Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 54: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [1]

After Tao Ran closed his eyes, he left the world. Thunder and snowflakes disappeared, and he now sat on a chair with a pile of books in front of him, to be precise, a pile of learning materials.

Xiao Mei said: "Dear host, do you want to cleanse your feelings this time?"

Although he had switched bodies, Tao Ran still seemed to feel Qiang Wei’s kiss. He reached out and touched his lips lightly. They were a bit dry and tasted bitter. Before leaving, he had asked Qiangwei for a kiss, but now he found that he might not be able to bear the kiss.

Xiao Mei said: "It is recommended to cleanse your feelings; the current state of the host is unstable."

Tao Ran said: "Why is it that the system can only recommend that? Can it not force the host to cleanse his feelings? I read that the systems in many novels are very domineering."

Xiao Mei hugged her chubby body and said: "The system is produced by a regular company, and it is not produced by a manufacturer that violates the regulations. People have no right to decide for the host anything that is not in the contract."

Tao Ran's heart stung for a long while; if the system forced a cleansing of feelings, it would comfort him. As a result, he had to ask for cleaning himself now. He felt uncomfortable like his heart was being gouged.

Xiao Mei knew his thoughts, so she said, "Host, you worry too much. After you clean up your feelings, you won’t remember how you feel now."

"Then...clean it..."

The cleansing was finished in an instant. Tao Ran looked at the information on the table and cried out strangely: "God, I hate May 3rd, I hate May 3rd!"

Seeing Tao Ran becoming lively, Xiaomei rolled over and said, "What's so scary about May 3rd in the host area? I have already upgraded you twice, so it's okay to ask a question."

"That's right." Tao Ran relaxed so that he didn't have to accept Ti Hai's torture. Then, he felt uncomfortable again, and said with emotion: "If I had you in the college entrance examination that year, I wouldn't be chased by my mother and hit down two streets."

Xiaomei couldn't comfort him in this matter. He hadn't installed the function of traveling through time and could not help Tao Ran.

Tao Ran began to accept the plot and original memory. The person he crossed over was named Ke Rui, a senior in high school.

This was a campus novel, and the protagonist and important supporting roles were all students. The male protagonist was called Ke Yuan, and yes, the surname was Ke because Tao Ran's first identity was the male protagonist's twin brother.

The heroine's name was Xu Yun, and the vicious female heroine was Huang Tao.

...I don’t know what her parents were thinking, naming her that. Maybe her mother liked to eat yellow peaches when she gave birth.

Ke Yuan, Ke Rui, the female lead, and the vicious female partner were assigned to a class in high school. The scumbag male lead and the vicious female partner Huang Tao were at the same table. Ke Rui’s deskmate was the heroine; isn’t it a coincidence? What's more coincidental was that the brothers both fell in love with the heroine Xu Yun.

Ke Rui was a nerd. Although he liked the heroine, he never dared to express it. The scumbag of the male protagonist was different, and often secretly sent breakfast and snacks to the female protagonist. Like all Mary Su dog blood campus novels, in the beginning, one of the male and female protagonists will always look at the other unpleasantly.

At this time, the female lead hated the male lead. In other words, it was not annoying, but a little girl's unique hypocritical psychology; she refused to accept the male lead's kindness.

Every time the hero returned without success, he would give the breakfast snacks to his table mate, that is, the vicious girl with the yellow peaches name, Huang Tao. He gave the food to Huang tao because he didn't want to eat or waste it. But Huang Tao regarded this as the rare warmth in her whole high school life. She fell in love with the hero in such a silent and enthusiastic way.

The love triangle had been established, laying a solid foundation for the blackening of the female partner in the future. And what Tao Ran, this cannon fodder had to do was to destroy the relationship between the vicious female partner and the male lead. He intended to continue using the tactics of the previous worlds: first bring the male and female protagonists together to let the female partner give up, and then ruin the relationship between the female partner and the male protagonist.

If the female partner did not like the male lead, naturally, she would not be blackened.

After Tao Ran thought about it, he really wanted to praise his wisdom.

 Xiaomei reminded: "Host, you still haven't written your homework yet."

Tao Ran's expression instantly stiffened, "What?"

Xiao Mei said: "The original master Ke Rui's homework has not been finished yet, and it will be handed in tomorrow."


"Seriously, I hate studying." Tao Ran picked up the pen and said: "As long as I study, I will think of the dark years of my adolescence, and then I want to disappear."

Xiao Mei calmly said: "My host, Xiao Mei will copy your homework for you."

Tao Ran: "..."

With Xiaomei, Tao Ran would not really use his brain to do homework. After finishing his homework, he lay on the bed. The darkroom was quiet, and he could hear the noise next door clearly. No one else lived in the next room, but Ke Yuan, his good brother and the hero of the world.

Although they were twins, their relationship was not good at all and their personalities and habits differed greatly. Ke Rui was a top-ranking student, always getting the best grades, but Ke Yuan was a real scumbag, so they took first and last place every time.

The two of them would quarrel for more than ten minutes. If they were not separated in time, the quarrel would turn into a fight. It was worth mentioning that although Ke Yuan could not study well, he was talented in fighting. As if he had found something that could suppress Ke Rui, he had been practicing martial arts for many years and finally became a renowned fighter on campus.

Tao Ran was lying on the bed and listening to this cheap brother, not knowing what he was doing next door. He thought to himself that he would have to get up early to go to school tomorrow. How can he sleep with so much noise?

He calmly took out his cell phone and sent a text message to his parents downstairs.

"The room next door is very noisy. I suspect that Ke Yuan is driving an excavator in the room. I am afraid that I will be late in the morning, so please come and stop him, and don't tell Ke Yuan that it is I who told you this."

The parents downstairs took advantage of the dead of night and were preparing to do some beneficial exercises when the eldest son's text message suddenly appeared. Father got up from mother, took a look, and then became furious.

Mother, lying on the bed, calmly asked, "Is it Xiao Rui's text message?"

Dad put on his clothes and nodded, "Mhm."

The mother continued: "Do you mean Xiao Yuan is fighting next door or watching martial arts movies?"

Dad put on his pants and said, "He said he was driving an excavator next door."

"Pfft." Mom lay on the bed and almost laughed.

Dad put on his clothes, turned around and squeezed his mother's chest, and said, "You still laugh. Wait for me to come back."

Tao Ran lay on the bed and listened quietly, and then he heard the sound of footsteps going upstairs. Then came a bang of the door and father's roar, then there was a crackling and messy sound, the boy's painful cries, father's roar, and the slapping sound of the soles of shoes.

Finally, with the sound of footsteps heading downstairs, everything was calm.

Tao Ran smiled, covered himself with the quilt properly, and fell asleep.

The boy next door gritted his teeth at the mess in the room and said: "It must be Ke Rui. It must be the sinister, sly, and shameless guy, Ke Rui, that told him."

The next morning, he woke up very well. After getting dressed, washed, and went downstairs, he ran into Ke Yuan at the top of the stairs.

As soon as Ke Yuan saw him, it was as if he saw his mortal enemy. He said: "You must have ratted on me last night."

Tao Ran stood, looked at Ke Yuan with a smile, and then spoke English.

"..." Ke Yuan: "What did you say?"

Tao Ran turned and went downstairs and said, "How do you do?"

"Do you think I'm an idiot?" Ke Yuan chased Tao Ran down and said, "You still ask me hello? Asking well is clearly ‘how are you, do you think I don't understand English? You must be scolding me, right?"

Tao Ran ignored him, went downstairs to sit at the dining table, and said politely: "Good morning, Mom and Dad."

"Good morning." Dad looked at Tao Ran with a smile, and he felt comfortable every time he saw his elder son.

Tao Ran ate breakfast gracefully, Ke Yuan rushed over like a tank and shouted: "Ke Rui, you wait for me!"

"What is that noise?" Dad frowned and looked at Ke Yuan. He was very upset every time he saw his second son.

"Did you take gunpowder early in the morning? Why do you talk to your brother like that?" Dad began to scold Ke Yuan.

Tao Ran smiled and said, "Dad, as you can see, he is threatening me. If there is a bruise or wound on my body when I come home from school today, remember to beat him because he must have beaten me."

"..." Ke Yuan looked at Tao Ran in disbelief, "Shameless..."

Dad roared: "Can't you stop talking when you eat?"

Ke Yuan was not afraid of anyone, but he was afraid of his father. Seeing his father get angry, he didn't dare to yell anymore. He could only sit down to eat when he was wronged.

Dad said: "You have to be good. Learn more from your brother, and protect your brother, youknow? To protect him is to protect yourself."

Ke Yuan: "..."

Their mother laughed. She wanted to laugh every time she saw her two sons tit-for-tat. She thought it was so fun; the two children were more fun than any TV series in the world.

On the way to school, the two walked in tandem.

Ke Yuan walked behind and looked at Tao Ran's back. How annoying it was to look at that. Obviously, they were twins, and they looked the same. Why couldn’t one be just as responsible as oneself, while the other bubbling badly?

In fact, Ke Yuan was not too stupid to learn. After all, they were brothers, and he couldn't find out much. He also worked hard when he was in elementary school, but then he found that no matter how hard he tried, Ke Rui's grades were like an insurmountable mountain that he could not surpass anyhow, so he gave up.

Tao Ran didn't know that Ke Yuan was slandering him behind, and he wouldn't care if he knew it. The male protagonist had nothing to do with him.

When they walked into the school, they immediately attracted the attention of most people. Most of them were girls.

The two brothers looked very similar; they were tall, thin, fair, and handsome. In addition, one dominated the rankings all year round, and the other was unruly and unrestrained. They simply fit all the types that little girls like. The girls watched them walk by, either whispering or giggling.

"Oh my god, they're so handsome. This time, in the mock test, Ke Rui was the number one again."

"I heard that Ke Yuan taught a lesson to the bullies who bullied the students of the school yesterday..."

Tao Ran sat in his seat, and his deskmate, the heroine Xu Yun, said: "Ke Rui, I had trouble with one of the math problems yesterday. Can you teach me?"

Tao Ran put down his schoolbag and began to teach her the topic. When Ke Yuan walked into the classroom, he saw that his goddess was whispering with the nasty ghost, and then... he was furious again.

Huang Tao saw Ke Yuan coming by, feeling sweet in her heart. It's great, the person I like is my deskmate.

Tao Ran said that this would not work, and the seating plan must be changed, otherwise, Huang Tao would like Ke Yuan more and more. He gave his homework to Xu Yun and said: "I'll go out for a while, you can see for yourself."

When he went to the teacher's office, Ke Rui's headteacher was bragging. The first top three grades were in her class, don’t you think it’s worth bragging about?

Tao Ran walked in and knocked on the door, "Teacher."

The headteacher was happier to see him than to see her son, "Ke Rui, what's the matter?"

Tao Ran said: "I want to change seats."

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