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Chapter 65: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [12]

After the morning study session, there was a long break. During this time, the first years and second years had to go to the playground to do exercises. The principal felt that third year students were working too hard, so he did not force the seniors to do exercises anymore.

Wang Hai still remembered that he wanted to invite Tao Ran for a drink, so he dragged Tao Ran to the school canteen after class. Ke Yuan saw this and followed along. When the three arrived at the canteen, Ke Yuan said, "Good for you, Wang Hai. You just became tablemates, and you already invited him to drink. You never invited me to drink before."

As scumbags of the same class Ke Yuan and Wang Hai had, of course, known each other for a long time. Wang Hai said: "You, explain to me! You used to say bad things about your brother in front of us. I just found out today that your brother is very good."

Ke Yuan's expression darkened, "What your brother, your brother..."

Tao Ran bared his teeth and smiled: "Ha ha ha... badmouthing me?"

Ke Yuan suddenly had no time to get angry; his heart dropped down to his toes with the panic he felt.

"Yes." Wang Haidao: "You don't know, he used to complain about you every day in front of us, saying that you liked to snitch on people and were especially bad... ooh..."

Ke Yuan covered Wang Hai’s mouth from behind and laughed dryly at Tao Ran: "I just said a few words casually, absolutely not every day."

"Not really." Tao Ran said, "I don’t see you during the weekend, so how can I say it every day."

What could Ke Yuan do, he could only laugh sheepishly. Tao Ran looked at Ke Yuan with a smile that was not really a smile (tln: usually indicates the person is not happy with the other person). Ke Yuan was defeated, and with a wilted head, he said: "Well, it was my fault. I apologize. For the fact that I have not said any bad things about you recently, can you help me?"

Wang Hai had never seen Ke Yuan look so abashed. He curiously asked: "What's wrong? Help you with what?"

Tao Ran expressionlessly said, "Help him get into B University."


Wang Hai really sprayed out his drink. He looked at Ke Yuan with an incredulous expression and said, " You are not out of your mind, right?"

"You are the one with a problem in your brain." Ke Yuan reached out and pushed away Wang Hai’s outstretched hands. He said with a serious face: "I really want to be admitted to the B University. Help me, I'm willing to do anything you ask me to do."

"What can you do?" Wang Hai said: "That's B University. If I can pass the exam, I'm willing to do anything."

Tao Ran looked at Ke Yuan, and his heart told him that Ke Yuan was his younger brother anyway. Although he was a little stupid, he was still good. Why not help him? Outwardly to Ke Yuan, he said: "It's not impossible, it just depends on whether you can endure this hardship and study multi-semester worth of knowledge in one."

Ke Yuan: "Yes, I can endure hardship."

"Damn it." Wang Hai was shocked. "That's enough? Can you take me also? I will also call you brother, ok?"

Tao Ran said: "If you take the ordinary exam, unless an earthquake kills nine-tenths of the candidates, you have no hope at all."

Ke Yuan and Wang Hai’s faces collapsed at the same time, yet Tao Ran continued: "But B university recruits special abilities. Do you have any special skills?"

The two of them, foolishly shook their heads at the same time, "No."

"Then only sports." Tao Ran said: "Are you good at sports?"

Again, the two of them stupidly nodded together, "Not bad."

"Not bad is not enough, it must be very good." Tao Ran thought for a while and said: "I am not very clear about this aspect, so you guys go to the class teacher and ask him how to deal with this situation. Don't worry about the cultural class, I will help you to take care of it. It should be possible to reach the scoreline."

The two fools suddenly learned that they could also be admitted to B University. They were stimulated silly. So silly that they couldn’t get any more foolish. Dizzy and dazed, they went to look for the class teacher. Tao Ran walked to the class with steaming milk tea, and from the corridor outside the class, he looked in through the window.

Huang Tao was reading a book. Her deskmate looked around boredly, and saw Tao Ran smiling like a spring breeze in her direction.

She blushed...

Tao Ran pointed his finger at Huang Tao beside her, and the tablemate understood Tao Ran's meaning very quickly. She stretched out her hand to pat Huang Tao. Huang Tao turned her head, "Huh?"

Her tablemate pointed out to the window. Huang Tao turned around and saw Tao Ran standing outside the window and smiling at her. His left-hand index finger lightly hooked towards her a few times, with a ‘come here’ motion. Huang Tao was embarrassed for a while; she furtively looked around and saw that no one was paying attention to her tablemate, so she quickly walked out of the classroom.

Tao Ran led her to an empty corner, handed her the milk tea, and said, "Blueberry flavor, do you like it?"

Huang Tao reached out and took the warm milk tea. She whispered, "Why give me milk tea."

Tao Ran: "Aren't you thirsty, after eating the dry rice ball?"

This reason was really not romantic at all...

Tao Ran instructed: "Drink it outside and throw away the trash. I am going in first so that no one will see us together.”   

Huang Tao held the milk tea and said a little emotionally: "Why sneak around?"

"Don't you have to be sneaky?" Tao Ran smiled bitterly: "In case your mother came to school and heard any rumors, it would be bad."

Huang Tao knew this, but she still felt a bit aggrieved. Why could she only talk secretly with Ke Rui? She also wanted to accept the boy's gift openly like other girls.

Seeing that she seemed a little unhappy, Tao Ran said, "You don't need to endure it for a long time. Don't feel uncomfortable. I'm sitting in the back row now, and I've been watching you all the time."

Huang Tao's face suddenly turned red. She lowered her head and dared not look at Tao Ran, whispering, "Why do you have to be so nice to me?"

Tao Ran said, "I can't tell you now, but I'll tell you the reason when the college entrance exams are over."

"Mm." Huang Tao kept afraid to look at Tao Ran. She was already shorter than Tao Ran, and with her head down like this, Tao Ran could only see her pitch-black hair. From this angle, she looked a bit like an ostrich. Tao Ran felt this was a bit funny, and couldn't help but press his hand on her head.

Huang Tao's head was held down, and she was a little surprised. She said: "Hey?"

Tao Ran retracted his hand and said, "Be obedient, Miss Ostrich."

Then he turned and left. Huang Tao looked at his back. The ugly and fat school uniform was not at all ugly on him. He was like a bamboo, tall, upright, beautiful, and so sunny.

Ahhh? Who was an ostrich? An ostrich is so ugly.

Ke Yuan and Wang Hai didn't show up until the class started. They might have discussed in length with the class teacher on what could be done. The English teacher was talking endlessly, and Tao Ran sat in the last bench, bored out of his mind, casually playing with a pen. He had to endure this kind of student life for another half a year at least. Just thinking about it was making him feel uncomfortable. He was probably the most knowledgeable student.

"Ke Rui." The teacher asked him, "Why did you choose C for this question?"

If there are three long answers and one short answer, choose the short one. If there are three short answers and one long answer, choose the long answer. When there are two long ones and two short ones, then choose B. When it is uneven, C is invincible ......

Tao Ran muttered the formula silently in his heart, but followed Xiaomei's prompt and answered correctly.

"Sit down." The teacher said: "You are already in the third year of high school. If you have any thoughts, you can accept it. No matter how good your grades are, don’t waste your time..."

Back at home after returning from school, at the dinner table, Ke Yuan suddenly said that he wanted to learn sports. Dad was stunned and questioned, "Why do you want to learn sports all of a sudden?"

Ke Yuan said: "I want to take B University, so I can only do sports specialties."

"Why do you have to take the B University?" In the end, Mom felt sorry for her son, so she said: "It's okay to go to an ordinary school. You don't need to worry about work like other children. It's no big deal to send you abroad."

"I just want to go to B University." This was probably the one thing Ke Yuan insisted most on in front of his parents in his life, and he said, "Ke Rui promised to tutor me in my culture class."

"This..." Mom and Dad glanced at each other.

Tao Ran nodded and said, "As long as he studies hard, cultural lessons will be fine."

"But..." Mom said: "You have such a poor foundation, and you have to study sports and work hard in cultural classes. It will be very hard."

 Ke Yuan: "I can endure hardship."

 Mother: "But..."

"Stop talking." Dad said: "The child understands, you should encourage him."

Tao Ran asked Xiaomei to predict the college entrance examination questions by using the test papers of this city over the years. The college entrance examinations had a regularity. As long as you could grasp this pattern, the questions that came out, even though they would not be the same, the type would be similar.

He made a lot of test papers for Ke Yuan and Wang Hai to write. The same types of questions were not done just once, but hundreds of times.

Ke Yuan began to stop hanging out with those school bullies and social punks. He attended classes and trained during the day, and Tao Ran taught him to do problems at night. Within a month, he lost a lot of weight. His mother was distressed and couldn't persuade him not to work so hard, so she could only work hard on food. Every day, she would change the style to make nutritious food for Ke Yuan. Tao Ran followed to eat, and as a result, he weighed three catties.

Ke Yuan, who had lost several jins, silently looked at Tao Ran's weight and said, "Why do you study so easily?"

Tao Ran: "It's probably the gap in IQ."

Ke Yuan: "Then why are you so bad at playing games?"

"Probably... because I lack game cells..."

The final exam was approaching, and the atmosphere in the class became tense. Except for Tao Ran's leisurely action of giving food to Huang Tao daily in different and ingenious ways. Even Xu Yun could see Ke Yuan's nervousness. She whispered while everyone was doing the test questions, "I feel you have changed recently."

Ke Yuan's heart skipped a beat, and he blushed slightly and asked: "How have I changed?"

Xu Yun: "You have become much hard-working and are not as boring as before."

"Really?" Ke Yuan said nervously: "Then do you like the former me or the present me?"

This question was strange. If Tao Ran heard it, he would have definitely slapped him over, and then said ‘I don't like you.’ But Xu Yun didn't quite understand what Ke Yuan meant. She thought that Ke Yuan was just asking her whether he was better before the change or after the change.

Xu Yun said: "Of course it is now."

Ke Yuan's heartbeat was pounding, and he was about to burst out happily. He whispered: "I’ll tell you a secret, don't tell anyone."

Xu Yun whispered with bright eyes: "I promise not to tell anyone."

Ke Yuan: "I want to take the B University exam."

"Really?" Xu Yun was surprised: "I also want to take the B University exam. Then, we will still be classmates."

Ke Yuan nodded, "Yeah.”

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