Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 128: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [20]

Some people say that when a woman comes home early in the morning with messy hair and wearing clothes from the day before, it can mean a lot of trouble.

Mu Huanhuan quietly pushed open the door of her house, and it was quiet inside, so she walked in lightly. She took off her shoes and walked upstairs silently, and when her hand finally grabbed the doorknob of her own bedroom, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"You're back." A voice suddenly sounded.

Mu Huanhuan was startled, widened her eyes in fright, and when she looked back, she saw Mu Junjun was looking at her in his pajamas.

"It scared me to death." Mu Huanhuan whispered, "Why are you walking without a sound?"

Mu Junjun said, "Do you want me to make some noise so that our parents can be attracted?"

Mu Huanhuan squeezed her fist, then turned her head and said, "Come in."

Mu Junjun followed Mu Huanhuan into the room, Mu Huanhuan sat on the chair slowly, and the moment she sat down, her expression seemed to be distorted. Mu Junjun looked at her intently and said, "You can't be just now..."

Mu Huanhuan: "What just now?"

Mu Junjun said, "After my first sleepover with my first girlfriend in high school, That's what she looks like."

Mu Huanhuan, "..."

"Beast." Mu Huanhuan said: "The first time was still a minor, can you actually do it?"

Mu Junjun put his arms around his chest and said, "It's like it's not the first time if I'm an adult."

"Okay, it's not important." Mu Huanhuan said, "Why did you suddenly call me back?"

"My parents have already suspected you. Do you know?" Mu Junjun said, "Xin Zhao has already been in prison and you stayed outside all day. They heard some bad rumors about you."

Mu Huanhuan rolled her eyes and said, " What kind of rumors?"

"They heard that you didn't study well outside and went to the bar every day to have sex. They have already planned to arrest you and won't let you go out."

"What?" Mu Huanhuan said angrily, "Who said that?! Who asked for sex?" It's my first time today..."

Mu Junjun looked at Mu Huanhuan with a bit of heartache, and he said, "You really like that...."

Mu Huanhuan, "Huh?"

"... Criminal?" Mu Junjun said, "You look like the cabbage that my family raised so hard, but was eaten by a wild porcupine."

"He is not a criminal, his case has been withdrawn, and the government has issued him the compensation, I forbid you to say that he is a criminal." Mu Huanhuan said with a protective expression, "If you say that again, I will fight you.”

"I will stop, I will stop.” Mu Junjun saw Huanhuan looked very uncomfortable and said, "Although I haven't met him yet, I have a very bad impression of him. This is your first time, how could he toss you so hard?"

Speaking of this, Mu Huanhuan was full of bitter tears. She reached out and pinched Mu Junjun's collar and said, "You must not have a bad impression of him, he didn't toss me."

Mu Junjun, "Then you..."

Mu Huanhuan, "I tossed him."

Mu Junjun: "..."

Mu Huanhuan said, "You go out first, I want to take a bath."

After Mu Junjun went out, Mu Huanhuan finally washed herself and felt a lot more comfortable. In the novel, it seems that the women who take the initiative to come to the door seem to be very powerful. Why is it so uncomfortable when it comes to her? Next time, let Xin Xiao take the initiative, and I won't argue with him.

After she finished washing and changed her clothes, Papa Mu and Mama Mu were already ready for breakfast. Mu Huanhuan went downstairs, and Mama Mu said, "Are you at home? When did you come back?"

"Last night." Mu Huanhuan said.

Papa Mu said, "Last night we watched TV and saw that you didn't come back even at eleven."

"I came back at half past eleven." Mu Huanhuan smiled dryly, leaned on the chair and sat down, then said, "Because it's too late, I won't bother you."

Madam Mu said nothing, and the family waited for breakfast.

The nanny brought the breakfast, Mu Huanhuan was really hungry and ate the food in big mouthfuls. Mu Huanhuan took a sip of milk and seemed to ask casually, "Why don't you go home these days?"

"Uh..." Mu Huanhuan said, "I didn't work in a school before, or I wanted to resign, and I have something to do. It needs to be dealt with, isn't it?"

"Didn't go out and fool around?" Papa Mu looked at Mu Huanhuan with sharp eyes, "Someone told me that they insisted on seeing you in the bar late at night, drinking and laughing with a large group of men.”

"Who said that?"

Papa Mu: "You just say it?"

"There is a misunderstanding." Mu Huanhuan said: "It's not the case."

Papa Mu, "What is that?"

Mu Huanhuan, "It's a long story."

Papa Mu, "Then make a long story short."

Mu Junjun interrupted: "Okay, I'll say that, because Huanhuan's boyfriend is the owner of the bar."


She was most afraid of the sudden silence. The whole family began to stare at Mu Huanhuan. Mama Mu held back for a long time and said, "Didn't you always like Xin Zhao, you have moved on so soon?"

Mu Huanhuan, "..."

Papa Mu was unhappy and said, "Why are you talking about this? Don't you like Huanhuan thinking about that bastard Xin Zhao all the time?"

After speaking, he touched his chin and said, "He runs a bar, how is his character?"

"Good character." Mu Huanhuan said, "When I was a poor teacher, he often cooked for me."

"A boy who can cook." Mama Mu looked at My husband and said, "He is better than you."

"The general lifestyle of opening a bar is not very good." Papa Mu said with a serious face, "How old is he? What are his parents? What education? How are you? Do you know?"

Mu Huanhuan: "He's twenty, he's an orphan, and I rented a house not far from his home when I was a... junior high school teacher."


"I don't agree with you being together!" Papa Mu was like a lion whose territory was violated, "How can you be with such a person? Do you have a common language? Listening to his condition, you can see that he is a socialist, and he doesn't know his words and deeds. What does it look like?"

Mu Huanhuan said, "Don't say that about him, he is very good, the bar has only opened recently, and his occupation was... a writer."

"Writer?" Papa Mu said: "What writer? Show me what book you have written."

Mu Huanhuan went upstairs and took a book with a very delicate cover down. Mama Mu's eyes lit up and she brought the book over and said, "Yeah, It’s him, so the author is a man?"

Papa Mu said, "You know him?"

"You forgot? I was lying in bed reading a book two nights ago and cried, it was because of this book." Mama Mu Looking at Mu Huanhuan excitedly, she said, "Is the author your boyfriend? I always thought it was a female author? Is he handsome?"

"He's handsome." Mu Huanhuan said, "I'll show you the photo. "

“Okay, okay." Mama Mu took Mu Huanhuan's mobile phone to look at the photo, and said with a fascinated face: "Oh, so cute, Tata was exactly as I imagined."

Mu Junjun couldn't help but interrupted, "Isn't Tata one you imagined a woman?"

Mama Mu ignored him and said to Mu Huanhuan, "When will he publish a new book? Oh, call him home for dinner, he can cook? Mom wants to taste his craft."

Papa Mu roared, "Do I still have any right to speak to this family? Did I say I want to see him?"

"Why are you angry?" Mama Mu said unhappily, "You haven't met the person and already say they're not good. Huanhuan likes him. Do you have to give Huanhuan to someone she doesn't like?"

Papa Mu: "I'm not..."

"The children are already very pitiful. As an orphan, he must have suffered so much since he was a child and still wants to work hard to start a business. Are you going to deny him before you have said a word to him?"

Papa Mu, "I didn't..."

Mama Mu said, "How many people's children are forced to leave because their father insists on beating the mandarin ducks. It's a dead end."

Papa Mu, "Don't talk nonsense..."

Mu Huanhuan suddenly said: "Then, can we see him?"


Tao Ran was wearing a neat suit and holding a gift in his arms and followed Mu Huanhuan, Mu Huanhuan said, "You remember that the most important thing is to coax my mother well. As long as you coax my mother well, my dad doesn't need to care at all."

Tao Ran said, "Will it be bad for you to despise your father so much?"

"Just do as I say."

Mama Mu said uneasily, "Oh, Tata is coming, so nervous."

Mu Junjun, "Why are you nervous, he is your daughter's boyfriend, two years younger than your daughter "

“Yes." Mama Mu said, "My daughter has the ability to soak in tender grass."

Papa Mu: "...Did you say that about your daughter?"

"Ding dong!"

"Coming. coming!"

It was Mu Junjun who opened the door. Tao Ran smiled when he saw him, "This is my brother, he's handsome. Huanhuan actually lied to me."

Mu Junjun: "What did she lie to you about?"

Tao Ran, "She said that you are ugly and short, it's really nonsense, you are obviously handsome."

"Mu Huanhuan!" Mu Junjun immediately put his hand on Tao Ran's shoulder and said, "There is something wrong with her eyes, don't listen to her nonsense. Your eyes.. It's still very good..."

Facing Mu Huanhuan's parents, Tao Ran said politely: "Hello, uncle and auntie, small gifts are not respectful."

Papa Mu was about to show the majesty of an elder when Mama Mu rushed over and said, "Oh, he's so handsome. Mu Junjun, look at him, if you have half of his handsomeness, your mother can wake up laughing in her dreams."

Mu Junjun, "..."

"Good boy, sit down, auntie likes the gift you gave." The more Mama Mu looked at Tao Ran, the more she liked him. She said, "Good boy, you have suffered a lot for so many years, right?”

"No problem.” Tao Ran said “Men should eat a little bit of suffering.”

Hearing this, Papa Mu was a little more satisfied. Apparently, he also felt that men should suffer.

Tao Ran said, "I'm not good enough for Huanhuan. I've been very nervous before I came here."

Papa Mu said, "Why, as a man, feel nervous, did Huanhuan do a good job? She almost starved to death when leaving her home."

Mu Huanhuan pouted and said, "How can you say that about your daughter?"

Papa Mu said, "Isn't it?"

Tao Ran smiled softly, "Huanhuan is very good, I'll just cook for her."

Mama Mu, "Oh, don't laugh like that, the girl's heart will be laughed out."

Tao Ran continued to smile softly and tenderly, I heard it's hard? Obviously, it's easy to handle.

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