Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 115: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [7]

He didn't see Mu Huanhuan for a day, and she fell ill just like this. What if he didn't see her for a week? Would he have to hold a chrysanthemum and wipe his tears when he saw her again?

He carried Mu Huanhuan to his house, of course, not to his bed. After all, he was going to sleep there tonight. After carrying Mu Huanhuan onto the bed in the guest room, Tao Ran turned around and went out to pick up her bicycle. Tao Ran's scalp felt numb when looking at the bicycle with its steel rim bent in front. ‘How painful was her fall?’

It was inconvenient to send her to the hospital so late, and if it was just a fever caused by a cold, it would be better to take some medicine at home. So Tao Ran fed her cold medicine and put ice cubes in a plastic bag to make an ice pack for Mu Huanhuan to put on her head.

Mu Huanhuan laid motionless on the bed. Tao Ran checked and found that her right hand and arm were bruised. Then he went out the door, turned around and entered Old Wolf's house next door. Old Wolf was not free tonight, so Tao Ran grabbed a wire and pried his house door. He went in and took the medicine box.

The following day, Mu Huanhuan was woken up by the sunlight. She unconsciously stretched out her hand to cover her eyes, thinking that since when the north-facing window of her house also had such a burst of sunshine? But, when she opened her eyes, she was shocked. Where was this? This was not her house at all. Then, when she moved her body, she felt something fall from her head.

Mu Huanhuan picked it up and saw that it was a bag full of water.

She touched her head, which was slightly colder than her hand. Then, looking at the cold medicine and water cup on the table by the bed, she understood what was going on. It was not surprising that she fell sick. After all, she was so uncomfortable yesterday. The strange thing was, who took care of her?

Mu Huanhuan got out of bed gently, pushed open the door and saw the familiar living room of Zhong Xiao's house. ‘Oh, it turned out to be Zhong Xiao's house.’

Tao Ran came out of the kitchen and saw Mu Huanhuan leaning against the door, staring at the living room in a daze. He walked over, avoided Mu Huanhuan and stretched out his right hand.

Mu Huanhuan was startled and had to step back reflexively, but the door was not closed tightly, and she almost fell. Tao Ran held Mu Huanhuan's arm with one hand, touched her forehead, then nodded and said: "Good, the fever has subsided."

Mu Huanhuan asked, "Why am I in your house?"

Tao Ran turned around and took Mu Huanhuan's toiletries from the cupboard. He said: "Last night, when I came back, I happened to see you crashing your bicycle into the wall to commit suicide. So I had to bring you back."

Mu Huanhuan couldn't help twitching the corners of her mouth. She was grateful for Tao Ran taking care of her, but his mouth was so poisonous that Mu Huanhuan just wanted to slap him on the wall. Tao Ran handed her the toothbrush and towel and said: "Go wash, and eat after washing."

Have a meal……

Mu Huanhuan, who wanted to say something at first, was moved by these two words. She obediently went to wash up, then sat and waited for breakfast. There was an alluring aroma from the kitchen. Tao Ran brought out a large bowl and said: "You are still ill. Just eat some noodles. It's easy to digest."

Mu Huanhuan took a look and saw that such a big bowl was full of milky white soup, with a small pile of noodles in the middle and a poached egg next to it. She lowered her head and took a sip of the noodle soup and then couldn't help taking several sips. Tao Ran was afraid it would be tasteless, so he offered, "Would you like to eat some pickles?"

"No need." Mu Huanhuan raised her head and said, "What kind of noodles is this? This soup is really delicious."

"It's just crucian carp soup." Tao Ran said: "I originally wanted to make chicken soup for you to drink, but you'd better not eat too greasy things when you are sick."

Mu Huanhuan held the chopsticks in her hand, lowered her head and took another bite of the noodles. She had to say that Zhong Xiao was very kind to her. She even quarreled with him the day before yesterday, yet he still thoughtfully took care of her. Previously, thinking about it, he cooked for her every day and was even injured because of her. He even went to school to deliver meals to her.

He didn't like her, did he?

No wonder Mu Huanhuan thought so. Even if they were friends, they might not be able to do so well, and they couldn't be regarded as friends. After Mu Huanhuan ate the noodles, she finally regained some strength. She took the bowl and went to wash it. Tao Ran stopped her and said: "I'll go wash the dishes. Otherwise, people will say I abused the sick."

Mu Huanhuan just sat there drinking water, watching Tao Ran going in and out. Then, finally, she said: "Thank you."

Tao Ran: "You're welcome."

Thinking of what happened the day before yesterday, Mu Huanhuan said a little guilty, "I'm sorry."

Tao Ran: "It doesn't matter."

"..." Mu Huanhuan was a little angry, "Do you know why I said sorry?"

Tao Ran turned his head, "Isn't it because you yelled at me the day before yesterday?"

"...Yes." Mu Huanhuan said: "I was wrong the day before yesterday. I'm sorry, I was in a bad mood at that time. Besides, who told you to call me an old cow?"

Tao Ran smiled and started watering the vegetables in the yard. When Mu Huanhuan saw that Tao Ran had not yet turned 20 and was alone at home, she asked "What about your family? Why are you alone all the time?"

Tao Ran didn't look back and said: "I was brought up by my grandma. Later, when my grandma died, I was left alone."

Mu Huanhuan suddenly had a feeling of sadness. Suddenly, a young man became an orphan at a young age and could only take care of himself. Even after graduating from college, her life would be a mess for someone as big as herself. Zhong Xiao was still young at that time. He had neither relatives nor a diploma. Even if he went to work, no one would necessarily want to employ him. No wonder he had tattoos on his body. No wonder he would hang out with that group of people.

If it wasn't for that, he probably wouldn't survive.

Mu Huanhuan imagined Tao Ran as a tough and tenacious young man. She thought that she was two years older than him, and even if she couldn't take care of him, she shouldn't cause trouble for him. Thinking of this, Mu Huanhuan's eyes looking at Tao Ran were full of love. When Tao Ran turned around, he was taken aback by Mu Huanhuan's expression.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

Mu Huanhuan waved to Tao Ran, "Come here."

Tao Ran walked over in a daze. Mu Huanhuan stood up and touched the top of Tao Ran's head, "Are you tired? Let me water the plants for you."

"..." Tao Ran looked at Mu Huanhuan with fear, "What happened to you?"

"It's nothing." Instead, Mu Huanhuan said: "I just want to help you."

"Thank you, but no need." Tao Ran put the things away and said: "I'll be thankful if you take care of your body and don't cause trouble for me."

"..." This child's words are really not cute.

Mu Huanhuan looked at Tao Ran and felt that he was about the same age as the students in his class. Suddenly she remembered something and screamed, "No!!!I didn't go to school today!"

Tao Ran's mouth twitched, and he said calmly, "I've already asked for a leave for you."

Old Wolf next door let out a roar at this time, "Who?! Which bastard dares to pry the door of this Lao Zi?"

Tao Ran said to the next door, "It's me."

"..." Old Wolf, "Fuck you, brother!!!Why did you destroy the lock if you want to come to my house?"

Tao Ran: "Because there was no key."

In the next yard, something was thrown over with a swish. Tao Ran took it in his hand and saw that it was a key. Old Wolf said: "I'll give my house key to you so that you can enter easily in the future."

Mu Huanhuan was amused and asked curiously, "You are younger than them. Why are you the eldest brother?"

"Probably because my righteousness is weak." Tao Ran smiled and said: "Also, I can fight better than them."

It's really pitiful to work so hard at such a young age. Mu Huanhuan's eyes looking at Tao Ran became more and more loving.

Tao Ran felt a chill. Then, not knowing what Mu Huanhuan was thinking, he changed the subject and said: "Why did you become so sick without me seeing you for just a day?"

Mu Huanhuan frowned and said: "The water heater in the house was broken. So I took a cold shower."

Tao Ran thought and said: "You have a really bad eye for renting such a house. That house is small and damp, and the windows face north. It's a pity that you can live there."

"There was no other way. I'm short of money." Mu Huanhuan revealed despair in her eyes.

Tao Ran thought for a while and said: "I still have a room in my house. I just don't know if you want to live in it."

Mu Huanhuan reminisced about the room she woke up in the morning. It had a big bed, big windows, good hygiene, and a good yard environment. It was heaven compared to her house, but Mu Huanhuan still asked: "Why are you being so kind to me?"

Tao Ran stared at her silently for two seconds, then asked: "What do you think?"

Mu Huanhuan couldn't help blushing and whispered, "I have a boyfriend."

"It's none of my business." Tao Ran said: "I already have a dishwasher, and I still need a live-in nanny to clean and do laundry."

Mu Huanhuan: "..."


Xin Zhao drove to Su Mo's residence. Su Mo was not at home and did not answer his calls. After he came out, his mother gave him a stern talk. All in all, he was not allowed to be with Su Mo. She also said that Mu Huanhuan was a good girl, so he should cherish her.

Mu Huanhuan was a good girl, wasn't Momo? Momo has suffered a lot and suffered so many sins. Why can't her mother take pity on her? Xin Zhao slammed the steering wheel hard. He would never lose Momo again, never again.

Opening the address book, he clicked on the person's number, and then the person answered the phone with a somewhat surprised tone.

"A’xin, why did you suddenly call me?"

Zhao Tao: "Huanhuan, do you have time now? I want to chat with you face to face."

"Of course, where are you, I'll find you."

Xin Zhao: "I'll pick you up."

"No need, no need, tell me the location, I'll find you."

"Okay." Xin Zhao looked around and said: "I'm..."

Mu Huanhuan put down her phone, thinking that Xin Zhao must never know she lived in such a place. Thinking of Xin Zhao taking the initiative to ask her out, she felt happy. She thought for a while and said to Tao Ran, "Let me borrow your bathroom to use it."

Tao Ran raised his eyelids slightly and asked: "Are you going to see your boyfriend?"

Mu Huanhuan was silent for a while but still said: "Yes."

"Oh." Tao Ran said: "You can use it."

Mu Huanhuan took a shower, washed her hair, changed clothes, and tossed with makeup for a long time. Tao Ran saw her happily go out the door, and after thinking about it, he changed his coat and followed her.

Xin Zhao waited for Mu Huanhuan for two hours, and his patience had reached the limit. Momo never let him wait. He would clarify today, and he would never let Momo be wronged again.

"A’Xin." Mu Huanhuan trotted over with a smile on her face, panting slightly, "I made you wait for a long time, because I have to prepare..."

"Okay, stop talking." Xin Zhao interrupted her impatiently.

Mu Huanhuan stared at him. Then, Zhao Xindao pried, "Did you tell my mother? Did you say bad things about Momo in front of my mother?"

Mu Huanhuan looked at him incredulously, "I am your girlfriend, and we are all ready to get married."

"I have already gone to your house to break off the marriage." Xin Zhao said coldly, "I'm meeting with you today to tell you that we have nothing to do with each other anymore. So please don't disturb us, please don't hurt Momo again. Momo is different from you. She is kind and easy to get hurt. So please stay away from us."

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