ashore, why didn't you pick it up?" Crow said nervously: "You have to know that the boss was driving your car."

"Damn, if you die, you will die." Old Wolf clicked on the connection, and said as if he were dead: "Brother, are you looking for a companion? If you say a word, Old Wolf will jump down and accompany you."

"What a mess." Tao Ran was sweating in pain and said in the hospital, "Come to the hospital quickly, they won't give me treatment if I don't have any money on me. Also, bring my ID card, I can't register without my ID card."

"...Oh." Old wolf put down the phone.

Everyone asked nervously: "How is it? What did eldest brother say? Does he want paper money?"

Old Wolf: "Brother said to bring money and ID card, and go to the hospital to help him register."


Tao Ran was sitting in the hospital chair drinking the boiled water provided by the little nurse, and Old Wolf and the others finally came in a mighty way. A group of ferocious strong men with tattoos all over their bodies surrounded Tao Ran and the little nurse, "Boss, are you not dead?"

The little nurse looked at the fierce and ferocious strong men in horror, and then looked at Tao Ran, who was paralyzed on the chair in a state of embarrassment and weakness. An inexplicable light flashed in her eyes.

oh oh oh oh oh... let me out...

Tao Ran looked at Old Wolf and asked, "Didn't you bring your phone?"

Old Wolf was sweating on his forehead and dared not tell him that he dropped his mobile phone into the river because he got scared. He nodded and said, "Yes, I didn't bring my cell phone."

Tao Ran said, "Quickly go and call me in the emergency room. I have a fractured leg and I walked all the way again. I don't know what happened."

"Oh, oh, I'll register for you right now."

Old Wolf went to register, Tao Ran finally breathed a sigh of relief, he looked at Crow and asked, "Where's Mu Huanhuan?"

Crow still remembered Mu Huanhuan's unfeeling back then, and he turned his head and said, "That bitch ran away when she heard that you had an accident, don't think about her, eldest brother, if you really want a woman, I will put it away Jiaojiao and let her go to you."

Tao Ran waved his hands weakly, "I can't bear her, you can enjoy her yourself."

After Old Wolf had signed up, Tao Ran said to the nurse, "Can you treat me now?"

The little nurse nodded again and again, "It's alright."

Tao Ran: "When will you put a plaster on me?"

"It's still early." The nurse said: "At least you have to take an X-Ray first. You said you had a concussion? You must have a CT..."

Tao Ran: "Woooooo..."

Then Tao Ran was hospitalized. The leg injury and arm injury were second, and the most important thing was that the concussion required hospitalization for observation. Also, before being injured, he first slept on the ground, and then went swimming in the river. He actually got a little pneumonia.

At this time, Mu Huanhuan was about to go crazy. She was crying and laughing in the room for a while, and she was gnashing her teeth for a while. When Mu Huanhuan's parents came back, Mu Junjun didn't dare to tell them about Mu Huanhuan's situation. Only that Mu Huanhuan came back and suffered a lot outside, and now she is resting in the room.

Mrs. Mu felt distressed for Mu Huanhuan, she said: "That Xin Zhao is really sick. He doesn't like Huanhuan, who is so good in our family, but likes a woman with a bad reputation. Mrs. Zhao said, unless she dies, Otherwise, this woman will never be let in."

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