Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 113: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [5]

Tao Ran walked away with the heat preservation bucket. The female teacher recalled she didn't see her go to the cafeteria to eat at noon every day. It turned out that someone had brought her food. She took the cup and went to the water dispenser next to Mu Huanhuan to get some water. Seeing that Mu Huanhuan was also drinking water, she asked: "Miss Mu, was that your boyfriend?"

"Huh?" Mu Huanhuan shook her head quickly, "No, don't get me wrong."

‘He’s not your brother or boyfriend who came to bring you meals at noon with an injury?’ The teacher laughed, "Miss Mu, what's so embarrassing? You are now at the age where you can fall in love."

Mu Huanhuan waved her hand and said: "Don't talk nonsense. I have a fiancé. He is just my ordinary friend."

Liu Maomao stood in the corridor wiping tears, surrounded by seven or eight classmates comforting her.

Wang Chao said: "Don't cry. I'll treat you to a milk tea."

"I don't drink milk tea." Liu Maomao said with red eyes, "My parents never beat me. So why did she beat me?"

"She's a teacher..."

"Can a teacher beat anyone? What does it matter to her if I don't do my homework?"

Wang Chao thought for a while and said: "Don't cry. She’s just a teacher. I heard she lives alone in the dark alley. My eldest brother lives there. If I want to teach her a lesson, isn't it a piece of cake?"

Liu Maomao asked: "Really? Then can you get her out of school? I'm annoyed everytime when I see her."

"No problem, as long as I find my big brother... eh? Who are you?"

Tao Ran stood behind the school bully, stretched out his hand, grabbed his collar, and said: "I want to talk to you." Then he dragged him away by his collar.

Liu Maomao and the others were startled, and one of them asked: "Who is that person? Will Wang Chao be alright?"

"He looked so fierce."

Liu Maomao was a little scared and asked: "Do you want to inform the teacher?"

"But the headteacher is Mu Huanhuan..."


Mu Huanhuan had enough to eat at noon, and her spirits were excellent in the afternoon. So she took a book and went on to prepare for class. The students in this school were all poor in grades and had some money at home, which was particularly difficult to manage. But Mu Huanhuan didn't dare to ignore them because the students' test scores were linked to her salary.

Mu Huanhuan felt a headache when she thought of the thorns in the class.

But this afternoon seemed to be a little different. When she stepped into the third shift, no one was talking.

So nice?

Mu Huanhuan put the book on the podium and said: "Class."

The class leader said: "Stand up!"

"Hello, teacher!"

The sound was deafening, and Mu Huanhuan couldn't recover for a long time. What happened? Don't they usually ignore greeting her? Why are they so obedient today?

A boy with long hair next to Wang Chao said with an uncomfortable expression, "Tsk, I can't take it anymore. Why don't you let me skip class?"

Wang Chao said with a sullen face, "If you dare to skip class, I will kill you."

Seeing that the students were so obedient today, Mu Huanhuan thought it was a good opportunity and said: "Have you read the school rules? The students should dress in a standard way. Female students can't dye their hair, and male students can't have long hair. The classmate in the last row, your hair is too long. Find time for a haircut."

The student was none other than the boy who had just complained about skipping class beforehand.

His eyes widened in shock, thinking that what the fuck does she even have to do with his hairstyle? Just as he was about to stand up, Wang Chao, sitting beside him, held him down forcefully. He raised his head and showed a flattering smile to Mu Huanhuan, "Of course, his hair must be cut. Teacher, I will supervise him to cut his hair."

Mu Huanhuan smiled, thinking that although this Wang Chao looked a little fierce, he was still pretty good.

The long-haired student looked at Wang Chao with a face worse than death and whispered, "Brother Chao, what's the matter with you?"

Wang Chao whispered, "From now on, everyone should listen carefully to Teacher Mu's words. If she tells you to go east, you must not go west."

In despair, the long-haired student asked: "Can you tell me the reason?"

"Do you know who she is?" Wang Chao pointed at Mu Huanhuan.

"I do not know."

"She is my boss's boss' woman." Wang Chao said, "Do you dare not listen to her words?"

Long-haired student, "Fuck!"

At the school gate, Old Wolf was riding a bicycle with Tao Ran behind him. He said: "Just now, that kid was like a grandson to me. I didn't expect him to dare to bully my sister-in-law at school. If it wasn't for you stopping me, I would have beaten him half to death."

Tao Ran sat quietly in the back seat of the bicycle and said: "Hurry up and make money to buy a car, or I won't let you send me out next time."

Old Wolf wondered, "Why?"

Tao Ran, who looked thin and well-behaved, held the waist of a muscled young man, and the breeze blew through the hair of the two. Tao Ran replied, "It will cause misunderstandings."

Old Wolf: "???"

Old Wolf felt that he couldn't understand the elder brother more and more, and he said: "Brother, you are right. You are already injured, yet you still cook and then bring it to the elder sister in person. What about the majesty of the elder brother?"

Tao Ran: "Is your skin itchy?"

"Hehe." Old Wolf smiled and said: "I just think my sister-in-law will really feel happy. If someone cooks a meal for me every day and delivers it to me, I can wake up laughing in my dreams."

"Then I'm afraid you won't have this chance. It's almost the same for you to serve others like this."


On weekends, it was Mu Huanhuan’s day off. She got up early in the morning to dress up. Although Xin Zhao said that he was not free, she could go to see Xin Zhao. She changed into the clothes she had brought from home and took out the cosmetics she had been reluctant to use. It took more than an hour to get dressed, and finally, she stood in front of the mirror and sighed.

She had already worn this dress when she met A’zhao last time. ‘If he sees me wearing it again this time, will A’zhao have any opinion on me?’ Mu Huanhuan frowned. She really won’t have enough to eat if she really had to spend her current salary buying clothes.

When Tao Ran was exercising in the yard, he saw Mu Huanhuan dressed beautifully. Mu Huanhuan walked to Tao Ran's yard door, stopped, and asked: "How do I look today?"

Tao Ran looked seriously for a while and said: "You’re even more beautiful than usual."

This compliment was impeccable. Tao Ran not only complimented Mu Huanhuan's beauty in ordinary times but also complimented the results of her hard work in putting on makeup today. Mu Huanhan went out happily. Tao Ran looked at her back and got worried. Was she going to see Xin Zhao? In the novel, Mu Huanhuan never came back happily when seeing Xin Zhao since the heroine, Su Mo, came back.

But Tao Ran couldn't stop them from meeting each other as Xin Zhao, and Mu Huanhuan were in a relationship...

If it weren't for this relationship, Mu Huanhuan wouldn't even have thought about seeing Xin Zhao. Moreover, because of his identity in this world, it was not easy to see those big bosses. So he could only comfort himself. At most, Mu Huanhuan would come back angry. She just wanted to do bad things but didn't have the ability, right?

As expected by Tao Ran, Mu Huanhuan went to Xin Zhao's company, and it didn't take long before she felt like she was going to explode.

It wasn't that she caught Xin Zhao and Su Mo, but because Xin Zhao wasn't in the company. Xin Zhao's secretary said that Xin Zhao took care of some work yesterday and deliberately set aside today for a day off. This is very common for someone like Xin Zhao, but Mu Huanhuan called him the day before yesterday, and Xin Zhao said he was so busy that he had no time at all.

Mu Huanhuan stepped on her high heels and went out. Although she didn't want to admit it, Xin Zhao was so secretive that he didn't even tell her who he went to see.

Standing on the street, watching the cars coming and going, Mu Huanhuan smashed the pillar beside her with a punch. She felt wronged and angry at the same time. Why did Xin Zhao treat her like this? Just because she liked him?

In a fit of rage, Mu Huanhuan began to call. She didn't call Xin Zhao this time but his mother.

"Hello, Auntie, this is Huanhuan."

Xin Zhao's mother was still very satisfied with Mu Huanhuan. The key to a good girl and a beautiful person was to be in the right place. Recently, his son and Huanhuan seemed to be having trouble, and she was also very anxious. Mu Huanhuan called her out of a sudden, she couldn't say how happy she was, "Huanhuan when are you coming home?"

Mu Huanhuan didn't speak and cried out on the phone. Zhao Ma was startled. She was both comforting and asking until Mu Huanhuan finally stopped crying. Mu Huanhuan complained, "Auntie, Xin Zhao lied to me. He said he was not available today because of some work, but he went to find that Su Mo."


Zhao's mother put down the phone. When she met Su Mo three years ago, she disagreed with her son being with Su Mo. Three years later, Su Mo was already an unchaste person. How could she allow her son to continue to be with that woman?

Mu Huanhuan cried to Zhao Ma. She knew that she couldn't do anything to Xin Zhao. The only people who could manage Xin Zhao were his parents. She put so much effort into dressing up, but she didn't even see Xin Zhao's face. She had seen Su Mo once. She was thin and indifferent, but she didn't expect her to be so seductive.

She stood on the platform waiting for the bus instead of the taxi, and to look better when she saw Xin Zhao. This month, even for her meals, she was being helped by others, so how can she have the spare money to take a taxi this time?

Tao Ran knew that Mu Huanhuan would explode back, but he didn't expect her to explode back so quickly. Before he finished his set of punches in the yard, Mu Huanhuan walked in with a gloomy face.

Mu Huanhuan sat on the chair by the door and asked: "When are you going to eat?"

"Do you mean breakfast or lunch?" Tao Ran kept moving, "I've already eaten breakfast, but lunch is still early."

Mu Huanhuan put her hands on her cheeks and asked: "Do men nowadays like bodies which look like tree branches?"

Tao Ran thought for a while and then asked: "What is a branch body?"

"It's just skin and bones, with no breasts and butt."

Tao Ran seemed to understand something and said: "I don't know about other men, but I still like them with a little bit of flesh."

Mu Huanhuan couldn't figure it out either. So finally, she tugged at her hair in distress and asked "Am I very unlikable?"

Tao Ran changed his posture and did not speak.

Mu Huanhuan raised her head, "You answer me."

"Do you want to hear the truth?" But, Tao Ran warned, "The truth may hurt you more."

What does it mean?

Mu Huanhuan rushed to Tao Ran angrily, pulled on Tao Ran's collar fiercely and asked: "Humph! What do you mean?"

Tao Ran briefly explained, "You can't cook, can't do housework, and have a bad temper. So it's really not particularly likable."

"You... eh?" Mu Huanhuan widened her eyes and asked: "What is this?"

Tao Ran followed her gaze, and Mu Huanhuan ripped off one of the buttons on his chest, revealing the complicated tattoos behind it.

Mu Huanhuan couldn't help but want to reach out and take a closer look, "Is this a tattoo?"

"Yes." Tao Ran took a step back and asked: "Have you heard of the Left Green Dragon and Right White Tiger?"

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