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Chapter 102: My Great Grandfather [14]

Although Song Lingyu was full of doubts, she did not want to delve into it. As soon as she knew that Patriarch Yibai, the Founder of Luofu, would never harm her, she couldn't interfere in what a big man like him really wanted to do.

So Song Lingyu just asked: "Patriarch, what was that just now?"

Tao Ran wondered, "Did something happen just now?"

Song Lingyu looked at Tao Ran in surprise, and asked: "This disciple was almost pulled down by a claw that came out of the water, didn't the Patriarch see it?"

"No." Tao Ran looked towards the water, "I just saw you standing here and you were about to slip."

Song Lingyu was very surprised. She didn't think that Tao Ran didn't see it. How could the ancestor who is at a Yin Yuan stage can not even see a ghost claw. But she was indeed almost caught by the ghost claw sticking out of the water. What went wrong? Could it be that only she could see the ghost claw?

When Song Lingyu was still looking puzzled, Tao Ran also squatted by the water, and just like Song Lingyu did before, Tao Ran also scooped up some water and looked closer. There was a very faint scent that got into his nose, the water surface began to become dark, and a green maw slowly emerged from the water surface.

Tao Ran looked at the grimace calmly, then turned to look at Song Lingyu, who looked back at him.

Tao Ran said: "There are no ghost claws here, and there are no water ghosts. This water is passively moving, and there are things that make people hallucinatory."

It turned out to be a hallucination. Song Lingyu suddenly thought of something, and her face changed greatly: "This is a watercourse. People in the whole city use the water here.”

Since Song Lingyu broke through to the foundation-building stage, the plot has gone completely wrong, and what is happening now does not appear in the novel. Tao Ran didn't have any good suggestions, so he said: "This water just creates hallucinations, and the duration of time is very short, so there shouldn't be any major problems."

"There is indeed a problem here." Song Lingyu said nervously: "Yesterday, three inner disciples came here, but they haven't appeared yet. This disciple is worried that something happened to them."

Tao Ran looked around and saw that there was no other problem with this water plant except that the water had been manipulated. Tao Ran thought for a while and asked: "Are you sure they disappeared here? Maybe they went to other places. Isn't it true that they discovered the demonic energy in the city center."

Song Lingyu thought so too, she immediately said: "Then let's go to the city center to see."

After she finished speaking, she turned around and left. After walking two steps, she realized that Tao Ran was not following, so she turned around and said: "Let's go."

As soon as she finished speaking, Song Lingyu began to regret it. How can she talk to the Patriarch like this, and the Patriarch said that he was passing by, which means that the Patriarch still has something to do, so how can he go with herself?

Tao Ran coughed and walked to Song Lingyu's side.

Song Lingyu said a little embarrassedly, "Patriarch, if you have something to do, go and do it, it's enough to have the disciple here."

Tao Ran said: "It’s alright, who said I'm busy?"

Song Lingyu said with a complicated expression: "Patriarch, you just said you were passing by."

"Ah? Oh." Tao Ran glanced to one side and said: "I was passing by, but I was passing by when I came back from work."

Song Lingyu: "Oh."

The corpse was found in the trash can of City A. When the police and the forensic doctor rushed over, there were already many onlookers standing around. As soon as the police approached, they smelled a foul stench. The forensic doctor was still disgusted even with the mask on. After the examination, the forensic doctor came out and said: "This stench is shows that the person had been dead for at least a week, but the body parts are very fresh, and there are still very fresh blood stains on them. The time of death is definitely not the same. It would be no more than five hours."

The captain of the criminal police asked: "Could it be caused by some toxic substance?"

"I don't know." The forensic doctor said: "I have to go back and wait for the test report for the specific situation."

Tao Ran and Song Lingyu were standing beside him, and Song Lingyu said: "Patriarch, I seem to smell the smell of the water plant just now."

Tao Ran said: "Everyone here exudes this kind of smell, it's not surprising that you can smell it."

"It should be the reason for drinking the water from the water plant." Song Lingyu said strangely, "I just smelled it and I had hallucinations. They all drink it directly. Why does it seem that there is nothing at all?"

No useful clues were found here. Song Lingyu said anxiously: "Patriarch, you have a Yuanying soul, can you use your spiritual sense to find out where the three junior brothers have gone?"

Tao Ran glanced at Song Lingyu and said: "I have been trying it for a long time, but I couldn't find them."

Song Lingyu asked: "What should I do? They couldn't have really had an accident, right?"

Song Lingyu looked at the broken corpse in front of her, and was already thinking that the next broken corpse found in the trash would be her junior brother and junior sister. Tao Ran watched Song Lingyu silently for a while and asked: "Why don't you try other methods to find someone?"

Song Lingyu: "What can I do, I can't use my spiritual sense yet, Patriarch."

Tao Ran looked at Song Lingyu for a while, and found that she really didn't expect it, so he said: "Why don't you call them? You can also locate it with a cell phone."

Song Lingyu: "..." Why didn't I think of it.

For Song Lingyu, who was born in modern society and used a mobile phone since childhood, it was not a pleasant thing to be reminded to make a phone call by the Patriarch, an old antique who has been in retreat since ancient times and only recently came. Song Lingyu said: "I don't have their number, so I still have to go back."

Several of Luofu's outer disciples saw that Song Lingyu had not come back at noon, and thought that Song Lingyu probably would not come back today. They didn't worry either, Senior Sister Song was a foundation-building cultivator, and if something happened to her, they wouldn't have the ability to help her at all. So they continued to chat and chat, and brush dramas.

Suddenly, a flash appeared in front of them, and a man and a woman appeared.

The woman was Senior Sister Song who went out in the morning, and the man was wearing a snow-white Taoist robe, a young Taoist monk they had never seen before.

Everyone stared at the two with wide eyes. Song Lingyu said: "Give me the phone numbers of the three disciples."

The mobile phone that was playing the TV series slipped to the ground, and the female disciple looked at Tao Ran with gleaming eyes, and said: "Wow, beautiful boy."

Song Lingyu almost stumbled, this girl was too daring to speak to the ancestor like this.

The female disciple did not feel Song Lingyu's fearful gaze at all. She walked to Tao Ran in two steps and asked: "Are you from Luofu too?"

Tao Ran nodded, "I am."

The female disciple suddenly giggled like a flower, and said happily, "Then can I call you Senior Brother?"

"I'm afraid not." Tao Ran said kindly, "If you call me Senior Brother, then your Senior Sister Song will call you Patriarch."

The female disciple looked sluggish, "Huh?"

Song Lingyu reminded: "This is the only cultivator of the Yuanying stage in Luofu, Patriarch Yibai."

Everyone was shocked, "Wow!"

"I found it." Song Lingyu said: "The mobile phone is located on a hill in the suburbs."

Tao Ran glanced at the location and reached out to Song Lingyu, "I'll take you there."

Song Lingyu grabbed Tao Ran's hand, and the two disappeared on the spot. Tao Ran re-appeared on the mountain with her in an instant. Tao Ran let go of Song Lingyu’s hand and said: "It's here."

It was not until this time that Song Lingyu remembered that she had just held the hand of the ancestor. Song Lingyu couldn't help but look at Tao Ran's expression, and found that Tao Ran had no expression, so she became more entangled. Because the most tangled thing in the world is that you are the only one who is tangled.

Tao Ran looked around before starting to walk forward. Walking to a reservoir, Tao Ran said: "It's water again. It seems that this monster has something to do with water."

This reservoir was huge and contained bottomless water. Song Lingyu went near the water and looked at it, and said: "The water here also has that kind of hallucinogenic thing, which is stronger than that of the water plant. It seems that someone did not do anything in the water plant, but the water in there comes from here. ."

Tao Ran suddenly rushed towards Song Lingyu, "Be careful!"

Song Lingyu was still thinking when she was caught by the ghost claw from the water, wasn't it an illusion? Why did she really get caught?

Seeing Song Lingyu sinking into the water, Tao Ran jumped in without thinking.

A Yuanying cultivator is naturally not afraid of water, but the water was too turbid, and his vision was severely blocked. When he released his consciousness, he found that he didn't know what was in the water, and even his consciousness was suppressed to a very small area.

Fortunately, he finally saw where Song Lingyu was sinking.

Song Lingyu's eyes widened and looked around, her whole body was soaked in the water, and she couldn't see anything in front of her. There was nothing to support her feet anymore, and her body was still sinking, and she couldn't lift her true qi at all. Suddenly, something cold touched her face, and then a strong arm wrapped around her waist.

Song Lingyu felt that she was starting to float up.

She knew this person who was holding her, but she didn't know what was going on. Song Lingyu suddenly wanted to ask the Patriarch, why did he drop by with her several times? Is it because of the 50% favorability?

The moment he grabbed Song Lingyu, Tao Ran felt a strong suction from the bottom of the water. Without saying a word, he tried his best to start sending Song Lingyu up.

Song Lingyu suddenly tried to contact the system, "System."

There was no response from the system, and Song Lingyu began to call the system again, "Good person system, I want to exchange something."

It was quiet, the system did not respond to herself, and even the interface of the system could not be clicked.

Song Lingyu remembered what the headmaster had said, that the ancestor had already left the customs several months ago, and the Primordial Spirit Grand Ceremony was also held later.

The surrounding water suddenly became dark, and the water quality began to become transparent. The surrounding situation appeared in front of her in an instant. At this time, Song Lingyu realized that there was not even a single fish in the water. She said: "Ancestor?"

Tao Ran didn't answer her, he was looking at his feet.

Song Lingyu looked down and saw that the entire space under her feet was occupied by a pair of huge eyes.

What kind of eyes are those? Turbid yellow, with a pair of vertical pupils that are as cold and cruel as snakes. The eyes approached again quickly, revealing a large black mouth.

At this time, Tao Ran didn't have time to escape, so he made a decision in an instant, he reached out and patted Song Lingyu's back. Song Lingyu felt a huge force on her back and with this huge force, she began to rush towards the surface of the water quickly. When she floated up, she saw Tao Ran go down because of the reaction force, and was swallowed by the big mouth of the monster.

It was still sunny outside, and there was a sound from the water, and a figure jumped out of the water and was thrown on the shore.

Song Lingyu slammed to the ground, her hair and clothes were soaked. But she didn't care about this, and looked at the water for the first time.

The water was as calm as when they first came, and there were a few birds flying leisurely on the surface of the water.

But she knew that wasn't the case. Just now, there was a Yuanying cultivator being swallowed up by a monster in the abyss of this water hole. How many Yuanying cultivators are there in the world? How many monsters are there in the world that can kill a Yuanying cultivator?

Song Lingyu started to contact the system again, but the system still did not respond. The vague speculation in her heart was about to become reality. If not, how could it be so coincidental? After all the hard work she did the Patriarch did not appreciate, but his favorability level suddenly reached 50% just because of a cup of tea?

At the critical moment when the Senior Brother had drunk the Yin Yang Acacia Pill, her Master suddenly called herself away, and for whom was the other tea on the master's table prepared for?

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