Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 55: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [2]

The class adviser was shocked by Tao Ran's request, and then felt very puzzled because the class seating plan was carefully arranged by himself. Tao Ran and Xu Yun were first and third place in grade ranking. They were very well-behaved and could be said to be his favorite students.

According to the performance of the two, it was not bad. There didn’t seem to be any conflicts between the two, so why did Ke Rui want to change seats?

The class adviser said with a slight frown, "Ke Rui, are you at odds with Xu Yun?"

Tao Ran was full of righteousness. If he wore a red scarf around his neck, he could immediately rush to the middle of the road to help an old woman crossing the road. He said bluntly, "We have no conflicts."

"..." The class adviser did not understand, "There are no conflicts, then why do you want to change seats?"

"Teacher." Tao Ran took out the grade sheet for this exam and said, "Look, Xu Yun took third place in the school this time."

The class adviser naturally knew the grade results of the class, at least better than Tao Ran. He was very pleased and said, "Yes, Xu Yun passed the third grade exam. With her grades, it would be no problem for her to apply for a B major."

"But teacher, she has been third for a semester in a row." Tao Ran looked solemn.

"Yes." The class adviser was even more relieved, and said, "It's rare that she is not arrogant or impetuous, and her academic performance has been so stable. She is a very persevering classmate."

Tao Ran was holding the score sheet and didn't want to talk anymore.

The class adviser and Tao Ran looked at each other in silence for a few seconds before he finally woke up from his daydream and remembered what Tao Ran was here for. The class adviser said, "Is there anything wrong with Xu Yun? Why do you want to change seats?"

Tao Ran said with a single face, with a single grade, "She has been third in the school for half a year, and she may always be third in the school in the future. How could I be at the same table with the third in the school?"

Class teacher:"…"

The class adviser was stunned. He had been teaching for so many years, and it was the first time he heard this reason for changing seats. He sat on the chair and tilted his head up at Tao Ran. His expression was dazed and his lips trembled. It took a long time to find his own words, "Ke Rui, classmate... are you serious?"

"Of course." Tao Ran said, "As the number one in the school, I can't be proud of myself. I have thought about it. The best way to keep me motivated is to let me sit together with my competitors."

Class adviser: "Can't she be your opponent as in third place?"

"Of course not." Tao Ran smiled slightly: "She couldn’t even be second, so how can she be my opponent?"

Class adviser:"…"

Not only Tao Ran's class adviser, but all the teachers in this office had their mouths hanging open and turned to look in Tao Ran's direction. Everyone was stunned, as if they were all blinded by a genius's light.

He was most afraid of the sudden silence in the air. The class adviser took a long time to digest Tao Ran’s words, but he still could not understand, "The second place Huang Tao is also in our class. As a classmate, can’t you stimulate your sense of competition? ?"

Tao Ran frowned slightly and said, "Teacher, in a word, change or not change."

If the person who spoke to him this way was Ke Yuan, the class adviser would definitely have bloodied his scolding dog, and then notified the parents that they need to come to school. But the person who said this kind of thing in front of him was Ke Rui, the first place in their class, and his baby pimple. To be exaggerated, the class teacher was afraid to speak loudly to Ke Rui, for fear that it would leave a psychological shadow on the ancestor.

The class adviser thought about it and said, "I'll consider the seating plan later."

Tao Ran immediately pouted.

The class adviser shed cold sweat and said patiently, "It's not that I don't want to change your seat next to Huang Tao. In fact, I wanted to change Huang Tao’s seat a long time ago. But classmate Huang Tao called me and said that she has to sit in that position, so I can’t help it.”

Tao Ran thought that it was no wonder that Huang Tao, a schoolmaster in the novel, had been at the same table with the school scum for three years. It turned out that she had long been in love with Ke Yuan. It was Huang Tao who made it so that the two of them could stay at the same table for three years in a row.

That was the end of the matter; it seemed that it wouldn't work unless he said something crazy.

Tao Ran looked around and said to the class adviser, "Teacher, can we talk privately?"

The other teachers raised their ears one after another. What does this mean? Is there anything we cannot listen to? Does Ke Rui want to call out the class teacher, take out the criminal little red envelope from his pocket, and openly bribe?

The class adviser thought the same way. In order to show his integrity, he waved his hand and said, "If there is anything to say, there is nothing to hide from the teachers."

Tao Ran said, "Teacher, are you sure?"

Class adviser, "Of course I am sure."

Tao Ran thought for a while, and thought it was better not to make a big mess. He walked two steps closer, and whispered in the ear of the class teacher, "I saw Ke Yuan buy Huangtao breakfast every day."

Class adviser:"!!!"

Tao Ran turned back, standing straight, and looked at the class teacher with subtle eyes. The head adviser stared at Tao Ran for a few seconds, then stood up and waved, "Let’s go out and talk."

Looking at the backs of two people, the teachers in the office had complicated expressions.

"Why bother." One of the teachers said, "Everyone understands that there is really no need to do it like this. It's too far-sighted."


The teacher in charge led Tao Ran to walk to the back of the school, behind a tree on the hillside. He stared and said, "You, speak clearly."

Tao Ran sighed sadly, "Teacher, you know, Ke Yuan is my younger brother."

Class adviser: "Of course I know this. I knew it when you enrolled."

"My brother doesn't study well, and he always likes to make trouble. Mom and Dad are discouraged."

The class adviser nodded. He could understand that if he had such a son, it would definitely break his heart.

Tao Ran continued to talk nonsense, "Recently, we discovered that my brother doesn't sleep every night and always shuts himself in the room. There is always a strange noise in the room."

Class adviser: "..." Why are you still suspicious?

"Mum and Dad were very worried about him, so they watched in secret." Tao Ran’s storytelling was very good.

The class adviser, led by him, also began to bow slightly, and his eyes shot around.

Tao Ran said, "They saw that he was holding his pillow and giggling."

"Really?" The class adviser was already thinking whether Ke Yuan was under too much pressure because of his poor grades, causing mental problems.

Tao Ran said, "He also shouted ‘Huang Tao, Huang Tao, you taste so good. I really want to have you forever.’"

"..." The class adviser widened his eyes and said unbelievably, "This... is too much."

"Yes." Tao Ran said, "My parents are very sad. They hope that, as his brother and being in the same class as Ke Yuan, I will help him. I think that my ability is limited and I can't help too much. The only thing I can do is to separate them. "

The class adviser looked at Tao Ran's eyes and was moved. Where can I find such a good child? Ke Yuan and Ke Rui are twins, right, but why are they so different? Could it be that Ke Yuan's brain was radiated when he was in their mother’s womb?

"Don't worry, I'll change positions for you right away." The class adviser said, "Go back and study. Don't let your guard down in your third year of high school."

Tao Ran smiled lightly, "Yes teacher, I know."

When Tao Ran returned to the classroom, Xu Yun was not in the classroom, and Ke Yuan and Huang Tao were sitting together playing with their phones. This scum man, Tao Ran thought to himself, chasing a girl and teasing another girl, he is really a scum man.

Tao Ran walked to Ke Yuan's seat as he thought about it. At this time, Ke Yuan didn't even care about Tao Ran. His entire attention was on the phone. While pressing the phone with flying fingers, he said: "You, go to the middle road. The other party, Angela, came to push the tower.

Tao Ran: "Ahem."

Ke Yuan: "Huang Tao, come over and add some green to me. I don’t have any green anymore. I’m going, I’m dead..."

Huang Tao said with a pretty and serious face, "I will resurrect you, I will avenge you."

Ke Yuan: "What revenge, take the opportunity to push the tower quickly."

Tao Ran couldn't understand what they were talking about. He coughed twice at Ke Yuan, "Ahem!"

Ke Yuan raised his head, saw Tao Ran coughing at him, and said, "Who is this? You have to infect me with SARS, right?"

"..." Tao Ran said, "Come out, I have something to tell you."

Ke Yuan said without hesitation, "I'm not going."

At this time, Huang Tao said, "You are alive, so go to the road to fight the line."

Ke Yuan immediately picked up the phone and began to concentrate. He completely forgot the Tao Ran who was standing on the side and didn't know which trench he had gone.

Tao Ran was angry. Huang Tao must be taken away, or otherwise, she would definitely be damaged by Ke Yuan. The male lead only needs to bring the bad female lead. The female partner is mine!

Huang Tao didn't pay attention to Tao Ran; she only paid attention to Ke Yuan in the whole school. Her only impression of Ke Rui was that he was Ke Yuan’s brother, the top ranking student, but when Ke Rui came over, she suddenly panicked and had a bad premonition.

After the game, Huang Tao raised her eyes and glanced at Tao Ran. Tao Ran sat upright and waited for the teacher to come to class. He seemed to have always been so meticulous.

This class happened to be the class adviser’s mathematics class. The class adviser came in with a textbook and glanced around in the class. He seemed to say unconsciously, "That...Ke Rui, you are too tall, blocking the sight of the students behind. Move up."

The fat female student behind only had an ominous premonition on her mind. She said no, no, no, no, no, no, I would be blocked, I would!

It was a pity that the class adviser couldn't hear her voice, and said, "Let's do this. If you sit back, just...change positions with Ke Yuan."

The fat female classmate was heartbroken...

Ke Yuan and Huang Tao in the back row raised their heads and stared at the same time, looking shocked. It was just that Huang Tao was shocked that she was about to be separated from Ke Yuan, and Ke Yuan was shocked that happiness came so suddenly; he was about to sit with the person he likes, Xu Yun?

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