Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 123: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [15]

Mu Junjun had always known that Mrs. Zhao was not an easy-going character, but she felt a little happier after hearing this. With a mother like that, Xin Zhao would have suffered. The person who dares to bully his sister will definitely not make him feel better.

Mrs. Mu looked at the door and said, "I'll go see Huanhuan."

Mu Junjun quickly stopped his mother, "Mom, Huanhuan is still asleep, don't disturb her."

"You child." Mrs. Mu glared at Mu Junjun and said, "You don't listen to your mother now that you’re grown up."

Mu Huanhuan exhausted her energy and fell asleep beside the bed.

Xin Zhao waited outside the door until dawn, but Su Mo didn't even open the door for him. The secretary called him and said that the company had something to do with him. Xin Zhao stood up holding the door and shouted into the inside, "Momo, Momo?"

There was no movement inside, Xin Zhao sighed and said, "I'll leave first, the company has called me for something, and I'll come back to you in the evening."

He went to the company full of exhaustion, and when the matter was finished, the assistant said that his mother was here.

Xin Zhao had a headache when he heard that his mother was here. Mrs. Zhao was a very strong-willed woman, and she had shown a very strong desire to control himself since he was a child. Originally, when he graduated and joined the company, she seemed to have loosened her control over himself, and gradually she began to be kind like other people's mothers, but after Momo came back, her mother seemed to have returned to her previous character.

Mrs. Zhao appeared in Xin Zhao's office wearing a black dress. Xin Zhao poured water for her, asked her to sit down, and said, "Mom, why are you here?"

Mrs. Zhao smiled and said, "Why, can't I come to see my son?"

"How could it be?" Xin Zhao reluctantly smiled and said, "Just say if you want to see your son. I'll go back to see you at night."

Mrs. Zhao sighed and said, "It's said that you forget your mother when you marry a wife. You haven't married a wife yet, but you have almost forgotten your mother. Do you remember how many days you haven't been home?"

Xin Zhao felt tight and said, "The company has been busy recently, I'm always going home late. I don’t visit you for fear of disturbing your rest."

"I know very well whether the company is busy or not." Mrs. Zhao held the teacup in her hand and said, "Don't use the perfunctory Huanhuan trick to perfunctory me."

So Xin Zhao's face was even worse.

Mrs. Zhao said: "Although Huanhuan is a good girl, it's fine if you don't like her. There are so many good girls in City A, and they are not inferior to Mu Huanhuan."

Xin Zhao lowered his eyes with a complicated expression. He wanted to say that Momo is also a good girl, she is no worse than Mu Huanhuan. But he didn't dare to speak, he was afraid that his mother would get angry, and that she would have a worse impression of Momo.

Mrs. Zhao reached out and wiped Xin Zhao's face, and said distressedly: "So haggard, how have you been these days?"

Xin Zhao still didn't speak, he didn't dare to let his mother know that Momo shut him out for one night yesterday. Mrs. Zhao said, "If you are at home, mother will take good care of you."

"Mom, I've grown up and I don't need you to worry about me." Zhao Tao: "You can enjoy your life now."

Mrs. Zhao looked at Xin Zhao in silence for a long time, and then asked, "What kind of ecstasy soup did that Su Mo give you? You don't even want your mother for her?"

"Mom!" Xin Zhao said bitterly, "Why do you always say that about Momo? Momo is a very good girl."

"Good girl?" Mrs. Zhao said with a sneer at the corner of her mouth: "A good girl loses her chastity at a young age, and a good girl just has a high school degree?"

"That's not her fault..." Xin Zhao's voice suddenly weakened, and he almost pleaded, "Mom, please, accept Momo."

"Unless I die." Mrs. Zhao raised her chin arrogantly and said, "Go home immediately after get off work today, or I will kill Su Mo just like you killed that Zhong Xiao."

Xin Zhao was shocked and looked at his mother in disbelief.

Mom and Momo are the most important women in his life, but they are not compatible at all. Xin Zhao looked at the back of his mother leaving, only to feel so desperate.

Mrs. Zhao came out of Zhao's building, turned on her mobile phone, and opened the address book to find a phone number she hadn't called in several years. After a few beeps, the call was connected, and a very impatient voice said: "Who is it?"

"It's me, I'm Xin Zhao's mother." Mrs. Zhao said as she walked, "How do you look at the child? Su Mo is here to seduce Xin Zhao from my family again. Come and take her away, or I'm afraid I won't be able to bear it anymore and kill her."

"Don't, tell me the place, and I'll take her away."

Mrs. Zhao said an address, then put down the phone, and left with a cold smile on her face.

In the chaotic room, Mu Huanhuan fell asleep leaning on the edge of the bed.

Suddenly the phone she threw on the ground lit up, she was in a daze, and was woken up by the ringing of the phone.

Mu Huanhuan had a sore back, headache and dizziness. She reached out and touched the phone for a long time before picking up the phone. He answered, "Hello?"

"Sister-in-law." Old wolf's voice sounded, "Big brother, he is not dead, he is in the hospital now."

"What?" Mu Huanhuan sat up with a sit-up, and then there were two clicks from his waist, "Hiss..."

"Sister-in-law, what's wrong with you?" Old wolf asked in confusion.

"I’m okay, what did you just say? You tell me clearly."

Old Wolf said: "It's a long story."

"Then make a long story short."

"Big brother, he escaped, but he was injured a little before and is now lying in the hospital. Don't worry, there is no big problem, just stay in the hospital for observation in the next few days."

Putting down the phone, Mu Huanhuan leaned back on the bed. Zhong Xiao is fine, great, he is fine! Thinking about it, Mu Huanhuan couldn't help her nose sore, and almost cried again.

She wanted to go to the hospital to see Zhong Xiao, but she couldn't see Zhong Xiao like this. Mu Huanhuan rushed into the bathroom to take a shower, and then put on makeup. Feeling that she still looked beautiful, she pushed open the door and went out. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Mrs. Mu.

Mrs. Mu was pleasantly surprised: "Yo, are you awake? I'm about to call you."

Mu Huanhuan thought of the mess in her room. She closed the door calmly and smiled at her mother: "No, I'm awake."

"It's good that you’re awake. Mom hasn't taken a good look at you for a long time. It's your father's fault for not letting Mom find you." Mrs. Mu said, "Mom will come to your room and have a good chat with you."

"No!" Mu Huanhuan refused, "Not now."

Mrs. Mu wondered, "Why not?"

Because my room is now comparable to the scene of a car accident, Mu Huanhuan said stiffly, "We can chat anywhere, why do you have to go to my room?"

Mrs. Mu said, "Then let's go to the kitchen, we will talk while having breakfast."

"Okay, good." Mu Huanhuan followed his mother to the restaurant.

While Mrs. Mu was making milk for her, Mu Huanhuan sent a text message to Mu Junjun, "Help! Go to my room and clean it up immediately, and don't let mother know about it!" She poked him several times afterward. .

Mu Junjun was shocked. He stretched out his toned and naked arms from the quilt, took a look at his mobile phone, and wrapped his head in the quilt resignedly. He must have owed Mu Huanhuan in his last life, and that must be the case.

Mrs. Mu brought two glasses of milk over, and smiled lovingly: "Come, drink the milk that Mother brewed by herself."

Mu Huanhuan held the cup in her hand and felt very hot. She would like to say that using this freshly boiled water to brew milk, any probiotics and proteins in the milk will be denatured and lose nutrients. But she didn't say that such a big person was not bad for this nutrition, the key was not to make her mother angry.

Mu Huanhuan was sitting at the dining table by the door, just in time to see the situation upstairs. Mrs. Mu was sitting facing her, so she couldn't see what was going on upstairs. When Mu Huanhuan picked up the milk to drink, she saw his brother sticking to the ground like a guilty Spider-Man and entering her room.

Mu Huanhuan relaxed slightly, and Mrs. Mu looked at her lovingly and said, "You are so thin."

Mu Huanhuan grinned and said, "I'm losing weight."

"What's there to lose weight? You're not fat." Then she began to recall the past, "When I was young, I couldn't even eat enough to eat, and when your grandmother would help me to take a bath, she would cry when she took off my clothes. Because I was too thin, your grandmother was afraid that I won't be able to survive."

Mu Huanhuan had heard this kind of story from her mother too many times since she was a child. If she usually listened to it, she would have been impatient to hear it, but today's situation is different. Mu Huanhuan not only wanted to listen, but also echoed her mother, "Yeah, that was so miserable, it's really not easy for grandma."

"That's not it." Mrs. Mu couldn't help her eyes reddening, "The family conditions got better and better, but your grandmother's life was miserable, she left before she had a good life, and she didn't even see my marriage... "

Mu Huanhuan: "..."

At this time, Dad Mu went downstairs and saw Mu Huanhuan, his eyes were a little happy, but his face immediately became serious. He looked at Mrs. Mu and said, "Why are you crying?"

Mrs. Mu couldn't hold back her tears, "I’m alright, I just remembered the past."

Dad Mu immediately understood what was going on. He gestured to Mu Huanhuan with his eyes, meaning why didn't you interrupt your mother. How could Mu Huanhuan interrupt her mother in order to delay the time, so she could only pretend to be blind.

At this time, there was a sudden sound from upstairs, like the sound of something falling and smashing.

Dad Mu turned his head suddenly and looked upstairs with electric eyes, "What's going on?"

Mu Huanhuan's body became stiff as the hairs on her body exploded.

Tao Ran stayed in the hospital that night, and was bitten by mosquitos in the ward for half his life. Initially, he didn't need to suffer like this, but his co-patient in the ward was a person who had just undergone rhinitis surgery. The doctor told him not to catch a cold, so he turned off the air conditioner.

Without the air conditioner, it was very hot, so he had no choice but to leave the quilt. Then all night, he couldn't bear being bitten by mosquitos so he covered himself with the quilt, then he couldn't bear the heat so he had to lift off the quilt, and then he was bitten by mosquitoes and woke up again. Early the next morning, Tao Ran stared at the two dark circles under his eyes and said to his co-patient, "You just wait, I'll make you look good when my little brother comes."

Seeing that Tao Ran had a plaster cast on his leg and bandages wrapped around his arm and head, the patient said a little confidently, "Yo Yo, you're still a little brother like this, can you stand up if I hit you?"

Tao Ran: "..."

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