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Chapter 64: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [11]

As soon as Ke Yuan said this, the whole family was silent on the spot, and finally his father asked: "You can’t pass the exam, so you are justified?"

Mom was a little better and just said: "Let's go to your brother's future school."

It felt like the whole family couldn’t form a supportive group, but who understood the suffering in Ke Yuan's heart? He might not be admitted to the university next year, and was very likely to repeat his studies. Instead of getting consoled for such a miserable outcome, he was even asked to visit a university he would never be able to attend.

There was no greater despair in life than this.

So no matter what his parents said or persuaded, Ke Yuan just said, "No, I won’t go, you go by yourselves."

Dad was so angry that he was about to say that they would leave him alone. Tao Ran suddenly said: "Although B University is difficult to enter, there should be several people in our school that could get in, such as the top three in the school."

 Ke Yuan's eyes twitched, "..."

Tao Ran smiled and said, "Dad, do you know? The top three in the school are from our class."

"Really?" Dad said very happily: "Your class is really good. It's good that they all go to B University, so they can look after each other when they go to university"

"Yes." Tao Ran smiled. "Who wouldn't want to be admitted to the B University?."

Ke Yuan struggled inside, suddenly raised his head, and said, "I'll go with you."

Mother: "What?"

"I said I want to go with all of you." Ke Yuan resolutely said: "Take me along too."

He was the one who strongly opposed him a while ago and did not hesitate to fight with the soles of Dad's shoes. Now, he was also the one who suddenly changed his mind and wanted to go. As a man with a temper and authority, their father said: "It's late, I don't plan to take you there anymore."

"Dad~" Ke Yuan walked over, hugged his father's neck from behind, and said: "Just take me, I will feel bad alone at home..."

Dad: "Ugh... Ugh... I can’t breathe..."

Tao Ran pursed his lips and smiled, how lucky it was for a child to have a happy family, but not everyone was so lucky. The fundamental reason why he wanted to go to B City was that Huang Tao's father was in B City. And by going to him, he might be able to help Huang Tao get out of her miserable life one day earlier.

The next morning, Tao Ran and Ke Yuan went to school together. The two dark circles under the eyes were obvious on Ke Yuan's white face. Tao Ran stared at him for two seconds and sincerely said, "Young man, if you are any more vigorous, you will vanish into a puff of smoke (tln: sexual allusion - Ke Yuan was masturbating to the point of no sleep so the dark circles), so be more restrained."

 Ke Yuan: "???"

Ke Yuan's young face was full of sorrow, and he sighed along the way. Tao Ran ignored him and walked forward on his own. Seeing that his sorrow did not attract Tao Ran's attention, Ke Yuan finally said, "Ke Rui, don't you see that I am distressed?"

Tao Ran said: "My instinct tells me that your distress has nothing to do with me at all, so I don't want to care about you."

Ke Yuan: "..."

"Can you be a little sympathetic?" Ke Yuan: "For the sake of me being so clingy to you in my mother's womb."

 "..." Tao Ran's mouth twitched, and he said helplessly: "What's the matter, can you please tell me directly?"

 Ke Yuan: "I also want to take the entrance exam for B University, please help me."

Tao Ran stared at him for a few seconds, then sighed: "Let's just consider asking Dad to donate a library to B University, and then arrange for you to go in through the back door."

"Do you think that is possible?" Ke Yuan cried: "I'm not kidding, I really want to attend the B University and don't want to be separated from Xu Yun."

Tao Ran walked forward with his hands in his pockets, not paying any more attention to Ke Yuan.

Ke Yuan chased up and said, "Do you really care about me? Have you ever thought about what you will do if Huang Tao can't go to a school with you?"

Tao Ran thought that as long as you didn’t provoke her, then everything was easy to discuss.

Helping the guy with the worst grade in class to be admitted to the best university in the country, this kind of thing should be considered a miracle. Tao Ran thought he was not a miracle person. He slightly bent over for a sprint to be able to throw out his hand, swished a few times, and rushed into the school.

It was almost time for morning reading, and Tao Ran did not go to class. He went straight to the office with his backpack. As soon as the teachers in the office saw Tao Ran, they remembered the fear of being illuminated by the glory of the school bully last time. The class teacher was drinking tea. From the corner of his eyes, he looked at Tao Ran and immediately sucked the tea into his windpipe excitedly.

"Cough cough cough...cough cough cough..."

Tao Ran walked over and said, "Teacher, drink slowly, no one is going to rob you."

"..." The head teacher coughed, and with a red face, asked, "Why are you here again, classmate Ke Rui? How come you didn’t go to the class for self-study?"

Tao Ran said expressionlessly: "Teacher, do you know that your last call caused a lot of trouble for Huang Tao and me?"

Class teacher: "Uh..."

"Teacher, because of your casual speculations, mine and Huang Tao’s life and studies have been seriously disrupted." Tao Ran said sadly: "We love and respect you so much, so how can you cheat us like this?"

The class teacher was dizzy, and he said in a daze: "But you guys skipped class."

"As a classmate, what was wrong in me sending a sick Huang Tao to the hospital?" Tao Ran said, "Why did you call our parents and tell them your wild speculations?"

The class teacher understood that this kid was here to pick a fight. He put down the thermos, looked at Tao Ran, and said, "Tell me, what do you want?"

 Tao Ran: "I want to change my position."

 "..." the class teacher asked: "Did the top three places in our class change?"

Tao Ran: "No."

 All the teachers in the office remembered what Tao Ran said in the office last time, how he could sit with the third in the whole school; it simply could not inspire him to study.

The class teacher was also speechless for a long time, and finally thought that he was the number one ranked and the biggest achiever in the school, so he said: "How do you want to change?"

"Whatever, anyway, I want to sit in a seat with a boy. Huang Tao better sit with a girl." After thinking about it, there was nothing more to ask, so he said, "As for the position, it doesn't matter."

"Okay." The class teacher put a lid on the cup and said: "Whatever you say."

When Huang Tao came to the class, her seat was empty, and her deskmate did not come. It didn't matter what she thought in her heart. Huang Tao sat down quietly, put her school bag down, and opened the book to read. Then the class bell rang, and there was still no one beside her.

She couldn't help but look at Ke Yuan, who was sitting in front of her. Ke Yuan tilted his head to talk to Xu Yun. The young man's expression was so gentle and passionate. Seeing this scene, Huang Tao did not have any special feeling. She just wanted to go over and ask Ke Yuan, why didn't Ke Rui come?

Then, she saw Ke Rui, who had entered the class with the class teacher. The class teacher said: "It's already the third year of high school, and everyone is very nervous about their studies. In order to help some of the students with poor grades, students with good grades in our class should help students with poor grades.

After he finished talking, the class teacher patted himself for being very witty and finding the perfect reason to change seats by himself. He pointed to a fat female student in the last row and said, "Liu Yu, you and Ke Rui can change positions."

Liu Yu, who was named, raised her bewildered face and looked at Huang Tao who was sitting in front. Mom ye~ (tln: to indicate enthusiasm) , that is the second in the school ah!...

The class teacher kindly said, "Sit down with classmate Huang Tao and learn from her."

 Tao Ran said, "I'm going to tidy-up things"

He walked down expressionlessly, fully embodying the posture of a school tyrant. He sat down next to Huang Tao, then opened his school bag and started to pack things. Huang Tao knew that he was by her side, but somehow she didn't turn her head to look at him.

Suddenly, a hand reached into her table hole stealthily. Huang Tao was taken aback and turned to look. The young man calmly packed his things without looking at her. Then, Tao Ran took the book and walked back, passing by the female classmate.

The buddy in the back row was playing games at a critical moment, and he loved his tablemate. Although his deskmate was ugly and stupid, her size was a natural barrier for him. Because of her existence, he had never been discovered while playing games and eating in class by himself.

Suddenly, he felt a void all around him, as if there was something missing in his life. The buddy looked up and saw that the dear tablemate left him, replaced by a thin bamboo pole.

Tao Ran left. Huang Tao reached into her table hole, her hand touched something warm. Taking it out, she saw it was a glutinous rice ball. Liu Yu came over and sat down, just in time to see Huang Tao holding a rice ball in her hand. Huang Tao was nervous, and stuffed the rice ball back into the hole in the table.

After Liu Yu put the things in place, she quietly said to Huang Tao: "You can rest assured and eat. It's okay, I'm blocking you and no one can find it."

Tao Ran's new tablemate looked at Tao Ran sadly with his mobile phone at the same table, and said in grief, "Don’t all the good classmates sit in front?"

Tao Ran grinned at him and said, "A really good classmate is good anywhere"

Without the natural barrier, the class teacher had an unobstructed view of the situation here. He roared, “Wang Hai! What are you playing? Hand it over!"

Wang Hai quickly retracted his hand and denied, "No, I didn't play anything."

The expression was bewildered and innocent, as if he was just a confused and ignorant teenager. You still dare to lie, the class teacher said: "Ke Rui, did you see what he was playing?"

Tao Ran turned his head and looked at Wang Hai. Wang Hai's eyes were full of begging to show mercy on the pitiful, weak and helpless...

Tao Ran said, "He was just eating food."

"Is it?"

"Yes." Wang Hai said immediately: "Teacher, I didn't have breakfast."

The class teacher then said: "The class is a place for study, not a canteen for you to eat. Can't you just get up three minutes earlier to settle your breakfast?... Self-study now!"

With the class teacher gone, Wang Hai breathed a huge sigh of relief. He gratefully said to Tao Ran, "Buddy, thanks, I'll buy you some spicy food after class."

Tao Ran said, "I want to have a drink."

"Okay, no problem." Wang Hai said very happily: "Originally I thought that good students are particularly annoying, but I didn't expect you to be quite nice ......"

With his ears full of chatter from the new tablemate, Tao Ran looked up at Huang Tao's seat. Huang Tao carefully took out the rice ball, which was still hot, opened the package, and took a bite. The inside was filled with steamed pork and doughnuts, and it was particularly appetizing to eat.

Her tablemate moved her big body a little bit forward, and whispered: "You eat quickly, I'm blocking you."

After Huang Tao finished the rice ball, her stomach was filled against her heart. She felt very content, and unconsciously smiled.

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