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Chapter 57: The Arrogant Goddess of Knowledge [4]

When Tao Ran turned back, he saw Ke Yuan and Xu Yun. Xu Yun was frowning and looked angry and helpless, while Ke Yuan was looking at Xu Yun stupidly. Tao Ran was smoked by the sour smell coming to him from so far away.

After a few classes, it was lunch break. Generally, students who lived on campus would go back to the dormitory to rest. Day students like Ke Rui would either just wait and rest in the classroom after eating, or go out to have a rest.

In the past, Ke Rui belonged to the former, while Ke Yuan belonged to the latter. What was particularly strange today was that Ke Yuan didn't even go out and wander around the street with his group of brothers.

Xu Yun suffered in silence. She didn’t expect that she would have quiet and peace even during the lunch break.

Ke Yuan smiled at Xu Yun while holding a bottle of Coke: "Drink some Coke, I know you like it."

"..." Xu Yun does like it, but this was terrifying, okay?

Huang Tao looked at the two people in front, her eyes flashing; she was on the verge of blackening.

Tao Ran said leisurely: "Oh, Ke Yuan is so thoughtful of Xu Yun, and I don't know what is so good about Xu Yun."

Huang Tao glanced at Tao Ran, what do you mean? Does Ke Yuan always think of Xu Yun at home? Did he even think about her even a little bit?

Tao Ran took out his mobile phone, turned to Huang Tao, and asked, "What is the name of the game you played today? It seems quite fun."

Huang Tao looked at Tao Ran and wondered: "You have such a good academic performance. Do you also play games?"

"Why do you say that?" Tao Ran raised his eyebrows and said: "Your academic performance is not good?"

Huang Tao looked at Tao Ran, feeling a little speechless for a while. People knew that she played games, but how would they know that she only played with Ke Yuan? When she first entered high school, her grades were not as good as now. Later, Ke Yuan complained that he did not do well in the exam and was beaten by his father at home, so she worked hard to help Ke Yuan. But no one knew that she studied until the wee hours every day.

She was also a person who did not play games. Later, Ke Yuan complained, saying that he always lost when he was playing games and that it would be great if he had a strong and fixed teammate. So, Huang Tao also started playing games. She watched many strategies and tried many heroes, just to be able to team up with Ke Yuan and help him win.

Tao Ran didn't know that his words triggered Huang Tao's memories. Tao Ran said, "What game is it? I will also download one to play."

Huang Tao: "The King of Glory."

Tao Ran downloaded the game, and when he entered the game, it was a novice tutorial. Tao Ran followed the tutorial, and said: "This character is a bit ugly. His body is still yellow."

Huang Tao didn't want to look at the two in front of her anymore, so she turned to Tao Ran and said, "This is Arthur. If you don't like the character, you can change to another hero."

"Really." Tao Ran said: "How to change?"

Huang Tao reached out and took Tao Ran's phone and began to teach Tao Ran how to play. She helped Tao Ran enter the man-machine mode, and then said: "You only have two heroes: Arthur and Daji. Which one do you want to play?"

Tao Ran didn't know why he was suddenly a little excited. He said, "Daji, Daji is more beautiful."

Huang Tao helped him order Daji, and then said: "The novice first plays with the man-machine. It's very simple."

"Oh." Before the game officially started, Tao Ran looked at Daji, who had furry ears, and felt in his heart that this character was pretty, much better than Arthur.

"Welcome to The King of Glory!"

The game officially started, and Tao Ran manipulated Daji to run forward. Looking at Daji's coquettish twist, Tao Ran's face showed a honey smile. He said: "The goal of this game is to rush to kill the opponent, right?"

Huang Tao: "And push the tower."

"I know, I know." Tao Ran smiled and said, "I had a hint when I just played Arthur."

As he said that, Daji on the screen rushed directly to the opponent's tower with extreme valor, and two enemy heroes with red stripes on their heads came over. Then, the screen went dark. Tao Ran looked blankly at Daji, who was lying on the ground with her tail up.

Daji let out a scream, "Ah~~~ It was broken..."

Huang Tao: "..."

This line was a little shameful. Tao Ran turned his head and said: "How come I am dead?"

Huang Tao looked at him and suddenly didn't want to speak.

At this time, the teammates said, "Fuck, you can die so fast even with the introduction of man and machine; this Daji is really poisonous."

Huang Tao calmly said: "You don’t play Daji like this."

Tao Ran looked blank, "How do you play then?"

"Develop her first, then upgrade." Huang Tao said: "Your second and third skills haven't come out yet."

Tao Ran said in a complicated tone: "The breasts are already so big. Do they still need to develop?"

Huang Tao: "..."

Huang Tao couldn't answer this sentence. At this time, Daji was resurrected.

"Let Daji look at your heart~"

Tao Ran manipulated Daji, twisted her ass, and rushed out. Huang Tao couldn't help but remind: "Don't run so fast, start slowly first... hit the minions. Don't, don't run under someone's defensive tower... Remember to click the plus sign..."

Daji was dead again. Tao Ran was a little speechless: "This game is crazy. I died before I started playing."

Huang Tao said silently: "You ran down the opponent's defensive tower. If you don't die, who else will die?"

"Then, how do I play?" Tao Ran looked blank.

Huang Tao began to teach Tao Ran to play, step by step. Ke Yuan in front heard the bgm of the game and turned his head to see the other two playing. His fingers felt itchy, and he said to Xu Yun: "Don't you also play the King of Glory? I will teach you."

Xu Yun said proudly: "I can play without you teaching."

"That's great." Ke Yuan took out his mobile phone and said to Huang Tao: "Let's play in the rankings and take Xu Yun and Ke Rui as well."

Tao Ran: "What is ranking?"

Huang Tao said: "Let me take you."


Ke Yuan said to Xu Yun tenderly: "I'm very good. Can I take you to fight?"

"Humph." Xu Yun ran to the seat in front of Tao Ran and said to the two of them: "I can't play well, you guys take me."

Tao Ran said, "It is necessary to protect the girl, so just hide behind me."

Huang Tao stewed in silence. Who let this Daji rush directly to someone else's tower to die; he actually wants to protect?

However, before encountering Tao Ran's poisonous game technique, the first problem encountered was: the levels of Ke Yuan and Huang Tao were too high to invite Tao Ran and Xu Yun.

Ke Yuan grabbed his hair and said, "What should I do?"

Huang Tao: "They can only improve their ranks as soon as possible."

Xu Yun was not fazed, and she said to Tao Ran: "Ke Rui, let's play together, you take me."

Tao Ran agreed: "Okay."

Then Huang Tao and Ke Yuan witnessed Zhen Ji and Daji, two women, twisting their hips and rushing into the arms of the enemy soldier without hesitation, then both falling to the ground, lying down and being scolded by their teammates.

Cheng Yaojin: "Damn it, I did something fucking wrong, I met two head givers at once ."

Hou Yi: "What a loss!"

Xu Yun looked so angry. She took the phone and sent a message.

Zhen Ji: "You two big men watched us die and didn't come to the rescue. Now you are still scolding us."

Ke Yuan reminded her with an embarrassed face: "Don't do this, you will be reported."

Li Bai: "Fuck, it's a girl."

Cheng Yaojin: "It really is a girl."

Enemy Arthur: "Fuck, we just killed two girls."

Enemy Arthur: "Sister and friend, I promise not to kill you."

Tao Ran disliked Arthur the most, he disliked Arthur's appearance.

Daji: "No, Arthur is so ugly."

Huang Tao: "..."

Ke Yuan said with a complicated expression: "Ke Rui, you are so insidious, you are even acting like a girl."

Xu Yun said excitedly: "Quickly, we are resurrected."

Then, she saw Zhen Ji twisting her hips and said: "Don't come close to me, Mi doesn't want to bring misfortune."

Tao Ran: "What? What did Zhen Ji just say?"

Then, he manipulated Daji and rushed out with Zhen Ji, "If you don't have the heart, you won't be sad."

"Wow." Xu Yun said, "Daji's lines are so romantic, can I play Daji next?"

"Can the characters still be exchanged?" Tao Ran said: "I don't have Zhen Ji."

Huang Tao and Ke Yuan: "..."

The two of them just wanted to stab their eyes. Will they even be able to improve their ranks if they play like this?

Sure enough, their ranks did not improve at the end of the lunch break. The reason why there was no drop in the rank was because they couldn’t get any lower than bronze rank.

During class, Ke Yuan whispered: "Xu Yun, give me your phone, and I will help you level up."

Xu Yun said with spine: "No, don't, I have to fight for my glory by myself."

Ke Yuan: "..."

If it wasn't that this was the girl he liked, he would have raised his fist a long time ago.

After school, Tao Ran smiled and said to Huang Tao, "Thank you for teaching me how to play. I will try my best to improve my rank and play with you as soon as possible."

Huang Tao was very calm on the surface, but in fact she was very entangled in her heart. She kind of hoped that Tao Ran's rank would never rise, otherwise the rank she finally managed to reach might drop to stubborn bronze.

Because they played games together, the four of them walked together after school. Though he was not as studious as the others, Ke Yuan walked with the three top academic tyrants, without any stage fright at all! Although his style didn’t match the rest at all.

Walking to the carpark, Xu Yun suddenly said: "Oh, why is my tire flat?"

Tao Ran: "Is it a leak?"

"Maybe." Xu Yun said sadly: "How can I go home?"

Ke Yuan was agitated and felt that it was his time to shine. He said with a super masculine voice: "Don't be afraid, I will take you home."

Tao Ran said leisurely: "Do you have a car?"

"..." Ke Yuan sternly said: "Xu Yun, I will walk you back."

Xu Yun glared at him, "I called and asked Dad to pick me up."

Ke Yuan: "Oh..."

On the way back, Ke Yuan and Tao Ran walked one after another. After walking two steps, Ke Yuan turned around and yelled at Tao Ran: "Go faster! I will teach you to play when you go home. Or else, how can you bring Xu Yun to qualify?"

Tao Ran maintained the demeanor of a tyrant and said, "Do you like Xu Yun?"

Ke Yuan: "...Don't talk nonsense."

Looking at Ke Yuan, who was blushing, Tao Ran said, "Man, if you like her, just admit it, don't be like a little girl."

Ke Yuan immediately stared, "I just like her. Go tattle to our parents if you want. I'm not afraid of you."

"Tsk." Tao Ran said: "You are so stupid."

Ke Yuan rolled up his sleeves and said: "What did you say? If you have the guts, say it again?!"

Tao Ran said: "You are stupid. Didn't you hear Xu Yun say that her father is coming? You don't even know that you should have stayed with her. You missed such a good opportunity to meet her parents."

Ke Yuan: "..." Damn it, that makes sense...

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