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Chapter 69: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [16]

Huang Tao looked at Tao Ran and said, "Why would he call you? Why do you know him?"

Tao Ran looked at Huang Tao, and after a moment of silence, he finally said, "I don't want you to continue to live with your mother. I found your father and hoped he would take you away."

At that moment, Huang Tao's eyes were very complicated. She looked at Tao Ran as if she was very puzzled and asked, "Are you pitying me? Do you think my life is miserable?"

Tao Ran looked into Huang Tao's eyes and asked seriously, "Isn't it? Do you still want to continue living this kind of life?"

Huang Tao stared at Tao Ran. The two stared at each other for a while. Huang Tao finally said, "You don't need to poke your nose in my business, you are being very annoying!"

After she said that she ran outside, Tao Ran went to tug her arm. Huang Tao shook him off and ran out.

Tao Ran chased her and watched her run all the way home. He didn't dare to go any further; in case Li Xiufen saw him, Huang Tao would bear the brunt of it.

Tao Ran stood at the corner of the alley. He called Huang Hu, told him that Huang Tao didn't want to see him for the time being, and asked him to be patient.

The young man came over with three cups of coffee, intending to have a good chat with Tao Ran about his lack of a boyfriend; it was because he was picky and had nothing to do with his own mouth. As a result, he came back and saw two big men sitting in the spot. They noticed the young man staring at them in a daze and grinned at him.

Youth: "……"

He stood there, watching until it was the evening and Huang Tao did not yet come out. Tao Ran felt a little pain in his stomach and only then remembered that he hadn't eaten anything for a day. He went to the nearest mall, bought a toothbrush and toothpaste, and brushed his teeth in the mall toilet.

After that, he ate a bowl of noodles in a noodle shop in the mall. After washing his face in cold water, his skin felt dry and tight, without having applied Johnson’s cream.

When Huang Tao came home, she saw Li Xiufen sitting on the bed in a daze with disheveled hair. She stood still. Li Xiufen then looked up and saw her, saying, "You are back."

"Yeah." Huang Tao looked at her, motionless.

Li Xiufen said in a panic: "Don't listen to his nonsense. You won't leave, right?"

Huang Tao looked at her, but still did not speak.

"You ungrateful girl. I raised you for nothing, you are exactly like your father - a white-eyed wolf!" Li Xiufen rushed over and raised her hand to hit Huang Tao, but when Huang Tao looked at her indifferently, she suddenly became flustered.

She retracted her hand and cried, ""You go, you go, as if you had never been born. At the beginning, I came here with a big stomach, and I didn't have any livelihood or money. I had to work to make money, even when I was about to give birth. When I gave birth to you, I got up the next day to work so that I could feed you. You had such a small appetite that you would always spit up milk. I was afraid you would choke on the milk, so I only slept for three or four hours every night..."

"Woo..." Huang Tao cried, "Don't say it."

"I raised you up as a woman, yet now that your rich father is here, you're leaving. Leaving me here... ."

Don't say it." Huang Tao cried bitterly, "I won't go ..."

Li Xiufen also cried. She held Huang Tao in her arms and cried: "You can't go. If you leave, I can only die ..."

"Mom, I won't leave ..."

"My little darling." Li Xiufen cried bitterly, "what would I do if you leave..."

Tao Ran felt much more comfortable after eating noodles. He went back to the entrance of the alley that led to Huang Tao's house. There were no movements in Huang Tao’s house. After thinking about it, he slowly moved closer to observe.

Li Xiufen held Huang Tao and cried for a long time, and both of them were exhausted. Huang Tao sat on the bed, sobbing gently.

Li Xiufen stared at Huang Tao with red and swollen eyes. With a cold expression, she said: "You saw your father; he is so rich. Do you want to go with him in your heart?"

Huang Tao wiped her tears and shook her head: "I'm not going, I'll stay with you."

"I can see through your lies. You are exactly the same as your father back then."

"I'm serious, I won't leave." Huang Tao said: "I am not lying to you."

Li Xiufen wanted to yell at her, but then she thought of something. She calmed down and said in an almost flattering tone: "You are hungry. Mom will make you a good meal. Don't leave."

After that, without waiting for Huang Tao's consent, she went out to cook.

She made a large plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, put in a bowl of noodles, and made it into a noodle topping. Carrying a large bowl of fragrant noodles, Li Xiufen sent the noodles to Huang Tao and said, "My daughter likes to eat tomato scrambled eggs. Mom knows that you eat noodles and you will always be with your mother after you eat them."

Huang Tao took her chopsticks and started to eat the noodles. She said, "Mom, you eat too."

"Mom doesn't need to eat, mom just made one bowl of noodles." Li Xiufen looked at Huang Tao lovingly.

Huang Tao saw that there was a huge portion of noodles in the bowl, so she said, "Let me share half of it with you, I can't eat so much."

Li Xiufeng suddenly snapped, “I told you to eat, you eat!"

Huang Tao was startled. She didn't dare to speak any more and just ate the noodles in silence.

Li Xiufen watched Huang Tao eat the noodles one bite at a time. Her expression was a bit expectant. One could not be sure what she was thinking.

Huang Tao ate a large bowl of noodles. After eating, she was very full and uncomfortable. She stood up, and Li Xiufen immediately said, "Where are you going?"

"Mom, I'm a little uncomfortable." Huang Tao said: "I'll move around to digest the food."

"Don't go out." Li Xiufen said, "You are not going anywhere."

"I won't go out."

According to Tao Ran's understanding of Li Xiufen, she couldn't be so quiet after Huang Hu came back home. Tao Ran was flustered. Like a lecherous pervert, he pressed against Huang Tao's house’s door to listen to the movement inside.

After a while, Huang Tao felt her stomach getting more and more painful, and cold sweat was running down from the pain. She painfully said, "Mom, my stomach hurts."

"It doesn't hurt." Li Xiufen said: "Come over here, I'll give you a rub and you'll be fine."

Huang Tao walked over and sat on the bed. Li Xiufen rubbed Huang Tao's stomach.

However, the symptoms were not alleviated, and Huang Tao was rolling on the bed with pain.

Covered in sweat, she clutched Li Xiufen's sleeve and said, "Mom, it feels so painful. Take me to the hospital."

"It doesn't matter if it hurts." Li Xiufen suddenly smiled: "Once you die, you won’t feel any pain"

Huang Tao's eyes widened in horror. Li Xiufen's expression was half crying and half laughing. She said: "I added rat poison in the noodles. You are a white-eyed wolf and your father was exactly the same: unless you die, you will certainly leave."

In fear, Huang Tao wanted to escape, but her feet gave in. Unable to support herself, she fell softly to the ground and crawled on the floor, trying to go outside. Li Xiufen pulled her legs to drag her back, crying: "My dear daughter, don't leave, mother can't do without you..."

Huang Tao was dragged by her legs, and her hands were scraped as she struggled to hold onto the floor. She looked at the door in despair. In just a few short steps, she may not be able to walk in this life.

Li Xiufen had gone completely crazy; she hugged Huang Tao and started screaming, crying as she screamed.

Huang Tao was in so much pain that her hands and feet began to twitch.

Tao Ran heard a woman’s shrill screaming from outside, and he finally couldn't help but kick on the door. Fortunately, Huang Tao's house did not have an anti-theft door. He kicked the door open, rushed in, and saw the tragic scene in front of him.

He rushed over and knelt on the ground to touch Huang Tao, "What's wrong with you?"

Huang Tao could not say anything. Weeping, she looked at him with eyes full of despair.

Tao Ran did not say anything and reached out to grab Huang Tao when Li Xiufen said: "Who are you? What are you doing? My daughter will soon be with me forever!"

"You are a lunatic."

Tao Ran stood up and kicked Li Xiufen in the shoulder. Li Xiufen was kicked to the ground. Tao Ran bent down, picked up Huang Tao, and ran.

He was a young man. He had never suffered any hardships, so he wasn’t very strong. He hugged Huang Tao and rushed out, breathing heavily, but before he could run far, he fell to the ground. The moment he fell to the ground, he twisted his body, so that his back would take the impact of the fall and Huang Tao would not get any further injuries.

Tao Ran didn't have time to check where he was injured. He picked up Huang Tao and rushed to the side of the road to take a taxi to the hospital.

Li Xiufen stumbled after him, and her mouth let out a mournful cry. In the night, in the old neighborhood, the cry reverberated, frightened and sad.

Tao Ran carried Huang Tao to the hospital’s emergency department. The emergency doctor came over and said, "What happened?"

"I don't know." Tao Ran panicked and said, "I found her like this ......"

The doctor began to check Huang Tao's eyelids, listened to her heart rate, and then looked at her tongue. Then, he said, "It looks like poisoning, hurry up and take her to the emergency room."

Tao Ran was asked to wait outside. He thought about it and made a call to Huang Hu. When Huang Hu came over, Huang Tao’s stomach was being pumped to remove the poison. He rushed over and asked, "What's the matter?"

Tao Ran said, "I heard a sound in their house, so I rushed in, and then I saw Huang Tao lying on the ground, unable to speak."

Huang Hu clenched his fists but could do nothing but wait outside.

He saw that Tao Ran's clothes were all dusty and there were bruises on his face and hands, and he asked, "How did this happen to you?"

Tao Ran had not even bothered about his minor injuries and said: "I fell while sending Huang Tao to the hospital."

"Don't wait like this." Huang Hu said: "I will take you to treat the wound."

Tao Ran said: "It's nothing."

"You child." Huang Hu pulled Tao Ran without saying a word, "Learn to listen to adults at least once in a while you know?"

Because in the past, people had used rat poison to commit suicide, the rat poison on the market was not very potent and strong. Since Tao Ran sent Huang Tao to hospital in time, Huang Tao was okay after her stomach was pumped.

In the hospital ward, Huang Tao was pale and fell asleep on the bed. Huang Hu became angrier as he thought about it. He was afraid of disturbing Huang Tao’s rest, and so he whispered: "I didn't expect Li Xiufen to be so deranged now."

"Take Huang Tao away." Tao Ran said: "She really can't stay here."

"You don't need to even say that." Huang Hu made up his mind and said: "Li Xiufen poisoned her own child. She is going to jail. I will let my lawyer come over. She must be punished."

Mom called Tao Ran and asked him why he hadn’t come back yet. Huang Hu also persuaded him to go back to rest. Tao Ran thought about taking off the large-leafed rosewood string he had been wearing on his hand and giving it to Huang Tao.

He wondered on the way back if he had done something wrong. Without him in the picture, Huang Tao lived with her father peacefully. Did the matter now occur because of him?

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