Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 110: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [2]

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When Tao Ran blurted this sad reality of her life, Mu Huanhuan felt very ashamed. This feeling of not having money to treat herself out to eat and also not having the skills to cook was awful. Worse, her embarrassment was all known to a stranger.

Tao Ran felt a little funny when he saw Mu Huanhuan's expression suddenly turn bitter. Finally, Mu Huanhuan lost her temper, glared at Tao Ran and said, "Is it funny?"

"Eh? A little bit." Tao Ran smiled, he stared at Mu Huanhuan for a while, and said, "You can't cook dinner like this. I just happened to cook something. If you don't mind, let’s go to my house to eat some."

Mu Huanhuan looked at Tao Ran suspiciously, "You can cook?"

Tao Ran rolled his eyes, "Better than you."

Mu Huanhuan went to Tao Ran's house and had a better impression of Tao Ran. Tao Ran's house was clean, the furniture and other items were neatly arranged, and a path in the yard led directly to the door of the house and the backyard. The soil on both sides of the path was turned over, revealing green shoots.

Mu Huanhuan liked this yard very much. She looked at the buds curiously and said, "What kind of flowers are you planting?"

"How can I grow flowers?" Tao Ran said with a smile, "These are the vegetables my little...friend helped grow."

"Yeah, it's true." Mu Huanhuan looked at the tender sprouts with bright eyes, "It turns out that vegetables look like this when they are in the soil, so you don’t need to buy vegetables in the future."

Tao Ran didn't want to tell her how many vegetables a person eats a year, and this yard can only grow so much. He brought Mu Huanhuan's fish and said, "The dishes are all on the table, you eat first, and I will cook the fish for you."

"Oh." Mu Huanhuan walked into the living room and saw three dishes on the square dining table.

Stewed pork with green peppers and potatoes, and a pot of tomato and egg soup, Mu Huanhuan couldn't help drooling just by smelling it. Since she left home, she either ate in the cafeteria or the small restaurant. Later, she went to the restaurant to eat only a bowl of rice bowls or noodles because she had no money. Recently, she even ate instant noodles for several days.

Suddenly there were so many delicious and fragrant dishes in front of her. How could she hold back? She looked to the side and saw no bowl. She walked into the kitchen, and Tao Ran just happened to put the fish into the frying pan.

A “whizz” sound was heard, and a cloud of smoke rose. Tao Ran turned his head and said, "What's wrong?"

Mu Huanhuan looked at Tao Ran curiously and said, "I'll get a bowl. Where is the rice?"

Tao Ran pointed to the rice cooker beside him and said, "The rice is ready, the bowl is in the cupboard, you can take it yourself."

Mu Huanhuan took the bowl and chopsticks, filled herself with a bowl of rice, and saw Tao Ran making fish for her with hard work. She took another bowl and went out with two rice bowls in total.

At noon, the food she ate in the school cafeteria happened to have a caterpillar on it, and she vomited on the spot. So now, Mu Huanhuan was too hungry. After sitting down, she quickly took a bite of rice, and then ate the meat dish with chopsticks.

As soon as the meat entered her mouth, Mu Huanhuan was moved and closed her eyes. ‘God, it feels so good to have a few dishes on the table, and this meat is so delicious’, she cried silently in her heart.

After taking a bite, Mu Huanhuan felt a little embarrassed. Her family had been very strict with her since she was a child. She was now a guest at someone's house. How could the guest eat first before the host sat at the table? Although Mu Huanhuan was very hungry, she forced herself to put down her chopsticks, expecting Tao Ran to come out soon.

Tao Ran quickly came out with a plate of fish braised with some sauce. Then, seeing Mu Huanhuan sitting still, he asked, "Why don't you eat it? Is it not to your taste?"

"No." Mu Huanhuan said reservedly, "I’m waiting for you to eat together."

Tao Ran put the braised fish in front of Mu Huanhuan and said, "Try the fish I made."

Mu Huanhuan took a portion of the fish out of the plate with chopsticks and put it in her mouth. She immediately nodded again and again. After swallowing the fish, Mu Huanhuan praised, "It's delicious. Are you a chef?"

Tao Ran laughed, "It's just a simple meal. Why are you flattering me like that?"

Mu Huanhuan's sincere words came from the heart, but being teased by Tao Ran, she couldn't help blushing and frowned, "I'm not flattering."

She was starving, and the dishes were delicious. Mu Huanhuan ate two bowls of rice by herself with all the side dishes. Tao Ran also tried his best to grab some food. Otherwise, he might not be full. Finally, after putting down her chopsticks, Mu Huanhuan sighed comfortably, "I haven't eaten so comfortably in a long time."

Tao Ran was baffled, "Have you not eaten all day?"

"Almost." Mu Huanhuan said excitedly, "You know what? The school is so irresponsible now. There’s actually a worm in the food in the cafeteria at noon. God, I'll be hungry again at noon tomorrow."

This was really not a good experience. Tao Ran expressed his sympathy and said, "But this is not good for you. If you live alone and don't know how to cook, you have to eat in a restaurant or canteen."

Mu Huanhuan also knew this truth but couldn't think of a good way for a while. Then, looking at Tao Ran, she suddenly had an idea and said, "You... that... er, I don't know your name yet."

‘You just remembered?’ Tao Ran said calmly, "My name is Zhong Xiao, ‘Zhong’ as a bell and ‘Xiao’ as the dawn."

"My name is Mu Huanhuan." Mu Huanhuan looked at Tao Ran and hesitated as if there was something unspeakable. Tao Ran said, "What do you want to say?"

Mu Huanhuan blinked and said, "What occupation is Mr. Zhong engaged in?"

Tao Ran raised his eyebrows and said, "Currently writing novels at home, it's okay. So you can say that I am unemployed."

"It turns out that Mr. Zhong is a writer." Mu Huanhuan was also very fond of Tao Ran's career.

Tao Ran smiled dryly.

Mu Huanhuan said, "Is Mr. Zhong alone at home?"

"Hmm?" Tao Ran said, "What does the number of people in my family have anything to do with you?"

Mu Huanhuan waved her hand and said, "It doesn't matter, I mean that you are cooking alone anyway. Since I can't cook, can I come to your house to eat every day? But I won't eat for free. I'll be responsible for buying the food. How’s that?"

"Well..." Tao Ran touched his chin and said, "I'm not short of money for groceries, and I'm free too."

Mu Huanhuan looked at Tao Ran, begging, and was about to hug his thighs and wag her tail. She was really fed up with instant noodles.

Tao Ran smirked inwardly and said, "But I really hate washing dishes. So if you can wash the dishes, it's okay to make you dinner."

"No problem, leave it to me." Mu Huanhuan patted her chest and said, "Isn't it just washing the dishes? I'll wash it for you now."

As she said that, she stacked the bowls on the table together and took them to the kitchen. Tao Ran sat in the seat and spoke like an uncle, "Washing dishes is not just washing a bowl. You also need to wipe the table, clean the kitchen, clean the sink, and finally throw out the kitchen waste."

Mu Huanhuan's depressed voice came from the kitchen, "I know."

Tao Ran walked to the kitchen door and saw that Mu Huanhuan was squeezing the detergent into the sink. He said, "You can't use too much detergent, or it will be unclean. I don't want to be poisoned and die by a dirty bowl."

"I know." Mu Huanhuan retorted, "I will rinse it several times."

Tao Ran couldn't help but crack his mouth and laugh. This vicious female supporting cast was amusing. She had even run away from home without any survival skills, so she was not afraid of starving to death outside.

Under Tao Ran's verbal command, Mu Huanhuan washed the dishes, wiped the table, and cleaned the rubbish. When she finally went out, Tao Ran said with a smile, "Come back tomorrow!"

Mu Huanhuan reached out and threw a garbage bag into the trash can, turned her head and stared at Tao Ran fiercely, "Got it!"

This scene happened to be seen by a brother, and he was stunned to see this scene. He was extremely shocked. Dear big brother is worthy of being a big brother. He just met the girl in the morning and got the girl in the afternoon. And even told her she can come back tomorrow?

At this moment, his admiration for Tao Ran was like a surging river. No, he couldn't let himself be shocked. He had to tell the other brothers the news quickly.

Mu Huanhuan finally had a good meal, and the next meal was also settled. A serious matter was solved in her heart. After showering, she lay on the bed and quickly fell asleep. Tao Ran also officially got to know the mission target. It could be said that the two of them were very happy to meet today.

The following day, Mu Huanhuan ate eight-treasure porridge and then went out with her bicycle. As expected, when she walked to the alley, quite a few bad young people were standing along the way as usual. Mu Huanhuan bowed her head and hurried away, thinking that it was okay, she would go out soon.

As a result, one of the young people looked at Mu Huanhuan, and suddenly laughed maliciously and said, "Yo, is my sister-in-law going out?"

Mu Huanhuan was startled and looked at him in horror. Who is the sister-in-law?

The young man said, "Don't be stunned that I called your sister-in-law!"

The young people who smoked put down their cigarettes, and those who chatted shut their mouths. They stared at Mu Huanhuan with wide eyes and said in unison, "Hello, sister-in-law!"

"Ugh..." Mu Huanhuan ran away quickly. ‘What the hell is going on? Who is their sister-in-law?’

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