Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 89: My Great Grandfather [1]

As he had been taking the Rejuvenation pill for a long time, there were always some side effects. When he was old, he fell ill very quickly within two to three days. Finally he took the first step to death before Xuanyuan Yan.

After living together for so many years, even if it was just two ordinary friends, their feelings would be extraordinary, let alone two people who were so close.

At the moment of closing his eyes, Tao Ran saw two tears in Xuanyuan Yan's old and turbid eyes. She cried again. This was the second time Tao Ran saw her cry.

The last time he turned around, he saw Xuanyuan Yan weeping alone, and this time Xuanyuan Yan was weeping alone again. That moment as if there was something through the power of death that finally broke through and Tao Ran finally understood.

In many tasks, he cleaned his feelings and gradually became numb to his feelings. The soul seemed to be covered with a thick coat, so that people can't touch or see it, and it was no longer sensitive to the outside world.

Xuanyuan Yan gave himself all her love in the following decades, but he was always indifferent. But fortunately, he finally understood.

Xiaomei put a pair of rabbits on her panda's head and said it was to celebrate the fact that Tao Ran had completed half the mission. and Tao Ran said in a deep voice: "That means, I have to do this process five more times?"

The rabbit ear on Xiaomei's head trembled. She looked at Tao Ran and said, "Host, do you feel bored? Don't worry, your mission this time will not be boring at all."

"When did I feel bored? Wait..." Tao Ran looked at Xiaomei and asked, "What do you mean? What happened to this mission?"

Xiaomei snapped her claws and said, "Because the host complained last time that he didn't like the passive identity of Ye Tan, Xiaomei carefully selected a very domineering identity for the host."

Tao Ran's heart thumped, there was a very bad premonition.

Xiaomei showed a big smile and said in a sweet voice, "Is the host ready? We are going to start!"

Tao Ran's eyes were blurred, and the hum of electricity began to buzz in his ears.


When he opened his eyes, Tao Ran found himself in heaven. Accurately speaking, he was in the sky. He absorbed the memory of this body, and his heart was relieved. Xiaomei really didn't lie to him. This time, his identity was really domineering.

The identity Tao Ran took over this time was a person named Yi Bai; he was the ancestor of the Luofu Sect, the first Immortal sect in the cultivation world. He really was an old ancestor, because he had indeed lived for many years. As the Luofu sect's ancestor, or as the cultivation world's only remaining ten thousand-year-old ancestor, even in Luofu, not many know of Yi Bai.

In the novel, he only appeared once, when he suddenly took the female lead as an apprentice and became the largest golden thigh for the female lead.

Tao Ran was very satisfied with this identity, because it meant that it was much more convenient for him to do the task. Tao Ran probed a little and found that he was now in a Yin God cultivation realm. But that was not right, wasn't the Yi Bai in the book present in the Yuan Shen cultivation realm?

While Tao Ran was still confused, there was a loud noise in the air. Tao Ran trembled with fear and looked up. His heart almost broke out of his chest. Why? Because he didn't notice when the thick cloud had gathered above his head.

The cloud was purple black, with thick streaks of lightning flashing over it. To be exact, this cloud was called Tribulation cloud. When Tao Ran crossed over, Yi Bai was crossing his tribulation. It was at this time that he broke through and reached the Yuan Shen cultivation realm and became the highest cultivator of Luofu.

It was a happy thing to say, but Tao Ran just wanted to curse. Why didn’t Xiaomei send him after the tribulation was done? Looking at the tribulation cloud that was emitting a terrible spiritual energy above, Tao Ran thought this was going to kill people ……….

At this time, a streak of thick purple lightning struck, and the speed was unimaginable. Tao Ran was hit before he could even react. He felt a numbness in his brain. At that time, he was glad that Yi Bai was in good health and could resist the first strike of heavenly lightning just relying on his physical body.

Tao Ran did not dare to continue to harden his body, he was not yet fully familiar with his body’s situation, and could not afford to take another strike directly.

Thinking of this, he began to fly to the place where there was little aura. The strength of lightning tribulation had something to do with the richness of spiritual energy. The place where the spiritual energy was thin, and the power of the corresponding lightning tribulation would be weakened.

Tao Ran rushed to the place quickly, and then he found that it was a city.

He forgot to mention that this world was the modern world of cultivation, which meant that the world is where technology and Immortal cultivation coexisted.

Looking at the cars coming and going in the street, Tao Ran thought to himself that no wonder the spiritual energy here was so thin, and the emotional space was occupied by exhaust gas.

This day was originally a cloudless sunny day. It was not known what happened. Suddenly, the wind and clouds gathered, and a large area of purple and black clouds gathered in the sky.

Liu Yong looked at the suddenly dark sky and thought in his heart, didn’t the weather forecast say it wouldn't rain? The weather forecast clearly said it was sunny today. A man nearby said: "Shit, the weather forecast is getting more and more inaccurate now."

Just when everyone was collecting their clothes and getting ready to go home, a brilliant lightning bolt flashed by with a sky-shattering ‘bang’.


Many people's hearts beat violently.They had never heard such a loud thunder.

Just because ordinary people didn't know the truth doesn't mean everyone didn't know the truth. Some cultivators hidden in the city recognized that someone was crossing the tribulation. "Look, someone should be crossing the Yuan Shen tribulation? I can't imagine that there are people in the world who can cultivate to this extent. Shouldn't they be an old monster who had been in closed-door cultivation for thousands of years?"

"Does this senior have no common sense? How dare he come to the sky above the city to cross the tribulation, it seems that the power is going to go out today."

Sure enough, when the second lightning struck down, the circuit of the city was suddenly damaged, and all the electric facilities in the whole city stopped working.

People who were making phone calls found their phones smoking. People who were withdrawing money, found that the money could not come out. The authors who were writing found that their computers suddenly went black, so they immediately danced happily, "Oh yeah, now I can justify the break!"

The heavenly thunder and lightning continued to strike down, turning the entire city into a thunder and lightning hell.

Liu Yong looked at the scene blankly and suddenly remembered the online passage. He smiled and arched his hand at the purple clouds and said, "I don't know which Taoist friend is here to cross the tribulation?"

Tao Ran was nearly cooked by the thunder and lightning. He heard Liu Yong's words, took time out of his busy schedule to answer, "It's poor Dao ah."

Liu Yong: "..." Mom, why did I seem to hear someone talking?

Liu Yong looked around and found that no one paid attention to him. It was not auditory hallucinations right?

With a narrow escape, Tao Ran finally got through the disaster.

Once he crossed the tribulation, the tribulation clouds immediately dispersed and instantly the sky returned to the previous clear state.

People watching this scene were stunned. Just like the end of the world, they didn't expect the sky to clear up in the twinkling of an eye. This feeling was like whatever they had experienced before was just an illusion.

Liu Yong stared at the scene dumbfounded and then suddenly linked it with the voice he had just heard. Someone was really crossing the tribulation? Were there really Immortals in the world? What was written in the novels was not a lie?

The cultivator who had been watching the tribulation clouds, saw the clouds dissipate after landing nine heavenly strikes, and knew that the person was successful in crossing the tribulation. He said excitedly, "This person was really successful in crossing the tribulation. The world has not seen a Yuan Shen realm cultivator for nearly 5000 years. I wonder who this senior is. If I could get his guidance, it would be better than my hard work for at least a hundred years."

The cultivator used invisibility technique and flew on the divine weapon to the sky where the lightning had struck. He found that there was no one around anymore.

Tao Ran fell to the ground and changed his clothes. He was still a little afraid. The situation just now was really too dangerous. Xiaomei really liked to dig pits for people more and more. When he completes all his tasks, he needs to retaliate back.

Only then did Tao Ran have time to look at the mission, the background of this mission is the modern world of cultivation.

This time Tao Ran had to guide the vicious female lead named Song Lingyu. She was a disciple in the Qi Refining stage of the Luofu sect, which was one of the three major sects of cultivation.

Han Yileng, the male protagonist of this world, was the most gifted disciple of the Luofu sect for thousands of years. Before he was 50, he broke through the Foundation Building stage and became an inner disciple of Luofu. The female lead’s name was Yuan Fei. Like Song Lingyu, they were both disciples of the Luofu sect in the Qi Refining stage.

As the 108th generation Elder Martial brother, Han Yileng was not only extremely talented, but also had a good temper and responsibility. He was deeply loved by his Elders and the Younger Martial brothers and sisters.

Among them, Song Lingyu and Yuan Fei had the best relationship with Han Yileng. The two Younger Martial sisters had excellent appearance and qualifications, and Han Yileng also took good care of them. Originally, the relationship between the three people was very harmonious. It didn't change until Han Yileng fell in love with Yuan Fei.

Song Lingyu was jealous that Yuan Fei had won Han Yileng's love, but she didn't think about how to win Han Yileng's heart. Instead, she felt that Han Yileng would fall in love with her as long as Yuan Fei didn't exist. So she began to deal with Yuan Fei secretly and almost succeeded in killing Yuan Fei several times.

But Yuan Fei was the Female Heroine after all. Yuan Fei’s life was saved every time and she made further progress. Finally, after discovering what Song Lingyu had done, Han Yileng killed Song Lingyu himself. He would never allow people who had malicious intentions towards Yuan Fei to live in the world.

After reading the plot, Tao Ran suddenly felt blessed. At this moment, he thought of a way to complete the task. On the last mission he was not proactive therefore he decided to take the initiative in the next mission. He must no longer be passive like how he was with Xuanyuan Yan. At this time, with Tao Ran's strength and status, was it not easy to take the initiative?

Tao Ran pinched his fingers and calculated where Song Lingyu was currently located. When his body moved, he disappeared in place, and in the twinkling of an eye he appeared above Song Lingyu.

The script at this time was at the point where Song Lingyu lost to Yuan Fei in the sect competition, coinciding with the exposure of Han Yileng's feelings for Yuan Fei, Song Lingyu's jealousy and hatred were about to turn into substance, and the whole person was on the verge of blackening. She was about to meet a Golden Core stage demon cultivator, and get tempted by the demon cultivator to fall into the demonic path and from then on she completely blackened.

Tao Ran felt a Golden Core stage cultivator approaching fast, he should have been the one who lured Song Lingyu into the demonic path. How could Tao Ran let him touch Song Lingyu again?

He stretched out his right hand and flicked gently in the direction of the demon cultivator.


The demon cultivator immediately became unstable, lost control of his center of gravity, and kept rotating and rolling in the air. When he woke up, he just felt a burst of cold around himself. Looking around he realized he was in the South Pole!

At least his cultivation still remained at the Golden Core stage . He immediately knew that an Elder had sent him away. He didn’t know the specific reason, but he didn't dare to go back. If the Elder didn't want him there, he would never dare to appear there again.

After returning from the South Pole, he promised to not set foot in that place again.

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