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Chapter 96: My Great Grandfather [8]

The news of the Luofu Patriarch Yibai’s breakthrough to the Yuanying Realm swept across the entire cultivation world like a whirlwind. People with a bit of experience in various martial arts knew that there was a Golden Core Venerable Yibai of the Luofu Sect who was in secluded cultivation. But after so many years, nothing happened. Many people thought that Elder Yibai’s breakthrough was a failure, and he had already fallen.

Anyway, there were very few people whose cultivation base surpassed Golden Core. Luofu's three Golden Core disciples were in charge of the Sect, and Elder Yibai's death would not affect Luofu's status. Who knew that when everyone was about to forget him, Yibai would suddenly come out, and he did not leave his seclusion as a true Yuanying soul, but that of a real soul. How many years before has there been a Yuanying realm in the cultivation world?

The head of the Kunlun School was silent for a long time while holding Luofu’s Yuanying Grand Ceremony invitation, and finally stroked his beard and said with emotion: "When this old man first entered the realm of cultivation, he knew that Luofu had a very talented Senior Yibai. I didn’t expect that after so many years, Senior Yibai would actually break through to the Yuanying Realm. It's really unexpected, you go back and tell your master that this old man will attend the Yuanying Grand Ceremony."

Song Lingyu bowed respectfully and turned away to leave, thinking as she walked, 'it turned out that Patriarch Yibai was a lot older than the head of Kunlun, so how old must he be? Wouldn't it be boring to live for so long just to cultivate?'

After she returned to Luofu, she helped the leader prepare for the Yuanying Grand Ceremony. One day while she was reporting some matters to the Sect Leader, she suddenly asked: "Master, has Patriarch Yibai lived for many years?"

The Sect Leader said while stroking his long white hair beard on his chest: "When this teacher first entered Luofu, Ancestor Yibai was already a Golden Core cultivator. I heard that his Dao heart was extremely strong, and that he had been in secluded cultivation for many years and finally cultivated into Yuanying in such a harsh environment."

Song Lingyu asked with a look of yearning, "How powerful should the Ancestor be?"

The Sect Leader also leaned forward: "It is said that Yuanying is a watershed, and the soul below the Yuanying is the difference between the immortal realm and the mortal realm. The teacher is only a Golden Core, and I have not seen many Yuanying cultivators, so it is not very clear."

But which cultivator didn't want to become a Yuanying? But the cultivators on the earth seemed to be on a dead end, and there were fewer and fewer high-level cultivators. At this time, in Luofu, emerged a Yuanying realm cultivator. They feared that now, Luofu would become the number one school in the world.

Three months later, Luofu was full of joy, and Song Lingyu received guests in front of the mountain gate. Tao Ran found it difficult to pretend to be a grandfather with her; he and the Sect Leader sat together drinking tea. The Sect Leader said with great relief: "Luofu hasn't been so lively in many years."

Tao Ran was wearing a cyan robe, and his long black hair was half-tied with a hairpin, which looked very chic. He didn't care much and said: "If the Sect produces another Golden Core disciple, the Golden Core Ceremony will also be this lively."

The Sect Leader said: "Patriarch, Song Lingyu, you are so optimistic, I think she is very good, plus Han Yileng, it is not impossible for Luofu to have another Golden Core disciple."

Tao Ran didn't speak anymore. He couldn’t say that your Patriarch is now Song Lingyu's portable grandfather. Even if she was empowered, she must become a Golden Core cultivator.

Song Lingyu's eyelids kept twitching, always feeling that something was going to happen today. It was said that the left eye jumps for money and the right eye jumps for disaster, but what does it mean when both her eyelids were jumping together?

The Golden Core cultivator on the opposite side smiled and handed the invitation to Song Lingyu. Song Lingyu didn't dare to neglect, and shouted in full spirit: "Senior Danyang from Yingzhou Sect is here to congratulate!"

Senior Danyang said with a very good temper: "Please I dare not be called Senior in front of Senior Yibai, just call me Elder Danyang."

When people were almost there, Luofu's big clock struck forty-nine times.

Elder Danyang sat down and said to fellow Penglai Taoist friends next to him: "When the old man first entered Yingzhou in his teens, he was fortunate to have witnessed a great ceremony held by this school. Up to now, he has not heard of these forty-nine bells ringing."

"Luofu is very powerful now." The Golden Core cultivator of Penglai said: "There is a real Immortal sitting on the top, and below, there are two geniuses, Han Yileng and Song Lingyu, who are eagerly chasing after them. It is expected that there will be two more Golden Core disciples in the future."

The people sitting underneath were all in a complicated mood, but the Luofu disciple standing underneath only felt proud and honored. He was a Luofu sect's disciple, but Luofu was a sect with a Yuanying cultivator, so he would have face when he was outside the mountain.

Song Lingyu stood with her fellow disciples, and her heart was full of enthusiasm when she saw no one sitting on the platform. If you have a good person system, you may have a day of becoming a Yuanying in the future.

After the bell rang seventy-two times, the Sect Leader walked to the high platform and said with a smile: "Welcome to the Immortal Ancestor!"

Everyone stood up and said in unison: "Welcome to the Immortal Ancestor."

Tao Ran walked out and sat on the chair beside the Sect Leader's chair. Although he knew that his cultivation surpassed the Sect Leader by leaps and bounds, Tao Ran gave face to the Sect Leader by sitting next to him in front of the group of guests.

After Tao Ran sat down, the head of Kunlun School came forward to bow to Tao Ran and said: "Kunlun Taoist Xuanzi congratulates the Immortal Ancestor."

Tao Ran nodded slightly in return.

Next, representatives of various factions stepped forward to congratulate, and Tao Ran nodded in return one by one.

After the congratulations from the other faction were over, the disciples of the same faction began to come forward to congratulate.

The first person who came up was Han Yileng, and the Sect Leader smiled: "This is this old man's personal disciple Han Yileng, who broke through to the Foundation Building stage when he was less than fifty years old."

Tao Ran nodded and said, "Good."

Han Yileng was extremely excited, and said loudly: "The disciple congratulates the Patriarch."

Then it came to Song Lingyu.Song Lingyu stood there like other disciples and didn't dare to look around at the beginning but at this moment, when she stepped forward, she didn't know where to put her nervous hands and feet.

She stepped forward and lowered her head and said: "The disciple congratulates Grand Master."

The Sect Leader smiled and said: "This is Song Lingyu."

Tao Ran smiled suddenly and said: "Very good."

Everyone gasped, when Han Yileng came forward just now, it was just good, and this Song Lingyu was actually very well received by the Immortal Ancestor.

Song Lingyu was very nervous at first, but she was very happy when she heard the ancestor compliment her. It's just that the voice that she heard was so young? Wasn't he a terribly old grandfather?

Song Lingyu couldn't help but look up, and was shocked.

The young Taoist sitting in front of her was familiar, wasn't he the system whose glimpse she saw that day?

Tao Ran was also very surprised when he saw Song Lingyu staring at him blankly. When he pretended to be the system, he didn't let Song Lingyu see himself. Why was she staring at him with such a look?

Seeing that Song Lingyu's appearance was really puzzling, the Sect Leader said: "Lingyu, step back."

Song Lingyu woke up from her daze, like waking up from a dream, and hurriedly backed away.

Seeing the disciples stepping forward to congratulate one by one, Song Lingyu felt a mess in her heart. Why did Patriarch Yibai look exactly the same as the system? Was the system the Ancestor Yibai?

Song Lingyu's heart pounded when she thought that the system hadn't moved for a day today. She asked carefully: "System, are you there?"

Tao Ran sitting in front came up with a thought and said: "Yes."

Song Lingyu hurriedly raised her head to look at Patriarch Yibai and found that Patriarch Yibai was sitting well accepting congratulations.

Song Lingyu was a little bit relieved and asked: "System, how come you look exactly like Patriarch Yibai?"

Tao Ran was surprised, "Have you seen me?"

"Yeah." Song Lingyu said: "I saw you that day before I completely became unconscious."

Tao Ran regretted that he was so careless. With a thought, he had already figured out how to fool Song Lingyu. He asked: "Do you see me and Yibai look exactly the same?"

"It's exactly the same." Song Lingyu said: "It's really exactly the same."

Tao Ran said: "In fact, the system has no specific appearance. When the system appears in front of others, it takes the image of the most beautiful person in the subconscious of the host. You think I am exactly the same as Yibai, probably because of your subconscious. You like Yibai's looks the most."

Song Lingyu: "..."

Mom, is his appearance to my aesthetic?

Shouldn’t my favorite appearance be Brother Han?

Song Lingyu was in a daze and fell into self-doubt. Yuan Fei, who was standing on the side, saw her expression and asked worriedly, "Lingyu, what's the matter with you?"

Song Lingyu asked: "Brother's appearance is not the best, why do you like brother?"

She said that like she was asking Yuan Fei instead of asking herself. I have liked Senior Brother Han for so long, and Senior Brother is not the best in terms of cultivation status and appearance. Why do I like him for so long, and I even wanted to kill Yuan Fei for him.

Yuan Fei had another meaning put to it when she heard her. She thought that Lingyu must feel that her looks and cultivation were better than her senior brother, but she turned a blind eye to her feelings and fell in love with the senior brother. Poor Lingyu, she must be very sad and at a loss at this moment, right?

Yuan Fei couldn't bear to hurt Song Lingyu, so she asked: "How can you make things like feelings clear? You are so good, that person...not worthy of you doing this for him."

Song Lingyu thought that Yuan Fei was persuading herself not to like the Senior brother, although she knew the truth, but after all she had liked him for so many years, she really couldn't let it go for a while.

After the Yuanying Ceremony was over, the Sect Leader focused on Tao Ran and said: "The Patriarch has now broken through and is not in a hurry to cultivate. It is better to give pointers to a few younger generations with good talents, so that Luofu will have more immortal people?"

Tao Ran smiled and asked:"How can this Yuanying ancestor just give pointers alone?"

The Sect Leader knew that this was agreed, so he prepared to let a few foundation-building cultivators who were not very old in the school to go and accept Tao Ran’s instructions.

Of course Song Lingyu was among them.

Since the last Golden Core Ceremony, Song Lingyu felt a little embarrassed whenever she thought about the Patriarch. She originally thought that Patriarch was an old man, but suddenly the Patriarch became her most admired look.

After thinking about it carefully, the Patriarch's appearance was indeed the best-looking one that she had seen since growing up. She was a little worried in her heart. What if she couldn't help but be fooled by the beauty of the ancestor, and was thrown out of Luofu by the ancestor for a while? The more Song Lingyu thought about it, the more worried she became. The whole person had the appearance of worry.

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