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Chapter 103: My Great Grandfather [15]

Her thoughts turned sharply, and Song Lingyu lay dumbfounded on the shore. She didn’t know what kind of monster was in this water, and it could even swallow someone in the Yuan Ying stage in one bite.

Song Lingyu wanted to go back to Luofu to ask for reinforcement, but the ancestor was already the person with the highest level in Luofu. Even he couldn’t deal with it, and when others came, they would just deliver themselves as food for the monster. At this time, an old man was rushing the ducks to go, and he saw Song Lingyu lying on the ground wet. He was startled, and quickly came over and asked: "Little girl, what's wrong with you?"

Song Lingyu turned to look at him, but said nothing.

"You fell into the water?" The old man stretched out his hand to pull Song Lingyu, "Why don't you lie down here? Hurry up and change your clothes."

One pull and Song Lingyu stood up, but Seeing Song Lingyu staring straight at the surface of the water, the old man panicked, "Is there anyone else under the water?"

Her tears suddenly fell down. Song Lingyu couldn't stop her tears, but she still stared at the water. If the system is really Patriarch Yibai, then from the moment she got the system, she helped the grandmother to cross the road nine hundred and ninety-eight times, and she needed to save Yuan Fei and she had to watch the night alone instead of being with her Senior Brother, and she exchanged Yin Yang acacia Pill. The failure of the dispersal plan and so on were all controlled by him.

He can't just die, he hasn't told her what his purpose was yet.

The old man was so anxious, "How come you little girls cry at a critical moment? I asked if there is anyone down there?"

Song Lingyu said with red eyes: "There is a big bastard and a big liar underneath."

Well, it turned out that there are really people down there. The old man stopped talking nonsense, and immediately ran back to call someone.

Just as Song Lingyu cried more and more sadly, the whole water suddenly became dark. Then the monstrous waves rolled up, Song Lingyu raised her head and watched the huge water waves beat down, soaking her clothes that were a little dry.

A huge monster with a humanoid upper body and a green fish on the lower body jumped out of the water and let out a roar that shook the sky. Song Lingyu stepped back reflexively, the monster landed on the shore, and then began to roll non-stop.

Song Lingyu looked at it blankly. After the monster landed on the shore, a strange and strong scent spread out. This was the hallucinogenic smell in the water, which Song Lingyu recognized immediately.

The scene in front of her began to change, and suddenly she seemed to return to the secret realm where she encountered the fire salamander before. She saw that she was seriously injured by the fire salamander's tail, and was caught up by the fire salamander when she fled into the cave. At this time, everyone suddenly appeared behind her, glared at the fire salamander, and then she successfully escaped into the cave.

The moment she entered the cave, she fell into a coma, and a man stretched out his arms to embrace her and healed herself. That man was handsome, wearing a blue robe, with gentle eyebrows and eyes, definitely not a system. Then she saw that no matter where she was, no matter what she was doing, that person was always by her side.

After she passed out, he took her back to the wooden house, and then looked at herself with such distressed and guilty eyes.

Why treat me like this?

Why lie to me?

Song Lingyu stepped forward to try to catch the man and ask what happened.

Suddenly the scene retreated, and she returned to the shore of the reservoir, with the screaming monster in front of her.

The monster's stomach had already swelled up, and suddenly a dazzling sword light appeared in front of her. The monster's belly was split in half, and a Young Taoist man in white with loose hair walked out.

Was it a hallucination again?

Song Lingyu stared blankly at the man walking towards her, Tao Ran walked up to Song Lingyu, sheathed the sword and asked: "Are you scared? Are you so shocked?"

Song Lingyu had seen that sword held in Tao Ran's hand before, and it was clearly one of the exchangeable weapons in the system. For a while, the atmosphere of happiness, joy, and grievances surged up, Song Lingyu stared at Tao Ran's eyes without blinking.

Tao Ran was startled and reached out to touch Song Lingyu's head, "Were you really scared? Are you shocked?"

"I'm not stupid." Song Lingyu patted Tao Ran's hand away and asked: "Are you all right?"

Tao Ran smiled and said: "What can happen to me? This monster is a merman who has been cultivating for many years and has entered the demonic path. Recently, his cultivation has reached a critical time, so he came out to eat people."

"A merman?" Looking at this ugly monster, Song Lingyu couldn't believe it: "Are mermen so ugly?"

Tao Ran said: "Have you heard too many stories? A merman or a mermaid looks like this, they’re not beautiful at all."

What tone is this? A sarcastic tone?

Song Lingyu was angry in her heart. He used to make fun of herself as a fool, but now he mocked herself in person. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became. Suddenly, she thought of something and said: "Since the monster is dead, let's go back."

Huh? Why does she feel different?

Tao Ran walked behind Song Lingyu, and then felt that Song Lingyu was contacting the system.

Song Lingyu asked: "System system, why haven't you given me any tasks recently?"

Does she want to do the task again?

He just listened to Song Lingyu: "I still want to exchange a Yin-Yang Acacia Pill, the system must release the task soon, I can't wait to get points."

Does she still want Yin-Yang Acacia Pill? Didn't she already dislike Han Yileng?

Tao Ran pondered and said: "The main task is to increase the favorability of Luofu Patriarch Yi Bai to over 90%, and the reward for completing the task is 1,000 points."

Song Lingyu sneered in her heart. It's this task again. If you have the ability, come up with a new task.

Tao Ran was worried the more he thought about it. Could it be that Song Lingyu found out that she still couldn't let go of Han Yileng at the moment when she had just encountered a life-and-death crisis, so she planned to get Han Yileng no matter what?

Thinking about it and worrying about it, Tao Ran walked up to Song Lingyu and said: "I think you've been different recently."

Song Lingyu: "The ancestor thinks I am different?"

Tao Ran didn't answer this question, but asked: "Last time I said that you put too much emphasis on your relationship, which is not good for your cultivation. You said you wanted to try it for the last time. I wonder if you have tried it yet?"

Song Lingyu had a fascinated smile on her face, "I tried it."

Tao Ran: "What was the result? Did you let it go?"

Song Lingyu turned back and smiled at Tao Ran, "Patriarch, guess it."

Tao Ran: "..."

Holy crap, why does it feel like she has changed again? How did she do it? What is she thinking about?

A woman's heart is really a needle in the sea...

Tao Ran stopped talking, and the two returned to the Loufu holding in City A together. Several outer disciples were startled when they saw the two returning in a messy state.

The female disciple blushed and walked in front of Tao Ran and said: "Patriarch, you are all dirty, so hurry up and take a shower."

Tao Ran said it was exactly what he wanted, so she nodded and said: "Very good, I’ll take you to the bathroom."

Song Lingyu suddenly asked quietly: "Patriarch, do you need someone to help wipe your back?"

Tao Ran was shocked, what did she mean? Is she going to wipe his back? Let her brush his favorability, she even wants to see my naked body?

The others also looked at Song Lingyu in shock, thinking that Senior Sister Song was really too unrestrained, and she was actually flirting with the innocent ancestor. Didn't she see the ancestor's face turned white with fright?

The female disciple said loudly, "Patriarch, this disciple is also willing to help you wipe your back."

Tao Ran quickly refused, "No, no, no, I don't like anyone wiping my back."

"It's such a pity." Song Lingyu said: "I initially wanted to give a few junior brothers a chance to get close to the ancestor. It seems that the junior brothers do not have this blessing."

Tao Ran: "..."

Junior Brothers: "..."

The female disciple's pretty face flushed red, she covered her face, stomped her feet, turned around and ran away.

Tao Ran hurriedly fled to take a shower, Song Lingyu looked at the direction Tao Ran left, with an incomprehensible smile on her face. Several junior brothers looked at Senior Sister Song, and a thought flashed in their minds at the same time, Senior Sister Song is a bit scary.

Tao Ran took a shower and was still thinking about Song Lingyu's second attempt to exchange for Yin Yang Acacia Pill. As soon as he got dressed and came out, he heard Song Lingyu knocking on the door, "Patriarch, can this disciple come in?"

Why is she here again? Tao Ran corrected his expression and said: "Come in."

Song Lingyu came in with a comb and said: "This time it was because of the disciple's bad behavior, which caused the Patriarch to go inside the fish's belly. In order to express her apology, the disciple is willing to help the patriarch comb his hair."

Tao Ran felt horrified and refused, "No need, really."

Song Lingyu immediately looked at Tao Ran with despairing eyes, and said resentfully, "Isn't the Patriarch planning to forgive the disciple? When she thinks that she has caused the Patriarch to be so embarrassed, the disciple can't wait to die. Wouldn’t you give it to the disciple?"

"..." What else could Tao Ran say? What else could he do but surrender?

"No, don't cry, just brush my hair..."

Song Lingyu immediately broke into a smile, walked up to Tao Ran obediently and said: "Sit down, Patriarch, and I will brush your hair now."

Tao Ran sat down tiredly, and Song Lingyu put her hand on Tao Ran's hair. Not knowing what was going on, Tao Ran had the urge to tremble, but fortunately he held back at the critical moment.

Song Lingyu steamed Tao Ran's hair dry with her qi, while gently combing Tao Ran's hair. She said behind Tao Ran, "The patriarch's hair is really good. It's the most beautiful hair this disciple has ever seen."

Tao Ran: "..."

Song Lingyu's fingers were inserted into Tao Ran's hair, touching Tao Ran's scalp, moving forward and backward. With flexible fingers, they can do whatever they want between Tao Ran's scalp and hair. "It's so fragrant, Patriarch, you have a scent on your body."

Tao Ran: "Probably the smell of shampoo."

"Really? It's not quite like it." Song Lingyu leaned closer to Tao Ran's neck and took a deep sniff, "I want to take a closer look."

Tao Ran: "..." God!

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