Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile

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Chapter 56: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [3]

Seeing the same shocked expressions of the two people, the headteacher felt a headache coming. As expected, Ke Rui hadn’t made a mistake as their reactions weren’t normal. If Ke Yuan was abnormal, it was fine anyway; he was originally abnormal. But Huang Tao was one of the top students in the class, second place, and it must be Ke Yuan's little scourge to seduce her.

The headteacher condemned Ke Yuan in his heart, thinking that Ke Rui was a good boy. With him sitting at the same table with Huang Tao, Huang Tao will soon come out of Ke Yuan’s shadow and become a good girl who studies actively again...

Ke Yuan, Huang Tao, Xu Yun, and one of their classmates—a fat girl—were shocked by the news. Though initially shocked, the fat girl at the back table rejoiced. It turned out that it was not to let a handsome guy leave her, but to change the type of handsome guy to enrich her eyeballs?

Knowing the change in the seating, Xu Yun had dark clouds surrounding her. If asked whom she hated the most, then the answer would be Ke Yuan. When she first entered high school, Ke Yuan was her seatmate. At that time, she naively thought that even though Ke Yuan was not as good as his brother Ke Rui, the school's number one, at least he was a good person.

Who knew that Ke Yuan was simply a rotten egg causing endless headaches for Xu Yun. He would suddenly pull her braids from behind when she was working on her homework, and would secretly use a pen to doodle on her back, causing her to be scolded by her mother after returning home.

Later, after the first exam, the headteacher finally changed the seats, and the new position was a little farther away from Ke Yuan's seat. Xu Yun was happy, thinking that she finally got rid of Ke Yuan, the demon king of the world, and could study with peace of mind.

It turned out that she was happy too early. From that day on, Ke Yuan would give her breakfast with a sinister smile every day. Humph! Do you think I am a fool? Don't think I don't know that you added ingredients to the breakfast. Xu Yun thought she had seen through Ke Yuan's tricks, and refused Ke Yuan without hesitation every time.

Seeing Ke Yuan walk away somewhat disappointed, Xu Yun would feel happy.

But now she was going to be at the same table with Ke Yuan. Xu Yun touched her hair and asked herself would I be able to keep you? She looked at her snow-white school uniform and thought God! I don’t want to wear a school uniform with drawings anymore...

Ke Yuan almost burst out laughing happily with this stroke of luck. He packed up his things quickly, held his things in front of Tao Ran, and urged him: "You, hurry up. You're slow like a snail."

Tao Ran packed his things slowly; he knew that Ke Yuan was anxious. He didn't respond nor hurry and just continued to pack things slowly. After finally waiting for him to clean up and leave his seat, Ke Yuan took a step and sat down firmly, turned to Xu Yun, and with a big smile said, "We are at the same table."

Xu Yun: "..." There’s no love in life.

The fat girl at the back table carefully observed Ke Yuan, and finally reached a conclusion. Although the appearances of the two brothers Ke Yuan and Ke Rui were very similar, they were very handsome guys of different breeds, both of the best quality.

Tao Ran walked to his new seat and sat down. After placing things, he stretched out a hand to Huang Tao, "Hello, we will be at the same table from today."

Huang Tao looked at Tao Ran. The young boy in front of her had a very clean temperament, and he had a bookish atmosphere. He was not Ke Yuan. She could perceive that this was a tricky matter, and the headteacher would not change positions on a sudden whim. At first, she suspected that it was Ke Rui's doing, but now looking at Ke Rui, he didn't seem to be someone who would do such things. Moreover, why would he need to do it?

Tao Ran still smiled and stretched out his hand. Huang Tao stared at Tao Ran's hand, and her eyes took in Tao Ran's face a few times. Well, he and Ke Yuan were so alike, so she couldn’t hate him at all. Huang Tao reached out and gently shook Tao Ran's fingertips, then quickly let go.

The headteacher said: "Okay, stop being noisy. Everyone, turn the book to yesterday's page."

Huang Tao flipped through the book and saw that Tao Ran didn't turn the book at all. Instead, he took a phone out of his pocket and put it in a hidden place to look at it. Hmm... are you reading a novel?

Huang Tao confirmed that Ke Rui was really reading a novel. They were really twin brothers; even the entertainment items during class were exactly the same. Ke Rui’s image really changed in front of Huang Tao, she wondered, how can he play like this in class, and still be number one in the rankings?

How should he put it? Tao Ran had been studying for more than ten years and finally got rid of school and exams. How could he be really interested in attending classes now? Anyway, he had Xiaomei now and even if he read novels in classes, it wouldn’t matter.

Tao Ran clicked on the Jinjiang APP and read the novel with gusto. Just when the climax was about to be reached, the article stopped abruptly, and the author’s words were: "Hey, there have been fewer and fewer comments recently, and I don't have any motivation to update."

Tao Ran was uncomfortable that the story stopped just when it was nearing the end, and commented: "Thank you, update soon, I love you, I will give you a lot of comments!"

Due to the mood swing, Ke Rui’s actions were a bit intense. Also seeing that Huang Tao was giving her seat mate suspicious looks, the headteacher looked over and found that things were not simple. Both of Ke Yuan’s hands were under the table and still moving, very obviously playing with something under the desk.

He shouted: "Ke Yuan, stand up!"

The whole class raised their heads, and Ke Yuan stood up blankly. His heart said, why did you call me, I didn't do anything?!

The old face of the headteacher blushed inconspicuously. It was all because the brothers looked too alike, and Ke Yuan had always been sitting in that position. If the headteacher said that he had called the wrong person, he would definitely be laughed at by his students..

So the headteacher decided to hide his mistake and said: "Ke Yuan, come up and do this question."

Ke Yuan: "???"

Since changing seats, Ke Yuan could not help but harass Xu Yun by looking at her constantly. Xu Yun was very uncomfortable with him but now seeing Ke Yuan unlucky, she couldn't help but smile so happily that her eyes curved.

So cute...

How could there be such a cute girl? Ke Yuan was stunned by Xu Yun's smile, and he didn't even hear the headteacher call. The headteacher was so angry that he slapped the table, "Ke Yuan!"

"Have you lost your soul? I asked you to come up and do the problem. Did you hear me?"

"Ah? Oh." Ke Yuan came back to his senses and went to the podium to do the question in a panic. Due to his panic, his leg knocked the corner of the table and immediately caused him to twist his face in pain.

Xu Yun couldn't help but laugh out loud, causing the whole class to follow in laughter.

Ke Yuan didn't care that Xu Yun laughed at him, she rarely even smiled shyly at him. When he raised his head, his eyes immediately became fierce, and he glared at the classmates. The poor classmates didn't know this sinister society at all, so when Ke Yuan glared at them, they all shrank their necks in fear.

Ke Yuan stepped onto the podium, and the headteacher handed him a piece of chalk and said, "Write."

Ke Yuan stood on the podium and looked at the topic on the blackboard with the chalk in his hand. He didn't know the question nor the topic. After looking at it for a while, Ke Yuan threw the chalk away and said: "I don't know how ."

", you..." the headteacher almost exploded, "What is your attitude? It’s not hard to learn. You stare at little girls every day, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?"

“Busy courting!”

There was a roar of laughter in the class, and Xu Yun's face turned red. She couldn't help but put her hands on the table and bury her face in her arms. Ke Yuan thought to himself, burying her head like an ostrich, Xu Yun is so cute. Now, he liked her more and more.

Huang Tao's face was a little pale, and though everyone was so strange. Key Yuan and Xu Yun were sitting together only for a few minutes, so why was everyone making fun of them?

Tao Ran next to her was still reading novels, so much so that he didn’t even bother watching the show in the class.

The headteacher was now really angry and frustrated. He waved his hand at Ke Yuan, motinoning him to go away, "It's all right, go down. Ke Rui, come up and do this."

Huang Tao turned to look at Tao Ran, wanting to remind him, but Tao Ran got up calmly, walked onto the podium poise with grace, and within two minutes completed the problem.

The fat classmate sitting behind Ke Yuan’s table admiringly said: "This is the demeanor of a master. They deal with everything so calmly"

Huang Tao was very shocked because though others didn’t know, she knew that Ke Rui didn’t pay attention to the lesson in class from beginning to end. The topic taught was completely new but Ke Rui didn’t even think and solved the problem easily. Though Huang Tao was second in class, she knew she couldn’t have solved it

Is this the gap between the first place and the others?

Huang Tao began to doubt life all over again, and felt, how can mere mortals compare to people like these?

Tao Ran came back and sat down. The headteacher read the steps that were used to solve the problem and praised him, "This is very thorough, very good! This is easier than the method I just taught. Classmates, let me analyze this step..."

While the headteacher was lecturing, Huang Tao whispered to Tao Ran, "Did you listen to the lesson just now?"

Tao Ran removed his eyes from the novel and blinked at Huang Tao, "Guess?"

Huang Tao said: "You must have already studied this a long time ago, right?"

"Yes." Tao Ran showed the sunniest smile in history, "I know all the questions, so you can ask me if you do not know how to do it."

Huang Tao looked at that smile and began to wonder what kind of people Ke Rui's parents were. What kind of family would have such two wonderful sons? Both Ke Yuan and Ke Rui were so good. In contrast with them, she was like a snail in a dark, humid place, gloomy and timid.

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