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Chapter 101: My Great Grandfather [13]

Yuan Fei came to look for Han Yileng as usual. Seeing that the door of the cave was open, she walked inside and saw Han Yileng sitting at the table and feeling anxious. Yuan Fei asked: "Senior Brother, what are you doing?"

Hearing Yuan Fei's voice, Han Yileng was shocked and turned to look at Yuan Fei. This look, as if something was broken in his mind. Han Yileng had been feeling a little uncomfortable before, but he didn't know what was wrong with him. At this moment, he looked at Yuan Fei as if he had seen a panacea that could save him.

Han Yileng took two steps forward, reached out and hugged Yuan Fei in his arms, "Xiao Fei, Xiao Fei."

Yuan Fei blushed and whispered, "Senior Brother, what are you doing?"

Han Yileng hugged Yuan Fei. He was surrounded by Yuan Fei's scent, he turned his head to the side, and his lips touched Yuan Fei's cheek.

Yuan Fei was startled and stepped back: "Senior Brother, what happened to you today?"

"Xiao Fei." He reached out to Yuan Fei and said: "Come here and let Senior Brother give you a good hug."

Although the two of them had long planned to become a Taoist couple, Han Yileng had never said such love to her. Yuan Fei blushed and asked: "You... Senior Brother, why are you talking like this?"

The next second, she was hugged by Han Yileng again, and Han Yileng said with a serious expression, "Xiao Fei, Xiao Fei, I like you so much, I really like you..."

This sentence was like a fire burning on the two of them, and immediately burned Yuan Fei's sanity.

Song Lingyu hurried to the Headmaster’s office, and saw that her master was drinking tea. There were two sets of tea cups on the table, but there was only the Headmaster sitting on the table.

Who was the other person?

Song Lingyu said respectfully, "Master, are you looking for this disciple?"

"Yeah." The Sect Master said with a serious appearance, "You have been in the Foundation-Building period of your cultivation for some time. Luofu's training of disciples is definitely not behind closed doors. There is a task for the master to be entrusted to you."

Song Lingyu asked: "Master, do I need to do it soon?"

"No." The Headmaster said: "There is no time limit, you try to do it well."

Hearing that, Song Lingyu was relieved, and she said: "Yes, the disciple will do it well."

The Sect Master handed her a token and said: "This sect has found traces of demon cultivators in the mortal city, and several qi-refining disciples have already gone. Your mission this time is to protect the qi-refining disciples and help them complete the task."

"Yes, this disciple will definitely protect the junior sisters and junior brothers." Song Lingyu looked up at the Sect Master, "Can the disciple leave now?"

The Headmaster felt strange for a while. Today, the Patriarch suddenly came over to ask him to issue a task to Song Lingyu. Now Song Lingyu looks very anxious. What's going on?

"You can go now." The Sect Master thought for a while and wanted to ask something but didn't ask in the end.

As soon as Song Lingyu left, Tao Ran came out from behind the curtain. The Headmaster asked confusedly: "Ancestor, what is your purpose in doing this?"

Tao Ran said: "Rest assured Headmaster, I will leave now." After speaking that, he left.

The Sect Master was even more puzzled. Why did he feel that the Patriarch 's mind and nature were so different from the past after he came out of closed-door cultivation? And why did he seem to even look the same as those young disciples?

Song Lingyu hurriedly went back to Han Yileng’s cave. As soon as she got to the door of the cave, she felt something was wrong. When she got closer and released her divine consciousness, she immediately saw a scene from inside that made her blood surge.

She took a step back, unable to believe what she was seeing. She took another step forward, wanting to rush into the cave and vent her anger. But what reason does she have for doing this? So she took another step back.

She took a step forward and back repeatedly, physically and mentally hurt.

Her inner demon woke up, and Song Lingyu was about to lose control of the true qi in her body. Her eyes gradually became red, the magic weapon Feijian appeared in her hand, and she was about to rush to raze the entire cave to the ground.

But in the end, she held back. Song Lingyu retracted the sword and said softly, “Didn’t you say, this would be the last time? Since the Senior Brother really doesn’t like you. Why haven't you given up yet?"

"Song Lingyu, please let go of yourself and give up on your Senior Brother."

She turned around and walked a few steps, feeling the infuriating qi in her body gradually subside. She spit out a mouthful of blood from her mouth. Looking at the bright red on the ground, the feelings she had for many years for her Senior Brother seemed to have left her body along with the blood.

Everyone understands the truth of letting go of those who don't love themselves, but how many people can do it in the end?

Song Lingyu took a step to leave the place but when she did, she felt her world spinning, her vision turned dark and she fell to the ground. Tao Ran appeared behind Song Lingyu and supported Song Lingyu when she fainted. With a wave of his hand, the blood on the ground disappeared.

When the two appeared again, they were already in the wooden house in the back mountain.

Tao Ran felt that he might have done something wrong. He asked if it was him, would he be able to bear seeing the one he loved being happy with others, not to mention that Song Lingyu had liked Han Yileng since she was a child.

System Xiaomei squatted beside Song Lingyu and said: "Very well, she didn't want to be blackened, and her feelings for Han Yileng gradually disappeared. Host, you have completed another mission."

Tao Ran looked at Song Lingyu. Although he had completed the task, he still felt unhappy. He asked: "Have I gone too far? I always gave Song Lingyu hope, and then personally quenched her hope."

Xiaomei folded her arms and said: "She's just a task in the novel, she’s just one of your task objects. As long as the task is completed, it's fine. Why do you think so much."

Tao Ran didn't think too much about it, but he felt that he couldn't pass the threshold of his conscience.

Xiaomei said disdainfully, "Forget it, host, do you really think you still have a conscience? Didn’t you have fun toying with Song Lingyu?"

Tao Ran's face suddenly turned black, "Can you not use the word toy?"

Xiaomei: "Ruined?"

Tao Ran: "..."

Tao Ran fed Song Lingyu an elixir that calms the mind and nourishes the soul. According to Xiaomei, Song Lingyu has begun to let go of her feelings for Han Yileng. This is a good thing. She has her own help. As long as she doesn't blacken, she will definitely achieve high achievements in the future. Tao Ran can only comfort himself like this.

When Song Lingyu woke up, she saw the familiar roof of the wooden house, and then she saw the Patriarch sitting beside her.

Song Lingyu: "Why am I here?"

Tao Ran said: "I happened to see you passed out on the side of the road, so I brought you back."

Song Lingyu said: "Thank you, Patriarch."

Tao Ran thought about it for a while, but didn't ask anything, and said: "You fainted because you didn't keep your heart and soul, but it's all right now."

"Thank you Patriarch." Song Lingyu said in her heart that since she no longer thinks about Senior Brother, it is useless to stay with Patriarch. She said: "Patriarch, this disciple is saying goodbye to you."

Tao Ran: "Oh, are you going out?"

"Yes, the master has assigned a task to this disciple, and she will not be able to return to the sect for a short time."

Tao Ran asked: "Are you going to come back after finishing the task?"

Song Lingyu bowed her head and said: "When the matter is over, the disciples can no longer serve under the Patriarch's seat."

"Oh." Tao Ran didn't say anything and let Song Lingyu go.

He felt that Song Lingyu somehow became so indifferent. He continued to follow Song Lingyu as before. He watched Song Lingyu pack up her things, she left Luofu Mountain and came to the city of mortals.

Song Lingyu came to the Luofu holding in the city, and when several disciples on duty saw Song Lingyu wearing a wide-sleeved long skirt, they all stared at her with wide eyes. One of them asked: "Are you Senior Sister Song?"

"I am." Song Lingyu said without emotion: "I am here to do the task as ordered by the Headmaster."

Everyone looked at each other and saw excitement in each other's eyes, and then they all gathered around to greet Song Lingyu with all kinds of flattery. Song Lingyu was expressionless from beginning to end. When everyone came and had said what they wanted to say, she said: "Are you all done? Take me to my room when you're done."

Her voice was so cold that the disciples didn't dare to speak, so they took Song Lingyu to her room to rest.

After they came out, the disciples gathered together to talk.

"I've always heard that Senior Sister Song has strong mana, is a warm-hearted person, and is a real good person. Today, I don't think she looks like it."

"Yeah, she’s too cold."

"She doesn't look down on us outer disciples, does she?"

"No, but she is indeed different from the rumors."

Even the outer disciples who had never met Song Lingyu knew that she was different, Tao Ran of course saw it more clearly. When Song Lingyu got to her room, she started to meditate and cultivate. She was really cultivating and she really didn't have any distractions in her heart.

Having just received such a big stimulus, now she can cultivate with peace of mind, which shows that Song Lingyu has really let go of her previous relationship. Tao Ran sat opposite Song Lingyu, tangled to death. Although he was troubled by the task before, he thought Song Lingyu was quite cute. Now Song Lingyu won't be blackened, but it's not cute at all, what's the matter?

The next morning, Song Lingyu woke up from the meditation and went out and asked: "Have those three inner disciples junior brothers who went to work came back?"

The outer sect disciples were eating breakfast. Hearing that, they stared blankly at Song Lingyu with fried dough sticks in their mouths. One of the girls swallowed a mouthful of soy milk and said: "Not yet."

Song Lingyu said: "If they haven’t come back, I'm afraid they met with an accident. Tell me where they are and I'll go take a look."

The disciples from the outer disciples didn't care about eating anymore, so they suspended the TV series and gave the address. Song Lingyu took the disciple and was about to leave when the female disciple suddenly said: "Senior Sister Song, are you going to leave like this?"

Song Lingyu looked back at her.

The female disciple pointed to the T-shirt on her body and asked: "Do you want to change your clothes, senior sister?"

There have been frequent cases of dismemberment in City A recently, and the police have been investigating for a long time and still have no clue. Not only that, but they pieced together the corpse and found that all its internal organs were missing. Then some Luofu disciples discovered that those fragments were stained with a touch of demonic energy, which was no small matter.

City A was Luofu's territory, and Luofu was obliged to find out if something like this happens, and then get rid of the scourge. The outer sect disciples couldn't handle this kind of thing, so Luo Fu sent three inner sect disciples to go. After the inner disciples went there, they found something, but they found it a little tricky. So the Sect Master planned to send a Foundation Building disciple to follow them to ensure their safety, so that they could do things with confidence.

Song Lingyu changed into a T-shirt and jeans and set off. The last place the three disciples went was a waterworks in the suburbs. It was morning, and someone at the waterway/ pipeline was working. Song Lingyu used the invisibility technique to go in. Before, she could still feel the aura of Luo Fu's disciples, but the aura disappeared when she arrived at the factory.

This was unusual. There was no reason for Luofu disciples to come here but not visit the factory.

She walked in, and went all the way in, then saw the water storage pool. This pool was quite large, and it was filtered from the top and then settled here. Song Lingyu squatted beside the pool. The water was not very clear. She reached out and scooped some water and sniffed it close. She smelled a faint but peculiar aroma.

What does it taste like?

Just when Song Lingyu was puzzled, the water under her feet suddenly became dark, and a green claw stretched out from it and grabbed onto her feet. Song Lingyu was about to be pulled down if she didn't pay attention, and suddenly a hand stretched out from behind and grabbed her shoulder.

"Be careful."

Song Lingyu turned her head and said in surprise, "Patriarch?"

Tao Ran: "Yeah."

Song Lingyu: "Why are you here?"

This was a good question, Tao Ran said: "I passed by this place, and when I saw you here, I came and had a look."

Before, when I fainted, the Patriarch passed by and saw me and took me back. Now that I left Luofu, it was Patriarch who passed by and helped me in time. Why does Patriarch always drop by with me?

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