Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 67: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [14]

"I'm not here for an internship."

Tao Ran looked at the man in front of him. He was very well dressed. Though the man was in his forties, he looked like he was still in his thirties. Whereas Huang Tao’s mom, whom he had seen previously, looked very much aged. If Tao Ran hadn’t known about their relationship, he wouldn't have ever guessed them as a pair.

For a man to be hated by a woman to that extent, Tao Ran didn’t know what kind of person he was. He could only judge from Huang Tao's life in the novel. Since Huang Tao could use her family's power to suppress Xu Yun, it could be seen that Huang Hu was quite indulgent towards Huang Tao.

Although he didn’t know if this indulgence was considered a good thing, it was better than letting Huang Tao stay with her mother.

Tao Ran looked into Huang Hu's eyes and said, "When Mr. Huang heard the words “A City High School", didn't he have any idea at all??"

Huang Hu and Tao Ran looked at each other. Huang Hu was suddenly moved. He raised his hand to Tao Ran and then put it down. He looked a little ill at ease and said, "How old are you... this year?"

Tao Ran: "It will be eighteen after the new year."

"You..." Huang Hu stared at Tao Ran closely, his eyes were complex and indescribable. He suddenly took a step forward and hugged Tao Ran and said: "Child, child, have you come to find dad?"

Tao Ran: "..."

Ten minutes later, Tao Ran sat in the office on the top floor of this building. Thinking of the misunderstanding just now, Tao Ran was a bit embarrassed. He sat on the comfortable sofa and drank his coffee and said, "Mr. Huang, do you even know whether your child is a boy or a girl?"

"To be honest, I really don't know." Huang Hu said with a bitter smile, "When I got divorced, I didn't even know that she was pregnant. I didn't know until after my divorce."

Tao Ran said: "You know your child is outside, haven't you thought about looking for her?"

"Why haven't I thought about it? Do you know where I am from?" Huang Hu said, "I am from H city. I only knew that she disappeared after she became pregnant, leaving only the cruel words that she will make me regret, and then she just disappeared. I used to think that as long as a person had an ID card in China, it was not difficult to find them. After that, I came to know how difficult it was to find someone."

Tao Ran saw that Huang Hu did not look like the kind of person who would abandon his wife and daughter, so he said, "I want to ask you something."

Huang Hu: "Please go ahead."

"Why did you divorce Huang Tao's mother in the first place?" Tao Ran said: "Did she not tell you that she was pregnant at the time of the divorce?"

"Actually she told me, but I didn’t believe it." Huang Hu seemed to think of some uncomfortable past, and said: "I was just a poor boy at the time, and met her on a blind date. She was very different before we got married. After marriage, she was highly possessive and wanted to control everything. I could not stand her after less than a year of marriage. I filed for divorce for the first time, and then she told me that she was pregnant. I didn’t push through with the divorce for the sake of the baby."

Tao Ran: "What happened later?"

"Later, I found out that the pregnancy was fake, she was just lying to me. I was very angry and filed for divorce again, but she said she was pregnant again and took out hospital test reports as proof." Huang Hu shook his head and said: "I thought at that time, as a woman, she would not repeatedly deceive people using her own child."

Tao Ran probably knew what was going on, he said, "And then it was fake again?"

"Yes, I was very disillusioned and uncomfortable at that time, and I thought life was really desperate. I had to make a change, if I kept going on like this, my life would be over."

Huang Hu's eyes gradually became clearer and clearer: "I made up my mind to get a divorce. But she stubbornly believed that I had a woman outside and that’s why I wanted to divorce her. She took the pregnancy again to retain me, with the hospital test report, but at that time I would not believe her anymore. It was a very hard divorce. Then two months later, I found out that her belly was big. This was definitely not the size of a pregnancy after divorce."

"So? What did you do?"

"I went to her and said I would be responsible for the child." Huang Hu frowned, "But she just looked at me with great resentment, said she would make me regret it, and then disappeared. I went to her mother's house every year to inquire about her, and for more than ten years, she had no news."

Tao Ran was silent. Huang Tao in the novel couldn't ever receive Ke Yuan’s love. In the end, she framed Xu Yun and even used self-harm to keep Ke Yuan. Was there a shadow of her mother in this? Tao Ran suddenly felt scared. A good girl like Huang Tao finally became like that. What did she experience before?

Huang Hu said: After all this, you also understand the previous events, so now can you tell me, my daughter Huang Tao's matter? Is she doing well, is she studying well?"

Tao Ran forced a smile and said, "Maybe that's what both father and daughter have in common, she made the same choice as you did at first, to leave no matter what."

"That is to say ......" Huang Hu paused and said, "She is not having a good time?"

"Well." Tao Ran said, "Huang Tao, she looks very much like you, your initial determination to leave caused a lot of damage to Huang Tao's mother. Whenever she is sad, she takes it out on Huang Tao, who has been subjected to domestic violence for a long time and is always bruised and battered."

"Excessive!" Huang Hu slammed his fist on the coffee table, which made a piercing sound, he said, "How can she do this? That's her child, too."

But that's also your child." Tao Ran said, "I came to you today, to ask you to help Huang Tao. Huang Tao is a good child, she has always been in the top three of the school in terms of character and academic excellence. She will have a good future. But continuing to stay in that home will ruin her."

Huang Hu raised his eyes and looked at Tao Ran seriously and said, "Please tell me, where is Huang Tao now."

Tao Ran returned to the hotel just in time to see his father smacking Ke Yuan with his slippers. As soon as Ke Yuan saw him, he jumped and fled, "Save me, Dad is going to murder his own flesh and blood!"

Tao Ran thought about it and thought it should be related to himself. He blocked in front of Ke Yuan and said, "Dad, why bother, we are all family, can't we sit down together and have a heart-to-heart chat?"

"Can't!" Dad was super angry: "My son secretly went to visit the □ partner, I can't calm down, I can't sit down."

Tao Ran: "......"

Tao Ran turned back and glanced sharply at Ke Yuan, after glancing at the creepy Ke Yuan, he turned back and said, "Dad, listen to my explanation, things are not what you think."

Dad held slippers, "I won't listen, I won't listen..."


Why does it feel that something strange is coming in...

Dad might also feel that something was wrong, so he calmed down. Mother sat by the bed and wiped her tears, "My Xiao Rui, my smart, sensible and promising Xiao Rui..."

Tao Ran's mouth twitched and said, "Mom, I'm alive and well."

"Tell me!" Dad pointed to Tao Ran with his slippers: "What did you go out for?"

"To tell the truth, dad, I went out to help people." Tao Ran said with a righteous face: "Originally I was planning to do good deeds without leaving a name and hide this matter in my heart forever, but now I can't face my mom and dad's misunderstanding of me. I'm going to break some people's evil lies!”

Ke Yuan: "..." What the heck?

Mother: "Say it, say it quickly."

Tao Ran then made up a story about a little tadpole looking for her father, and he made up Huang Tao as a poor young girl who longed for her father's love. Tao Ran, in order to help her, came to B City without the knowledge of everyone, and then finally lived up to the expectations of finding the poor young girl's father.

Tao Ran showed his mobile phone address book to his parents, "If you don't believe me, see, Mr. Huang left me a phone number. If you don't believe me, you can call to confirm."

Dad said, "No need, Mr. Huang and our company have business dealings, I have his number, just check it."

After the comparison, it was proved Tao Ran did not lie. The mother hugged Tao Ran and said: "Mom knows that you are still my beloved baby. Mom doesn't believe you would do that kind of thing."

Tao Ran: "..." Who was the one who just cried and cried for his son?

Dad was about to explode, and shouted at Ke Yuan: "Usually you don't care about it, but today you are wronging your brother like this, see if I don't beat you to death!"

Ke Yuan spun around and fled, screaming miserably, "I didn't accuse him, that's what he said to me."

Tao Ran sat beside his mother and said, "I'm so sad, I tutored him every day until late at night, but I didn't expect him to harm me like this."

Mother hugged her son distressedly and said, "Xiao Rui, don't be angry, and watch your father beat him to vent your anger."

Walking on the bumpy, pothole filled road in the old community, the houses on both sides were covered with creepers. There are old men with dogs passing by from time to time, and some women in cotton pajamas going out and standing on the side of the road chatting. Huang Hu wore a straight suit, a pair of new leather shoes stained with some dust, he asked his bodyguard to stop at the entrance of the alley. He walked to the door of that small house alone, reached out and knocked on the door.

The one who opened the door was a teenage girl who was very beautiful. The girl looked at him with a pair of black and white eyes, "Who are you looking for?"

"I'm looking for Huang Tao." Huang Hu said a little excitedly: "I...I'm Huang Hu, I'm your father."

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