Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 117: Little White Flower in the Dark Alley [9]

For some reason, Mu Huanhuan thought that Tao Ran was really cute. She glanced at Tao Ran. Thinking that she was going to school, turned around to find her bicycle.

After a while, there was a scream from the yard. Tao Ran came out with a bag, and saw Mu Huanhuan standing beside her bicycle with a sad face, "Why did my bicycle become like this?"

Tao Ran handed her the bag and said, "That's because your bicycle crashed head-on into the wall instead of you that day."

Mu Huanhuan: "..."

"Take the bus." Tao Ran said.

Mu Huanhuan carried the bag and said, "What's inside?"

Tao Ran said, "Your lunch."

Mu Huanhuan's brows suddenly became bright. Today she finally didn't have to face the cold eight-treasure porridge. Mu Huanhuan carried the bag and went out of the courtyard door. Just as Tao Ran turned around and was about to enter the house, Mu Huanhuan ran in and said, "I'll be back this afternoon, please help me carry my stuffs."

Tao Ran was a little strange, "Move?"

Mu Huanhuan's eyes widened, "Didn't you tell me to move here?"

In fact, Tao Ran envied Mu Huanhuan and her youth. It is good to be young. Yesterday she was desperate, but today she was alive and kicking.

The old wolf next door also saw the interaction between the two. After Mu Huanhuan left, he came over and said, "Eldest brother is really capable. Two days ago were still quarreling, and now start living together."

Tao Ran looked at him coldly. Old wolf didn't care at all, he came over and put his hand on Tao Ran's shoulder and said, "Let's go, let's have breakfast."

Xin Zhao finally found Su Mo. When he found her, Su Mo was at the station. He ignored the eyes of the people around him, hugged Su Mo in his arms fiercely, and tell Su Mo to never leave him again.

Su Mo was held in Xin Zhao's arms. This man was the only man she had ever loved in her life. During the three years she had been away, she had always thought of Xin Zhao all the time. Now that she was back, and although Xin Zhao still loves her, the situation has not changed, Xin Zhao's mother still hates her.

She still remembered that day she got a call from Xin Zhao's mother, and his mother humiliated her as much as possible on the phone. From family background to education, and then to that nightmarish memory for her.

"Xin Zhao." Su Mo said in a hoarse voice, "What's the use of you finding me? Your mother would never approve of us being together."

Xin Zhao's eyes were also red, and he said, "Don't worry, She will agree sooner or later. As long as I don't get married, she will agree to us sooner or later."

What Su Mo wants to say was if you persecute your mother like this, even if they succeed in the end, she will be more disgusted with herself. But she didn't say it, she couldn't bear to make the man she loves suffer.

Xin Zhao hugged Su Mo and said, "I have sent that woman Mu Huanhuan away today. From now on, we can be together in an open and honest way."

Su Mo was holding Xin Zhao in tears. She wouldn't leave Xin Zhao easily again.

The final exam was approaching, Mu Huanhuan now spares as much time as possible for students to review in addition to class. It happened that she was a little uncomfortable these two days, and this situation was not suitable for class, so she sat on the podium and let the students review.

The classroom was quiet, except for the sound of flipping books and the sound of writing. Recently, her students seem to have been bewitched. One by one, they were reading books attentively, and Mu Huanhuan clearly saw several students who were usually very naughty looking at the book with distressed expressions, as if they were about to fight with the book to the end.

That's good, she can feel much more at ease.

Mu Huanhuan thought happily, everyone in the office always said that the students in the third class were the most difficult to manage. But she felt that it was very good. It must be because those teachers didn't use the right method. They can be well behaved with the right method.

At noon, when the teachers were eating and taking a break, Mu Huanhuan took out two thermal insulation buckets from the bag.

Why is it two?

Mu Huanhuan opened it and saw that one of the buckets contained food, and the other bucket contained milky white fish soup.

The corner of Mu Huanhuan's mouth could not be restrained, and the teacher next to her saw it and said, "This soup is really fragrant. Did you make it yourself?"

Even if the fish soup was placed in the heat preservation bucket for so long, it was still a little warm. Mu Huanhuan took a sip, and happiness was about to take off. She smiled and said, "No, I don't know how to cook."

Then the teacher said, "Was it done by the guy from last time?"

"Yes." Mu Huanhuan nodded.

The teacher's expression was a little unnatural: "He's not your boyfriend, always let the other person to cook for you, is this appropriate?"

Mu Huanhuan drank the soup calmly and said, "He is willing to cook it for me. What can I do?"

The teacher choked and changed the subject: "Why haven't you eaten in the cafeteria recently? Didn't the school issue a meal card?"

Mu Huanhuan said, "Oh, It’s like this. The last time when I ate in the cafeteria, I ate a big worm, from then on I never go to the cafeteria to eat again. You know I'm a picky eater, and I don't like worms."

The teacher's face immediately turned green, because she had just come back from eating in the cafeteria..

Mu Huanhuan ate and drank well, and even scolded the noisy bitch, her mood reached a new level. She thought it seems she was able to live a good life without Xin Zhao. Before, she looked like a mentally retarded person for making herself desperate because of Xin Zhao.

Thinking of this, Mu Huanhuan took out her mobile phone and sent Tao Ran a WeChat message, "What’s for dinner?"

Tao Ran was sitting in front of the computer struggling. Recently, a publisher contacted him to publish his novel, so he didn't dare to be sloppy. When the mobile phone notification message came, Tao Ran took it out to take a look, and then replied angrily, "Fuck."

Mu Huanhuan replied with a look of disgust, "Can you not be so vulgar and disgusting?"

Tao Ran replied, "Just say what you want to eat, I'm busy right now, can you please don't bother me?"

Mu Huanhuan was so angry that he actually spoke to her in such a tone.

Out of anger, she began to press the keyboard frantically, her fingers speed was so fast that the shadow was almost invisible.

Seeing that Mu Huanhuan didn't reply for a long time, Tao Ran thought that she would be obedient and not bother him anymore. Just as he wrote the key point, the phone dinged.

Tao Ran picked it up and looked at it, and then he couldn't help crack his fists. Why was this? Because Mu Huanhuan sent him a long message, it was full of all kinds of dish names, and there were so many dishes that Tao Ran wanted to rush to the school immediately to pry open Mu Huanhuan's brain to see if it was filled with a golden rice bucket.

Mu Huanhuan smiled smugly at the phone, and then added another line, "It was you who said it, I can tell you what I want to eat."

Tao Ran: "..." This nasty bitch.

When Mu Huanhuan came back in the evening. As soon as she entered the yard, she was almost soared by the aroma. She walked in and saw that there were more than a dozen dishes on the dining table in the living room. The sound of cooking came from the kitchen. She hurriedly walked in and saw that Tao Ran was stir-fried with the expression facing death calmly, and surrounded with a number of dishes that have been prepared and were ready to cook.

Mu Huanhuan was shocked and said: "Who are you going to entertain?"

"You." Tao Ran squinted at her, "Isn't these all the dishes you ordered."

Mu Huanhuan: "..."

Mu Huanhuan reached out her hand to hold the door frame, she tangled: "Do you really do as much as I ask you to do? How can I finish it?"

"Don't worry, you can finish it." Tao Ran smiled slightly: "From today onward, you can only eat leftovers every day, and if you can't finish the leftovers, you will not be able to eat new dishes."

Mu Huanhuan: "..." Is this the legend of lifting a stone to hit her own feet?

Mu Huanhuan walked over and pinched the corner of Tao Ran's clothes with her index finger and thumb, and said pitifully, "Don't cook anymore, I don't want to eat leftovers."

Tao Ran ignored her and keep wielding the spatula.

"I know I'm wrong, I shouldn't make trouble unreasonably." Mu Huanhuan stared at Tao Ran with watery eyes, "Let's save the rest for tomorrow."

Tao Ran: "No, I will definitely do what I promised. "

Mu Huanhuan wanted to cry but had no tears, stretched out her arms around Tao Ran's waist, and shook, "No, I really know I'm wrong, I really don't want to eat leftovers every day..."

Tao Ran was almost shaken out by her. He held the wall to stabilize his body, and said, "You try to shake it again? I will cook instant noodles for you to eat every day."

Instant noodles...

Hearing this frightening food, Mu Huanhuan immediately became honest. She would rather eat leftovers every day than instant noodles. Then she discovered that she was hugging Tao Ran's waist from behind, and her face was still on his back.

Mom! How could I do such a thing?

Mu Huanhuan darted out of the kitchen like lightning, and sat in front of a table full of dishes with a heartbeat. How did she do that? He was a tender grass two years younger than her...

In the yard that day, Tao Ran's words keep muttering in her ears like a curse.

You are an old cow, You are an old cow, You are an old cow, You are an old cow You are an    old cow, old cow, old cow, old cow

Tao Ran set the dishes in front of her. “Let’s eat. What are you thinking?”

She suddenly came back to her senses, looking at Tao Ran who was so close, she panicked. With her head lower, she fled into the kitchen. Tao Ran looked at the kitchen door and thought, Mu Huanhuan was wrong just now, could it be she was still thinking about Xin Zhao?

Thinking, he began to call the system, "Xiaomei Xiaomei, how is Mu Huanhuan's situation now? Will she be blackened?"

Xiaomei looked at Tao Ran with a complicated look and said, "No, she's fine now, she won't be blackened even if you are blackened."

"Is that so?" Tao Ran raised his eyebrows and said, "What kind of look is that? "

Xiaomei: "Caring eyes for the mentally retarded."

Tao Ran almost exploded on the spot, "What did you say?"

Xiaomei shook her head and said, "You are the most difficult and slowest host I have ever brought. "

Tao Ran looked at Xiaomei with a very unkind look, how could he be so difficult? Why is he slow? Can sluggishness accomplish so many tasks? Xiaomei must be broken, it must be so.

Mu Huanhuan came out with two bowls of rice and then started to eat silently. What surprised Tao Ran was that Mu Huanhuan looked up at him after taking two bites, and then lowered her head to eat. Tao Ran said, "Is it delicious?"

Mu Huanhuan nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

Tao Ran said, "Looks like I'm really handsome."

Mu Huanhuan raised her head, her eyes filled with confusion.

Tao Ran pointed to the untouched dishes on the table, and said, "I can eat just by looking at me. am I not handsome?"

Mu Huanhuan: "..." How can there be a person who can displease others with one talk?

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