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Chapter 107: My Great Grandfather [19]

The following day, the Sect Master came to the mountain hut to look for Tao Ran. The main reason was that Song Lingyu's state when she returned yesterday made him uneasy. He initially thought that Song Lingyu had returned to her cave-dwelling. However, this morning he found out that Song Lingyu had returned to the back mountain. A drunken disciple who still had thoughts about her ancestor just returned to the back mountain by herself. Who knows what would happen?

So the Sect Master didn't even think about it and immediately ran to the back mountain. No matter what Song Lingyu said, she was not the Patriarch’s apprentice. If she was accidentally slapped to death by the Patriarch, it would be unbearable for him as her master.

The Sect Master came to the back mountain and stood outside Tao Ran's wooden house door, asking to see Tao Ran, "The disciple asks to see the Patriarch."

After shouting for a long time without any movement, the Sect Master felt something was wrong. He swept away with his divine sense and found Tao Ran was not inside. Where had the Patriarch gone? He left without saying a word.

Fortunately, the Sect Master noticed that Song Lingyu was in the next room. Moreover, Song Lingyu was full of vigor and blood, so he didn't have any worries about her life. It seemed that she was lucky and didn't offend the ancestor last night.

The Sect Master didn't pay much attention to Song Lingyu's room. He said, "Lingyu, Master is coming in. I want to see you.”

Song Lingyu just woke up when she heard the voice. She just woke up, and her mind was still unclear. When she heard that her Master would come in to find her, she responded.

The Sect Master heard Song Lingyu's response, and without thinking much, he pushed the door and went in.

Even if Song Lingyu was not clear-headed, she knew she could not lie down to see her Master, so she got ready. But her two hands were tied together for some reason, and she accidentally fell off the bed. The Sect Master witnessed this scene when he pushed the door in. He was stunned on the spot.

"Lingyu?" The Sect Master was about to help Song Lingyu.

But at this moment, he suddenly recognized the belt tied on Song Lingyu's hands, and his mind exploded. He lost his composure for the first time in thousands of years. Looking at Song Lingyu's appearance again, her lips were red and swollen, her clothes were disheveled, and her black hair was in a mess. Even this bed was so chaotic it made people think crooked.

Song Lingyu wondered why her hands were tied up?

Hey, isn't this belt from the ancestor?

Song Lingyu couldn't help but recall what happened last night. She was a Foundation-Building cultivator, and she could easily untie this knot. So when she thought about it, she remembered everything that happened last night.

Song Lingyu's complexion instantly became very lit. All kinds of unpredictable changes were shown on her face, and finally, it became blood red.

Seeing Song Lingyu's appearance, the Sect Master was even more convinced that his guess was correct. He shouldn't mind the ancestor's affairs, but Song Lingyu was his own disciple. Looking at Song Lingyu's appearance again, her hands were tied, and she looked embarrassed. So it turned out that the Patriarch liked this kind of act?

"Lingyu." The Sect Master said in a complicated tone, "You…"

Song Lingyu was so regretful at this time that even her bowels turned blue. She actually did that kind of thing to the ancestor? Thinking of what kind of bear heart and leopard gall she ate last night, she even pressed the patriarch's hand to her chest. She couldn't help covering her face, and she lost her face.

"Master." Song Lingyu covered her face and said: "You go out first. This disciple is embarrassed."

Ah? Embarrassed? There was a storm brewing in the head of the Sect Master. Could it be that the apprentice was unwilling and was forced by the Patriarch?

Thinking about it this way, it seemed that this was the case. If she was not forced, why should he tie her hands? Why would he tie her hands with a belt if he weren't doing that kind of thing? Under what circumstances would a man's belt appear on a woman's hand?

The Sect Master trembled in his heart and couldn't help but say, "Apprentice, are you alright?"

What Song Lingyu thought was that she was too anxious. Would the Patriarch hate her or something because of it? The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she became. Song Lingyu said in a hoarse voice, "This disciple is not feeling good, Master, go out first."

The Sect Master sighed and pushed the door out. But he didn't go far. He just stood outside the door, as he still had something to ask.

Song Lingyu untied the belt first and then tidied up her clothes. After thinking about what happened last night, she reached out and touched her lips. The Patriarch kissed me last night. The Patriarch’s kiss was so overbearing. Oh, the ancestor is really… even at that time, he still held back. In this case, the novel’s protagonist will not talk about it after sleeping.

Song Lingyu was still tangled inside, and Tao Ran came back.

Because the white robe lacked a belt, he changed into a blue robe, and when he came back, he saw the sect master standing in front of Song Lingyu's room with a frowning face.

Tao Ran said, "Is there something wrong?"

The Sect Master looked at Tao Ran. The Patriarch had a high cultivation base, and his whole person looked like a peerless immortal with a cold temperament. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have believed that the Patriarch was the one who would do such a thing.

The Sect Master did not dare to say it explicitly. He could only say it vaguely. He said, "Patriarch, this disciple is here to see my incompetent apprentice."

"Oh." Tao Ran said, "Is she awake? How does she feel?"

The simple Tao Ran just cared about the drunk Song Lingyu, but the Sect Master understood it meant something else. He lowered his eyes and said pleasingly, "Of course, only she knows how she feels."

That's the truth, but it's always a bit strange for the Sect Master to say it. Tao Ran said that Song Lingyu was so drunk yesterday. He was afraid that she would not feel very well when she woke up, so he said, "She was like that last night, and I was afraid that she was not feeling very well. So I didn't even think to help her adjust her inner Qi."

‘After you're done enjoying it, you just went away. Where would you remember to treat the little girl?’ The Sect Master said, "Patriarch, even though you don't have to care about other people's feelings, but Lingyu is still small after all, so you should be gentle."

"..." He felt that something was wrong, yet Tao Ran said indifferently, "I will pay attention in the future."

At this time, Song Lingyu opened the door and came out. She saw Tao Ran at first sight. She immediately turned red with both ears and shyly hid behind the Sect Master. Tao Ran said last night that he wanted to make things clear with Song Lingyu today, so he said, "You are now awake. Why don't you make things clear now."

Song Lingyu was startled, thinking that Tao Ran would reject her when she was sober. She pulled the sleeve of the Sect Master and said, "Master, aren't you looking for this disciple? Let's go now."

The Sect Master thought that Tao Ran would do something to Song Lingyu, which frightened Song Lingyu into this. Although he couldn't do anything to Tao Ran, he still had to protect his apprentice. Hearing Song Lingyu's words, he said: "If there is nothing else, then we will go now."

He was teased by Song Lingyu just last night, yet she was hiding from himself today. Tao Ran felt that he might have been tricked, so he said with an unpleasant expression, "What's the matter for such a hurry?"

"There is indeed something." The Sect Master said: "When the matter is finished, it will not be too late for Lingyu to come back to the ancestor."

After he finished speaking, he hurriedly left with Song Lingyu.

After leaving Tao Ran, Song Lingyu was relieved and became worried again. It was already like that last night, but the ancestor still left at the last minute. It seemed that he really didn’t want to have anything to do with herself.

Seeing Song Lingyu's head bowed with a pale face, the Sect Master sighed. Then, he uttered, "If you don't become a teacher, I'll send you away. I'm afraid I won't be able to protect you under the hands of the ancestor as a teacher in Luofu."

Song Lingyu was stunned, "Ah? Why would you send me away? What happened to the ancestor?"

The Sect Master looked at Song Lingyu sympathetically and said, "Apprentice, you don't know how powerful the Patriarch is. Even a hundred teachers are not opponents of the Patriarch. Therefore, apart from sending you away, there is really no way for this teacher to protect you."

Song Lingyu was even more confused, "Master, what is the Patriarch going to do to me? Why do you sound so serious?"

Sect Master, "Don't you know what the Patriarch is going to do to you?"

Song Lingyu looked blank, "I don't know."

"Tsk." The Sect Master said, "What did the Patriarch do to you last night?"

Thinking of last night, Song Lingyu said embarrassedly, "It's nothing."

"How could it be nothing?" The Sect Master hurriedly said, "If it really doesn't matter, why is the Patriarch's belt tied to your hand?"

Song Lingyu's head dropped even lower, "Disciple... This disciple was drunk last night, and what he did was unintentional. The Patriarch wouldn't do anything to the disciple because of this."

"Huh?" Seeing that Song Lingyu was not at all afraid, the Sect Master asked a little strangely, "What happened last night?"

"Just... just..." Song Lingyu hesitated.

The Sect Master was bubbling with anxiety, "You say it."

"It's just that this disciple was drunk, and when I saw the patriarch, I couldn't help myself for a while, so... I seduced him."

Sect Master, "..."

"It's not that the Patriarch seduced you, but you seduced the Patriarch?" After asking the question, the Sect Master wanted to slap himself. How could the Sect Master say such vulgar words?

Song Lingyu retorted, "If the ancestor took the initiative, this disciple would not be so distressed."

Sect Master, "..." Mom, what kind of audacious disciple did you accept?

The Sect Master patted his chest with one hand, and after a while, he calmly said, "Then why did you just leave in such a hurry?"

Song Lingyu said, "The Patriarch said that he would make things clear today. However, this disciple felt that the Patriarch was going to formally reject this disciple, so I wanted to leave in fear."

The Sect Master thought of the conversation he had just had with Tao Ran in front of Song Lingyu outside the hut and felt amused. He shook his head and said, " You can hide for a while, but how could you do that for the rest of your life? Why don't you just follow Master back to the ancestor’s house now? Maybe things will turn around."

Song Lingyu murmured softly, "Is there any chance of turning around if he doesn't want to go to bed with me?"

Although her voice was small, how could she hide from the Sect Master’s ears? The Sect Master heard it, and his feet almost stumbled. Isn’t my apprentice a little too aggressive?

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